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Last 10 Submissions
"Honor and Praise" ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Jul. 03
“Of Erōs” ...
by Apple (Essays) on Jun. 27
“If Poetry Be Love, Then I Be Poor” ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Jun. 26
Ghost Ship ...
by Shaza89 (Poetry) on Jun. 25
Which One?? ...
by chapter1 (Poetry) on Jun. 23
“Like Fools for Love, I Am a Fool for God” ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Jun. 20
"How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways," Reloaded ...
by Apple (Essays) on Jun. 16
“Women have loved before as I love now” ...
by Apple (Essays) on Jun. 14
"Make America Great Again" ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Jun. 13
For All the Outcasts, Loners, and Pariahs (in Life) ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Jun. 11

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