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Chapter One

Lacey couldn't hardly wait, only a couple more days and she could meet this dreamy guy that Annabell had set her up with. Though the fact that Annabell hadn't gone into any details, except where to meet him and when, scared just a bit. In fact she didn't usually go on blind dates, but for some reason she felt as if she needed to go on this one. She decided to call Annabell to see if she could get any information on him. She grabbed her cell from her purse and dialed Annie's number. After about three rings some picked it up. "Hello," the voice asked. "Hey, Nick is Annie there?" Lacey asked. "Nah, she is at work right now," Nicholas answered. Nicholas is Annabell's husband of two years. Now Lacey knew that they didn't have the most ideal marriage, in fact everyone tried to talk Annabell out of marrying Nick, but she knew Annabell was happy. That was enough for Lacey to just stay out of it. "Well, I guess I will call her later," Lacey said. "Well, maybe I can help you Lace, what do you need," Nick asked. "Nah, it just something that she talked to me about a couple of days ago, I will try her later," Lacey said. After a couple of minutes of convicing him that she would be fine waiting for Annabell, she hung up. She loved Nicholas to death, but she also thought that he liked her a bit to much to. She just knew that she couldn't talk to him because she knew that she had feelings for him, and that he had feelings for her. She just couldn't do that to Annabell. Well she just decided to wait till the date to find out more about this guy. Even though she would like to know his name, just then the phone rang. "Hello," Lacey answered. "Hey, Lace it's Annabell, Nick called me and said you called?" Annabell asked. "Yeah, I did, but I forgot you were at work," Lacey answered. "Oh, well what did you need," Annabell asked. "Well, I was wanting to know what that guy's name was," Lacey contuined, "I figured it would be nice to know it, when I go to meet him," Lacey said. "Oh shit, did I forget to tell you his name, I'm sorry, it's Samson," Annabell said. "Oh, thats a cute name," Lacey said. "Yeah, it is, look I gotta get back to work, but I'll call you later," Annabell said. "Alright, later Annie," Lacey said as she hung up the phone. Samson, that really was a cute name, and with a cute name she was sure would come a cute guy. She had to wait two days before her date, she said decided to go over everything she had to do, to get ready for her date. She had to get her hair done, she had to buy a cute alfit, she just had to, oh and not to forget she needed some new make-up her's was all gone. Which just reminded her that she went through make-up like no one else, she was sure that the saleswoman at the make-up counter was now on commision with how much shit she bought from her every week. She was like addictied to make-up it wasn't her fault she couldn't help it. She just happened to look at the clock and saw that it was time for her to get ready for work. She walked into her bedroom, and got her clothes from the closet, went into the hall and grabbed a towel. Walked toward the bathroom, when the phone rang. She thought about not answering it, because she was running a bit behind, but she decided to answer it anyway. "Hello?" Lacey answered. "Hey, Lace it's Nick, I was wondering if you want to have lunch with me?" Nick asked. "Nah, Nick I'm sorry I can't I have to go to work," Lacey answered. "Oh, um okay, I'll just talk to you later," Nick said. "Wait, can I ask you a quick question?" Lacey asked. "Yeah, of course what is it," Nick answered. "Why did you want me to have dinner with you?" Lacey asked. "Oh, umm, cause I thought you and I were alone, so since I had,". Nick contuined "to make dinner for myself I'd offer you to come over and eat with me, why?" Nick asked. "Oh, I just wanted to know why you'd ask me to dinner," Lacey answered. "Oh, well you should probably get ready for work," Nick said. "Yeah, your right, I'll talk to you later, bye," Lacey said. They hung up, and she grabbed her clothes and jumped into the shower. By the time she got out and got her clothes on, she only had about six mintues to get to work. So she grabbed her keys, patted Jake. her dog, on the head, and walked out the door. She loved her job but, she just didn't feel like working today. She worked at an animal hospital, she was a vetanary asstiant. She got home from work, and saw she had two missed calls, both were from Annabell, so she called her back. They decided to get lunch the next day, and talk about Samson. She got up at about 11:30, to take her shower, and got dressed for her lunch with Annabell. She was ready and in her car by 11:45, and was on her way to they're favorate place to eat. She got there and Annabell already had a table, which was good, because they are really busy during lunchtime. "Hey, Annie hows it going?" Lacey asked. "I'm fine, but lets get down to business," Annabell said. "What's the problem Annie?" Lacey asked. "I just needed you to know that I used to date Samson," Annabell said. "How would that bother me?" Lacey asked. "I just figured it would, it don't?" Annabell asked. "No, why would it?" Lacey asked. "What if I still had feelings for him, would that bother you?" Annabell asked. "No, because I know you don't, your happily married to Nick, why would you want a ex-boyfriend?" Lacey asked. "I don't it was just a serniro, ok." Annabell said. "Alright, anything else?" Lacey asked. "No, actually I've gotta get back to work, I'll see ya later," Annabell said. Before Lacey could say goodbye Annabell had already removed herself from the table and was walking out the door.

