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you know who i had a problem with?


i don't know what category this goes in. i've stopped writing since then, you probably haven't noticed and why would you. i can't describe it; it's only been two years or so; i don't know how long it's been, but it's been too long. i've had a heart attack since then; it seems like nothing. i can't take her off my fav list. never mer her: claire. it's ok now. it's like a tom waits song. someday i'lll write something again. OK



The following comments are for "claire"
by mercer102

What problems did you have with Claire? Was it personal or just the fact that she may or not be deceased ? The only true fact is that she is gone from here...some people were hurt more than others...I for one liked her...she helped me and encouraged me in my poetry...I think I've grown because of her...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: August 31, 2006 )

claire who?
hiding. drama. death. ghost. who is claire? if she's still here then what is she wearing? does she have a pic?

( Posted by: wanker [Member] On: August 31, 2006 )

she's here
claire is here, she is still posting her works. you just wouldn't know who she is now among the new crowd of members, and which are her works... but one thing's for sure, many of us are commenting on her works like we used to do, because her works still shine among the rest... now guess who she is now?!

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: September 1, 2006 )

Claire and other multiple personalities
I followed Peter's comment here.
I dislike the fact of mutliple personalities here at lit. I feel misled.
I have often said that I have multiple personalities, but I don't call them by different names...
I may be in to the second half of a century, but I am still gullible and trusting, and don't appreciate having to give that aspect of myself up here at lit.
Isn't there anywhere to go that still holds honesty as something integral?

This mini-rant really has little to do with Claire. I liked her, although our politics where often at odds. She was a gifted writer, and a thought-provoking conservative. Wherever she may be, may she be blessed.
Perhaps "Claire" needed to reincarnate here so she could get back to the business of poetry... That's no problem-

My problem?
Some here experience quantum- all exists at once. It is up to those on the receiveing end to qualify which is the reality? Too much work for me...
I don't want to guess who I'm talking to-

just my 2 cents-

( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: September 1, 2006 )

Ding Dong
Who is it?

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: September 2, 2006 )

How do you know Peter?
You aren't even guessing, you wrote like you know this for a fact?

IF they chose to do so, its their business. If they write and cause NO problems at all, that is all fine. IF they are here and have caused ANY problem at all, playing mind games, etc.

It is people like that who cause anxieties for people like me, (ones who only write under one name and are/have been thrashed with words of accusations instilling doubt in readers) who only use ONE name only.

But like I said if they don't cause problems at all, it can all be fine.

So whoever you and you are, let's get down to the business of writing.

which I just can't do right now


( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: September 2, 2006 )

Writers are artists. By nature, most artistic types tend to be temperamental, dramatic, experimental, open-minded. This is a writer's site. Writers, artists, performers are often times about fiction, imagination, pushing buttons...pushing limits...creating realities...and real artists, real writers, real performers understand this.

If someone is uncomfortable with this kind of mind then perhaps they shouldn't be on a writer's site. Go somewhere safe. Go home. Take your old tired judgements with you.

I have suspected that Claire is here for quite some time. In fact, I'm pretty certain I know who she is now, and I'm not just talking about one persona.

( Posted by: Legs [Member] On: September 3, 2006 )

Of Claire, art and represented personas
Mercer- Not sure your intent here, but...

If and/or when a represented persona posts, then not only comments, but rates their own pieces using varied represented personas, proclaiming amazement at amount of interest in 'their' work, is that being creative?..Artistic?

Or is it just disinformative manipulation, using misdirection?...

To me, that is more pathetic than a represented persona leaving site using less than upfront pretense. If that persona has returned under new 'username(s),' as some feel, let writing speak for self.

I guess I could post as cryptoknight, reporterat large, ghostofownmaking, senryupsychedpoet, cryptokarmicologist, lyricistatlarge, as well as Bobby7L...But prefer convoluted, gyrated-gentics, represented as one...

