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Chapter One: Danni

Damon Monday sat alone in his study in his large, empty mansion and stared into the glowing fire of the fireplace. He had demanded that everyone leave. Everyone. Servants, his current wife, children, brother’s, nieces, nephews. It was himself and his vicious dog, Judas. They sat, waiting for the arrival of the five family members he actually wanted present. His heart was cold as were his deep, black eyes. He was getting old and certainly looked it, but he felt as though he were still in his thirties. He was still doing what he had been doing in his thirties. He was still as heartless and dangerous as he had been in his thirties. He had been the same Damon for twenty-eight years and a lot had come to pass, yet he had not changed. It wasn’t necessarily a good thing, but he rather liked being Damon Monday with all the power he possessed and all the wealth he had found here in Monday Manor somewhere in Canada.

As he watched the fire, five people appeared suddenly before him. His grandfather Diogenes, his father Demetrius, his brother Dominic, his Uncle Dieter, and they were holding hostage his daughter Danielle. He regarded the stubborn rebel with angry eyes, feeling sadistically pleased by the proper punishment she was to receive. She struggled against Dominic and Demetrius, Danni did, as Dieter and Diogenes watched. She was much older than he remembered her, of course it had been seventeen years. She still had that wild auburn hair and her mother’s violet eyes that held as much rage as Damon’s. She managed to pull herself out of his grasp, but he used his telekinesis, well trained for thirty years, to stop her. The power held her in place and she fell to her knees. With another surge of power, she was screaming in pain as he sent great amounts of electricity through her body, yet she kept herself strong. She pushed herself back to her knees after several minutes of having her face in the white carpet and blew her frizzy locks out of her face.

“You betrayed me, Danielle Cathryn Monday,” declared Damon as his family surrounded his oldest daughter. He still had another one to make him proud. “Lori, your mother, betrayed me, too. I killed her, much like I intend on killing you. You disgust me, Danielle, being so naïve as to actually believe that Ariel Night loved you. You got yourself impregnated with his child and then he left you, didn’t he? Our families are at war for a reason, darling daughter, and instead of coming back to redeem yourself, you ran off with that bastard child in America? Tsk-tsk. I could have forgiven you and we could have disposed of that unholy beast you call a daughter. But you did not. You raised it and now I will have to kill you both and possibly Ariel for defiling you.”

Danni growled and prepared to pounce on her father, but Dominic and Demetrius held her back and Dominic grabbed the dagger out of Danni’s combat boot and stabbed her in her lower back with it. She yelled out and Damon chuckled lightly, standing up out of his seat.

“Don’t speak of my daughter like that Damon!” hissed Danni breathlessly as she gasped in, struggling to breathe. She was pale now and even more furious with her father. “And don’t even try to hurt her. She has power greater than your own and she will kill you! She knows not to trust you!”

Damon laughed again and Danni’s gaze dropped to the floor. “Don’t lie, you foolish girl. She doesn’t know about her father, let alone me. She may have power, but it has not grown yet. She will die. But not before you. Leave her there, Dominic. I want her to bleed all over my carpet so I will remember her. We will watch her die. Then we will go in search of Delia Rowan Monday Night. Good-bye, Danielle. We will miss you.”

Later that month, Damon found himself surrounded by the Monday family at his daughter’s funeral. It was mostly family with a few of her friends standing away from anyone with the name Monday, speaking amongst themselves with Delia in the middle. Those friends included a member of the Night family, Sawyer. She had, much like Danni and a few other members of the families, run away from the war, but failed to forever leave the family. Since Sawyer was away from the protection of her family, Damon made a mental note to dispose of her later. What he was worried about was Delia.

“Mr. Monday, did you want to say something?” asked the priest from his place next to his daughter’s grave in the family plot. Damon smirked. That was the last thing Danni would have wanted and he knew it.

“Yes I would,” replied Damon, feigning tears and he put on his heartbroken face, playing the part of a truly sad father. He had to put on a show for friends and grandchildren and priests. He stood up and took his place and was laughing inside as he sobbed for his audience. His current wife Shona smiled along, unseen by anyone of importance. She was plump, carrying his child. His other children, Daniel and Danika, sat on either side of their stepmother. All of them had Lori’s violet eyes.

“I would like to say that my daughter, Danielle, was a great person. I only regret that I drove her away. We had not spoken in seventeen years, and all of a sudden she was murdered. I am heartbroken, for I will never speak to my little girl again. Oh how I loved her and oh how talented she was. I bought all of her novels and books of poetry. I just wish I could understand why she was so mad at me? Because her mother died? Because I married Shona? What? I only wish I knew what I could do for her, now that she’s gone.”