It was the day, and she had switched to work earlier in the day, so she could make it to her date. She was scared of course she was. The last guy she had dated, was her ex-fiancee, who had cheated on her. So that gave her the right to be a bit scared, but by the time it was time to get ready, she was more axious. She got home, with about 2 hours before her date. So she took a shower, and then stood in front of her closet, trying to decide what to wear. As she was standing there the doorbell rang. She went to see who it was, kind of afaid it was Samson. She opened the door, and saw Annabell standing there. "Hey, I came to help keep you calm and to help you get ready," Annabell said. "Alright, lets get started," Lacey said. They went into her bedroom, where Annabell assisted her with her hair and make-up, and then helped her look threw her clothes. Not seeing much to pick from, Annabell decided to look one more time, and saw she had missed this incredibly beauitful dress. Which at first sacred considering that Lacey didn't wear dresses much, in fact she had only saw her in a dress one time. That was her wedding, the only reason she was in a dress then was because she was a bridesmaid. She grabbed the dress and gave it to Lacey. "Oh, I forgot I even had that," Lacey said while grabbing the dress from her. "It's gorgeous, where did you get it?" Annabell asked. "Oh, I think my mom bought it for me a while back," Lacey answered while putting on the dress trying not to mess up her hair. "Well, I like it," Annabell said, zipping up the back of the dress. Lacey turned around and looked in the mirror, and then looked at Annabell, just waiting for her to say something. "Oh my god, you look so beauitful," Annabell said. Just then the doorbell rang, and Annabell went to answer the door, while Lacey finished getting ready. Annabell got to the door and opened it, and got a little surprise of her own. It wasn't Samson, It was Nicholas. "What are you doing here Nick," Annabell asked. "Oh, I just wanted to wish Lacey some luck," Nick answered. "Oh, well she's in her bedroom, just knock first," Annabell said. Nicholas walked towards Lacey's bedroom, going over what he needed to say to her. He reached her door, and knocked. "Who is it?" Lacey asked. "It's Nick," He answered. Lacey opened the door, to the sight of Nick's jaw dropping, as he hadn't seen her so beauitful, at least not since his wedding day. "What is it Nick, I've got to finish up?" Lacey asked. "I need to talk to you privately," Nick answered. "Alright, what do you need?" Lacey asked. "Before you go out with this Samson guy, I need you to know something," Nick slightly answered her question. Before responding she figured she knew what he wanted to tell her, but she asked anyways. "Well, what is it?" she asked. "I'm in love with you," Nick finally had said the words he had been yurning to say to Lacey for a couple of years now. "Oh, Nick, I don't know what to say," Lacey said knowing that she had some feeling for Nick but knew she wouldn't do that to Annabell. "You don't have to say anything," Nick said back, knowing exactly what he wanted her to say. "Nick, you know I can't hurt her, I'm sorry" She finally said. Nick turned from Lacey's view as tears welled up in his eyes. "I know, I can't hurt her either" Nick finally said back to Lacey. "You have to bury it, Nick," Lacey said back to him. He knew she was right, he loved his wife, but there was just something about Lacey that was just so different from everyone else. Before he walked out of her bedroom, he wiped the tears from his eyes. As he got into the living room, he saw that Samson had arrived. He had never met Samson before, so he was shocked when he saw him. "Hi, I'm Annie's husband, Nick," he said grabbing Samson's hand. "What's up man, I'm Samson," he said grabbing Nick's hand. They shook hands, for a second both staring at each other. Getting unconfortable, Annabell asked Nick if Lacey was almost ready. Before he had a chance to answer, the bedroom door opened. Lacey sauntered into the living room, smiling the whole way. At first she saw, Nick, then Annabell. Then standing about 5 inches from the front door, stood a man about 6 feet 3 inches in height. He was way more than cute, he was sexy in so many ways. He was really tan, very musclar, had brown hair, that was shaved down, with baby blue eyes. Thats when she knew he was the man for her.

