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Unfortunately, he *Expletive and Deleted*s you not, baby,” Dylan said as he shuffled pass Kathrynne. “Ok, he’s not getting in through back. What’s next?”
“We need to make sure… Where’s Rebecca?” I said looking at the three.
D a y – T h r e e
I led the rush to Rebecca’s room and flung open the door.
Rebecca propped her body up on her elbow and removed her earplugs and asked, “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking,” in a half-asleep voice.
“*Expletive and Deleted* women, someone is trying to kill us and your sleeping,” Dylan said popping his head above the group.
“Ha ha, very funny,” Rebecca said as she laid herself back down.
“He isn’t joking, Becca. When Dylan opened the door, someone tried to stab him,” I told her.
“Tried. It was probably just T.C. playing a practical joke,” said Rebecca as she rolled to her side away from the intruding group.
“I’m not willing to take that chance. Now, we’ve got the front and back door’s blocked, but we need some wood, nails, and hammers to barricade the window,” I said with a bit of urgency.
“This is *Expletive and Deleted*ing ridiculous. But if you are…” Rebecca stopped mid-sentence.
“What’s the matter Rebecca?” Nicole quarried.
“The man. The one that attacked Dylan. Black coat?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Kind of like that man standing at the window there,” Rebecca said turning to them and pointing to a figure just outside the bedroom’s window.
“Holy *Expletive and Deleted*shackles,” I said looking at the raincoat getting pumbled by water.
Before anyone could move or even say another word the figure started bobbing up and down as if he was laughing and then dashed away.
“There’s what, a dozen or so window’s? I don’t think we can keep watch of that many,” Dylan used to break the silence.
“Wood, Rebecca. We need wood,” I said sternly.
“Yeah, there’s a shed on the other side of the house.”
“Is it closer to the front door or the back door?”
“Back… No, the front door will be easier,” she said quickly
“Ok, Dylan, go get the baseball bat from the kitchen. I’m going to need something to defend myself,” I said as I prepared myself for the venture out.
Let’s just use the wood from chairs or something like that. At least let me grab something for myself and I will go with you. *Expletive and Deleted*, we’ll just let the window’s be,” Dylan argued.
There are no nails or hammers in here. And he might try to get in while someone leaves, so you need to stay here while I head out.” I countered.
“Fine, I’ll go get it,” Dylan said as he left to get the bat.
“This is insane, Matthew. We’ll just make sure he doesn’t come in through the windows,” Nicole pleaded with me.
“Look, Becca was probably right when she said that it is just Taylor out there. But it’s a big cabin with over a dozen windows and if it’s not Taylor then I’m not going to take the chance of him getting in here without us knowing it,” I left her as I finished my words.
“Here you go, Matt,” Dylan said as he tossed me the bat. “Godspeed out there. Don’t let that *Expletive and Deleted*hole catch you.”
“Thanks,” I said heading for the door. “I’m not going to grab any wood, just a couple of hammers and some nails to keep the windows shut.”
I opened the door into the rainy abyss, and ran into it, and the towards the shed with bat-in-hand and an empty backpack for the coming cargo.
I was soaking wet by the time I got to the shed. Luckily it didn’t take long to find what I needed. I peaked my head out cautiously and then took off for the door. About half way back to the cabin I heard the splish splash of steps behind me. I slowed down a bit and waited for the steps to get closer and when they got close enough I swung around, but my bat just barely missed the man’s head.
I took a couple more swings at him before the man pulled his hood off his head and yelled, “It’s me, it’s me! It’s Taylor!
“*Expletive and Deleted* you Taylor! Come on inside,” I yelled at him.
When I got close to the cabin Dylan opened the door and let me in. I said as soon as he did so, “It was just Taylor.”
With me inside and T.C. a couple feet outside the door Dylan said, “Unbelievable, why did you have to scare me like that?”
“What do you mean? I saw Matt out there and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try to scare him. What the *Expletive and Deleted* were you doing with the bat though? You could have killed me.”
“Well, after you acted like you were trying to stab Dylan earlier, I went out to get some tools to nail shut the windows,” I said trying to warm myself up.
“Earlier? I just pulled up when I saw AAAuuUAAAhh!” Taylor let out a loud scream as a blade pierced his shoulder and was then rapidly removed causing him to drop to the floor.
