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Tom sat in the kitchen, looking blindly at the empty cup. The silent ticking of a clock filled up the baldness of the room. Yet nothing moved. A still environment, where everything was in its place, glued to the position it was given long ago. Not even the flies wanted to rummage through the dirty dishes in the sink. If there was a dog it would be asleep in its kennel, not bothering its head with what was happening around it. The weather was still, neither sun nor rain prevailed. The wind howled a song which only it could understand. And Tom, still unaware that somebody drove up next to the house still looked at the cup, his gaze lost in the emptiness, and mind unaware of the danger. Even when the doors to the kitchen opened he did not look up, but the cough which came soon after brought his attention back to this world.

The cup stopped being his philosophical mystery and the newcomer stood silently at the door looking around the room. He was wearing an "Office Suit", black sunglasses hiding his eyes, in his left hand was a badge of the Unhappiness Police while in his right a gun. Tom noticed that the man's hair was blond and to his understanding the man's eyes had to be either blue or gray. But both of his guesses were in fact incorrect.
"You know why I am here." spoke the Officer looking at Tom, a sad smile on his face. Tom only straightened up in his chair and let out air from his lungs only to take in some more.
"Yes, you do very well. Yet do not worry, I want to talk first." and the officer sat down opposite Tom putting the gun on the table. Tom watched the weapon for a moment and then looked at the Officer's badge which he now was hiding in one of the Suit's interior pockets.
"Talk? What for?" asked Tom, since from what he knew the Unhappiness Police wasn't usually in the mood for talking to Unhappy Ones. It was common knowledge that Unhappiness was a virus which could spread easily, even without direct contact. This is why they existed, to stop the possible plague which would cause depression in every person's heart.
"Let us just say, that I am not in the mood for killing." said the Officer relaxing himself in the wooden chair. "Got any tea or coffee?" Tom shook his head, and the officer sighed. "Pity." and moments of absolute silence passed.

"So how did this start?" asked the Officer taking off his glasses, what revealed a pair of simple brown eyes. Tom looked down at the empty cup and gathered his thoughts which were so distant from each other now that it took him a minute of silence to stick the back together.
"Her." he whispered, as if to himself. The Officer nodded.
"You wife?"
"Yes." answered Tom and he closed his eyes trying to erase something from his thoughts.
"What did she do?"
"She died."
"I see, I am sorry." Tom opened his eyes and looked cautiously at the Officer.
"For what?" he asked feebly.
"That she died." Tom looked at him for a moment a spark of life appearing in his eyes and then it distinguished when the sea of sorrow came back. Yet a longer moment of silence follower. The officer looked at the kitchen clock and noticed it had the shape of a Barn Owl. One eye showed the hour while the other the minutes and seconds.
"Was this hers?" asked the officer still looking at the clock.
"Yes." Tom followed his gaze and looked at the clock too, noting it was only half an hour past midday.

"Maybe tell me something about her, apart from the fact that she is dead." spoke the Officer and he tried to smile but Tom ignored the weak attempt.
"We married thirty years ago, in a church, far north of Scotland. Our happiest. She was a beautiful woman, we met each other one summer, it was an open party, where everybody was a guest, free drinks and music."
The officer nodded and looked calmly at Tom.
"I asked her for a dance, she was with a group of her friends. Although at first she hesitated we danced for three songs.Then she gave me her number." Tom smiled "and from that moment on we were going out with each other." suddenly the smile disappeared and his eyes closed again.
"But the happy days are gone?" Tom nodded in silence and proceeded once more to look at the cup.
"Why the sadness then?" Tom glanced at him and frowned.
"She is dead." and silence surrounded them once more. An uneasy, gloomy silence which almost meant that this place is beyond repair.
"Yet you loved her." the Officer spoke steadily. Tom shook his head and a lonely tear traveled down his left cheek.
"But she is gone, she was my purpose, my life. Without her I am a ship bound to hit a glacier and sink."
"I am this glacier." spoke the Officer "But you may always go around it."

"What for?!" shouted Tom smashing his fist on the table, so violently that the cup jumped and fell off the table, crashing into thousands of small pieces. "I have no purpose to be here! Just do you job goddamit and let me join her!" he suddenly grabbed the gun and pointed it at his head, his index finger on the trigger. He pulled back the hammer and then the Officer grabbed Tom's hand.
"What about the children?" he asked coldly. Tom looked at him with a frenzy.
"What about them? They are grown up, they do not need me! I am forgotten, living in the middle of nowhere like a sole inhabitant of a deserted island!" the Officer sighed and sat back.
"In about three minutes your younger daughter, Paula, will give you a call inviting you to her marriage, she hopes you will answer this time, because you never answer her calls. You did not come to any of the family reunions, Christmas Eves or even thought of visiting your children. You are locked in yourself, thinking you are alone. Like you said, on an Island, but you never call fore help to passing ships. You want to leave your two daughters and son even though they have a part of you and her. The officer swallowed hard. "This solution will not solve anything. It will cause only further pain in the ones you love." he glanced at the gun "If you want to do this, you already hold the gun, but think now, is it worth it?" a long moment of silence followed. Tom holding the gun next to his head, and the officer looking into his eyes. A sudden sob broke away the silence, followed by confusing words of remorse and forgiveness to unknown persons.

The Officer stood up and walked to Tom taking the gun from his hand and putting it away.
"You have a call in one minute, do not let it miss you." and the Officer left the kitchen closing the door behind him. As he was about to leave the house he noticed a photograph hanging on the wall. It was a man and a woman, on an exotic island, smiling happily to the camera. The orange sun was disappearing on the horizon next to them. The next photo was a group of people, one older man and woman and three younger children. A boy and two girls, they were standing in front of an entrance to a Luna Park. The boy was holding a green balloon, while one of the girls was holding a large Orca plushie. They all looked happy. Without taking any greater notice of the other things in the house the Officer went to his car. When he sat down and inserted the key into the ignition he turned on the radio and listened to the song which was just on. With an aura of satisfaction around him he drove away leaving Tom to hear the glorious news and accepting the invitation. A phrase came into his head, it was a comedy he watched a very long time ago. He could not remember the context yet he could still remember the tune. He started singing it to himself with a wide smile not noticing the weather improved and a big yellow sun lightened the area around him.
"And... always look on the bright side of Life..."

Writes 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as he gets his free can of Coke.

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