Samson had grabbed her hand on the way out of the door, it made her feel safe. They walked hand and hand to his car, where he opened the door for her. He was just perfect, so it seemed. She knew it had to be to good to be true, she just couldn't grasp that maybe he was her soul-mate. The guy she had been looking for, but couldn't find. She knew she owed Annabell so much for setting them up. The drive to the resturant seem to be over to soon, again he got out and opened the door for her. She felt like cinderella, and that Samson was her prince. He put his arm around her waist, again she felt so safe. He opened the door and helped her with her jacket. They got to they're table and he pulled out the chair for her. She nonchalnetly stared at him while reading her menu, he was just so beauitful, like a fairy tale. Finally the waiter pulled her out of her daydream, by asking for they're orders. He poured them some wine and left them. Samson looked at her and smiled. "Annie, told me you were beautiful but I think she was holding back," Samson said. Wondering exactly what he meant, she just figured it was a complment, she thanked him. "No, I mean it, you are so beauitful I don't even know why you are still single," He repiled back. "Thank you, your so sweet," she repiled back to him. "Trust me, I'm counting my lucky stars that you are single, though," he said back to her while grabbing her hand. He pulled her hand to his lips and gentlely kissed it. "Oh, well I don't see how some girl hasn't swept you up by now, your sweet, your nice, your a gentleman, and your really hot," Lacey said smiling as he gentely held her hand. Before he could repely, the waiter came with they're food. They sat there quitely, as they ate, only stopping long enough to look at each other. After they ate, and talked a bit more, they were off. "Samson, if you don't mind me asking, were are we going to now," Lacey asked. "Oh, I can't tell you it's a surprise," he repilyed. They pulled up to a tall dark buliding. They got out and walked into the buliding, as they walked into one of the many rooms of the buliding, she saw that it was a dancing class. Now she just felt embarssed, as she couldn't dance at all. Samson looked at her and saw that she was red in the face and looked a little scared. "What's the matter Lacey" he asked. "I can't dance, like at all," Lacey answered. "Don't worry, you'll know how to dance before we leave here tonight, I promise," he said as he comforted her. They danced for hours, and as time went on she was slight getting better. "See look your getting it," he contuined, "It's not as difficult as you were making it out to be," he said while smiling. She liked his smile his entire face lights up when he smiles. "Samson, it took me three hours to get this far, you should just give up on me," she said back at him while looking down. He placed his finger on her chin and pulled her head up, "Don't be embarssed, you've made alot of progross," he continued, "And I will never, ever give up on you," he said. She just felt as if she could melt right there in his arms. He pulled her in closer to him and softly kissed her lips and then just held her close to his body.

