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Interview with Julian

julian : so can i have an interview? =)

crowe : Yeah! Of course! You want to do it now?

julian : well, sure!

crowe : Groovy. start off by telling people just who you are. Whats your "Scene" background. Introduce yourself. I know who you are, but the people reading this might not!

julian : ok. Well, I'm julian of Candelabra. I was formerly Julian Stardawn, but that's too long to type, and I hate my shift key. I started off in 1995 with ACmE doing ansi, then progressed to lit. I've been the lit scene whore since then. I've been in nine lit groups, senior staffed six of those, and founded three. Now i've relaxed into my position of senior workaholic for Candelabra, reforming th group after three years and releasing five packs.

crowe : Quite a record. Speaking of your scene life, you got any favorite moments of past groups or colaborations?

julian : Yeah, I'd have to say that I miss the Cenobite crew. Sctroumpf was a cool guy to work with. Senioring in that group was cool, because for a while we were the 'flagship' of the scene. Revival was cool even if it never got back on its feet, because, well, mre always a cool guy to chat with.

crowe : How do you think the web's affected the lit scene? Got disconnected. Did you answer that one already?

julian : I think it's taken it in a new direction. Speaking from personal experience, I'll say that it's changed my perspectives alot. Back when CND was a local thing getting worldwide renown because of bbs's, I was totally opposed to moving to the web. Now that I have an internet account and do alot of traffick there, I'm all about moving the group into the next phase. We're going to full web release for pack 10.

crowe : Whats your view on design vs content? You think sites should be all text or a mixture of eye candy too?

julian : well, I like eye candy as much as the next guy, but content is priority. You've got to make it look good, though, because no matter what you've written, you want the person to read it and not be turned off by the background. I don't want to waste my browsing time looking at a bland page, no matter what it has. That's one thing I think archives have over pages. I don't have to use my phone to read an old Codine pack. =)

crowe : Speaking of reading, what do you read? Got any favorite web sites?

julian : I'm not big on the scene as a whole as it stands. I haven't read a release in ages, primarily because most of my time dealing with that is doing groundwork for CND. most of the stuff I read anymore is stuff we release. I make sure to read _every_thing. I like to keep up on what everyone else is writing. Most of the other members haven't even seen the packs =)

crowe : What other projects are you involved in?

julian : I'm doing some work with Cappacino, laying the basis for a new project. I'm not going to go into it because I'm not sure what he wants to keep hushed or whatnot, but it looks real cool. Other than that, my 50-hour work weeks keep me from doing more.

crowe : I can relate to that! So cappa's up to no good again eh? Hopefully he'll be around for a while this time! Speaking of dissapearing. You've been known to vanish from time to time. Care to explain that phenom?

julian : Well, my old vanishing acts over the past two years have been due to loss of a stable computer. Now i've got a box that works (shhh, don't tell it I said that), i've been around for over a year pretty much continuous. I was just gone a week because I was running the biggest Radio Shack in my district while my manager is gone. Retail is where I get alot of my inspiration, becuase working with people on a daily basis is like bottling stress and dri

crowe : Retail. I used to manage a Movie Gallery, actually 3 of them. And a theater. don't get me started on Customers!

julian : Did you read my piece in the last CND pack? It was all about my time enslave to a theatre. Actually, I like working there. Except for the people. Free movies are nice.

crowe : Yeah, I saw that. And yeah, I loved the theater, except for the people :) Hey, I hate to cut this off.. but do you mind if we finish tommorrow night.. I just got a distress call from a friend ;(

julian : No prob. I'm off to hand with Belial from Blade tomorrow, but I'll be here =)

crowe : aight.. See ya then ;) We'll finish up and get it online by the weekend ;) Session Close: Tue Sep 07 23:57:01 1999

crowe : What are some of your writing influences? What got you interested in writing?

julian : Well, I had been writing poetry for about two years when I got into the ansi scene. It wasn't long after that, about the summer of 1995, that I found a pack from Eden, a lit/ansi group based out of New Jersey. They were all but dead by the time I found them, but that was all the motivation I needed to convince the ACmE seniors to let me start ACmELiT. I was the only writer. Then it snowballed from there.

crowe : So what drew you to poetry? Did it just come naturally to you or something you admired about poets you've read?

julian : To be quite honest, it was an expression. It was the only way I could get my miserable high-school angst out. That, and drawing. I really dislike poetry. If a poem impresses me, it's unusual. I'm not a poetry critic, and I hate reading it. I have no favorite poets (well, there is Poe, but that's just because his stuff is whacked).

crowe : I forget what I was watching, but someone said, "I was impressed with POE, until I read the rest of his work. He wasn't great, only about 3% of what he wrote was any good, he just wrote so much that he eventually produced "The Raven" Tell Tell Heart" and othes" .. Very acurate. Got any adive for writers Besides write and write often?

