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Disclaimer: Strong language

The day was just like any ordinary early morning at 5:55AM, The world was slowly starting to awaken after another bleary and humid night. The small birds chirped at the suns appearance. City Buses started moving those who had worked the late evening home. While others in their automobiles drove cautiously through growing Friday morning traffic. All around house lights began coming on and people began fetching their morning papers. Cats with their sensitive feline abilities noticed these morning paper people and jogged from their shadowy places that defied the damnable sun. But in the process of one cat it’s supposed dumber cousin the dog a large tanned German Shepard began to bark thus creating the usual morning chorus of Dogs Barking and cats screeching. Most people just shrugged and walked to the cool aired house with their warm beverages and ignored the chorus line of natural enemies while others stopped, looked for the source then thinking they had found the lone culprit shouted for the animal to shut up. Thus creating more of frenzy then before with more Chorus line singers. These people never learned after the first time and continued till they were forced inside by their ultimate defeat at the singing snouts of the howling chorus. The morning started as any normal had ever started in the city.

The alarm clock erupted into a fit of noise and demonic screaming, Henry who the night before had fallen asleep the night before too close to the end table with the now demonic screaming and torturous beeping clock, Sat bolt straight up in bed completely lost of his surroundings, yet the surrounding had been as familiar as the same clock that now woke him for the last six years. Then he smashed the off button on the clock for what was like the billionth time in his life. He had just rolled over when the Cell he had just paid a hundred dollars for Bleeped out the tune “Hey Hey Hey, Hey Stupid” but Alice Cooper.

Henry groaned as he flipped the cell open and listened as a cheerful voice spoke. “Hey Hen or should I say Old Hen HAHA!” Henry took a second trying to get his brain to recollect who the hell this intruder on his phone was then it sunk in and conciousness became full once more. “Jerry What the hell do you want man it’s goddamn Seven AM in the morning! Have you lost your ever loving mind man, I’m on Vacation this week and your wanting to talk when I want to sleep?” The other side should have been quiet after that But Henry knew Jerry since Grade school and Jerry was anything but Subtle. “Hey Man! Before you go getting on your high horse of rosemary beads, Your the douche that asked me two days ago to wake you remember?” Sadly Henry Remembered quite well asking his long time friend at a lunch downtown that he wanted him to wake him this Friday. Man he must have partied at the bar harder last night then anytime before.

Then it dawned on him and he Remembered Carla from the bar. The short Brunette with huge breast and a nice body and a great conversationalist, had she gone back to his Condo with him? He made a quick look around and saw her Bra at the end of the footboard of his bed. He remembered she had teased him saying she had bought it for his 30th Birthday and wanted to show him in private what it looked like. Henry had taken the bait and after about three jagger meisters They had left the bar back to his condo. But she must have left during the night. Jerry’s voice jumped in quickly, “Hey Stone Cold you there? Did you and that girl with the great tracts of land get together last night or not?” Henry feeling like a kid in high school again smiled to himself and laughed,

“A gentleman never tells Jer and you know that.” There was a moment of silence then Henry was happy he had the phone on speaker. “Holy Christ you bagged the twin peaks! Happy Friggin birthday you lucky bitch!” Henry smiled even more then said, “So we are scheduled for the Reunion tonight right?” Henry could imagine Jerry nodding and still smiling when he replied. “Yeah, I have our tickets to the shindig, but man after bagging that girl Carla, why go back and worry about those that we knew then?“ Henry knew Jerry hated reunions because he was nowhere near where he wanted to be in his life. Shit neither was Henry but it was always fun to think of those old times. Finally Henry told Jerry that it was time for him to do his morning ritual and that he’d meet jerry downtown at noon. With that they both Discommed and Henry began the grueling pain of getting his shit in gear for the day.


