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Note from the author:
This (if your couldn't tell from the title) is the sequel that i was debating doing long ago to my story, dream wings. If it confuses you, please go read the first story, which is also on this site. Thanks! Enjoy!

Dreamwings II

“Don’t you see, she bled for you....”
Roger sat up abruptly, His head bouncing painfully off the dark window glass of the train.
He looked around trying to find the source of the voice he had just heard. There was
nothing present but clicking and whirring as the train bored through the near-impervious
dark of the countryside. He shook his head and leaned against the window, huddled
against the wall. How could he have fallen alseep when...

The ghostly wings were still in his mind, and while reason was standing in the corner,
hopping and shouting that his memory couldn’t be true, that it had to be anything,
ANYTHING other than what he had thought he saw, instinct knew otherwise and said
what it had to say silently.


Where had he gone? Olivia asked herself, pacing through the station, knowing, just
knowing that he’d been here. It was almost as though she could smell him, feel the heat
from his body in patches of warm air. Part of her wondered distantly why she cared. No,
that was too strong, she wondered why she cared this much. Why she cared enough to run
into the train station like a mad woman, half dressed with no shoes as soon as she had
found him gone. She wondered why precisely she was willing to be stared at by frightened
ticket clerks at her passion of the need to find him, and why it only bothered her distantly
when they made cazy-lady jokes as soon as she had left. Of course, wondering at her own
not wondering was left only to moments when the driving desire to find him, find that
bastard wasn’t the all-consuming force in her brain.

Hesisitating near a men’s restroom, she then followed the warm air, the trail of him to the
tracks, and almost stepped off the platform before one of the attendants stopped her. he
mouthed words at her, the face was concerned, but the need for Roger blotted out all
meaning that this man was trying to convey. She only dimly Heard the words “hospital”
and “mental patient” yelled behind her. She paid them no mind whatsoever, and only
slightly more attention to the hands that tried to grip her before she tossed them aside. She
didn’t know why they might have stopped, after that first attempt, nor did she hear the
awful thud. Even if she had known or heard, she was off again, and would not have cared.

Roger pulled his face away from the stinking, cramped travel toilet on the train, then
retched again. After a moment’s decision he turned to vomit in the sink, praying silently
that it would not back up. He had never ridden on a train before. He know that he was
suseptible to sea sickness, but never car sickness. Apparently train sickness was another
thing altogether. “Good to know,” He said to his reflection, as he rinsed his face and the
sink bowl.

Unable to handle anymore train travel, he got off at the next stop, not really noticing
where it was. He checked into the first motel he saw, and exhausted collapsed on the bed.

The next morning, Roger woke up even more ill... Was it the wine? He’d only had one
glass last night, with Olivia... He quickly banished the thought from his head. The hors
d’ouvres? Maybe. Perhaps he was food poisoned, that was it. He was in no rush now, his
blind panic from the night before was somewhat dissapated, displaced really by his new
illness and feverishness. He settled into the unknown hotel with a bucket next to his bed,
and the TV for company. He sank into bleary and uncertain dreams.


In his dream, olivia stood over him, nude and fierce. Well, she was like Olivia, but her face
was older, sharper, colder. It was an Olivia who had lived a much harder life, had seen
more pain then the amicable, quick-to-please, Clumsy seceratary he had recently shared his
bed with. The wings he had seen before sprouting out of her back were now in full glory,
stretching from her shoulders, arching gracefully like a dragon’s, not the almost laughable
cute, tiny bat wings he had seen before, back in his bedroom.

There was something about her now that said simply, predator, and Roger quailed. She
stood over him, then climbed onto his bed, staddling his thighs. There was something
fereal, something of the cat and the lizard in her motions. She smiled at him. He shivered.

“I Tried to tell you, dear. You took her blood. Her first blood. You’re hers now, Just as
she is mine and if you ever try to run again you will sicken, as you have now. You have
given her the handle to your leash, as in her desperation she has given me the handle to her
own leash.” Olivia (?) laughed, and Roger began to moan helplessly. He felt something
digging into his innards, and began to weep, but he did not let himself look, even when he
began to hear... to hear... sounds. The pain followed him through the night, with scenes of
laughter, lightning and flame.


“I think he’s coming around....” There was a thud and a metallic clatter a few seconds
before Roger felt a small, cold familiar hand on his arm. “Roger? Dearest? You’re at the
hospital, you’ll be okay, the fever broke last night... and... and...” Roger heard a sob
“You’ll be okay...” Olivia continued shakily. Her footsetps suffled to the door after an
uncertain silence.

“No, doctor, maybe not... but I was so sure this time.... Yes, I know... I will... I’m
sorry...” she said from far away. Groaning, Roger sat up.

“There! See?” cried Olivia, pulling the doctor back into the room.

The doctor peered at roger for a moment, Pressing of his stomach, looking in his eyes
with a little penlight, and consulting the myriad machines the crowded the room. “I found
you in a motel...” Olivia began, casting her eyes down, either from emotion or her habitual
shyness. “You were raving. When i woke and found you not there...” She stifled a sob,
“Well... i jsut had to go looking for you. I slmost got put away myself for a madwoman, i
was so worried about you. After asking around though, i found out where you were
headed, and i found you passed out in that motel. You’ve been very Ill, dear, you’ve had
the most awful case of Salmonella Poisoning. Almost everyone at the part caught it, But
they got help right away. You’ll be okay now, right?”

She looked in the direction of the doctor, her eyes begging him that it not be bad news.
“He needs a few days observation, and to get some of his strength back before we release
him, but yes, he should be fine,” The doctor smiled at her.

“Oh, roger, you won’t run away from me again like that will you?” Roger glanced at the
doctor, to see if he had noticed the odd edge to Olivia’s voice when she asked that
question, the hint of command. Something about it tugged at him, familiar and frightening,
but the doctor just continued to beam at roger’s devoted girlfriend.

Dismissing his strange, maybe even paranoid reaction, Roger smiled weakly, “of course
not dear, I’ll never leave you again....”


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The following comments are for "dream wings II"
by nimue_the_mighty

Dream can be worse then reality
Dream wings was one of my favorite back when i read it up in michigan. When I saw this sequal i was pretty exstatic (after a quick refresher of the original). I do have to say i was expecting a little more. From the auther's note it seemed that whatever direction you took would have had of umph. It was good don't get me wrong, the whole make you wonder if it was the poisoning or was she evil, was pretty cool. Still though it almost seems like you where putting it in there to avoid getting into it like i know you love to do. There are many questions you haven't answered, and it was like you were side stepping it. I don't know it felt a little forced really like you where finishing it because you wanted to get it out of your head and let that be that. I truely believe if you where to go through it and put more into it you could really have something. The last thing is i don't know, in the hospital after Olivia have found him. It was confusing, She was probably histaricaly scared, I dont know maybe I'm just dense, I had to read the line like three times and it still kind of confused me.

( Posted by: rincewind [Member] On: January 17, 2009 )

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