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Chrono Cross
The Novel of the Game
Crono Cross is copyright (C) 2000, Square-Enix. Most characters and plot are an original creation of Square-Enix; based off the Playstation video game, a sequel of Chrono Trigger.

Our Planet's Dream

Serge was silent as he listened to the loud clattering noises of the ancient bronze elevator. He turned to his left and payed a glance to his companion, Kid. Her expression was filled with confidence, determination, and anger. Feeling an oncoming nervousness, Serge stared at the blood-stained dagger in Kid's hand, examining his reflection illuminating off the weapon's shiny surface. Serge didn't want to be here. He didn't want the burdens he carried. Kid turned to Serge, looking concerned.

"Mate, what're you starrin' at?" she asked calmly. Serge sprung to attention very suddenly, his insides quivering all over.

"K... Kid, I-" Serge's deep voice cracked and raised three notches. He could feel warm sweat collecting on the inside of his gloves. Kid simply giggled.

"Nervous, eh?" she said. Serge nodded hesitently. His eyes were now glued in front of him. "Well don't be. Ain't nothin' is gonna get past us! Lynx is the only bloke who oughta be scared now." Serge remained quiet. Kid sighed as she continued. "C'mon, already. I know how ya' feel, but if we don't put all that fear aside, who's gonna be there to pound Lynx's bloody face in?"

Yet still, Serge said nothing, simply starring into space. No, he thought, Kid doesn't understand. In fact, Serge himself isn't even sure if he understands. Why he is here and how he got here, he is unable to figure out why. All he knows is that he wants to leave. Kid patted him on the shoulder, and with that, the ancient metal machine had come to a halt. Two dense, rusted bronze doors opened with loud creaking noises. Serge's heart sank. His knees shook violently. Kid stepped out of the elevator and into a dimly-lit corridor, with thresholds on opposite sides leading down more thick hallways.

"Let's get goin'," she spoke. Serge stepped out after her, as the bronze doors behind him automatically closed tightly with the same, loud creaking noise. The empty elevator made a course back down to where it came from. Serge examined his brown leather gloves and tightened them, making them fit more firmly over his moist fingers. He shook his head, flinging his shaggy blue hair out of his eyes. Reaching his arms back, he detatched his large weapon, the swallow, from his back and held it out in front of him. It's double-sided, sharp iron edges reflected light from the glowing torches aligned on the walls. Kid turned and examined a coating of fresh blood on one side of the swallow. She took a piece of red cloth from a pouch tied to her waist and tossed it to Serge. "Better clean that thing off, mate."

Serge took the cloth and wiped his weapon clean. He threw the cloth back to Kid and she cleaned off her blood-stained dagger. She left it on the dirty ground of the dungeon, not wanting to put the contaminated fabric back into her pouch.

"Which way do we go?" asked Serge after clearing his throat, trying not to make it crack again. Kid examined the corridor left and right, pondering carefully.

"I ain't got a bloody clue," she said. "You go see what's down that way," she pointed to the left passageway, "and I'll go check over there," she pointed to the right passageway. Serge's heart sank again. He didn't want to wander off alone.

"We're not splitting up," he said. "Not for a second. We'll both go one way." Kid sighed, paused, then finally nodded in agreement.

"Which way first, then?"

"Um," Serge randomly decided. "Let's go with the... left one." Before Serge could move, Kid was off. She walked quickly down the left side of the corridor. In the threshhold the new doorway rested a brilliant golden statue of a dragon. It was slightly rusty and was chipped around the right eye. Serge jumped in front of Kid and peered through the passage. Eyes bulging with sudden fear, he pushed Kid and himself behind the golden statue. Kid gasped in anger.

"Shh... look," he whispered. Through the threshold he could see an enormous robot-like figure. It had a dull gold-colored exoskeleton; it made loud thumping noises with each step it took.

"C'mon Serge! We've gotta take that sucker down," said Kid quietly.

"What?! Are you crazy?" Serge couldn't imagine attempting to slay a giant eight-foot-tall robotic beast. "Hey-! No!!!"

It was too late. Kid jumped out from behind the dragon statue's cover and ran through the doorway. Serge got up and quickly followed. The immense creature turned around and faced Serge and Kid. It spoke in a consistent, low-toned, and booming voice.


