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Chapter 5

The night before was something I had never experienced before in my life.

As I was getting ready to leave. I was combing my hair, while Sally still layed on the floor asleep.

I was pretty tired. Killing that creature or should I say the ripper, was pretty easy. Usually it took only one shot to take a ripper down.

I looked myself over in the mirror. I washed my face with a damp wash rag.
I still can't believe that me and her fell asleep in the bathroom. I bent down to wake Sally up.
I rubbed her cheek a little. Then spoke.
"Sally, wake up. Its morning time. Time to get up." She rolled over as if trying to ignore me.
"Edward, is it time to get up?"
I nodded.
She stood up with the towel still wrapped around her.
"Uh, Edward. I don't have any clothes besides the one's I wore yesterday."
"Just get the ones you wore yesterday."
She sighed and looked at Edward.
"Okay, maybe we'll go shopping some, to find you some new clothes."
I opened the bathroom door just so I could get throught then closed it back. I walked around the corner.
He looked at the bed, but Aline wasn't there. The bed was neatly made and everything. I went over to check it out, I pulled the cover and sheets, she was't there obviously.
I went back to the bathroom and told Sally that I was going out to get some coffee.
I walked out the door, and lock it behind me. I walked up to the front office to ask the guy if he had seen anybody through here.
He said no.
Now I was starting to get a little worried. I turned around and faced the wall of the office, then I thought, I wonder if they have a swimming pool?
"Sir, do you have a swimming pool here?"
He looked up at me.
"Yeah, walk out this door then take a right and walk down till you see a sign that says swimming pool."
"Thanks," I said then walked out.
I looked to the right and started walking. In the distance I saw a sign that said swimming pool, it was pointing to the right.
The apartments must be built around the swimming pool. I finally made it to the sign. I could see the pool from where I was standing. I walked slowly up behind this wooden fence that was around the pool. I peek in through the crack on the door. And sure enough there she was, except with no bathing suit on. She was totally nude. She stood up with her back turned toward me. Then she turned around, she looked almost straight into my eyes. But to my surprise she didn't see me at all. That then revealed her breasts to me. She had slightly bigger ones than Sally had. She had a tan. Her long slender body was excellent. She pulled herself out of the water, and that showed the world to me then. She had a bush on her lower regions of her body. I looked at her in amazment. Her body was perfect. Her strawberry blond hair sparkled in the sun light. Then when she started walking back to her towel and clothes. Her butt did this back and forth motion that drove me crazy. She made it to her clothes, then she turned around one last time revealing everything to me.
Then I decided to walk back to the room to check on Sally. As I was walking back I was thinking. Two women, and one guy. I have seen them totally nude. What will happen next now?
I made it back to the room. I was talking the key out of my pocket when I looked down and notice that I had a huge bulge in my pants. I thought, oh great.
I walked in, Sally was all dressed and ready to go. The first thing she noticed about me was the bulge in my pants. She looked at for a second then looked at me and smiled.
"Your thinking about last night too much."
Edward nodded and gave a faint smile.
Edward didn't want to tell the real reason that he has a bulge in his pants. But he did want to ask Sally something.
"Sally, can we talk for a second before Aline gets back?" She got real close to him and gave him a soft kiss. Then she nodded.
"Why did you have sex with me last night?"
"Cause I love you."
"I know there has to be more than just 'I love you'."
"Well, Edward the reason is that my husband never hardly ever did, he would beat up on me a lot. And altghough I was sad that he died cause he was my husband. And in another way I wasn't, because he did beat up on me."
She started crying a little, then she backed up at Edward.
"Don't ever leave me Edward. I want you to protect me forever. I don't want you to ever to leave my side."
She looked down, then back at Edward again. "Hold me, Edward."
He did what he had wanted to do for the longest now. He gave a passionate, and embracing hug.
"I will never leave your side, Sally," Edward whispered in her ear.
She back off of Edward, still holding his hands.
"Now, you go and dry those tears off," said Edward.
She smiled and leaned in and gave Edward another soft kiss.
She walked to the bathroom. And about the time she went into the bathroom, Aline walked in.
"Where have you been, Aline?" She walked over to the bed and say down.
"I was out walking."
Edward knew where she was really at. He could tell that her hair was still a little wet, but he didn't say anything about it.
"Must've been a long walk."
"Oh, well, I just walked up the road and back."
"I see."
Then Edward and Aline grew silent. Without warning Sally screamed, she came running out and hugged Edward as tight as she could.
He pulled Sally away, then looked at Aline signeling her to go and see what was in the bathroom.
Aline walked past Edward and Sally, then when she got closer to the bathroom, her steps got slower. She looked in. She walked in with caution. She looked around to make sure there was nothing else in here.
Aline looked in the tub, there was a man's body, with his skin ripped off of him, revelaing his insides. His guts and intestines were hanging out. You could see his heart, his lungs, his muscles, what was left of them. She then noticed ther was a paper bag on the toilet. She opened it, it was a head of a bald guy with grey hair. Aline turned away and puked in the trash can cause the body and smell of the place was unbearable.
Aline walked out back into the hally way. She was walking slow then fainted. Edward ran to the bathroom.
He almost fainted from the smell of the place. He looked then, there was the body with not skin on it. He then looked in the bag and there was the head of the guy that owned the apartments. His spinal cord was still attach to his neck. Edward stepped backwards almost stumbling over his own feet and turned away from the horrible site. He stepped back out into the hall way. He closed the door behind him. Edward leaned against the wall. He was trying to catch his breath. That was worser than the one yesterday.