Chapter Two

Lacey awoke the next morning feeling complete, feeling like she accoplished something she didn't think she could. As she waking completely, she felt an arm wrap around her body. Then the nights events played through her mind, but she couldn't remember everything that had happened. "Oh, hey how are you feeling," Samson asked. "Fine, just a little confused," Lacey answered. "Why are you confused," Samson asked. "Well, I can't remember exactly what happened last night," Lacey answered. "Well, Lace thats probably because you got really drunk last night, you passed out so I stayed just to make sure you where ok," Samson answered. "Oh, wow thats so sweet," Lacey said. "Why did you think we had...," Samson didn't get to contiune his sentence. "Yeah, kind of," Lacey answered. "I wouldn't do that to you, not after what you've been threw," Samson answered. She couldn't even say anything, she was just speechless. "Well, I'm gonna make us breakfast," Samson said. A few minutes after Samson left the room, Lacey got up and decided to take a shower. When she got out, she could smell the food all the way in the bathroom. She walked out of the bathroom, up the hallway, and into the kitchen. "Hey, I thought I heard you get in the shower," Samson said. "Yeah, I figured it would help wake me up," Lacey said. "Well, I hope you like what I fixed," Samson said. "Well, what did you fix?" Lacey asked. "I fixed scrambled eggs, with cut up bacon pieces in it, with bacon slices to," Samson said. "Sounds good," Lacey said. They both sat down and and ate breakfast together, then Samson left. Lacey knew she had to call Annabell, but she didn't know if she would be awake. She decided to call her, so she picked up the phone and dialed Annabell's number. It rang about three times before someone answered. "Hello," Nick answered. "Oh, hey Nick is Annie there," Lacey asked. "Uh..yeah she's still in bed do you want me to wake her," Nick asked. "Oh, well no, I'll just call her later," Lacey answered. "Oh, wait her she comes," Nick said back to Lacey. "Hello," Annabell answered sleepily. "Hey, he didn't wake you did he?" Lacey asked. "No, I just woke up, ummm what did you need," Annabell asked. "I just thought you'd like to know how the date went," Lacey asked. "Uh, yeah," Annabell said. Contuineing on, "But not over the phone, I'll be over there in about an hour," Annabell said. "Alright, I'll see you then," Lacey said back before hanging up the phone. She got up from the kitchen table and went into her bedroom, to change into her work clothes. She knew that Annabell would talk to her intill it was time for her to go to work, so she thought she would be ready. She got finished and walked into the living room, and turned on the television, it was time for her favorite show. She had only began to watch it when the doorbell rung, she knew who it was so she sat there for a minute before getting up. After Annabell had rung the doorbell like five times, she decided to answer the door. She got up walked over to the door and opened it. "You were sitting on the couch laughing at me, weren't you?" Annabell asked. "You know it," Lacey said laughing hard. They walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. "So, spill what happened," Annabell asked. "Well, after we left here he took me to, The Rouge Lounge," Lacey said. "Wow, The Rouge Lounge huh?" Annabell said back to her. "Yep, then after dinner, he took me to a dancing class," Lacey said. Annabell began to laugh uncontrolably to that, as she knew that Lacey sucked beyond belief at dancing. Trying to control herself she said, "So, he took you dancing." She barely got the setence out before she started to laugh again. "Yeah, thats really the last thing I remember," Lacey said. "The last thing you remember, what does that mean?" Annabell asked. "Well, eventdently I got pretty hammered, and he drove me home," Lacey said. "Hammered, you, thats kind of weird," Annabell said. "Yeah, well when I woke up this morning, he was kind of laying right next to me," Lacey said. "Well, Lacey you little whore you," Annabell said as she laughed at her own joke. "Nothing happened, he just stayed to make sure I was ok," Lacey said. "Yeah, whatever makes you feel better," Annabell laughed a bit more. Look I'm gonna fix some lunch you want something. "Um... yeah what do you got," Annabell asked. "Umm...just look around and find something," Lacey answered. Annabell got up and saw some bread on the counter. "Do you have any lunch meat," Annabell asked. "Yeah, it's in the fridge," Lacey answered. Annabell went to the refridgerator and got out some ham and turkey and cheese and made a sandwich. They sat at the table quietly while they ate. After they were finished, Lacey looked at her watch and saw it was about time for her to go to work. "Oh, I gotta get going," Lacey said while eating the last bite of pasta on her plate. "Alright, I'll see you later," Annabell said while walking toward the door. After Annabell left, Lacey got her jacket, as it was a little chilly today, and walked out the door.