As Zelig said, "It's not easy being a total psychotic."

Went back and read your poem about poets, posted before finding this place. Glad this led me there....Comment thread was interesting.

Writing is grown-man business.. Pen it real. True is best.

Bibbing in Babylon,
Robert William, aka: Bobby7L

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 3, 2006 )

Lilia- Sorry to Merc for Using "Claire" Thread
I agree with your premise. I am all that you sited (e.g. temperamental, dramatic, experimental, open-minded)

What I am not is dishonest. As an artist I feel an especial need to proclaim myself, come hell or high-water.

Guess what I'm trying to impart here is that for some of us the honesty and friendship that develop are revered.

You can be Legs, Demeter or anyone you want...
I always liked you. I liked you as Lilia. I liked you as Demeter. I liked you as Legs. I may like you as other persona I yet don't know are you. There lies my problem...
Say what you want, Lilia, but you are playing a head game. I find it unfortunate because I really liked you.
Please ask your feline friends to cut me some slack- and not give me a lot of shit for being honest.
You and I could've (and still can be) friends. I admire your "hutzpah"- just think judgement can't be placed if not owned
best blessings to you (in all of your forms)
-sincerely to Lilia-

( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: September 3, 2006 )

I agree with Elizabeth and Tina,
and I DO stand beside what I wrote in my first comment on this thread, "But like I said if they don't cause problems at all, it can all be fine"

and I emphasize those 2 words "at all".

This is not a professional writing place, I am not graded for any work benefiting me for marks on lessons, nor am I paid financially as most artists are.

This is a group of people with a common bond, interest in writing.

This is a difficult lesson to learn for those of us who put our honest heart, trusting selves in the so many "I love you"s that are handed out quite freely..........ONLINE love, in every form, sure isn't a true love as we sure wish it could be.

Like Fans and their Favorite actors, Fans and that favorite Musician, Professional Author's, Artist's......there is this invisible line that SEPERATES us.

I go to buy 2 different books, thinking they are seperate author's and find they are done by the same mine. It doesn't bother me, but I am in awe that this "person" could write so well. I do admire them.

Here I always believed and wanted to believe that it would take on a more personal level...for me that is what I want.

Lilia, I never even knew you were Legs. Until just now. I signed even some of my IMs to you, "love". Truly I felt that for the warmth you brought to me in some terrible times. I don't know who you are. I respect the work that I have read, much that I have learned from you. Your family as well.

If I ever leave Lit... I hope it will be on a good note. I came here with an open heart and thought my mind was open. Perhaps not as open or intellegent as I should have been.

I just have trust issues, from way back as an abused and abondoned child. I will not leave here because anyone tells me too, unless the BIG boss does. I write for my own reasons, my feelings can't be changed by anyone... I can agree or disagree. I can do it with respect for everyone involved.

I AM Darlene. Just a simple honest woman.

Mercer102 let your mind guide you, walk behind holding your heart.

( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

Of death, deception and disinformation
Related to 'claire' subject..To any aspiring lyricist, see piece by represented persona: "clairesbest'- "(Scotch) Can't Kill The Irish"...That is a lyric.

Just wish to say, have no problem with your art. You are, indeed, an artist. Creating realities is tres cool.

If there is no site rule limiting number of usernames by writer and it enhances artistic expressiveness, then utilizing varied vehicles may well be approriate...Keep plugs sparkin'..and shiney sides up...


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

Honestly! Honesty? Ha! Cochons hypocrite!
Hahahaha! Too funny! Amazing! The "we are all so "innocent" and you are such a dishonest beast! Oh, the pathetic hypocrisy in all of this is laughable.

