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The portal reopened over Hisoke River and out poured Kyo, Kyoko, who was still holding Kayame, and then Sheko. Kyoko grasped onto Kyo’s shoulder with one hand, still keeping a firm grip on Kayame’s risk. Sheko hung onto Kyoko’s shirt collar, pulling it back.
“Imp…your choking me”, Kyoko managed to get out, while trying to shake him off. Kyo, still dragging everyone with him, made it to the bank. He crawled out of the river and pulled everyone out one by one. Sheko finally let go of Kyoko, who collapsed on the ground, shivering from the cold on air. Kayame layed on her back still passed-out.
“Well, not exactly where I wanted us to land”, Sheko laughed rubbing the back of his head and laughed. Kyo and Kyoko glared up at him and Kyoko stood up with a twisted grin.
“I think I know what can help you out”, Kyoko laughed evilly picking up Sheko and walking off to the river and holding his head under water, lifting it up every once in awhile. Kyo sat down looking over at Kayame with a slight smile. Kyoko noticed this and let Sheko go.
“So you like her”, Kyoko smiled playfully as Sheko gasped for air.
“Hmmmm, I mean no”, Kyo gave a slight jump. “My name is Kyo by the way”, he added holding out his hand to Kyoko.
“Me’name’s Kyoko”, she said shaking his hand lightly and sat next to him. Kyo went back to looking at Kayame, who slowly began to wake up. Sheko walked over to Kyo, hiding behind him from Kyoko.
“This is Sheko the shadow imp”, Kyo added, leaning back slightly so Kyoko could see Sheko more easily. Sheko gasped and ran off behind a tree. Kayame eyes opened slowly and she sat up. Her body dripped water as she looked around.
“What happened and…WHY AM I SOAKING WET”, Kayame yelled looking down at her self. Kyo began to laugh and Kayame threw a rock at his head.
“Ow…what was that for”, Kyo asked rubbing his head trying not to laugh again. Kayame just growled and began to ring her hair out as the wind pushed hard against her to dry her off. Kyoko watched and backed up slightly as if she was scared.
“I think you made her mad…and remember what just happened when she was mad”, Kyoko whispered to Kyo and shuttered. Everyone stared at Kayame and all backed up slightly. Kayame looked over at them and tilted her head to the side.
“What are you staring at”, she spat at them, but they all looked around as if not knowing what she were talking about. Kayame raised an eyebrow, standing up.
“What ever, now can someone fill me in on what happened while I was un-conscience?” she said walking over to the rest of the group, who all winced. Kayame looked at them with suspicion, placing her hands on her hips.
“Nothing, um…some creep snuck up on you, hitting you over the head. You passed out so Sheko warped up into the Hisoke river”, Kyoko explain, giving Sheko a slight glare. Kayame didn’t fully believe her, but didn’t want to press the matter anymore. She wasn’t feeling to good and felt as if she was about to collapse at any moment.
“I’m going to sleep”, she said, flying up into a tree and layed down, leaning against the trunk.
Later that night, Kyo, Kyoko, and Sheko were sitting around a campfire, which glowed red in the darkness around them. Kyo poked the fire with a stick while Sheko sat on top of Kyoko’s head, who was leaning against the tree Kayame was sleeping in.
“So, what really happened with Kayame?” Kyoko finally said, breaking the odd silence that filled that still air around the three. Kyo looked over at her, before looking back at the fire with a depressed look on his face. Sheko sighed, jumping off of Kyoko’s head and walked up to the fire.
“It all started when Kayame’s father killed her mother in front of her, something inside busted out, creating a knew form that she can turn into. This first happened when she was seven and lived in a small village called Quega. Kids picked on her for being a black angel, or the death angel as they called her. Her anger rose, but she never fought back. Then one day the teasing got physical and violent”, Sheko was cut off by Kyo breaking the stick in his hand.
“Well um…Kayame couldn’t take it any more her she began to fight back. The kids soon stop the teasing and began to just attack her. This went on for weeks, then months, then into years. When she was ten, she finally broke and unleashed the form you saw earlier. She killed many of the kids, and only a few escaped. She woke up later covered in blood at Kyo’s house. She looked over at him and noticed that he had a cut going down his back. At that sight, later that night she ran away, afraid that next time she might go forth and kill everyone. It seems that she builds up her anger until she can’t control it anymore; once that happens she transforms into, what she is now known as Dark Kayame”, Sheko explained, staring into the fire. Kyoko looked very pale, and Kyo’s face was red, with anger or sadness, the other two didn’t know. With out any warning Kyo stood up, clenching his fist.
“I’m going for a walk, don’t fallow me”, he said in a cold like tone before flapping his three sets of wings, sending him into the air. He floated for a moment then set off towards the north. Sheko and Kyoko just looked at each other, then up at Kyo.
“What’s up with him”, Kyoko asked, tilting her head to the side. Sheko sighed, jumping back onto her head, resting the staff in his lap.
“Kyo always liked Kayame, ever since they brought Kayame to Quega. When she lost control and attacked everyone, including him, he couldn’t believe it. Then when she ran away, he swore that he would find her, even if the next time she transformed she would kill him. He blames him self for what happened those many years ago…” Sheko was stopped when a shoe hit him in the head from above. Her looked up to find Kayame snickering.
“I’m not old, so don’t say ‘those many years ago’, because it was only thirteen!” Kayame yelled down, before laying back down with her eyes closed. Kyoko laughed slightly, but Sheko growled and cleared his throat.
“As I was saying, Kyo blames himself, because he believes he cold have stopped her. He thinks that if he stopped the bullying then she wouldn’t have gone on a killing spree”, Sheko finished with a heavy sigh. It took Kyoko a few minutes to comprehend everything and when she finally did, her eyes widen. The rest of the night, no one said a word about what was told or what was seen that day.

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by Kayame

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