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Authors Note: Do not read this chapter unless you like reading about romance scences.
PLus don't read unless your over the age of 17. Not for children.

Chapter 6

After seeing what I had saw at the apartments, I could tell that I wasn't ready for what was to come.
Whatever had killed that man had to be monterous. There is no way an earthly man could do that. Then what I saw as we was pulling out of the parking lot of the place was unbelievable and down right scary. I had never seen nothing like that, I was the only one that seen that thing coming toward us. I hope I was seeing things.
I just hope I was day dreaming this time.
I didn't have clue what road I was on, or where it was taking us. All I knew was that I wanted to get as far away from that thing as possible.
Sally and Aline where still asleep, I had been driving for about 5 hours straight, non stop. I decided to pull of onto the side of the road and stretch and get a breath of fresh air for a little while. I found a suitable spot to stop.
I put my truck in park and put the emergency brake on to make sure it stayed there.
I was about to get out when I noticed that Sally's head was still on my shoulder. I gave her a soft kiss, then put her head on the head rest of my truck.
I was walking around, admiring the sunset. It was so beautiful this evening, and night wasn't to far behind it.
I left the door open on my truck so I wouldn't have to slam it back and wake them two up.
I walked around the back up the truck and pulled the tail gate down to sit on. I just sat there and looked at the road that was far behind us and I never wanted to travel that way again.
Edward starts day dreaming back to the day his parents were murdered.
I could remember the day like it was yesterday.
I was standing in front of my father when someone blew a hole straight through his head, spalaterring his brain and skull every where. The murderer's had shot him with a shotgun.
My mother was brutally raped and beaten nearly to death, then after they were done, they shot her in the stomach then the head. I saw all this from my inside my father's car, thats where I was hiding at.
Edward was still off in his world when Aline came up to him and touched his arm. It scared Edward so much that he jumped up and pulled his revolver out and had it point at her head ready to fire.
"Whoa!!! Slow done cowboy, its only me. Calm down."
Edward eased his gun back in its holster.
"Aline, you scared me to death."
"You scared me more then anything."
"Sorry about that. I was thinking about my parents."
"I'm sorry about what happened to your parents."
"Its all right, I get used to it."
Aline grabbed Edward's hand for embracing him a little bit. Edward didn't pull away or nothing. He just sat there staring off in the distance.
Aline looked at the ground then down the road.
"Edward, do you mind telling what happened to your parents?"
"No...not at all."
He told her everything that happened to his parents.
"Edward, I don't know what to say. My parents just died of old age, your's was murdered."
"Yeah I know. I didn't hardly even get to know who they were, or what they were like."
A tear started rolling down Edward's cheek.
"I wished they had've lived, I wished that I could've done something instead of hide."
Aline stood up, then walked over in front of Edward and grabbed his face where it was even with her's.
"Edward, don't blame yourself for what happened, you couldn't do nothing about it at all. Don't wallow in your own sorrow, we don't need that right now. Your the strongest one out of all of us."
Edward nodded, then gave a little smile.
"Yeah your right. I can't get all feeling sorry for myself right now."
Aline smiled back at him.
Aline and Edward just stood there looking into each others eyes for a few moments. Then Aline made the first move. She started leaning in towards Edward.
Edward didn't resist at all, but he did think about Sally, how she would feel if she woke up and we was out her kissing, or doing whatever.
Edward grabbed Aline's head and moved it toward's him, they then begin kissing. Aline made the move with her tongue first. Her and Edward were both playing with each others tongues.
Aline then got a little closer to Edward and sat down in his lap, with her legs on each side of his hips.
Aline took her jacket off, then slipped off her shirt revealing her breasts to Edward once more.
Edward then grabbed her breasts and started sucking on both of them. Aline arched her back then tilted her head up at the sky and moaned in pleasure.
Edward moved his hands back down to her butt. He squeezed them hard, he then started moving her back in a back and forth motion telling her what he really wanted, and what she really wanted.
Aline then unbuttoned Edward's pants, and pulled them down with his boxers, revealing his long and hard manhood to her.
Edward stood up and unbutton Aline's pants and pulled hers down, she wasn't wearing any panies.
ALine pulled her legs trying to get her legs out of her tight pants.
Edward stood there and rubbed her vagina, making her moan with pleasure. Edward started fingering her while they standing on the side of the road kissing.
After five mintues, Aline took Edward's hand and pulled it away from her vagina.
They layed back on the truck, Aline crawled on top of Edward, then took his manhood and started stroking it, Edward moaned. She then bent down and started sucking on it. She was rubbing her tongue all over it, while she caressing his balls with her other hand. Edward was trying to hold back from blowing his load, but he couldn't hold it any longer. He shot his load in her mouth, she still sucked on it, a little of his sperm came out the corner of her mouth.
Aline then rose up off his nine inch manhood. She then raised up some and alined his manhood with her vagina, and went back down. She moaned as the nine inch penis went into her.
Edward grabbed around her butt and starting pulling her back and forth on his penis.
After a while of that, they switched around a little. Edward was now in front of Aline, with her vagina wet, and orgasmed. Edward then plunged his nine inch penis in her.
She moaned real loud that time. She warpped her legs around Edward.
Aline was wanting to scream so bad, but she couldn't cause of Sally was still asleep.
"OH YES!!! Edward, harder, harder, go faster!!! Make me orgasm again!!!"
Edward speeded up some, he then would slow down to control her orgasm and his. He speeded back up, he breasts were bouncing up and down as Edward screwed her. Sweat was coming off her breasts, both of them were sweating.
Edward went a little faster, Aline arched her back, she getting ready to orgasm, and so was Edward, he did a few more pumps.
"Oh, oh yes, oh yes, a little more, just a little more."
She moaned in pleasure and in pain, then once last push did it, Aline orgasmed, it was running down Edward's penis and down her leg. At the same time Aline orgasmed, Edward did too, it was all in her vagina, it was running down her leg.
Edward was unaware that he was still going back and forth. He was going real slow this time, then he stopped.
Edward pulled out his throbbing penis, it was drenched with his sperm and Aline's. Aline leaned in close and suck it off his penis. She then back off and it was dripping out of her mouth. She swallowed it.
They both moved over back to the tail gate and put there clothes back on.

When Edward and Aline got back in the truck, Sally was still asleep. He didn't bother to wake her. he crunk the truck back up and went on ahead in the road.

To be continued...

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. - James Dean

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