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“*Expletive and Deleted*it, Matthew! No, he is not! We are all going to die,” Rebecca yelled at me.
“Calm down, Rebecca. I think he is doing a little bit better, but he still needs help,” Nicole said after Rebecca finished.
“At least he is doing a little bit better. In an hour or two the sun will be up and Dylan and I will go get some help. As for now though, it would be suicide if we go out in the darkness,” I said to the group.
“Matt is right about going out now, but what’s the plan about getting help? He bashed our cars up pretty bad,” Dylan asked me a bit puzzled.
“There was a house about 5 or 6 miles back on the road,” Kathrynne said and then paused for a moment and continued, “You could probably cut the distance in almost half by cutting through the woods.”
“The big two-story?” I asked
“Yeah,” she replied
“Ok, I know which one you’re talking about. We could probably trek that in a half hour or so.”
“We should arm ourselves and the ladies before we head off,” Dylan said.
“Good idea, let’s head into the kitchen and get some stuff to protect ourselves,” I said to Dylan as I started to head back.”
“I’ll go with you guys to the kitchen,” Kathrynne tossed in as she started to follow us.
We gathered up knives, brooms, and mops, and waited for the first ray of sunshine to blossom over the mountainside.
The time went slowly as we stayed ever vigilant for another attack by the mystery man.
The dark finally started to lose its grip on the cabin and we embarked on our journey to find help.
It didn’t take as long as expected to reach the cabin, but judging by its appearance, it seemed likely that we would find someone inside.
“Lots of stuff in here,” Dylan said as he leaned his head close to a window.
“Come on man, we’re about to tell them that there is a psychopath on the loose. If they catch us staring into their home, they might think we are the psychopaths,” I told him.
“Ok, ok. Hurry up, we have to get T.C. some help,” he said as he lifted his head away from the glass.
We walked to the front door, knocked, but we received no response. We tried again, but still no luck. Finally I opened the door and called out, “Is anyone home? We need help! Someone is hurt!”
“Hey, Matt,” Dylan said softly.
“What if this is the psycho’s house?”
“There is a chance of that, but we need to find help, and quickly, so I think it is a chance we have to take,” I said to him as I took a step inside the house.” Come on, They might just be sleeping. Hello! We’re coming in!”
We looked around for a few minutes but found no one in the well lived in house. Come on! There is no one here and no phone. Let’s get out of here!” Dylan yelled to me from the kitchen.
I met up with him in the hall that led to a huge front room which contained the front door. When we made the turn to head to the door, we were both shocked to see the man standing in the doorway.
“Is that him? Did he follow us?” Dylan whispered to me.
“He has the same coat and look at the long blade running from his right sleeve,” I whispered back to him.
The man remained stationary until he raised his left hand and waved at us.
“Let’s rush him. We both have knives. We can take the little *Expletive and Deleted*,” Dylan said out of the side of his mouth.
“If we both charge at him, he will just back up and let the doorway bottleneck us. To tell you the truth, he could probably *Expletive and Deleted* slap the both of us even without the doorway to our disadvantage,” I said quietly back.
“Well, what do you have planned?” he asked back.
“We have to play this smart. Jump out of the window next to you.”
“What?” he said as turned his head to me.
“We both take a step towards him, but you jump out of the window. He’ll probably go and try to get you. When he is out of sight, I’ll go stand by the window, and when he gets close enough I’ll jump at him and catch him off guard,” I more thoroughly explained my plan.
“You are a crazy son of a *Expletive and Deleted*. Do you know that? Why don’t you jump out of the window?”
Our conversation was cut short as the man grew impatient and took a step towards us.
Without further argument, ran towards the window.
“Wait stop!” I yelled to Dylan in an attempt to throw the mystery man.
As Dylan dived out of the window the man backed up out of the cabin towards the side of the house that Dylan had landed.
I ran to the window as my heart picked up its beat and waited for the man to get close.
A moment passed before I saw the man walking towards Dylan and at his sight Dylan got up and headed the other way. Again sensing something amiss, the man turned and walked away.
I hopped out of the window and started running after the man. He turned a around while I was still a couple of steps away and raised his cold steel. I swung the meat cleaver at him, which he easily blocked, and for the first time I saw his weapon. It looked like a jumbo version of a fire poker except the hook was razor sharp and a bit closer to the base.