If anything--it is Demeter who has been the most honest of all. She has disclosed herself, she has shown herself in real pics on the web (not some a bunch of phony Russian/Czech bride Internet bride pics)....Demeter/Lilia has disclosed more information (real information) about herself than anyone on here. She has never lied about her age, or who her family is, and the family is quite real, all pics included and all talents included. There has been no deception. She has even disclosed who her characters are. Her method writing characters. She doesn't keep a secret forever like some of you--tsk would be interesting to see an OZ unveiling of who each and every single one of you actually are? I am not holding my breath for that ever to happen, ;-)

Legs is a great character. I love my Legs. She isn't going anywhere. She isn't particularly interested in being loved by everyone nor is she seeking everyone's approval. Leg's knows what is important to her and she knows whose opinions she respects. She knows who her real friends are. Legs is a pretty smart cookie with a big tender heart.

BUT CHECK IT OUT MY BABIES____I know beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt that most of you (with maybe only a couple of exceptions) use more than one writer identity, but I don't give a fuck anymore! This is a writer's site, this site is about creativity and mostly fiction writing. This isn't a tea club or polite ladies and gentlemen, because if you all were a bunch of polite ladies and gentlemen then you wouldn't have spent so much energy on trying to negatively dissect Demeter/Lilia as much as you all have--so much energy spent....

But please don't stop, I am beginning to find great worth and entertainment in all your creative bashing energies and I even see some talent in it. Many of you have been using method writing for quite some time, and some of you have actually gotten quite good at it.

Claire especially is the talented one. What a multifaceted writer she is. I no longer hold any grudge against Claire or anyone. I think that all should be welcomed to be whomever they choose to be and write whatever they wish. In other words, don't change a thing Lit.Org, keep going as you have always been.

( Posted by: Legs [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

Ricky on Ricky
There's a famous baseball player, now retired, who always spoke in third person. He would be asked a question. He'd answer, "Ricky knew when to run. Ricky stole 2nd."...Always cracked me up.

Am laughing right now.

Yes, Legs is a "character." Legs uses vehicle of another character/represented persona to walk...and talk...No harm, no foul..


Recently said this is an International Writer's Deli, serving pork rinds to prasadam. is a wondrous place. I feel lucky to have found it. And thankful.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

Just to clarify, Bobby7L is my username.. Under username, characters are found... Crypto Knight, Ghost of own making, Reporter/lyricist at large...etc.

That Bobby7L seemingly takes on life of own is NET/virtual world relative..Google it and some German site is talking about..Strange...

There was no Bobby7L before here. It was created to enable being able to post my writing. A rule.

Close, but...

If it's represented other than by Bobby7L, it wasn't penned by me.

Hope that translates.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

Demeter on Demeter

Lilia, you are a hoot!

Thanks for giving me a good bellyache

Peace and love forever,
Bobby (from Robert) 7L

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

Braaa, you're wastin' my glow..

"P.C.Onward Christian Soldiers
You mystify me as always."
-Demeter Jan.29,2006

Perhaps Psych/EngLit is failing me here.

Let me try one more time.

Know all about pen hitting paper, seemingly of own volition. Characters taking on own lives. Can only speak for self. Have chosen to represent/share these varied characters under one username. By choice. That's all I'm saying.

I'm introverted. Turn down requests to read. Private. My avatar is an Ulster linen. Artist raised funds for IRA back in day. It's above where sitting. Have received many photos from folks here. Don't let anyone too close. Perhaps, Sicilian in me.(Maternally Scot and Irish)..Not a visual performer. Just a writer, to degree. Trying to transcend mundane material madness. Sorry, if any of this brings you discomfort.

Robert William

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

"Lilia, I never even knew you were Legs. Until just now. I signed even some of my IMs to you, "love". Truly I felt that for the warmth you brought to me in some terrible times. I don't know who you are. I respect the work that I have read, much that I have learned from you. Your family as well."

I apologize for this short writing of mine, to include you. I didn't know you were Legs. I've not been around enough to read alot each day or every other day. I did and always have an admiration for your intellectual writings and I have learned from you.