Serge gripped his swallow tightly. Not paying attention to Kid, his only instinct was to strike. He lowered his shoulders into a more flexible stance and positioned himself at an angle. He twirled his sharp weapon down towards the ground so that is was in a vertical alignment. Serge darted at his foe and swung the swallow upward, only to be whacked square in the face by a massive fist. The swallow vibrated furiously and fell to the ground; it had not penetrated the beast. He groped at the aching pain in his jaw and fell to the ground moaning in pain.

"Oi! Get back, Serge!" yelled Kid. He looked up and saw a red glowing light forming at her feet. She balled both of her hands together tightly. She was preparing an Element. Serge quickly scattered out of the way as Kid flung her hands forward. A giant ball of burning fire appeared above the robot, which spat out many other smaller fireballs at its face. The monster's head began to melt before Serge's eyes. The Element released the last of its power with a final, enormous fireball. The robot fell apart and collapsed onto the floor, motionless. Kid grinned happily.

"Hahaha! Nothing is a threat to a member of the Radical Dreamers!"

Serge struggled to his feet. He opened and closed his mouth numerous times, making sure it was still functional, and tried to ignore Kid's demand of "suck it up, ya' wimp!" Kid slapped him on the shoulder and pressed on. Serge thought about just turning around and leaving this ancient, stone, monster-infested hellole. He still didn't remember what he was here for. He should be at home where he belongs; but where is home? How far away is it? Kid was already yards ahead while Serge was lingering behind, thinking about the situation.

"What the hell are you doin'?" she screamed. "Get up here and have a look at this." Serge paced briskly over to her as she pointed at a small, circular platform. It was lined with mini-versions of the dragon statue they had previously seen; these were made of gold, and seemed to be in prime condition. When Serge looked up directly above the platform, he realized what it was. An elevator. A hole, equal size in diameter, was straight overhead.

"How do you s'pose we get it runnin'?" asked Kid. Serge quietly descended a small staircase and neared the platform. Kid followed, looking confused. Serge himself wasn't sure what he was doing, but he knew that the more he progressed, the sooner he would escape this place. He finally reached the beautifully decorated platform and stepped in, one foot, then the other. Serge stood idly as Kid stepped in next to him. Within a matter of seconds, the platform seemed to come to life. Elegant and soft blue rays of light jolted from the bottom of the platform, rising high into the hole above. Next came a delicate red light. Then green... yellow... white. Before they knew it, Kid and Serge were levitating and gaining altitude.

"We're moving so fast," said Serge. He could feel a rough wind against his bruised face as they climbed higher and higher. As quickly as they rose, they suddenly halted.

"Bugger!" said Kid, looking down. They stood on top of stone platform now that seemed to be floating in the sky. Directly in front of them was a massive, rusted door leading into a huge fortress. It was lined with the same dragon statues, but these much larger. Kid's face went red with excitement. "He's in there!" she said. "The bastard is right behind that door." Serge's heart raced; he knew she was right. Behind this door would they encounter Lynx. Who is Lynx? Serge didn't know. But he was definately through that door.

Kid raced ahead, down the stone platform. She charged at the door and kicked it with her foot. Nothing happened. With a frustrated expression, she pulled on the handles of the enormous door; it didn't budge.

"Shit!" she screamed, as she beat on the barrier with her fists. "Open up, Lynx!"

"I have to do it," Serge said, stepping to the door. Kid backed away.

"But if I can't even-"

Serge pulled on the handles and the massive door creaked open. He saw Kid rush in immediately. It was dark. Serge couldn't see inside. Without warning, Serge fell to his knees clutching his ears as a horrible, siren-like noise erupted from the room beyond. It was so painful he wanted to scream, but his jaw hurt too badly. The next thing he knew, the siren had stopped and he was inside the room, lying on the ground in a puddle of blood leaning on his elbows. Serge couldn't move a limb. He looked up, seeing what looked like himself standing next to Kid, holding a sharp dagger. The copy of him was totally silent, as was Kid. They starred eachother blankly in the eyes, when he saw his clone swiftly shove the dagger into Kid's ribs and collapse in a bloody heap. She moved no more.


The following comments are for "Chrono Cross Novel:: Prologue"
by VinceIP

very intreaguin
I was just really getting into it when it finished. Looking forward to finding out what happens next.

( Posted by: sky [Member] On: September 15, 2006 )

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