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The Holographic Universe

Michael Talbot has written a charming book The Holographic Universe on the universe and the paranormal abilities of the mind. Having myself, came to many of the realizations in the book, I can completely deem the book as credible, and not just some imagination of some loon.

In The Holographic Universe, Talbot allows us to realize in detail the works of such greats in physics and the paranormal as Bohm, Bohr, Whitton, Jung, and Meier. We take a ride through what was once believed and what now is coming into the forefront in physics and the way we think and remember. Most importantly we learn that everything is a hologram and that nothing is as solid as is seems. So are we living in a dream within a dream? And as Talbot ask if so then whose dream is it?

Within Talbotís book he accounts for numerous research projects where the probability of out of body experiences have been tested. You may recall these as when someone dies, and floats above their own body and sees and hears everything around them, or they are whisked away down a tunnel of darkness where they relive their past transgressions. Then they are given a choice by a charming entity to return to their body or to stay in heaven, or as some call it the spiritual realm. What would be your choice? Would you choose to stay in the eternity until your next rebirth or go back to Earth to your loved ones? I guess that it would depend, on what you were currently facing in your life. I have never heard of a bum dying and choosing to come back, have you?

Another topic that Talbot goes into the detail about is the life cycles that we are in right now. We are reborn, until we reach enough awareness that we are no longer reborn, but guide other spirits in between rebirths. I know personally that I may be a far way off from completing my rebirths, but who knows. Talbot states that when people are hypnotized some regress back to their past lives. When these subjects regress back they are often able to give their name, address, occupation and how they died and more. Surprisingly, most of the information is then able to be verified as true!

The mystics are not as crazy as we once may have thought. They are actually in touch with something so beyond our way of thinking that we often donít believe them. It is very important to open your mind to new ideas and your heart. Talbot speaks of an important message, one that I have known all along that the most important thing that you can do is to love, do everything you do for love or out of love. As I use to say Love is the Hidden Element!

In the area of wellness practices Talbot describes research that shows mind techniques that cancer patients or anyone even those with a minor cold can perform. They simply spend time daily focusing on their condition, they think of their selves as well and of their red blood cells as healthy and their white blood cells as fighting off the cancer or virus. They imagine the cancer cells as easily being killed by the white blood cells. These mind techniques have had startling results also. It is absolutely true that the mind can heal the body. What you think is what you are. He also asserts that your current suffering may be due to your past lives transgressions. That while in-between rebirths your past lives chose your current affliction as punishment for their own transgressions.

For me my past lives must have been horrible, because all I do is suffer it seems. He also states that those that are currently in our lives may have been somehow near us in one of our past lives.

Another great book called The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren tells us that there is more to life than just the here and now and that we are not accidents, but were planned by God. Warren states that the world is not your home and life is just a temporary assignment, and that living on purpose is the path to peace and that life is a test, that if God can trust you with small things here on Earth that in heaven he will trust you with big things beyond our current comprehension. I read The Purpose Driven Life and it also opened my eyes and heart to a new way of thinking about my place in this world of ours, and the effect that we all can have on others. It makes you realize that no matter how you came into this world that you are not an accident. You have a purpose no matter how small.

It seems to me though while studying the New Testament of the Bible that Jesus used Judas Iscariot to fulfill what he had said would happen. Because, as soon as Jesus touched Judas it says that Judas was filled with demons, and then Jesus asked Judas if he was going to do the ďworkĒ and Judas left to betray Jesus to the priest. I believe as many others have come to believe that Judas was not punished in heaven for this that Jesus and God enticed him to do. Judas afterward felt so horrible for what he had done that he threw the money at the priest feet and then went and hung himself.

We must consider that had Jesus not touched Judas would he have done such a thing? I think not, but Jesus had to bring on his crucifixion to fulfill the ancients prophecy and his bestowal on the Earth. Jesus was with his father in heaven way before he was born to the Virgin Mary on Earth as part of his bestowal on this planet. This is not the only planet that Jesus has had to suffer a horrible death there were a total of 7 planets that he did this. This is covered in The Urantia Book.

Now back to the beginning, Talbotís book really blew me away. It has 338 pages of great mind-boggling work, I loved reading it. Another book that explains the universe for us is The Urantia Book. All of these books that I spoke of should be available on or at Books A Million. If you are interested in topics such as these then check them out. If you listen the Coast to Coast AM with George Noory regularly then you may already be aware of these books.

I have always had an interest in the paranormal and when I first became interested in physics, I concluded that there should be multiple universes, only to later find out sadly that someone else had thought of that first. J It is strange that as you are discovering new areas of interest you come face to face with your own truths. For example in my first book Garden Pleasures that will be out in late Spring 2007 one of the character in my epic Princess Marobe takes a journey to another world and becomes their princess, the archangel Liye falls in love with her, but must be patient if he is to win her, all of this was written before I ever knew anything about parallel universes and other paranormal phenomenon, so when I read books like The Urantia Book and The Holographic Universe I came face to face with my own image of how the universe really is. So if many of us are reaching these conclusions own our own then there must be some truth to these events mentioned in Talbotís book.

In closing, I will say that love is essential and your mind is more powerful than you dare to think. Read the books and call me in the morning.

Cynthia R. Yildirim

Cynthia R. Yildirim

*~Love is the hidden element~*

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