Your using multiple personna to write is not a problem to me at all, I do admire Leg's for her writing ability. You have never caused any problems involving me. Yes it is quite artistic and I did say that I admire someone who could write as two different people.

I have enjoyed the things you have written in your submissionas, as well as comments. I really do have an admiration for your artistic beings...

I have never held anything against you, nor your family, damn I WISH I could write so well. The part of you that took time out for me when I sure needed it, will always be special to me, just as Claire was. I learned, I smiled and I try to "keep positive" your words. Thank you for that.

I thought and thought about artists, actor's etc. Writers who can create several "types" of books.

In my day to day life, I am so many different individuals, a mother, a tired of being married wife, often an ill person, pretending that nothing exists out of my shell...a friend, a teacher, etc, each of these make ME. I can put on a mask and face each mini-life to get through it. Much like everyone around. OH now I am just a over-winded-need-to-get-a-life lady! ;-)

I have just come to my same conclusion, I admire, respect and love many writers here as always. You are one of them.

Legs, I shouldn't be surprised, she is a very talented writer too!!!

Take care, I need to go to bed.


( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

Well, as far as personal appearance is concerned, I outed myself when I used a real pic of me for an avatar for a few weeks, before replacing it with the current avatar.

As for other details about my life, I don't really like to reveal too much because I like to preserve some anonymity. But others keep "outing" aspects of my life for me, so what can I do?

(I'm looking at you Demure and Demeter! :) It's all good. No worries).

I used another identity for the first few months I posted at Lit, but explained all of that in a post when I killed that alter ego with a bong full of strychnine, couple of years ago.

( Posted by: viper9 [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

Lil isn't demure, witchy woman, or dirtyoldman -- I know them personally.

Bob used to think I was demure, too, but that's just because demure and I bring equal amounts of kickassery to the table.


( Posted by: viper9 [Member] On: September 5, 2006 )

Creating creativity
Lucie, I'm looking forward to a represented persona taking opposite viewpoint of self. Then a third persona/character could attack one of them, bringing first two together..Imagine possibilities..

A represented persona could attack self, gaining sympathy from others...Who sympathy would/should be for, not sure..

You are correct. It is personal choice.

We manipulate words. Good clean fun..

Doing math,

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 5, 2006 )

Well I've been a fool!!
Yep, calling myself that for even adding to this lengthy debate. True we all have our own opinions. We shouldn't ever be cut down because of them by anyone else but ourselves. I am being a fool again. I just wanted to say in each of all the comments there is something I agree with. Let's be adults, as in let's just agree to disagree.

YES, we all should be here for the writing. Reading and commenting.

Just one note, I do recall years back that one moderator did say that there is not to be more than one personna. That the Query is only 5 per PERSON.....not per personna. I really don't remember who, just what was said.

I come here to write, to read, often I wonder, hmm, this person writes similar to so and so. What I admire is that a person can do that, just as I admire the Professional author's that do write as "Ghost" writers. It takes a skilled mind in doing so.

One reason why I do not think it should be done, is from my personal experience in being accused of doing so. I was upset, let it get to me, being a fool then too....was my own doing. After all we are mostly all adults. I should have just let things cool and move on.

There are SO many good writers here, who are wonderfully talented and very creative, and very entertaining as well. I am not one of those, so I will admire ones who are.

I just want to go home, to that, where we can all act as adults and enjoy the purpose of this site.

a fool by my own words,


( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: September 5, 2006 )

Hey, I am NOT Demeter or Legs or any ot those people
I am myself thank you - I do happen to be Vipers aunt and have a good looking husband who writes on this site but I am not Demeter, Legs or any of those - I am me - I just want to emphasize that, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Posted by: The demure 1 [Member] On: September 5, 2006 )

Honey, same here!!!
I'm Demeter's friend and I am a real person. We live in the same town and we have mutual friends in the same social circles, but I am not Demeter. Thank you!!! Oh sweeties! Demeter and her daughters are my beautiful fag hag darlings. My precious fruit flies! I love them all so much! I have had much too much on my plate this summer. I run my own business and I am in college so I haven't had any time for poetry, but now that my lovely Demeter has asked me to return all that is going to change!!!