The Clock showed it was noon and Jerry was as if as always late. Finally he showed up making an excuse about some moron customer who didn’t know a IBM computer from an IRA soldier. Henry laughed and ordered when a young waitress walked over and took their orders. Jerry broke the ice first sliding Henry’s Reunion tickets across the table which Henry studied while Jerry began his windup speech about how he hated reunions.
“I tell ya man, I can’t see why you want to go to these stupid reunions they are all the same man. Same gorgeous girls from our days are now either pregnant with like the fifth kid of the holy satanic group of people parading as Christian holy rollers. Or they have gotten real ugly fat and miserable…Hey wait that’s us minus the fat part!” Henry came close to snorting out his Sam Adams beer at the last comment. Listen Jerr if you don’t want to go then fine stay home go to a bar but quit pestering me about it. I’m going simple as that anyways I’ve RSVP already so I’m there dude. Like, lick it, and live it nuff said K? Jerry was silent then said alright fine I’ll come but don’t ask me to act like I’m going to enjoy it. Just then the food arrived and before he dove in Henry looked right at Jerry catching his attention and said, Glad you could go with me to the reunion tonight man!” Jerry squinted his eyes as if the sun had went from his back to his front. “Why?” is all eh asked. Henry took a bite of steak and chewed slowly finished it, took a swig of his Sammie and smiled, “because I already RSVP you as well!”


Eight PM came quickly and Jerry drove up in his old 1994 black Cherokee. Henry for the life of him couldn’t fathom why he kept the gas guzzler? Christ he also owned a sedan a late 90’s model that did 30 miles the gallon and eh never drove it. Jerry pulled up and Henry jumped in. Both men wore nice casual cloths as this was not a formal attire unlike their nightmare prom which both men had left early with their dates instead of being killed by some local hick strumming a guitar. The drive was quiet except for some reason Jerry seemed intent to play a all early 90’s station. Henry looked at him when they arrived at their old school. “If you hate the idea of a reunion man, why are you playing music from that era?” Jerry smiled and summed it all up easily enough. “Mood music!” Henry laughed as they exited the SUV and walked to the Gymnasium which ahd been converted into open roofed classrooms which meant the school ran out of funds and used screener walls for well walls. Henry walked by a few people he thought he knew but in the end discovered they weren’t who eh thought they were. Then the nostalgia hit him as he entered the Gym. It was the old hallways between the football locker room and the now converted lunch room/Gymnasium.

Henry was always known as the trophy hall of greatness and must of still been, because lining the wall in a huge glass case were trophies dating back to 1963. For a brief second that felt like a leap into his youth, Henry was 18 and a bad ass in his own right easily enough and taking the girl he had always liked Rosanna Herchetch to the dance. The nostalgia wave wore off and in the flash of three seconds a short pudgy white woman I black rimmed glasses beamed up at him making henry step back a little. “Oh hi, Welcome to Class of 1995 reunion” May I, oh never mind you just gave me your ticket haha.” This woman’s laugh was enough to make Henry want to leave this damnable place. The small four eyed jubbily chatter box monster continued. Lets see, your….WOW HENRY GERSHWIN!”. The words came out like a retarded Herald of the gods announcing his entrance. Henry tried shrinking as small as possible but what was once a little four eyed pudgy chatterbox had quickly become titanic sized demon with a dark visor spouting out damnable curses used in making those that wanted a quiet profile or entrance no existent. Finally the short demon stopped and became the quiet door greeter in the proud image like all Wal-Mart greeters. Welcome back to 1995 Henry. Henry smiled as best as he could and thanked the she-demon greeter. Henry picked up a name title button and saw to his amazement that next to his was not his longtime partner in crime Jerry but no it was Roseanne. He was then sad because the name was one of the few left on the table.

