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I joined myspace a few months ago at my son's request. He told me it was a good way to get in contact with old friends.
I'm all psyched up...Here I go! dice... They must all be hiding under some alias , cause I can't find anyone...I don't want to believe all my old friends are either dead or totally computer illiterate.

I opt to browse for some new friends...both guys and gals my age...Most of the gals accepted me as a friend ...Only one guy out of the many I contacted saw the worth of a mature woman.
The rest had all young girls exposing tits and ass as friends...Do the old farts think they are ever going to see any of that up close and personal?...and if they did ...I'm sure they would pay dearly...These young, sweet things with their perky bosoms and tight gluts will take the old coot for everything he's worth and what will he get from STD (if he's lucky)

Someone ought to tell these old coots...BRAD PITT...YOU ARE NOT!

If they do get a younger gal to marry them It won't last long and they may not either...RED FLAG...She just took a million dollar life insurance policy out on ya (you're paying the premium)...and the much younger insurance man is hanging around...A LOT!!!

Kacee Huggs

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The following comments are for "This Old Gal Is Sufficiently Pissed"
by Nitz Kitty

old farts and myspace tarts...
sounds to me these fellas have all the depth and charm of a trough o pig swill, certainly NOT the kind of people it's worth befriending, on line or anywhere else for that matter... Short-sighted, shallow people irritate me enormously too... but you can take comfort in the fact that, in not taking time to get to know you, it's definitely their loss, not yours. ;)

The end note made me laugh... there's an idea for a poem there, I'm sure of it!

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: December 3, 2006 )

I was feeling somewhat Bitchy yesterday..Hormones??? I don't know ....but I felt like I could have ripped someone's head off...and that is not me...I feel much better in that department now...maybe I just needed to eat...It made me think Of an old school friend I met again at one reunion...He actually admitted to my (then Husband) that he had been in love with me in high school...turns out we both got divorced down the road and did he get in touch with me? No! He chose a 33 year old with two boys...(I was 50 ish and my kids were grown)...I guess it was the I want to feel young again thing...He moved them into his home and the end result was... as teens they stole him blind ...he kicked the boys out and the mother followed...and there you have it...
He's a sick man and needs someone to care for him...WELL IT AIN'T GONNA BE ME....There I go with the Bitchy again...thanks for reading and your comment...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: December 3, 2006 )

This Old Gal
These old men have no clue what they are missing. Sure these young girls have looks and are perky. You and the rest us over 40
have something they dont we are mature and we know the meaning of commitment. IF these old farts want the younger ones let they not worthy of you or any mature woman.
thanks for this

( Posted by: wanda [Member] On: December 3, 2006 )

Older Gals
Thanks for your comment ...right on...I feel another story coming ...a gal I used to work with lost her hubby to a younger woman...(this guy gave Cheater a dirty name) As time progressed..he developed cancer and the other woman didn't want to be stuck with him...Being turned loose he came crawling back to his first wife...and the idiot took care of him till his dying day...I'M NOT THAT NICE... I would have put him in a nursing home...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: December 3, 2006 )

You're hilarious!
Fun stuff!

I joined myspace a while ago too, because my friends and family are all spread apart across vast distances of geography. It's worked out pretty well for keeping in touch, but as with everything on the Net, the porn spammers are constantly trying to get me to add them as friends. Aaaarrrggh!

I used to say, "Who falls for this crap anymore?" Then I read your rant -- apparently you've met some of the people who fall for it!

( Posted by: viper9 [Member] On: December 3, 2006 )

SOS-dif methd
Dirty old men desire pretty young girls- methods evolve, goals remain the same. On the other hand, sincere people seek same. Same old shit, different forum. Get wise or stay dumb. Love U, hon. UR cute- let's meat!

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: December 3, 2006 )

My space punks

I agree My Space is pretty much a waste of time for most mature people, men and women. The old guys you find there are the same ones that, as young men, could find nothing more interesting to talk about than sleazy chicks and bawdy games.

I was a young guy once, but never considered a "player". I met plenty of nice young women back in "the day", had my share of fun and games, but still always felt a little disconnected from the other young studs I worked with because that is all they ever talked about. Seems the ones that weren't mature then never grow up.

My daughter put a Myspace page together for about two days -- I sent to the web site and demanded they remove her page because she was immediately and repeatedly propositioned by all the sex crazed lunatics out there.

thanks for the update


( Posted by: BWOz [Member] On: December 3, 2006 )

Viper...Thanks for the comment...some of my family is on there too...I even found one of the kids that used to hang at my house with my kids...I basically joined to find old friends...when I got on...I only had a couple of friends... I guess in my anticipation to get lots of friends I was accepting everyone...this one guy had pictures you could only see if you were his friend... as soon as i was accepted I cllicked on his pics...WOWZER!! I hadn't seen one of those in 12 years...I almost passed out...and he was deleted... I'm a little more careful now...I'm old but I'm learning...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: December 3, 2006 )

Drsoos, BW, Lucie
Drsoos...I'm still on myspace...and the old dog is learning more everyday...thanks for commenting

BW...I have a meat grinder and know how to use it...seriously...I would never meet with anyone I didn't know from the internet...too many crazies out there...thanks for your input

