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Run: Chapter 5

The next morning Sheko was the first one up and was looking around up at the sky. With a sigh he walked over to Kyoko and hit her on the head with his staff, before warping up to Kayame’s side and pushing her out of the tree. Kayame landed on her hands and flipped onto her feet as Kyoko yelled and cursed, rubbing her head.
“Will you shut-up and listen?! Kyo flew off yesterday and has yet to come back “, Sheko snapped, then warped next to Kayame.
“Idiot, probably got lost”, Kayame sighed and flapped her wings, ascending her up into the air. Kyoko yawned and slowly walked through the semi-opened land with Sheko at her heels.
“I heard that there is a village up ahead. He may be there”, Kyoko suggested to Kayame, who was flying only about a foot above her. With a nodded, Kayame flew up higher and faster, creating a great distance between and the walking Kyoko. Sheko warped up onto Kyoko’s shoulder and tapped her on the head.
“If I was you I would hurry up, or she will leave you behind”, he said and Kyoko pushed him off her shoulder.
“And if I were you I would shut-up. It’s to early in the morning to listen to you babble in my ear”, Kyoko said, yawning again leaving Sheko behind. With a growl he got up and fallowed, slowly getting left behind.
“Ungrateful children”, he muttered as he warped from spot to spot. When Sheko finally caught up with Kayame and Kyoko, they were staring at Kyo from afar, who was talking to a beautiful young woman, who was laughing softly. Kayame seemed to be in awe, not moving, but standing with her mouth slightly open. Kyoko and Sheko looked over at her, then took a huge step to the side, moving away from her. Kyo turned his head, and smiled at the three waving them over. Kyoko and Sheko swiftly walked over there, but Kayame took her sweet time walking over to the others.
“Kayame, this is one of my friends from a few years ago. Her name is Yume”, Kyo said smiling as Yume extended a hand to shake. Kayame looked at her hand and gripped it tightly, squeezing quite hard.
“Nice to meet you, Yume. My name is Kayame”, Kayame smiled, while gritting her teeth. Both women let go and looked at each other as a silence settled around everyone. Not able to take the silence Kyoko smiled and bowed slightly.
“My name is Kyoko”, she said, breaking the silence, causing Kyo and Sheko to sigh slightly in relief.
“Oh, nice to meet you”, Yume said bowing in return with a smile. Trying to keep up the talking Kyo looked around and clapped his hands together.
“Let’s go out to eat lunch, seeing it’s about noon”, he said and began to walk off with Kyoko and Sheko at his heals. Yume and Kayame glared at each other before running up to Kyo, one on each side of him. Kyo smiled slightly, feeling slightly uncomfortable, sensing some hostility between the two.
They came up to a small local restaurant and walked in. Every head turned as a silver bell rang. Most of them were humans, but a few demons were hidden among the restaurant. A waiter, dressed in a tux like suit, met them at the door and motioned them to fallow him to a seat. Kyo sat at the head of the table, with Yume and Kayame on each side next to him, fallowed by Kyoko and Sheko across from each other, thinking the same thing. This won’t end well… The waiter brought some meat, bread, wine, corn, and soup, which was all devoured in a matter for minutes. Both Kyo and Kayame sighed in relief leaning back in their chairs.
“I haven’t had a meal like that in forever”, Kayame complemented, patting her stomach, while Kyo was to full to say anything at all. Kyoko and Sheko were still eating some meat slowly and properly, every once in while looking over at Yume and Kayame to make sure they weren’t at each others throat, or worse, dragging Kyo into the cat fight.
“Time for dessert, CHOCOLATE!” Kayame yelled out, causing everyone to look at them. Kyoko and Sheko both sank in their seats, trying to avoid the stares and weird looks they were getting. The waiter jumped and quickly ran and got some chocolate cake along with some ice-cream. Kyo and Kayame dug in, but Yume, Kyoko, and Sheko scooted away from fear of getting eaten as well.
“Well, I think we should get going if we are to go back to my house, Kyo.” Yume said, over the sound of Kayame and Kyo’s eating. Kayame dropped her fork as her eye and hand twitched. Kyoko stood up and stretched.
“I think Sheko, Kayame, and I should go and buy some food before we leave. By the way, when would that be?” she asked looking from Kyo to Kayame. Kyo opened his mouth to say something, but Kayame butted in.
“I WILL be leaving about sundown. The rest of you can stay here.” Kayame said before standing up and walking out of the restaurant. Kyoko and Sheko looked at each other, then quickly fallowed her. Yume let out a slight chuckled, before looking back at Kyo, who was dumbfounded.