After everyone had gotten the head back straight again, Edward asked Sally some questions.
"Sally, did you leave this room?"
She looked up at him.
"Yes I did. I went out to find you. You had been gone for a long time."
"Are you telling the truth Sally?"
"Yes I am."
"All right. I have nothing to ask Aline, she was out..." Edward paused for a second then said,"...she was out taking a walk."
"Sally and Aline, get yout stuff. Were getting out of here. I have my gun coat, my truck keys, and my wallet. I'll be waiting in the truck.
Sally and Aline started gathering up what was there's. Edward walked out the door and started the truck. He reved it up a little to make sure it was running, he had plenty of gas. He put it in reverse getting it ready to go as soon as they got in.
Edward then looked out his window and saw that same man he saw at North Country Road. This time he started to transform. His skin fell from his body. When he was done, it revealed one of the most hideous creatures he had ever seen in his life. He was starting to get a little scared now. It started walking toward him. He looked over, Sally and Aline were running toward the truck, Edward went ahead and opened the door. Both of them jumped in. Edward punch the gas on his truck and left that apartment complex forever.
"Did you two see the size of that thing?"
They both stared at Edward in question. He then thought, I must be the only one that can see it.
"Uh, nevermind, I must've been day dreaming."
They both shrugged.
Sally layed her head on Edward's shoulder and feel asleep. Aline was had her head leaned up against the window asleep. Edward didn't know where he was going, or what he was going to do, nothing whatsoever.
He put his foot to the floor of his truck and speeded away.

To be continued...

Author Note:
Could you please comment on my story. Tell me something I'm missing, or tell me something that I need to add. I would really appreciate it. I won't get mad it you don't have a positive comment about my story. Thanks!!!

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. - James Dean

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The following comments are for "The Darkness: Chapter 5"
by Witness95

I think you ahve a good thing here. I went back and tried to read the previos chapters and just locked up. You still have to do lot of work - your dialouge is stilted and clumsy. Expostion can be prose-like or even high-languaged but dialouge is as people speak and if you are observant you realize that no two people speak the same way. Those nuances are what make the story interesting. First person narrative is tricky - to me - you assume that the reader knows more than they do and occasionally don't tell us enough. First person narrative leads the story and has the dialogue fill in the details and embellishments Typos are something I struggle with as well - I type about the same speed as I think sooo ;)- it's bad. Edit! Edit! The low numbers of hits, I suggest, may be due to the mechanical problems I mentioned. I don't write this to have you be defensive of your fine effort, but hopefully to help you improve. It just takes work and being a writer is a rare thing and worth the effort we all put in. Keep going.

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: July 29, 2009 )

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