Everyone stood for a moment just looking at T.C. then both Dylan and I looked at each other then our gaze went outside to a diminishing figure running away. I picked the bat back up and tossed one of the newly acquired hammers to Dylan. Being closer to the door, Dylan was out of the cabin first. As I jumped over Taylor I yelled back to the ladies to take care of T.C.
We ran straight out of the cabin which appeared to be where the *Expletive and Deleted* who stabbed Taylor ran, but only a glimpse of the assailant was seen running away.
“Mother humping son of a *Expletive and Deleted* sucking *Expletive and Deleted* *Expletive and Deleted* wipe,” I heard Dylan shout out near the car we had taken up here.
“What happened, Dylan?” I shouted out as I approached him standing over the station wagon.
“He butchered the engine to the car,” Dylan said looking under the car’s hood. “And that looks like T.C.’s car is over there and suffered a similar fate.”
“Well, we’re in a bad way out here. We need to get back to the… Did you hear that?”
“Yeah, kind of sounded like glass braking,” Dylan responded
“AAAAAAAhhhhh,” one of the women screamed out.
“*Expletive and Deleted*,” we both said in unison as we started sprinting back to the cabin.
With only about a dozen feet left to get to the cabin I lost my foot in the wet soil sending me sliding head first towards the porch of the cabin. Dylan didn’t skip a beat, but it took me a moment to pick myself up. Just as I was about to head into the cabin I heard someone slosh about the side of the house actually coming closer, not leaving.
I figured it had to be him because the ladies wouldn’t be stupid enough to go outside, Taylor would probably be too hurt to head outside, and Dylan wouldn’t have the time, so I decided to run over to the side and try to beat him to the corner.
Luckily I got to the corner before he did, but I didn’t hear the steps anymore. Chances are he heard me coming and had the same idea to ambush me. I decided to go for it and swing away. The bat connected with something solid but when I went to pull the bat away for a second swing it took a good deal of force and more than one tug. When I did manage to get the bat away I noticed a kink was missing from it. I transferred my gaze from the bat to the man and saw his sinister blade still close to his face.
I heard someone else coming from behind the man, and apparently he heard it to because he wrenched his head back quickly.
Seeing a perfect opportunity, I took a step towards him and swung my bat at his head. Without even turning back he was able to time his duck so perfectly that I had no time to change the trajectory of the bat and caused me to smack the cabin wall hard. By the time I was able to pull the bat close to my body for another swing, the man was already five feet away from me. Another couple of feet and I couldn’t even see him anymore.
“Aahhh,” I heard Dylan urk out causing me to dive to the side.
“Dylan, it’s me. Stop!” I yelled at him lying on the ground.
“Where is he?” he said breathing hard.
He went into the forest,” I said to Dylan. He started turning his body as to go after him when I stopped him by saying, “There’s no way we can follow him blindly on his own turf. We have to go back into the cabin and make our stand there.”
“Ok,” he said as he offered me his hand and helped me up. “Hurry up, we have to board up a window he broke and nail shut the other ones.”
When we reentered the cabin I asked the ladies, “How is Taylor doing?”
“He has lost a bit of blood. I’m not sure if he is going to make it unless we can get him out of here soon,” replied Nicole.
“Come on, Matt, we have to take care of the windows before he comes back,” Dylan said as he picked up the backpack of supplies.
“Ok, toss me a hammer and a box of nails.”
He complied and told me, “I’ll take the east of the cabin and you take the west side and patch up the broken window with a chair or something.”
I said, “Ok,” as I grabbed a small wooden chair on my way to the bedrooms.
The length of the nails made it almost impossible to nail the pieces of the chairs over the window, but with some masterful hammer strikes, I was able to thin it out a little but compromising the strength of it at the same time.
Dylan and I both finished up at about the same time and met up with the others in the living room. “Is Taylor doing any better?” I asked when I got there.
“*Expletive and Deleted*it, Matthew! No, he is not! We are all going to die,” Rebecca yelled at me.

In a post-apocalyptic world where the western hemisphere is ruled by the iron fist of the Toys 4 Us Company, only one man will have the ball bearings (rides a mechanical ostrich) to stop them.

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