“So, shall we go”, she asked Kyo, but he shook his head no.
“I think I should find out what’s wrong. Uh, maybe next time I come into town, though.” Kyo smiled, and quickly fallowed after Kayame. Yume watched him leave in shock then began to growl deeply. Those around them, looking at her, swiftly turned their heads when she shot them a cold glare. She stomped out of the restaurant, but the waiter and manager stepped in front of her.
“Ma’am, you need to pay…your…you know, I’ll let this one be on me.” The manager stuttered as he noticed the red aura around her. The fact that her hands had an orb of fire around them may have something to do with it as well.
Kayame looked out at the open land before her as the wind blew her hair forward. Her arms were crossed and her eyes glaring straight forward into nothingness. Kyoko and Sheko walked up behind her, each with a worried look.
“Kayame? Are you ok?” Sheko asked hiding behind Kyoko, just in case Kayame went to hit him. Kyoko glared at him and went to stomp on his head, but her foot was stopped mid-way as arrows shot at the three. Kayame swiftly and gracefully dodged the arrows with ease. Kyoko pushed up with her grounded foot, jumping high into the air above, higher then the arrows. Sheko, on the other hand, ran around in circles with his hands flailing in the air, screaming like a little sissy human girl. Other then about two arrows that barely piecing through his torso, his defense method seemed to be working. Behind the startled three turned to be greeted by red eyes inu yashas. Half held bows and arrows, a few more held swords, and the last bit held staffs that were made from wood from the Hindred Forest. Kayame guessed that the staffs were enchanted with elven magic, seeing how the inu yashas and elves worked together to defeat the neko yashas.
Kayame remembered the story about the neko and inu yashas always fought, for they were basically cat and dogs, just in demon form. The tail was that the inu yashas king and the neko yashas queen were friends for a many of years. Each began to fall for each other, and then they began to plan for a marriage. The inu king gathered every in is kingdom and set out to the neko queen’s kingdom three days before the wedding. The Neko queen was doing the same thing. Four days after the two set out for each other, they were found, both dead, along with everyone in each kingdom. Ever since then, the neko yashas blamed the death of the neko queen on the inus, and the inus blame the death of the inu king on the nekos. Because of this, they have always been at war for around five thousand years.
Snapped out of her flash back by the sound of someone talking to her, she looked around to find that it was the leader of the group of worriers. He was speaking in an odd language, that she couldn’t understand, but Kyoko seemed to know what to say. Looking down at Sheko, to find that he understood everything as well made her feel stupid.
The inu leader’s ears twitched when ever Kyoko spoke. His hair, a light blue like color, stuck out against his white ears. His amour shined in the high sun, showing off the great craftsmanship. Tied to his side was a sword, though not like the one you would usually see. This sword was only given to the top ranked worries, over the land. The sword was about a foot wide and four feet long. The inu leader towered over Kyoko and Kayame; he looked about seven feet tall, give or take a few. His eyes were the same color as his hair, but with a red out line, making him look blood shot. His body was fair sized, but layered with muscles, making him look broader then what he really was.
Everything went silent when the sound of beating wings was heard above them.
Crow demons, thought Kayame as the sight of sleek black wings could be seen. They let out a bloody screech, causing everyone, even the inu yashas, to fall to their knees, covering their ears. Kayame was thrown into complete darkness in her mind. Unable to see, think, or hear, as if she was in the nothingness of the world. Kyoko struggles up, still fighting off the magic that seemed to come from the crow demons screech, which was what caused Kayame to pass-out into the complete darkness. The screeching all of a sudden stopped, and the demons spiraled to the ground, hitting it with a loud thud. Sheko looked up as Kyo landed, his sword covered in the black blood from the demons.
“I’m gone for a minute and all hell breaks loose. Now, what is going on?” he asked, his back towards the inu yasha leader. Kayame’s body twitched as she came out of her coma. Sitting up, she rubbed her head and looked around to see Kyo and Kyoko looking at each other and Sheko looking up at the inu yasha leader. She pulled her self up and shook her head.
“Ok, now that was odd but anyway. What do these inu yashas want, Kyoko.” Kayame asked, bi-stepping Kyo’s question. Kyoko looked at the inu leader and spoke in the weird tongue as before. There was silence before the inu leader finally spoke.
“We were scanning the land when we came across you three. Seeing that you are in the inu land, we thought that you were in leagues with the nekos so we attacked”, the leader said simply. Kayame stared at him blankly, and then shook her head.