Kathrynne was taking her turn watching for passer biers and any chance of getting help. “Hey! Guys, there are a couple walking out on the street.”
“Stay with Taylor, Becca. Kathrynne and I will try to get them to help us,” Nicole said as she rushed out of the cabin with Kathrynne following her.
“Hey! You two! We need help!” Nicole shouted out at the pair as she waved her hands to get their attention.
Obviously not hearing what exactly she said, they waved and kept walking.

Even though he was only using one and I was using both of mine, we were in a deadlock. After a moment of this, Dylan had enough time to circle the house and was running towards us to join the fight.
Dylan was just about to be within fighting quarters when the man, still using only one hand, pushed my knife away and sliced my leg just above the knee causing me to fall backwards.
Dylan lunged at the man with his own knife, but the man side stepped it so that Dylan’s back was towards him. In this position, the man kicked the side of Dylan’s knee causing him to spin down onto his knees.
I sat up trying to scramble to my feet when I heard ckshhk and some mumbled words as from a walky talky.
The man delivered a devastating kick to the back of Dylan’s head and ran off before I could clearly make out the words.

Nicole and Kathrynne caught up to the couple and were met with a hello.
“One of our friends are hurt and theirs a psychopath on the loose here in the woods,” Kathrynne blurted out quickly.
“Deary, that isn’t very funny,” the woman replied.
“She isn’t being funny. He attacked our friend!” Nicole defended Kathrynne’s last statement.
“Honey, I think there being serious,” The man looked at his wife as he spoke.
“How bad off is your friend?” the woman asked.
“He’s been stabbed very seriously. Do you have a phone or a car? Anything?” Nicole answered.
“Take us to him. We don’t have a phone, but we can carry him to our cabin and drive him out,” the older man said.
“But they have two cars up there,” his wife pointed up the driveway.
“The man that attacked our friend also wrecked the engines of the cars,” Kathrynne threw in.
“Come on this way,” Nicole said as she started heading up the driveway to the cabin. “We have two other friends that went out to get some help.”
“Yeah, there is a cabin about 5 or so miles down the street, but they cut through the woods that way to get there sooner,” Kathrynne more fully described where they went.
“Well, we have a two-story that way, but if they went the way you pointed, they would probably hit the sheriff’s house. Not likely he would be home though,” the man said, but stopped to take a look at the cars. “Somebody did do a number to these cars.”
“Can we please hurry, our friend is in bad shape,” Nicole pleaded.

I walked over to Dylan to see if he was ok and said, “Hey, Dylan! Wake up!”
“Son of a *Expletive and Deleted*. He kicks like a mule,” he said as he rubbed the back of his head.
“Come on,” I told Dylan as I helped him up. “He ran off. We need to get back to the cabin.”
“Ok, ok,” he said as he got to his feet. “Ooo, are you ok? Looks like he got you pretty good there,” he said as he pointed to my cut on my leg.
“I’ll be fine. It’s nothing serious,” I replied and started heading to back to the cabin.

“It looks pretty straight through. How long ago did it happen and how many time have you changed the bandages,” the man asked.
“About five hours ago and a new set of wrappings about once an hour,” Rebecca answered.
“Well, he seems to be alright for the time being. Doesn’t look like anything major was hit,” he reassured everyone. “Our car is pretty small and I’m not sure how well he would do being carried a half-dozen miles to it.”

In a post-apocalyptic world where the western hemisphere is ruled by the iron fist of the Toys 4 Us Company, only one man will have the ball bearings (rides a mechanical ostrich) to stop them.

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The following comments are for "pages 7-10 of The Cabin Cacique"
by OmegaGambit

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