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Midnight in the Morning
By Rosanne Catalano
Copyright © 2006 Rosanne Catalano,
(a.k.a. R.C.Kayla)

Rachel woke bright and early that morning. Sitting up she listened for the sound she thought she had heard outside. There it was again! It was coming from right outside her bedroom windows.

“It sounds like a cat or a baby crying,” she thought sleepily, stretching. The noise below her bedroom windows became louder. She got out of her comfy twin bed. Opening the window and looking toward the noise outside, she saw that sure enough it was a kitten! A black cat was on the ground beneath her window; it looked to be no older than four weeks old! It was trying to claw its way up the brick wall.

“What are you trying to do, you cutie?” she said, knowing the kitten couldn’t understand her. But sure enough, the kitten stopped its clawing motions and looking directly up at her, then meowed loudly.

“Stay right there!” she commanded the kitten. “Poor thing must be freezing, it’s cold out there!” she thought to herself, putting on her slippers and opening the bedroom closet to retrieve her bathrobe. Closing the bedroom window, she ran into the kitchen.

Grabbing two small bowls; one to put water in, the other a can of tuna, Rachel opened the back door to the outside right next to the kitchen. The cat started cautiously toward her. As the kitten approached, she looked up at Rachel with grateful eyes as she began lapping up the water and tuna Rachel had placed on the back porch.

Looking through the back door, Rachel saw that her younger sister Dee was up and about in the kitchen. She was fetching herself a bowl of cereal. “Dee!” she finally yelled for her sister. “Come quick and see who we’ve got here.”

“What’s the matter, Rachel? And who is outside?” her younger sister’s voice said sleepily from behind. She stepped onto the porch. “Oh my how adorable! Where did this little one come from?” Dee knelt and began petting the black kitten, it continued busily lapping up the remainder of tuna and water Rachelle had given it.

“I don’t know where the cat came from, it was crying at my window first thing this morning.”

“How cute you are…” her sister said to the kitten, continuing to pet it.

The cat finished its food and water, looked up at her and Dee then meowed in contentment. She and Dee decided in that instant to name the kitten Midnight, because of its coloring. They knew that wasn’t a very original name but they did not care, they liked it. It fit the black cat who had found them.


Midnight brought new meaning into their lives. Every day after school, Rachel and Dee raced off the school bus to get to their house. They would go to the back door with a saucer of water and plenty of cat food. The cat food they had recently begun purchasing secretly at the supermarket with their allowance money.

Midnight, in return, would be waiting at the back door…and continued to come every single day for a month or so. Until one day their mother discovered them at the door, hunched over Midnight and petting her, while the black kitten purred away happily eating all its food.

“What are you two doing?” their mom asked, opening the back door and stepping onto the porch. “What did I tell you two about bringing in strays??? We already have Blitz and Zie!” Blitz and Zie were two German shepherd dogs their father had gotten for Rachel, Dee and Jack, their older brother.

She did not like her daughters feeding stray animals, because they already had Blitz and Zie; the two German shepherds her husband had brought home one day. He had announced the “new additions to our family… meet Blitz and Zie; Zie means ‘sweetheart’ in German!” he had said, looking with child-like excitement at his wife. Looking into his eyes, she didn’t have the heart to tell her husband she had not wanted any animals in their home. Although she, too, loved animals she couldn’t stand having to vacuum up all their hair every day. She had to work and it was time-consuming to vacuum before getting ready for her job! Though she had gotten used to vacuuming up Blitz and Zie’s hair, she did not relish more animals in the house. And feeding strays meant eventually her daughters would want to keep the animal… she had a feeling that they would want to bring this black cat inside their house as “the newest addition to the family” just like their father had surprised her that day with Blitz and Zie.

Both Dee and Rachel jumped up in startlement, they hadn’t expected to see their mother right behind them. “We’ve been feeding this adorable and obviously lost kitten, mom,” they both said. With pleading eyes they looked up at their mother.

“Girls, please stop feeding it. You know how I feel about strays and additional animals coming into our home. Come on now, scat!” she commanded the kitten, while waving her arms about to shoo Midnight away.

Midnight looked up at their mother with scared eyes while finishing up all her food, then she ran off into the woods surrounding the house.

“Oh Mom, now look what you’ve done… the poor thing wasn’t scared of us at all; she trusted us,” said Rachel. “We’ve been feeding her every day after school for the past month or two!”

“Really, did your father know about this?”

“No he didn’t. It was mine and Dee’s secret. But we were hoping to bring her inside as a companion for Blitz and Zie.”

“Well the cat is gone now, so there’s nothing to worry about. Most likely it won’t want to come back here since I scared it…”

A week passed, then another week. No Midnight at their back door. Rachel and Dee were heartbroken. They wanted to keep Midnight. And thought they would eventually persuade their mother to keep her.

After two months they were forced to accept their loss … their mother had succeeded in scaring the little black kitten off for good. Midnight was never coming back.

“Oh where are you Midnight?” cried Rachel, to herself, looking out her bedroom windows forlornly one morning. “Where did you run to, and are you okay, little one?”

She would look out her windows even at night. Looking beyond their porch and grass into the surrounding woods for any movement. Dee too would sometimes stare out back, sitting beside Rachel until she had to go to bed in her own bedroom.

Rachel began having dreams, premonitions really, that Midnight was in trouble. These dreams upset her to the core. Until one night she had a beautiful dream of Midnight with loving people caring for her as she happily curled up beside a warm fireplace. This dream made her sad yet happy… she knew this meant that Midnight had finally found a warm, loving home after what must have been troubling times living outside. Rachel knew her ‘dreams’ were premonitions, good and bad. Her latest ‘dream’ was a good premonition of Midnight’s new life.

“I hope my ‘dreams’ have come true for you, dear Midnight… you deserve lots of food, warmth and love for the rest of your days,” she thought to herself, as she jumped out of bed to start another school day.


On their way home from school one day, Dee and Rachel noticed a couple from the neighborhood whom they had never seen before. The couple was walking with a little black cat on a leash. The woman was holding tight to the leash as Midnight happily strutted alongside them. The couple were both laughing and talking as they walked down the street, every so often lovingly looking down at Midnight, their “newest addition to their family…”

“Look, sis!” yelled Rachel, happily. “It’s Midnight, and she’s found a home!”

“I know, Rachel, I see!” cried Dee happily walking beside her older sister. “Midnight has finally found loving parents and a home, thank you God. We were so worried about her…”

“Wow, my good ‘dreams’ for Midnight came true,” Rachel thought to herself as she and Dee continued looking at the couple walking with Midnight, the little black kitten they thought they would have succeeded in persuading their mom to keep. Now she looked completely content as she strolled with the couple, who continued on down the street.

“Even though mom scared Midnight off, she’s finally found a loving home so we did good by feeding her then, right sis?” Rachel asked her younger sister questioningly, as they continued walking toward the front door of their house.

“Yep sis, we did very well by feeding Midnight in spite of mom scaring her off. She knew she could trust humans to give her lots of food and loving.”

“I guess you’re right. Us taking care of her made Midnight know that there are kind, loving people in this world… even if we weren’t the one’s to keep her,” sighed Rachel, skipping up the front steps.

Both opening the door to their parent’s home, they smiled at one another; happy and content in the knowledge that their adopted/stray Midnight had finally found a loving home to call her own with a loving couple in their neighborhood.

Copyright © 2006 Rosanne Catalano, (a.k.a. R.C.Kayla).



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