Lucie...I know about that contesting the will stuff...the kids don't want to share...not even between themselves...
that reminds me of what my girlfriend told her daughter..."Always be the second wife and make sure he has no living relatives." I appreciate all your comments...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: December 3, 2006 )

Old Gal Learns New Tricks
Thanks Pen for the comment...Here's how I chose my friends now...I do not collect people...I have only enough friends I can deal with on a daily basis...When I browse I look for people who are around my age with real pictures...I like the ones who have old pics of themselves as profile pics...then I look to see when they logged on last...look at friends and pets are a must...Then I read their info and some blogs...check to see if they have more than 100 friends ( that's a no go for me) tells me they are a people collector and not a friend...If any of my friends do not write at least once a month ...they are deleted...If they write anything off color ..they are warned once ...if it happens again ...they are deleted...I feel pretty safe ...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: August 5, 2007 ) is not just for teens and porn seeking old men
I used to think the was just for teens, until I found out that many of my old friends from California, Florida, and other states and places were already posting on many of my family members who are spread out all over the country and the globe were already using it was great finding old friends and family and keeping in touch. My space allows to keep your photos and blogs private if you is not all public.

But, do not think that is only used by old pervs and dirty porners...on the contrary, I know some very intelligent and dignified people, some older men included who go to because it is an interesting place to connect to other peole of like mind and interests, whether for friendship, philosophical, religious, or artistic interests.

You have to "search" key words of your interests to find those like you if that is what you wish. For example; I am into Tibetan Buddhism, so it wasn't hard to find all the others, including several lamas, and official pages representing the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa on And I like visual art and performance art, so I have found many artists on there too.---There are also writers, and science nerds, and fiction freaks and so really depends on what you seek. can be a fun experience if you allow it to be.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 5, 2007 )

To Collect or Not To Collect, that is the question....hmm?
I hope you don't mind, Kacee, but I just wanted to add something more about that you brought up. "People collecting"...yes, it is true that many on that site seemingly collect people, I mean who can possibly have 6,000 friends, right? Well, it isn't always what it seems. There are some on there that collect for networking purposes because you never know who may connect to via this route. I have accepted friendships requests from hundreds of people on that I do not know, in fact out of my 921 friends, I probably only actually know maybe less than 100 of these people either by direct friendship, family, or associations. Yet, the many others that I accepted as friends, I have found wonderful new friendships of people who love the same things I do, people who inspire art in me, who share their art with me, who share their vibes with me, etc.- it's a serendipity thing and it has been a good thing. Sometimes it's best to open doors rather than close them...allow new things to enter into your world and see where it takes you. No matter how old I get, and I am no Spring chicken, I never stop growing and learning new things....OK, I'll shut up now. Blessings to you and yours.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 5, 2007 )

Different Strokes for different folks
It seems,Lilia, that we have both found what we want and need on myspace...I too have people with a like mind in my much smaller friend's circle...I like to keep in touch with all my friends and help them in any way I can...mostly by prayer.

I can't understand why anyone would choose to keep their pictures private...Why put them up at all if they aren't going to share them? They might as well keep them in a secret album.
Oh , pardon me...I do know why one guy kept his private...because the pictures were of his privates...which I didn't care to see so he was deleted very quickly...and I have never accepted any friends who have private photos after that...but that's just me...anyone else can do what they please...I can learn new things everyday without opening my world up to these kinds of people .

BTW Since you are on both will be prayed for on each whether you like it or not... Peace and Blessings ...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: August 6, 2007 )

Porn and Predators

I hope you are not suggesting that I meant open yourself up to "pornographers" on Because if you will read what I actually said, then you will see that is not what I meant by "learning something new". As for those who keep their pics private, I meant those who only allow their friends to see certain pics, such as pics of their younger children because they do not want to put their children's pics on the world wide public Internet for everyone to see.

I deliberately keep pics of my young grandson (he is only 5) off of my sight, though his aunts and mother see nothing wrong with posting his pic. It is a matter of opinion.
I think that sometimes you can attract child predators to your site when you have pics of young children...I mean, they could pretend they are just a sweet grandma like myself, and then befriend me, get info from me over time and get just a little bit too close. It is the Internet and you never know. So I would rather not take my chances in trusting strangers, or being afraid of them because of their potential to harm.

Thanks for praying for me, I love that you want to do that. That is a good thing. I will be meditating on bringing more compassion to all of the members of Lit.Org. community. Compassion is something I particularly need to work on.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 6, 2007 )

My Fault
Sorry if I gave you that impression....I thought no such thing...I was just stating that I am more cautious about accepting people as my friends as opposed to trusting every one...That was my fault for opening myself up to some porno freak...but as I said I'm learning by trial and error...and I only made that mistake once...and I certainly don't offer to meet anyone in person...some of my marbles are a little loose but I haven't lost any yet...So far the only thing I have had to put up with on myspace is a man my age that carries a joke too far and has to have the last word...I know none of us is perfect and I do want to keep all my friends...If we happen to hurt each other as we often do...I will apologize or at least make the first move to regain the friendship...I have met some really nice people...
Most of my pics of grandchildren are older ones and my kids never said not to post them...I would never want to put my grandkids in jeopardy ...I'm a Tigress where my kids and grandkids are concerned ...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: August 6, 2007 )

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