A balding white man walked up to Henry and clapped him on the shoulder. Henry…Henry Gershwin, I’ll be damned, Henry turned and looked at this older bald guy who he had no idea was. The Giant bald guy smiled and showed his nametag, It’s me Henry, Joey Ryhers! Remember we used to party some back in the days. Then it hit Henry Joey had been on the football team and had really long blonde hair back then. So thick it horses looked pissed at him for the mane.
What Henry didn’t want to mention to this sad excuse of a former self was that Henry unlike Joey was still the same as he had been then physical wise at least. Husky and athletic looking, while keeping the loner look. Joey had also gotten his ass handed to him numerous times by Henry and Jerry or just by Henry himself.. But Henry reminded himself that was 10 years ago and they were all adults now so he shook Joey’s hand in a man-to-man handshake. Joey spoke first after releasing the grip, “Wow Henry you look great man,” Jesus I’d kill thirty thousand Iraqi insurgents just to look half as good as you do. Hey listen I saw an old friend of mine earlier by the DJ booth. Gonna go visit him and hey here’s my card By the way. If ya ever need help give me a ring ok!” Witht hat the once golden pretty boy now a dilapidated looking bald man walked away and disappeared into the mass of older students. Henry looked down and noticed that next to Jerry’s name-tag Rosanna’s was still there by itself. Henry sighed even as Jerry announced to the room over the loud bastings of Pearl Jam crooning lead singer that the dynamic terror two were there. With that Jerry grabbed Henry’s arm and they were quickly going from one group to another in conversation after torrential conversation. Then after about two hours of mingling, dancing with some old girlfriends, getting numbers of divorced ones, and such. The short Door greeting Demon walked onto a platform and the music dribbled down to a low background. Welcome back class of 1995, I’m so glad to be in front of you all, I’d like to announce at this time the recrowing of the king and queen of this class. So let’s begin First of all the king, With that a bunch of oversized guys both balding, flabby, and just plain old ridiculous being stood up. Henry and Jerry looked at each other and before Henry could say anything Jerry jumped up, It’s me I know it is. It has to be. Henry was impressed with Jerry who less then three hours before had hated the idea of a Reunion.

After a quick drum roll and silence the door demon announced the winner and Henry who hadn’t been paying attention to it, but to the door looked at the entrance and noticed that Rosanna’s nametag was still there. THIS YEARS WINNER IS HENRY GERSHWIN! Henry turned in slow motion and walked to the stage and as if in a weird drug haze wore the crown. The room began to clap as a police officer left shortly after talking to the short demon. Then the little pipsqueak demon from door greeter hell announced the Queen. “THE QUEEN OF THE CLASS OF 1995 IS ROSSANNA FREDMORE????” Henry instantly became self aware again and started looking across the room. Studying the faces for any movements that may hint to where she was. Then the door greeter continued, looking at Henry as she spoke and the mini boom microphone recorded what she said. “Henry I I I’m sorry and she began to cry, Rose.Roseanna was killed earlier tonight by a drunk driver, that’s what the officer wanted to tell me. I’m I’m sorry. With that she began to cry and Henry feeling helpless all of a sudden yet strong minded like he was in his youth held the door demon. The door Demon cried and Henry held her until a fellow female classmate held the door demon and Henry walked right out the back door towards the only place on school grounds back in his youth that had any merit to feeling like he belonged. The old Parking lot, it had been graveled then and some places were still. He found his place, the place he and Rosanna had designated as their space. No one had parked there and he had kissed her their the first time. Hell he had done more then that with her. Henry wasn’t sure when it happened but he started sat down on that spot and like the heavens had opened up with a hell with it attitude Henry found himself crying. Henry couldn’t lie these things happened he knew only a liar would say they never cried. But he couldn’t stop and when he felt a soft grip on his shoulder all eh could do not to rip that hand from his socket he muttered, “Leave me the fuck alone asshole!” Then a silky but sweet voice spoke, “Henry Gershwin why are you crying? Did you lose your little doggie again?” Henry sniffled the last sobs away and before he looked up he recognized the voice older definitely but definitely a voice he missed with his whole heart. Rosanna? He whispered as he began to look up. His eyes noticed a woman wearing tennis shoes then designer jeans athen his eyes went higher up and he felt like the gods themselves had opened their gates for him and him only. There before him was a very much alive and non-scathed Rosanna.


Rosanna sat next to Henry as the man stared speechless at her. Hi babe, been a few years hasn’t it? The question brought speech back to his chords. Uh yeah. Like Seven years hasn’t it been? I’m sorry we got into the fight and I stormed away Rose really I am. It’s just. The look on her face was enough to make Henry stop again and just look at her. She spoke finally, “It’s alright Henry, I knew I was holding you back then no no don’t give me that look I knew I was. I wanted us to be these grunge like hippies and you wanted the business world. Henry felt like a lump had opened in his throat. She continued, “I did a lot of thinking in the past few years Henry you were special to me, you always watched over me and when something went wrong weather it was gas for the car or a rent bill you never sweated it.”. You were always to good for me in the end and I knew it. Henry found that lump and closed it , No Rose I made a mistake, since you’ve been gone I don’t know I’ve been lost forever. I don’t show it but everyday I move forward with the same bored outlook. I was hoping as stupid as it may seem but hoping tonight you and I could rekindle if you weren’t married or at least be friends and whent hey announced that I was King of the reunion class I didn’t care but when they announced your name I was happy and when I didn…. Henry let the sentence fall and changed over to a new gear of speaking, the door demon said you were dead though some type of accident but here you are. I I don’t understand? Roses face was pale in the moonlight but had her fiery flush of cheeks. Henry that was no joke I I am dead.