“You see us on your land so you assume that we are with the nekos. DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE HAVE EAR, AND DON’T SAY ANY KYOKO I SWEAR!” Kayame yelled and the leader laughed in amusement. Kayame glared at him, raising a fist.
“Oh, you think it’s funny. Do you think it would be funny if I shove your head up your-”
Kyo and Kyoko wrapped their hands around her mouth before she could finish her sentence. They pulled her way from the inu leader, who had his eyebrow raised in a dangerous way. Sheko stepped up, rubbing the back of his head and sighed.
“Sorry about her. She has uh…trouble controlling her anger.” he said, looking back to make sure Kyo and Kyoko had Kayame restrained so he wasn’t going to get hit. The inu chuckled slightly and nodded.
“Well, now that we know you are no threat to us, we wish for you to come with us for a feast.” the inu leader stated in a proud like tone. An odd silence feel upon the group of four as one looked at the other. Neither of them thought it would be safe seeing how Kayame’s father knew that she had to be some where close, and that assassins that her father sent were hot on her tail. Finally Kyo spoke up, breaking the silence.
“We would love to, but we are on a mission, for elves. We must not stop until are mission is complete.” he lied, but the inu leader seemed to buy it, causing Kyoko and Sheko to sigh. With a smile and nod, the inu leader walked off to the inu worriers, who all faded away in the distance. Once the inu yashas couldn’t be seen any more, everyone sighed once again and Kyoko uncovered Kayame’s mouth. Kayame took in a deep breath and looked over to Kyo with a slight frown.
“So where is Yume?” she asked, holding her head high, as if she didn’t care. Kyo let out a laugh and shook his head.
“She had to go do something. Anyway, while I was walking through the village, I found out two things. One, those streams that lead to the Hisoke river, you know the ones the lead to the door of each building so they can get their water, yeah, you can’t jump over them.” He rose his left leg up, showing that his leg, up to his knee, was soaking wet. “Two.” He put down his leg and dropped his voice into a whisper. “You know those assassins your father has been sending after you?” he asked, but didn’t wait for Kayame to answer, and continued. “Well, there has been word about an attack that is to happen in three days. I know you will not agree to go into hiding, but I know of someone who can train you for a while, at least until for a few months. Don’t think of it as running away from the fight, but training to make it a better one.” Kyo wasn’t sure how Kayame would react to his proposal, but he got his answer when Kayame slapped him in the back of the head.
Taking a step back, she glared at him coldly with her arms crossed. For awhile the only thing that could heard was the sound of the wing blowing leaves, and the sound of a chirp of a bird, every once in awhile. No one wanted to break the silence, but finally Kyo went to spoke, but Kayame rose her hand to silence him before he could.
“I refuse to train when I know I can beat them with out it. You just want me to hide, thinking you could use the training as a cover for what it really was. Cowering behind a lie. I’m not weak like you think I am. Sure I have problems with my anger, but that does not mean it will effect my ability to fight. I will not back down, no matter what you say!” She yelled the last part out loud, causing birds to take flight to the air. Kyoko and Sheko decided that they shouldn’t be in the middle of this, so the backed away, then turned on their heels and ran off. Kyo looked at her square in the eyes with a hard expression.
“I’m only offering this because I thought this would help you defeat your father. We both know that you are no where as strong as he. Despite what you think and believe, you are not that strong, I know what you are capable of and I have every right to tell you who you can beat, because I know! Now you will go train with my friend if I have to drag you there kicking and screaming.” Kayame seemed taken back, but her glare didn’t waver.
The wind began to pick up, just like a few nights ago, but before she could trance form, Kyo jumped at her, tackling her to the ground, afraid that she might go on a killing spree. She pushed him off of her pinned him to the ground. They repeated this for around five more minutes, then finally Kayame cracked up laughing. Kyo looked at her as if she was crazy. Both of them were covered in dirt, grass, twigs, and other things. Kayame’s face turned red as she struggled to breath as she laughed hysterically. Kyo sat up and moved away from her, his eyes wide as he just stared at her rolling around, holding her sides.
“S-sorry it’s j-just that I-I w-was remembering that time we got in that fight and began to attack each other.” Kayame could barely finish her sentence before she died out laughing again. Kyo smiled slightly and stood up, dusting himself off, and plucking the twigs out his hair.
“Kayame, I really want you to go to my friend. If not for you then for me. I don’t want you to get hurt is all. And her is a really good trainer. Just few a few days at least.” Kyo asked, now that Kayame was in a good mood. With a nod Kayame agreed, though for some reason she knew this was going to end badly.

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