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Chapter 2

The ride on North Country Road was actually really smooth. I figured it to be real rough. This was the place where I grew up as a kid and where my parents were murdered. Thats a memory I wish I could forget.
There wasn't much on this road. Trees, cows. A lot of land. Big houes. Bunch of rich people lived out here. I wished I was one when I was growing up.
My car was about to fall apart, or it sounded like that. It was an old Ford pick-up truck. It wasn't much, but it got me to the places I needed to go at times.
I came to a stop sign at a 4-way. I look both ways. When I looked straight ahead of me, there was a man dressed in a black shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Even his hair was black. His eyes were red like fire. I wiped my eyes to see if I was seeing things. When I wiped, he was gone. Oh, great I thought. Now I'm seeing things that isn't there.
I eased the clutch in on my truck and took off again. I could almost see the house where the guy was murdered at now. There were a few police cars there. I pulled in the drive way and went into the grass since there was no where else to park at.
I got out. I started walking up to the house when this rookie cop stoped me from going in.
"I'm sorry sir. This place is strickly prohibited." This cop hadn't been on the force long. I could tell by it. I just held up my badge.
"I'm sorry Detective Carnby. You may proceed." The rookie moved out of the way. As I walked in, I felt a presence like no other. The presence of darkness. This place was filled with it.
I saw where the body was, or what was left of the body. All that was left was his chest and lower regions of his body. Like the cheif said, he had been ripped to shreds.
I looked over the body a little more, then decided there was nothing there. I walked through the hallways into the bathroom. This place was very bloody. Whatever it was must have killed him in the bathroom then through his chest into the living room.
The bag that was left on the toilet was still there. I opened it up, and sure enough there was Parker Smith's head.
I couldn't bare to look at it. I look over into the bath tub, there was his arms and legs.
Then there was the message right above the tub. I'll find you.
I called for the rookie cop to come back there.
"Yes, Detective Carnby?" The rookie cop said with low voice.
"Will you stop with the Detective Carnby stuff. Just call me Edward."
"Yes sir, I mean Edward."
"Whats your name rookie?"
"Michael, but people just call me Mike."
"Okay, Mike. Where is the wife at?"
"She is outside in the care. She is waiting on us to get finished up here."
"Mind if I have talk with her, Mike?"
"No, go ahead. But she is still in shock from finding her husband in pieces."
"Thanks." I walked out beside Mike.
"Oh by the way, her name is Sally."
I nodded back at him in thanks.
As I was walking through the the front door, I could see that Sally was talking to somebody else, another women.
This women was around 5'7. Had strawberry blond hair. Skinny. Nice figure. Not my type.
I jogged over to talk to Sally.
"Sally, I'm Detective Edward Carnby. I here to ask a couple of questions and my job will be through. Is that all right?" Sally shrugged, then nodded.
"Hey!!! What do you think your doing Carnby? Your interferring with my job. Whats your problem?"
Oh boy, another one of these type of people.
"And what exactly is your line of work?" I looked on her name tag. He name was Aline Cedrec.
"Well I specialize in the supernatural, pranormal. All that kind of stuff. I'm new to the force.
I guess Cheif Black hasn't told you has he?"
Well the cheif doesn't tell me that much. The only thing he tells me is to go to a crime area.
"No I guess he hasn't. Enlighten me Aline?"
"How did you know my name?"
"Its on your name tag there genius."
"Well..." "I'm your new partner Carnby."
I didn't want no partner. I hated working with somebody else. I liked being alone.
"Why didn't the cheif inform me about this earlier?"
"I guess he wanted you to find out for yourself."
"Are you two done arguing?"
They both looked down At Sally.
Edward looked back at Aline. "You go ahead, I'm done fired up. I'm mad. I don't like asking questions now." Edward walked over to his truck and let the tailgate down sat down on the end of his truck.
"Don't worry about him, Sally."
Sally looked over at Edward. He looked like he staring off in the distant, as if he was looking at something we didn't see.
"Aline, does he always do this?"
"I don't know, this is the time I have met him. The cheif said he is a weird one." Sally turned her head back to Aline. Here comes the questions and the tears Sally thought.
"All right, you ready Sally? I'm going to ask you some painful questions."
"Yes I'm ready."
"Was your husband Parker doing anything before you left to go to the grocery store?"
Sally almost broke down cause that was the last time she had seen her husband alive. "Yes, he was talking on the phone with one of his friends."
"May I ask, who was this friend?"
"I think it was John Cassy." Sally looked over back at Edward. He was still staring off in the distance.
"How old was your husband?"
Sally sat there for a few seconds. "He was 43"
"Was your husband invloed with anykind of cult or anything of that sort?"
"No,I don't think so."
"Was he involed with anything at all?"
"No, nothing at all as far as I know."
"Was there anykind of vehicle you saw when you was coming back home on your home stretch road?"
"I did see this car, but that was one of my husbands friends. I don't think he would do that."
"Who was this guy in the car?"
"That John guy I told you about."
"Thank you Sally for your cooporation. Whenever that man in there is done, he'll bring you to the police station."
"All right. Your welcome."
Aline walked over to Edward. She touched him on the arm.
Edward jumped a little.
"You scared the crap out of me, Aline."
"Sorry Ed."
Its not Ed, its Edward."
"All right, sorry."
"Can you give me a ride back to the police station?"
"On one condition."
"Will you not be my partner?"
Aline turned and sighed. She put her hands on her hips. "Looked Carnby. I don't like bein your partner as much as you do. But the cheif pared us up. So I guess thats settled."
The both got in the truck and rode back to the police station.

To be continued...

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. - James Dean

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