( Posted by: castanedalupe [Member] On: September 5, 2006 )

Don't confuse me with Demeter and Legs either!!
YIYI YIYI!!! I just logged onto this discussion and find I am The Dirty Old Man and some of Demter's pen people??? No Way! No How! Now I do know The Dirty Old Man and its the wrong gender, I'm afraid. I am very much not any of those folk so look elsewhere, dear people. An individualist, I am, and I am proud to be a Canadian so we have even the wrong nationality as I do beleive Demeter/Legs is American. A little like Blue's Clues isn't it!!!

( Posted by: witchy woman [Member] On: September 5, 2006 )

Your tired boorish victim act is pathetic.

Make up a new username and attack yourself.

Sorry, everyone, but I won't be further insulted by this persona.

Sorry Chrispian. This site is worthy of better than contrived disinformative, misdirecting delusion-driven crap.

Robert William ...One writer..username: Bobby7L

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 6, 2006 )

Would be waste of words
Do read: "one hot muse" -next up...Follows: "size matters", "NEWS FLASH" (at comments) and "Doofus Dissertations (Of Rocks and Rock 'n' Roll)..inspiration sparked by Pluto story...grew from there...


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 6, 2006 )

Next poem: Hint.. It's

Pleasant dreams,

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: September 6, 2006 )

legs spreading rancor

Don't bite the fan that reads you...

Even fools don't like being fooled.

A fool for you

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: September 21, 2006 )

Let's just drop it
Okay? No more about this topic, please?

( Posted by: viper9 [Member] On: September 21, 2006 )

"Claire" meet "Legs"....

You'll find "Legs" in the above comment titled:

*Honestly! Honesty? Ha! Cochons hypocrite*

I just spoke with "Legs" and I think that "Legs" has only one regret...and that is that she didn't snitch on certain people/or especially a certain person. You see, "Legs" knows so much, yet, she has a sense of honor, so she took the rap, and went down in flames, letting one of the biggest hypocritical culprits of Lit.Org go free...but, all is well that ends well...and besides, these days, let just say that "Legs" feels vindicated.

Now, whomever you are now, or have been on the Lit.Org, "Claire" , and also the rest of you who continue to post under various identities or usernames -whatever jiggles your hypocritical creative muses...just WRITE already!!!

Please continue....nothing new here people....nothing new!

As for me, it is time I stop procrastinating by using up my free time here on the Lit.Org, I need to get back to my personal real life responsibilities to my family, and also get back to my other creative pursuits of painting, which is calling to me right now...I feel some color coming over me....beautiful dark reds~

Later folks!

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 29, 2007 )

< O>

Painted art, photography, writing, is all illusion to some degree...

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 29, 2007 )

Ivor's Poem Deleted? Hey, find it here....
What a shame that Arc chose to delete her thread about her sister Terry/aka "Claire"--but I did save a copy of that thread, and I got Ivor's poem, and my comments about "Claire's Death" right here. I guess that Mercer102 will be deleting his thread here soon too...ah, well...inconvenient truths are such a mess.

Judgement Day?
In the land where no one goes
are many folk who no one knows
It hardens souls to what they're at
(especially when they smell a rat)

Forgive me if I do not care,
I've learned the pain it brings to share.
But pain is just a part of living
and won't deter what I am giving.

So play your games and take my heart
before you choose to then depart.
But just a thought before you go
you only reap the seeds you sow.

Please do not try to close me down
for freedoms speach is worth a frown.
If you don't like the things I say
the choice is yours to stay away.

But if you stay, remember this
all that glistens is not bliss.
For who should throw that fabled stone
at judgement day we stand alone.

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: October 28, 2007 )

Is "Claire" Chinadoll?
Great poem, Ivor!