julian : Advice? Nope. My writing is purely my own. I can't explain where most of it comes from. I've said before that my writing is very erratic and pretty much insane. If I could explain it, I'd probably stop =)

crowe : So why do you write? Just to get it out of your system? Or just like sharing ideas and colaborating with folks?

julian : To get it out of my system, mainly. I write in spurts. I wrote 20 poems in three months, and now I'm having trouble getting one finished. I started working on short stories, but they're not really my thing. When I write poetry, it usually comes from things I've only marginally expereiced or am going through. If you took a cross section of my last two years' worth, it really wouldn't have much to do with my life. It's almost like I'm writing to

crowe : that cut off at It's almost like I'm writing to

julian : ease someone else's concience.

crowe : Heh. What about future projects? What do you have planned say, in the next few months?

julian : I'm not sure, other than the project with cappa. We're working on improving Candelabra all the time, and I'm putting alot of effort into that, but other than that, I'm not sure. I'm thinking about starting my own age, but not lit related. We'll see how that turns out, considering that my coding skills are nearly non-existant.

crowe : Werd. What about personal life? What do you do there? Like any music? Got any other hobbies?

julian : I'm the assistant manager of a Radio Shack, and that takes alot of my time. I'm big into Vampire: The Maquerade, and I LARP twice a month (although I'm leaving the current one). As for musical interests, I'm big into U2, Stabbing Westward, Tori Amos and Sarah Maclachlan, although Orgy has been in my player for a week now. I'm usually at home or work right now with the 50+ hour work weeks.

crowe : Seen any killer movies lately that just screamed out to be on your personal top ten? Matrix got me ;)

julian : Matrix, Blair Witch, Sixth Sense, Mystery Men. I've seen more movies in the past three months than ever before. That's one thing I make a point to get out for. I'm going to see Stigmata on opening night.

crowe : Yeah, Stigmata and Stir of Echoe's both look very good.

julian : Stir of Echos looks great. Even if it has Kevin Bacon.

crowe : Yeah. He can be so, eh sometimes. So, You got any parting words for the readers? Maybe some Goth advice? :)

julian : Goth advice. Heh. After the whole blowup in pack 9, I think I drained myself. Here we go. "If you shoot anyone, you're not goth. Get over it." I think that about sums it up. I'm still pretty miffed over that whole thing.

crowe : Excellent. Want to do a follow up interview in say.. 2 months or so? I like to do 2 with everyone ;)

julian : no problem. works for me =)

crowe : Cool. Thanx for taking the time! Your def one of the "OG, Oldschool Founding Lit Scene Members" and I think it will be good to have you're interview up on! Now if I can find cappa's lazy arse! And I want to interview The Stranger!

Chrispian H. Burks
Lit.Org Owner / Founder
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The following comments are for "Interview with Julian"
by Chrispian

Interview with julian
Crowe handled the interview well, and julian gave interesting info. However, julian's presentation of the founding and development of Candelabra is powerfully injust and deletionistic. I know this amounts to tooting my own horn, but I've gotta say _some_thing. Candelabra entered the old lit scene right at the top of the heap because someone with serious editing skills and knowledge of - and a good eye for - literature was one of the primary founders. That's me.

To be factual, it was Black Onyx and I who found a .zip file of one of Soulz at Zero's old packs. She and I knew we could do something like that and we came up with a concept, and she came up with a name: Candelabra. Later I hooked up with julian over his bbs, and with his knowledge and background with the 'scene', everything took off. (At that time, he was about to put out the second or third pack of something called fLaWeD.)

I would never take anything away from julian, but he's taking away from _me_. I won't flame him, but I won't let him leave me out of the history of the group, even though I left the senior staff when I got a serious job. Sure, he's captained the ship since the rebirth of the group. I would never have restarted it myself, but without me, but also without Nightshade, Black Onyx, the Tsar... CND would never have been what it was, and what it is.

I have all due respect for the current senior staff, nothing bad to say about anyone, but to get the detailed story about how Candelabra came into existence and developed, read the coming interview with Crowe - with me, The Alienist.

It's not a gossip sheet - but I have a lot to say, and it's all fascinating stuff...

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: November 14, 2001 )

interview with julian (i.e, huh?)
Say, there, TA, it's been a good three years since that interview was taken, so I had to re-read it to argue with you, but here goes...

You say my presentation of the founding and development of Candelabra is powerfully injust and deletionistic?

Did you happen to notice that I didn't actually say anything at ALL about it? So what was the point?


( Posted by: julian [Member] On: February 10, 2002 )

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