It happened so soon but I wanted to find you to spend this last night alone with you. Spend the night the night with you as if it were our last day in back in the summer of our graduation day. Henry felt the rush of hot tears but shook them off like arrows from a titan climbing Mount Olympus. Rose no please not this, I realy wanted us to be together…but but, then it dawned on Henry and he choked the last of the tears and stood up. “Rose you got it but I don’t want to be with you as we are now but as we were back in 95’ as you said.” Rosanna Smiled and the darkness of the lonely parking lot disappeared and were refilled by tons of of other cars on a late evening. When Henry’s vision reestablished itself he looked at Rosanna who looked as stunning as he remembered. she had then. She spoke quickly before he could ask, We have all graduated by now Henry and this is our after party. Henry looked in the mirror of his old Z24 Cavalier and smiled, he still had the grunge/bad ass look then and he liked it. But just as his arm started slipping around Rosanna’s waist A very young but familiar voice spoke from behind. Jesus H guys get a damn room I mean fuck me is it to much to ask?” Rosanna and Henry both turned around and noticed a young dreadlock wearing Jerry walk up. I tell yeah man, If I wasn’t fighting the powers that be I’d have a long talk with you. Well me and well me and micro mean butt over there are gonna have some private fun. So don’t bother us ok! Henry looked over to the suspicious car and his jaw dropped there wearing all black and black-rimmed thick glasses were a young future door demon troll. Before a second had passed an idea had appeared in Henry’s mind and he put it to a last ditch test.

Hey goober I have a number from this girl that likes you lemme give it to you. Jerry sighed, Alright make it quick man, this little monster looks like she could gobble me all up. Rosanna laughed and Henry was reminded that heaven waited for no person. Hey Jerry help me find this pen damn I lost it. Jerry got next to Henry at his car and Henry passed him a note while speaking under his breath. Listen Jerry If you really value our friendship you’ll do this favor for me, read the note and don’t ever forget this ok! Jerry nodded with a strange worried look on his face and as he passed Rosanna he said, girl I think your man is getting in the mood he’s snarling now. I mean really snarling at me of all people. I’ve only known him since like forever. Jez!
Rosanna smiled sweetly at Henry, Forgetting things you didn’t do back here? Henry nodded and said yeah it’s the number of a girl that was in a class under ours she was pretty and she liked Jerry. I’m not sure if I ever gave him the number or not. “Figured he’ll prob. forget tomm anyways.” Rosanna laughed and then the song from Alice in chains Rooster started playing and for the next seven hours the two young lovers danced the dance of the dead which followed with both adjourning to the backseat. Later in the early morning with Pearl Jam’s Jeremy playing quietly Rosanna turned to Henry and spoke with her soft blue eyes sparkling,” Henry Thank you for making my last day here on earth happy as I remembered it, But it is time for me to go.”

The view around Henry changed back to the present and Henry was facing a semi glowing Rosanna. “Please Rosanna take me instead of you, I love you I can’t do this anymore be with me, to hell with God the heavens, the angels all of them. They all be damned I’m not a play toy I am not a bit for their perverted amusement! You cant leave me again no I I i…” Rosanna kissed Henries lips softly as an angel kisses a baby at the gates of heaven as is said. And in that moment Rosanna looked at Henry but deeper, deeper then any person had in his life, She looked into his soul and he saw her for the beauty she had been and the greater beauty she was now. He began to weep then cry as Rosanna faded away from sight and the empty parking lot became dark again with only the Gymnasium’s music playing to tell him that he was alone back in a time he hated he despised. Henry looked up to the sky raising his fist and cursed, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! YOU TREAT ME LIKE A PLAY TOY TAKE THE ONE THING I WOULD HAVE GIVEN MY LIFE NO MY SOUL FOR! AND WHAT DO YOU DO? YOU SEND ME BACK TO THIS SHIT TIME WHERE THE WORLD IS ON THE VERGE OF UTTER MADNESS AND INSTEAD OF GIVING ME HAPPINESS YOU GIVE ME A BRIEF GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN AND THEN THROW ME TO HELL!

