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Author's Note: HELP! 1st attempt at any kind of love interest in story. Comments or Pm's welcome.

Sgt. Amy Coulver lay in her bunk. She did not feel monstrous or dying.She felt sad,disappointed, angry, as well as other emotions that she could not acknowledge. She was trying to convince herself that her duty as a U.S. Aerospace Reserve member called to secret active duty was to report the strange and amorous feelings she had begun to experience to Maj. Rhett Meyer, who seemed to be the main subject of these feelings of femininity, but reporting such feelings might be seen as a rather forward move, a rather major maneuver, from a seargent to a major. As a woman with deeply-held Christian beliefs, she did not want to be misperceived by Rhett. She likewise felt that reporting the discovery of life on Mars was paramount, yet it had been forbidden. Again, as a Christian she felt that all life, on whatever planet, was God- Given; and she could not reconcile the order of secrecy with her upbringing as a Christian and an exobiologist. Little did Sgt. Coulver realize that Major Meyer was tempted to make a major move on Amy, but making his feelings for her clear could be seen as pulling rank, a practice frowned upon in this women’s and men’s army. Rhett’s feelings were similarly conflicted regarding life on Mars, but he had his orders and was more accustomed to obeying orders, generally without question but never without thought.


A number of years earlier…

Mankind seemed perhaps on the verge of ensuring the extinction of his own kind- (Houlocide? Evolution?) when unexpectedly...

The asteroid only just barely avoided striking the Earth, in odds given at billions to one (for a miss), unexpectedly. Given as millions of years had already passed without such a major strike, the argument might well be made that we were overdue for extinction, as the dinosaurs died sixty-five million years ago when a giant rock killed most life on Earth, and created a popular vacation destination.

Much less unlikely, given the highly unlikely close pass of the asteroid; was the actual skimming of Earth’s atmosphere, creating a multi-colored light show tens of times as bright as the mid-day sun, in colors never seen so vividly as in dreams. This was but a prelude to the explosive fragments diverging wildly from the main space rock, which, in a pattern seemingly belying chance, impacted relatively sparsely populated areas of the Pacific Ocean, yet made a huge impact on a significant fraction of the human race, when several of the fragments blew up spectacularly in the atmosphere. (Luckily, due to new Tsunami warning systems set up early in the Twenty-First century, most residents of the endangered islands were able to board ships and ride out the Tsunamis, although the islands they had evacuated were mostly gone.)

Amongst even the most radical of doomsday cults, a ray of light allowed for the survival of some of the devout; but a direct hit by a massive asteroid would void the survival of even a single human- be he devout, degenerate, decrepit, or infidel. The destruction of all mankind on planet Earth by a random rock was unacceptable. Despite the lack of any signed treaty, more of Mankind’s resources were devoted to space, and tiny target Earth’s place within; and a lesser amount devoted to means of war.


"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesman and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do."

- Ralph 'Where's Waldo' Emerson

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like. And I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
- Bilbo Baggins

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The following comments are for "Yaminals6- Amy's Bunk/Yam7 Earth Dies?"
by drsoos

Time to regroup?
This reads confusingly and needs a clean up- at minimum. Thanks for struggling through.

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: January 20, 2007 )

A fount of potential themes- a weak expounding upon them
I love your anagrammatic title- “rank and life”. I must agree that in general, dialogue beats description, and action trumps explanation.

I envision Amy as a dedicated scholar, Christian but not fundamentalist (science may explain God’s methods and actually validate His work, as opposed to contradicting God’s words. I see Rhett as a good soldier as well as a man of morals- a true Southern gentleman, equally open to a figurative interpretation of Scripture.

I see the story needs an antagonist, willing to deny and/or destroy the Martian life heretofore undetected, and perhaps to even subjugate it to menial tasks. An NSA agent self-appointed to the task may prove quite effective. It can’t be slavery, if it’s not men, it’s just animals. Man has utilized animals for thousands of years- If God gave us dominion over the beasts of Earth why should we not dominate the Mars beasts as well? They may even be quite tasty grilled. Possible fly in the ointment- have you ever heard of a one-link food chain? Mars has a climactic cycle, but it happens to be a multi-million year cycle. The top of the Martian food cycle has learned patience over billions of years. Perhaps humans are the latest crunchy snack food rage.

Thousands of years ago, volcanic action and earthquakes must have seemed the work of a wrathful God, full of fire and brimstone and quaking the very foundation of Mans’ hubris. This would reinforce the fundamentalist Christian view that the Earth was a mere few thousand years old, and dinosaur bones merely reflected Our Father’s passion for God-sized KFC.

I have come to believe that this not-so fictional combination of circumstance and possibilities lends itself to several alternate
futures, none bright enough that I've got to wear shades.

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: January 21, 2007 )

"generally without question but never without thought." is my favourite phrase from this, 'cause it conveys the essence of Rhett’s character in a mere seven words, at the end of which I was no longer able to dislike him on principal, neat trick that ;)

...not sure on the subject of dialogue, but I'd maybe like to see voice given to the pair's inner thoughts. not sure if I'd rather be shown that Amy Coulver is a woman with deeply held Christian beliefs than told, if that makes any sense? mind you, that could just be me, I have a tendency to wince when anybody says they have deeply held beliefs on/in anything... I'm odd like that, I guess.

...Always want to hear more about the destruction of Earth (that sounded wrong, but you know what I mean, right?) so the more scenarios of peril and panic that arise from that the better. Man's arrival on Mars could very well prove an interesting out-of-frying-pan-in-to-fire type situation…

It may have become apparent by now I have nothing useful to say so I’ll get gone. Will continue to read this, just so you know.

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: January 23, 2007 )

amg's space thoughts
I may be paraphrasing myself or somebody else but "Better action than dialogue and better dialogue than explanation." I think you've hit the bullseye. Maybe Amy could say a prayer- no big thing, routine to her. This states who she is better that stating it.

I consider these episodes a "practice run" now, the beginning of a much needed thought process. I will, of course, begin with yaminals and action. Your thoughts are precious.


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: January 24, 2007 )

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