Only the priest fell for it. Apparently Danni talked about him to her friends as they all glared at him. And maybe sixteen year old Delia fell for it, too. She didn’t look convinced or unconvinced. She was staring at the gravestone.

Danielle Cathryn Monday


Beloved Daughter

Faithful Friend

And Darling Mother

“Wonderful job, darling,” Shona whispered as he walked over and she kissed him on the lips, patting her stomach. “How about we call him Damion? It means ‘demon’ in Latin according to the baby name book.”

“Sounds wonderful, dear,” replied Damon. He looked to both of his remaining children. Danika was grinning, but Daniel still had that frown he had worn since he discovered what Damon had done to Danni. Damon feared that he would become like his sister and Uncle Domino and turn away from the family. He would have to disown and kill his eldest son.

“What a wonderful day it is,” said a voice and it followed by clapping hands. Damon recognized the voice and scowled, turning to face Richard Night who had his side of the family with him. His wife Shelia, his children Ariel and Aurelia, and Ariel and Danni’s other daughter Astrid. She had, long ago after Delia and Astrid were born, been claimed as a Night, so Damon knew he would, eventually, get her, too. Her with Ariel’s ash blonde hair and Danni’s violet eyes. He could handle her, but his main priority at the time was Delia. “Did she kill herself with the knowledge she was the spawn of Satan-being you-or did you kill her yourself, you crazy bastard?”

Damon grinned evilly and approached Richard. It must have been going on about a hundred years, Damon realized, approaching his enemy. He remembered his mother, Ophelia, telling him the story of how the war started. It began with Odin Night and Dionysus Monday who were once friends, but they became too powerful and selfish to remain that way and they became rivals and the families had been ruining and slaughtering each other ever since. As a child, Damon loved to hear Ophelia and Demetrius tell him stories of murder, rape, and suicide and so much more that the war caused. Yet after all that, no one had yet been defeated. But Damon swore that in his lifetime, he would witness the downfall of the enemy. He wanted it more than anything in the world. He could taste it. He saw it in Richard’s eyes. But Damon frowned, his eyes falling on Delia and Astrid. They were the problem and he knew that nothing would happen until they were both dead. But Delia would be easier to handle. But with Astrid under Ariel Night’s protection. Richard was frowning, too.

“We really can’t do anything with them still alive,” Richard said. “But mark my words, they will die and so will you.”

“Prove it, Dick,” shot back Damon, finding Delia with his eyes again. Daniel and his niece Dodi were talking to her and her eyes were on him. Gray eyes, like Ariel. Auburn hair like Danni. “I’ll take care of Delia, you get Astrid.”

Though many yards away, Ariel seemed to have heard this and he grabbed ahold of Astrid and pulled her protectively closer to his body. Richard look so disappointed and Damon felt smug that at least he did something about such disapproval. As proven by the funeral.

“Fine,” agreed Richard. “Then, we fight!”

“I can’t wait,” whispered Damon, backing away from Richard, cautious enough not to turn his back. The only problem was him running right into Dominic and Cecilia. “Excuse me, dear brother and sister-in-law.”

“What are you so afraid of Damon?” asked Cecilia quietly. She was the soothsayer in the family, and she had, at the time of Danni’s pregnancy with the twins, warned them of what was happening at that very moment. “As long as there is anything connecting these two families no one can do a damn thing. So until you kill the girls, you are pretty much guaranteed safe.”

Damon might have responded had Daniel and Dodi not been leading Delia to the group. Sawyer was watching them like a hawk. However, Damon was not worried. He didn’t plan on doing anything just yet.

“Delia, this is your Grandfather Damon,” said Daniel. Delia was looking up at him curiously, as though she could see right through him. And Damon believed she could and it shocked him, making him feel worry and very vulnerability. There was something about her, a power that radiated off her. Was Danni right? Why would she train her daughter for anything anyway? She wouldn’t want her daughter in the life she grew up in. Damon knew that much about Danni.

“Hello, Grandfather Damon, it’s nice to meet you,” Delia said, not moving to embrace him or shake his hand, to his relief. Instead, she hugged herself, looking around for an escape. He’d have to get it over with before the girl refused to go near him.

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Delia,” Damon replied.

“Be careful,” Cecilia whispered in his ear. “This girl is strong as is her sister. You might get hurt.”

“Well if she’s powerful enough to hurt me, why don’t we just use her?” Damon said thoughtfully, wondering if he could use her even though Cecilia told them they could not fight with the bond still there.

“Possibly,” replied Cecilia. “Just be careful.”


I know this was in Damon’s point of view, but it will not stay that way. Promise. So, how’s it so far?

Dani Luvs Ya Not

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