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The wind roared between the skyscrapers of New York City blowing the snow in spirals as it fell to the ground in the alleyways. The feeling of fear spread throughout the world, but mostly in the city occupied by the most powerful Demon Lord, Devel, and his army of ruthless wild creature. The inhabitants of New York City knew what fate soon awaited them if Devel's forces were to gain control.

On this cold December day, while Devel slept, a group of the world's top fighters was joining to cripple Devel's army and rid the world of his evil. This group consisted of the last armies of Zedelia, elder of the elves, Phoenix Slandri, a general of the United States military, Aurora, queen of the witches, and Quil and Shagrath, demon lords. Together, their armies would unite and risk their lives to save the world from Devel's dominant grasp. It was a game of roulette, in which all of them were willing to play.

A year had past since the army had been formed, and Devel's forces had grown stronger, as had their own. The five appointed generals sat in a small room of their home and discussed their plans. "Develís forces are becoming stronger as we speak. Soon, he will be able to take all of our freedom without us even knowing that he had done so." Quil spoke with a harsh tone. "If we do not move in on them soon, we are going to need much more help than we are able get."

Aurora took a sip of her coffee, "We need more assistance already. Our army is much too small to take on Devel's now. He probably has double the men that we have."

"This is true." Phoenix nodded in agreement as his picked his fingernails with his pocketknife. "Devel's army with crush ours with a single wave of his hand." He stabbed his knife into the coffee table.

"You are right, Phoenix. We need more men." Zedelia leaned up against the wall behind her.

"With every living creature on this planet, we would still only have a small chance of defeating Devel's army." Shagrath's hooded form appeared out of the shadows. "He knows we do not stand a chance against him. If we do not strike him soon, he will set his army loose on the free lands." Shagrath pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his cloak as he spoke. He pulled on out of the half-empty pack along with his lighter and lit the cigarette. The small flash of fire gave everyone a short glimpse of his face. "We need to tell the men that we have now to prepare for war. We must strike before he does." Shagrath exhaled a large cloud of smoke.

"Why are you always speaking of the negative things? How do you know that Devel plans to strike?" Phoenix demanded.

"I'm speaking the truth, human. I know he will strike us because I can sense it." Shagrath's morbidly calm tone made everyone in the room uneasy. He took another drag off his cigarette.

"You can sense it. That's the biggest piece of bull shit I've ever heard."

"You hear bull shit? I didn't know that humans had powers." A smirk played on Shagrath's lips.

"You disrespectful tyrant, do you have any positive aspects in life? Your negativity is starting to piss me off." Phoenix stood up and walked heavily over to Shagrath. "Look at me, demon." He grabbed Shagrath by the shoulders firmly.

"You're making a mistake." Shagrath's voice was nearly a whisper as he exhaled smoke in Phoenix's face.

"Listen to me, you disrespectful fool. I could have you dead if I wanted. I could crush you with one hand."

Shagrath laughed mockingly. "Could you now? And I am the foolish one. You obviously have no clue what power we demons posses." The cigarette erupted into blue flames. Shagrath played with the flames on his fingertips. "Now tell me, shall I kill you? Or shall I leave that to Devel?"

Enraged, Phoenix let go of Shagrath and stormed to his room. The door slammed.

"Shagrath, we cannot have the two of you fighting like this, not in times as dire as this. You and I both know what awaits us when we set out to destroy Devel. You also know that there is no way we can defeat him with the army we have now." Quil's voice was quiet. "We all should sleep on this matter." He slowly stood up and made his way to the stairs.

"I agree." Zedelia slowly followed Quil out of the room.

"Are you coming, Sha?" Aurora gradually stood up from her chair.

Shagrath said nothing and walked out the door slamming it behind him. The cold pierced his cloak like a thousand knives. He shivered against the snow and unhurriedly sat down on the front steps of the house. He knew that everyone else in the house agreed with what he had said. He sighed deeply as he pulled his cloak tighter around his thin frame. He pulled another cigarette from his pack and lit it. He sat on the step and watched the night. He looked to the sky exhaling smoke. It was cloudy and the snow seemed like it was never going to stop falling. Shagrath longed for the others to agree with him. He knew that his decision was the right one. He knew that Quil agreed with him. Why didn't he show that to the others? Shagrath leaned against the house and finished his cigarette slowly.

Before he knew it, an hour passed and Shagrath finished his last cigarette. He slowly stood up and turned to face the run down two-story house. It was pitiful that such powerful leaders were stuck in such a shabby place. Shagrath shook his head. He opened the door and stepped inside. He slowly made his way down the hallway and into his room. He closed the door behind him. Shagrath untied his cloak and slid it off his shoulders. The cloak landed on the floor by his feet. Without even taking off his shoes, Shagrath lay down and fell into a deep slumber.

DJ '08

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