But, is "Claire" ChinaDoll?

Over the course of the last couple of years I have had several people ask me if I didn't think that Chinadoll was really Claire?

As I recall the circumstances of Claire's "death", there were some folks who had gone to the trouble of actually looking up a criminal file/ and public records file on the real "Claire" whose real name (I have conveniently forgotten for the moment)...and as it turned out, the real Claire was not in her thirties, in fact, she was in her fifties, and she was not young, thin, and beautiful as the "Claire" character she had portrayed here on the Lit.Org.

Yet, Chinadoll, IS YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL! She is only in her twenties, and she is gorgeous! Chinadoll did write some poems that I thought smelled of "Claire" but that must be pure coincidence. It can't be Claire, because that would mean that............I think that folks who think Claire is Chinadoll are wrong. I think that Chinadoll cannot possibly be Claire or could she?

Could it be all for art's sake?

Remember folks, I came clean with all of mine, the rest of you did not! In fact, I was the ONLY one who came clean, while the rest of you just stayed smug in your dirty little lies, your little hypocritical, judgmental lies.

So, Peterpaulino, who do you think is Claire?


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 28, 2007 )

Ten Ten Ten Ten.......
...for your poem, Ivor.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 28, 2007 )

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 29, 2007 )

why should I be denied access?
Dear Lena,
Can you help me access your comment "...Facts are..." or arc's comment "poeteye"? I can see them there, but when I click on them I get an "unable to find message."
-- Jim

( Posted by: poeteye [Member] On: October 29, 2007 )

Ask Arc? She is the one who deleted that thread, that was her thread.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 29, 2007 )

Could you repeat your response?
I hope you know I was kidding about "TheReal."

( Posted by: poeteye [Member] On: October 29, 2007 )

Lena, I think you just made me blush. I needed it, too - I was getting pretty darn cold from the draft in here.

I was a little weirded out to sign into MySpace and read messages asking me if I was Claire.

I was half disappointed that the thread most of the discussion took place in was deleted, but then I figured it's probably for the best.

I don't like giving out things like my last name, mother's maiden name, social security number, etc., online. However, I'm sure someone who's computer savvy could figure out enough of those things to tie me right back to... well, me. A pretty average if cynical and self-depreciating bipedal carbon based lifeform currently residing in someplace cold.

Finger waves from Alaska,

( Posted by: chinadoll [Member] On: October 29, 2007 )

Chinadoll is not \
Glad that's settled, Meghan. Thanks;-)

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 29, 2007 )

You are invited to New York, Eric...
Come on over and meet me...then you can report back. No problem. I have a new address, since we just bought a new house last year(a pic of my house is on myspace slideshow pics)...but, it is a small town. I am easy to find. Beautiful lake here, beautiful town.

By the way, I am well armed in my collection of Samurai swords, knives and fighting staffs, and I know a few martial arts moves from my first ex-husband days of living in a kung-fu studio, and also my warrior goddess days in harrowing stress of L.A., so...really I am not too worried about meeting a complete man-stranger from the Lit.Org, besides I have a whole army of family members,and a husband who is very scary hairy big and ex-Air Force, to back me up should the need arise, so it might be wise to show up unarmed and friendly looking, Eric;-)

Not that I am paranoid of meeting someone from the internet or anything...

Hello, Eric, pleased to meet you in person! Would you like some tea? What??? Of course this is what I "normally wear" around town, why do you ask?