She was excited about work today as Haley, her other best friend, was coming back from vaction. She walked in, a little late, which wasn't good because she was going to be the only vetaraniation techination there. "Where the hell have you been," Haley said grinning widely. "Non of your damn business," Lacey exclaimed back to her. They talked and laugh for a bit, as it was relatively slow at that time. It didn't last long though as they saw a car pull up into the parking lot. So Lacey took her place at the back of the building setting up for the patient, and Haley got them ready to be called back. Lacey came around front about five minutes later and grabbed the clipboard, and saw that the dog, needed some shots and a check-up. Which didn't sound all that difficult, but then she saw the dog and about lost it. It was a Great Dane, and it was huge. It wouldn't be so bad, but she was the one that had to make sure it got up on the table, and unfortuneatly for her, he didn't like the vet very much. She was getting ready to pick up the large dog, when Haley came in and asked Lacey to come outside the room for a minute. Lacey went right outside the door and looked at Haley. "What is it," Lacey asked. "You have a phone call," Haley answered. "Um..could you take a message, I'm a little busy right now," Lacey said back to her. "I guess so, but he said his name was Samson, and that he went out with you last night," Haley said with a hint of glee in her eyes. Lacey smile and blushed, and just stood there for a second thinking about taking the call. "Tell him I'm busy right now, and I'll call him in a couple of hours," Lacey finally said, as she turned and headed back into the room. Time seemed to stop while Lacey was waiting to call Samson back. Finally, she thought it was time to go to lunch. She grabbed her lunch, even though she knew she probably wouldn't be able to eat it. Went into the lunch room and grabbed her cell phone out of her purse. She sat down at an empty table at the far end of the lunchroom, hoping for privacy. Even though she knew it was quite impossible with Haley coming in soon for her lunch. She looked at the phone, trying to remember his number. "Hey, you calling him back," Haley said with a huge smile on her face. She didn't even look up at her, she didn't have to. She knew that Haley would sit down anyways, because Haley always had to know what she was doing and when she was doing it. Especially when it came to men, Lacey knew Haley would like Samson. She just wasn't sure if she was ready to introduce Samson to the wonder that is Haley. "Earth to Lace, come in Lace," Haley contuined, "Is there anyone in there hellllo." "Yeah, what do you need Hales," Lacey asked. "I need to know if your calling back, the very handsome sound gentleman that called you?" Haley asked. Before answering Lacey couldn't help but laugh, she knew that Haley had an unusual sense of humor, but that is the reason they became friends. "Yes, I'm calling Samson back," Lacey answered while starring at Haley. "Oh, I see, you want me to leave you to your business," Haley said with a sly smile on her face. "Yes, Hales it would be nice," Lacey said back, she didn't know why she was wasting her time bying into her little game but she did. "Now Lacey do you actually think that I am just going to get up, and leave you to talk to steamy, dreamy man," Haley said. Lacey busted out laughing, not because it wasn't true, but because it was true. "Yeah, what was I thinking," Lacey finally said. Lacey looked back down at her phone, and dialed his number. After a few rings, she was thinking about hanging up the phone because she figured he wasn't there. "Hello," Samson had finally answered the phone. "Hi, sorry about earlier, I had a patient and I couldn't just leave him," Lacey said. "I understand, I'm just glad you were able to call me back," he said back to her. "Yeah, I had to wait into lunch though, because I was extremely busy before now," Lacey said. "I didn't mean for you to miss your lunch break," Samson said. She could tell he was a little upset by the fact that she was missing out on lunch, thought she didn't see why it mattered. "I'll be fine I promise," Lacey said. "Well how about I make it up to you," Samson said. "What did you have in mind," Lacey asked. "How about dinner and a movie tonight, your choice," Samson said. "Sounds great, how about you pick me up at about eight," Lacey said. "Well, that sounds great, I'll let you get back to your lunch," Samson said. They hung up the phone, and Lacey looked up and saw Haley starring at her, expecting details. "Alright here it is, we are going out for dinner and a movie tonight, and we had dinner last night," Lacey said. "Gee, you act like I asked you a million times or something," Haley said with a smile on her face. "No, your right you didn't, I told you before you did," Lacey contuined, "Can I please eat now, or does that bother you to much," Lacey said with a smile on her face. Haley shook her head, and they both ate in slience.

Lacey got home at about a quater after seven which was later than usual. She decided she wasn't going to look as flashy as she did the night before, she just didn't have the time.

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