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Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom there lived a wise and good King. The kingdom that he ruled was peaceful and in progress and so happiness and contentment reigned in the kingdom. Everybody was of course happy because they have plenty of food and there was order everywhere.

One day, a powerful barbarian arrived in the kingdom. His name was Pornography and he was famous because of the great controversies that involved him. According to legends, this man brought Chaos with him and the places where he went gets destroyed. The king's subjects were very much terrified so they immediately went to the wise and good king.

The king, seeing his loyal people, immediately consulted the wise men of the kingdom. Four wise men came from the East, they belonged to the Order of the Preliminary. Another three came from the West, and they were the Council of Finalists. And so a great debate was assembled and everyone was invited to see the historic assembly.

The assembly was started and the king was the first to speak, "We all know that a great turmoil has arrived to this peaceful kingdom. And so I summoned these wise men to seek council against our enemy, Pornography. I would like to ask the council if I will allow his entry upon my kingdom."

A young but calm-looking wizard immediately answered, "I am Relativism and I speak for the Order of the Preliminary. Your highness, in dealing with Pornography we have to consider many things. You see, he has not only visited our kingdom but also other kingdoms as well. He has already a large army all over the land of Internet under his command. So the question on jurisdiction must be answered. Shall we arrest his armies outside of our kingdom? There are many kingdoms especially in the western countries that do not even care what Pornography does. There are kingdoms in which Pornography very much defies their culture and a very good example of which is the kingdom of Philippines. It canít be denied that in some parts of the globe there are people who donít even know what Pornography does. Perhaps because of the illiteracy or perhaps they just didnít see what Pornography brought to the Land of the Internet. So my king, I believe we just have to let Pornography into our kingdom so that less blood shall be shed. The enemy is already upon thee. We simply cannot stop him."

The people nodded in approval but suddenly the wizard beside Relativism stood up to silence them. He spoke in an almost authoritative voice and said to the king.

"Highness, I am Absolutism and I advice thee not to heed Relativismís view because it is not right. The place where Pornography attacked does not matter anymore because his spells very much destroy the minds of the young. Pornography drives peoplesí minds crazy and some end up raping and attacking women. Whatever the culture, wherever the location, I think, does not change the possible dangers that Pornography brings. We cannot always check who encounters Pornography and who gets in his attacks. Although people will say that it really depends on how the person will interpret what he sees, preventing him from seeing Pornography can on the other hand eliminate all the possibilities that he will be used in bad acts. So I think prevention is still the best cure, that is why Pornography must be banned in the Internet especially in our kingdom. Many people have the potential to be victims now because he is everywhere in the Land of Internet." Before he could even finish, Egoism spoke to them.

"My king, what they are speaking are just the ill powers of Pornography. I am Egoism and speak for the people who want to join Pornography. There are also good things that Pornography brings. Take for example, criminals who canít have a wife of their own. They can simply go to Pornography and can see naked women and other things, which could satisfy their hunger for flesh. So in this way, we are instead preventing rape and similar crimes because these criminals can now have an outlet for their lust. My king, we also have to consider these things."

"I am Altruistic your highness and I am very much against what my twin Egoism here said. Egoism, you are only looking for individual satisfaction and not for the welfare of the many. My king, although this does not necessarily apply to everyone, it canít be denied that there are some people who canít control their lust. Seeing pictures of naked people stirs up their imagination and they end up raping poor victims contrary to what Egoism said. This is a bad side of Pornography and this would make Pornography evil. If people continue supporting Pornography, this would make Pornography more powerful. This is not good especially when we know that there are minors who are victims. Because of the difficulty in looking for money, for example in the kingdom of Philippines, there are many people that resort to Pornography just to earn a living. They invest their body and their dignity just to earn little amount of money."

After hearing the Order of the Preliminaries, the king spoke, "Although each of the wizards from the Preliminaries have a point I still am not satisfied, so let us hear from the Council of the Finalists."

Utilitarianism was the first to speak up of the three. He spoke as if in a trance state, "Those actions that bring happiness are considered morally right while those actions that inhibit happiness are considered morally wrong. If people feel they are happy in joining Pornography then I think that is right for them. We cannot also forbid them to see Pornography because in that case we might possibly inhibit their happiness. So my king, the people can perhaps ask themselves what they really make them happy. We cannot simply force them."

The wizard with blue cloak spoke next, "My king, I am called Categorical Imperatives and I think itís not what happiness that is more important. What is important my king is the Shield of Will of the person who chooses to do the act. If the people uses the Shield of Will no matter what Pornography does to them, whatever spells he may cast on them, Pornography cannot control them. No matter how much we allow Pornography in our kingdom, if people have the Shield of Will, Pornography has no power against us. Even if we know that we are not necessarily happy in what we are doing, as long as it is our will then it is what is right."

The king has still not decided, and the people were getting reluctant. After a moment of silence, the last of the wise men finally spoke up.

"I am simply called as Nicomachean. Pornography has no match against the weapon to which each of us has been endowed with. We donít know this but if we only look into our hearts then we can know what is right or what is wrong. Each of us was born with this and I think that is what protects us from Pornographyís power. The greatest weapon that I am telling you is our rationality. The other wise men said that if we are happy then that is more important, another said that it is the Shield of Will that will protect us. Others said that we should allow Pornography to dwell in this kingdom because we canít simply defeat him. Or we shouldnít allow him to prevent him from inflicting us with his powers. My people, whatever their reasons are, I would like to emphasize that we have the power to choose. And that is what differentiates us from the minions of Pornography. We have to simply choose and it is the only power that we can hold on to."

Hearing what the last wizard said, the good king and the people of the kingdom felt enlightened. For the first time in their lives they were not afraid and they never felt any fear. So they faced Pornography with awesome courage and zeal. And so peace once again reigned in the land and they lived happily ever after.


The following comments are for "THE UNTOLD LEGEND"
by ntrlmystc

The teaching was a good idea. I read the first and last couple of paragraghs then went back and read the whole thing. I liked it better the shorter reading

( Posted by: Anowara [Member] On: December 24, 2012 )

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