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 29, 2007 )

Thank God I don't know the value of foreign currency. Getting hit in the head by a speeding car has it's advantages. At least I have an excuse for my behavior. If people whom I suppose are my friends here talk behind my back, so what? I don't need any bonafides to legitimize myself. I'm pretty damn comfortable in my own skin, as thin as it might be. I ain't everyone's cup of tea, but I am the sugar that's needed from time to time. That said, if Claire or anyone else who portends honesty wants to PM me, I'll take it at face value until that persona fails. I don't look for intrigue under every metaphorical bush, my friend. I don't nomally respond to such "stuff" as this, but you rattled my bony username. Anytime.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: October 30, 2007 )

New York, New York
That is about a 4 hour drive away from us, we are upstate, right alongside Lake I said, beautiful here, but hey, after you're done in New York, New York, then you can come on up and sit a spell here by the lake....;-)

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 30, 2007 )

Single Handed?
I feel I must correct my brother about running a big Company Single handed. I am a key player having rsponsibility for almost a thousand engineering staf, but that is it. I do not do things single handed and this rattles my cage Eric.

I support 4 Area Manager, 24 Team Manager and as many Senior engineers who in their turn support the engineers. Also I have managers who run contact centres and Training etc for us. But whichever way you look everybody is working damn hard and supports me.

The true hero's are the engineers and customer facing staff who have to work for living. I am a very small pawn in a rweasonably sized operation and importantly now one where people like to work! I have a board of directors and about another 5 senior managers helping to run things like accounts, logitics, commercial ontracts etc.

No man is an island, I live on trust and as I have said to you many a time, I take people at face value unless they prove otherwise. And even then I will look for their best side if possible. I am constantly having to make decisions about employing ex offenders etc.

Somebody said we don't shout when we disagree with you, WELL I AM SHOUTING! I am just one lucky sod who was in the right place at the right time and have the total support of a lot of very good people. The odd one who lets you down is not worth carrying with you in your head as a negativity.

I've actually fogotten what this thread was really about, but never loose faith in people, but feel free to speak your mind at any time as I have a loy of brothers who can take you on if you upset me. Oh, sorry, you're onre of them arn't you!

How come you get invited to New york, New York, the only way I think I may get there is by astral travel.....


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: October 30, 2007 )

wow, what a response. any one of you could be claire. claire is watching over us from heaven, or from her laptop in a starbucks somewhere. would that i got such feedback from a poem. remind me to fake my own death someday. oh, that's right; between the lung cancer, the heart disease & the pancreatitis, i won't have to. still, i look good enough to get laid. it'd just all the coughing.

so one day i'm at a bookstore in new paltz, new york, which is like woodstock i guess for those of you who don't know, and i ran into tom waits. i mean literally. i physically bumped right into him. i just stared at him for a second and couldn't think of a thing to say, not even "excuse me". he kind of glared. i backed out the door and went to tell my friends at the coffeeshop. how lame.

i think it's fun to meet famous people. i met johnny carson, rob reiner, flea from the chili peppers. never met claire, but maybe i will. any stories?

( Posted by: mercer102 [Member] On: October 30, 2007 )

Web Cam, Eric -- OK...
I don't have a web cam, but I can certainly go buy one and figure out how to set it up. It will have to wait till after the holiday recovery...but, yeah, actually that sounds like a really great idea. It would be cool. I stopped in to quickly soothed my email/internet addiction, then popped in here for a another quickie moment, but I got to go for's beginning to get dark and the festivities are about to begin. Later.

Blessings! Happy Halloween!

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 31, 2007 )

Thanks Eric..(.I think!!!!)
Wow made my day whether you know it or not. My kids doubled over with laughter when I showed them your smart??? I've made ten copies to show my friends...thank you for that! for my true identity...if you go into the archives and read my childhood vignettes, you can be sure that every word is true and can easily be verified. Yes...I AM going to be 80 yrs old in January...Yes I still sing in the choir at my church and several other groups...I wear my heart on my sleeve and write accordingly, tho I haven't been posting lately. Claire did a wonderful job in her interview with me on the "EXPOSED" thread...that was truly the real me...what you see is what you get! I was new to the internet when I first joined unsophisicated that I used (and still use) my complete real name both here and anywhere else I post. Even my e-mail address is my real never occurred to me not to!! (By the way...I see that I'm the only one to publish under my first and last name!!!) No duplicity there!