Henry dropped to his knees and cried continuously for what must have been hours but was but a few minutes. Then he crawled back to his feet and stumbled towards the gym. He looked at the sky and noticed the lightning clouds then approaching. His eyes caught the football field and stadium, He quickly ran to it leaping the fence cutting his leg in the process but not caring. The run up the stone stairs winded him a little but the storm was approaching.
As the storm reached Henry he stood up and yelled, SO THIS IT YOU GIANT FAGGOT OF A DEMI-GOD, HERE I AM JUST YOU AND ME AND NO ONE ELSE. WHATS WRONG CANT KILL ME BECAUSE I’M NOT AFRAID HUH!” A giant bolt erupted from the press box then another struck the flagpole behind Henry neither hitting him.
MY NAME IS HENRY GERSWIN YOU CRAP OF A DIETY, AND YOU CANT KILL A MORTAL A SINGLE DEFENSLESS MORTAL. GOD MY ASS YOU ARE PATHETIC NO WONDER YOUR SON WAS SUPPOSEDLY KILLED HE GOT WHAT HE. Henry never saw the blast but some spectators 20 miles away admitted It was a doozy and destroyed the whole side of the stadium.

After Party

Honey wake up, your going to be late? Henry opened his eyes and was shocked to see the woman of his dreams staring at him. Rose? Rosanna smiled her young features not having changed since Henry and her had married when they were Twenty one. You know your boss at the plant wont forgive me if I keep you here again when it’s time for you to be at work. Henry blinked away the blurriness and looked at the dresser, And almost knocked over Rosanna in the process. This old table looked new and Henry new the table not to be this new when he had seen it last. Hell where were the cigarette burns?

He looked at the end of the bed and noticed it wasn’t his usual sheets these were silkish and nice, And he also noticed that Carla’s bra wasn’t at the end. Then it hit him could he have been killed????? Henry shook his head and asked Rosanna what was the date she smiled April 1 1998. It dawned on Henry he had somehow died and gone to hell. Then the phone rang and Henry answered it grabbing it at the end table before Rosanna.

Hullo? Henry answered? “HEY goof ball I got good news for you! I want you to be the first to hear this, it’s two things first the boss you know old stone butt Joey Ryhers he said you have the day off after that accident. And its paid for where he dropped that box that made that rock ricochet and smacked ya one.” Wow Henry thought Joey Ryhers was his boss, this was odd but one look at Rosanna told him it and everything was ok. “Hey goober ya there I got the second part of news for you, Me and Dana, you remember the dark troll that gobbles well we are getting hitched man just like you and Rosanna are. Hey man I need a best man and Dana needs a bridesmaid whadda ya two say? That’s when he noticed that his hands were shaking and Rosanna moved next to him and the phone. Sure But I’m not wearing black or pink ok. A squeaky voice yelled from the background ok but no rainbow crap either! Rosanna kissed Henries cheek and whispered she was going downstairs to make some breakfast.

Henry grabbed her by the waist and kissed her and held tight and began thanking whoever would listen in his mind. Then After Henry acknowledged Jerry, Jerry spoke again, hey man, and about that note, I’m sorry I gave it to you a year earlier. Man I know I cost you that decent job but it was cryptic and I…Henry cut him off, Hey Jerry if you want me to be your best man, forget about that lame job ok? Go become married and maybe tonight we can all go down the road to the bar and celebrate your attaching a ball and chain with a whip? Jerry laughed and said his good-byes and hung up. As Henry hung up the receiver he looked at Rosanna and she smiled, ok why are you smiling so much, I’m not complaining or anything it’s just so non-you.

Henry smiled grabbed her and kissed her twice. She smiled and said well big boy you have a day off what do you want to do now? It’s only 6am! Henry pulled her close as he closed the blinds on the only bedroom window. Henry whispered into her ear. I wanna start living again!

Great,average,Sucks the mombo makes no difference to me as long as the job is done and done right.


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