I realize that I guess I'm not what you would typically expect from someone my age...which really annoys me, but that's another story. (Read my one and only rant on that subject).
Just because I've no interest in leaving this world anytime soon, and am still interested in the world around me, and being smypathetic and dispensing advice (whether called for or not!) and still retaining my thirst for knowledge in any and all forms...politics, medical science, history, current events etc.,,etc..etc....doesn't make me an you so aptly put it...suspect!

Those that truly know me here on Lit, can attest to some of the for the rest...that's not my problem. I still love Lit, whether I contribute more or not (My muse has absconded for the time being...and music is taking up more and more of my time.) Not to memtion my artheritis which is killing me right now so I'll have to stop typing for a bit.

So...again...thank you (I think!!) and be assured that I only post under my real name...I'm proud of it and love to see it in print.

Say hi to Ivor for me!

That little ole lady in tennis shoes..
Beatrice Boyle...

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: November 1, 2007 )


Just bought and set up my web cam...I am dying to see everyone in person live on cam! Just got to brush my teeth and I will be ready! Hahaha! How many people will take you up on your dare is the question now, eh?

Web cam are so cheap, mine only cost 25 bucks! Easy installation, even a moron can do it. No excuses as to why anyone on here would not do this, UNLESS of course they have something to hide.

My webcam MSN messenger name (for now anyway) is KarmaTseringLhamo!

I'll be ready in a few, give me your MSN so I can add you. Anyone else from here who can log on with cam, please feel free to.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 1, 2007 )

Eric - Web Cam Viewing For The Brave ;-)
I am so excited about using this webcam! I hope that I am not the ONLY one who takes you up on this...this will be fun. Adds a real world human dimension, don't you think?

I would really hope to see the following people on the web cam:


2.) ALL Lit.ORG username/account names

I bought an extra web cam by mistake, and I if someone pms me with their email/contact info who really wants a web cam but cannot afford one, I will be happy to donate this extra one, but this offer is only good for the next 24 hours, otherwise I am going to take it back for a store refund.


Thanks a lot Eric, for you've given me more excuses to procrastinate and play around with new toys verses tending to my responsibilities!;-)

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 1, 2007 )

I just saw Eric, but he ran away? NEXT {;-)
...was I that hideous to behold that you had to dash off so quickly? Hehehe! Hey, who is going to be NEXT? Is there one else out there dare to brave the web cam?

Go the microphone hooked up too, Eric, so hopefully we'll both have sound next time.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 1, 2007 )

Free Web Cam Give-Away!
That's right folks, the eligibility details have already been laid out, now let's see if there are ANY takers on this one in a lifetime offer Lit.Org offer - Offer expires at 12 noon November 2, 2007 -

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 1, 2007 )

Okay, I wanna join everyone! But I don't have MSN yet. If anyone has a YM though, mine is ... and later, hope I could install MSN.

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: November 1, 2007 )

my msn
my MSN is the same,

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: November 1, 2007 )

Eric & Peter...Thanks!
Thanks Eric & Peter, it was totally cool talking to both of you on the web cam.

Eric, you're lady is awesome, blessings to you both.

Peter, you're little girl is a cutie, just like you;-)

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 1, 2007 )

Free Give-Away Offer Expires Today At 12 Noon....
It seems amazing to me that I cannot give away a free web cam...I would think that those who proclaim to be who they say they are, and go on to write whole paragraphs proclaiming their truthfullness, would jump at this chance....but I guess not so here at the Lit.Org.

Silly me, I guess trying to give away a free web cam around here is about as popular as a "free lie dectector give-away" at the state prison for the criminally insane. Not too many interested. Hmmm?

And thanks again to Peter and Eric for the web cam conversation. We'll have to do it again sometime.

Special thanks to Eric for this whole idea of web cam in the first place;-)

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 2, 2007 )

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