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Smoking is done all over the world. It is a very popular habit. Non-smokers that come in contact with smoker can get the same diseases that a smoker can get. Repeated use can kill somebody.

Cigarette tobacco contains harmful chemicals. Some of the chemicals are not only tar and nicotine but also Carbon Monoxide and Nitrous Oxide. These substances when inhaled land up in the lungs of the person. The first sign of a smoking problem is the smoker having to grasp for air. Smoking is harmful even if youíre a non-smoker. Then comes a cough and the spitting up of phlegm from their lungs. Then they have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Then the smoker progresses to smoking even more. He/She progresses to about 6 packs of cigarettes a day, which are 120 cigarettes. The habit really gets to them when they canít find enough money to support their daily habit. The person with this habit cannot afford good cigarettes. So they smoke what is called generic cigarettes that are more harmful than regular cigarettes such as Marlboroís and Pall Mallís.

As the habit/disease progresses the craving becomes harder to get rid of. Doctorís canít do anything to alleviate a smokerís habit/craving. There is nothing a doctor can do to help a person towards stopping smoking. They can only give them such drugs as nicorrete chewing gum that helps to alleviate some of the tobacco craving. It usually takes just will power on the part of the person to quite. All of the drugs to alleviate smoking cannot be taken by people with heart or lung problems.

Finally some people kick the habit and others donít. Those that kick the habit in the future cannot stand the smell of tobacco smoke. There should be laws passed banning smoking. This would help the public become more aware of smoking and the problems that it causes.
Written: June 30, 2006
Word Count: 327 words

Glen Mayberry-Writer


The following comments are for "Smoking: A viewpoint"
by USGlen

I don't believe second-hand smoke is as dangerous as they say. I think it's a ruse to put the pressure on the individual smoker, rather than the big cigarette makers. Make the smoker seem like a harmful loser while the fat cats skate away.

Nobody can smoke 6 packs a day.

I have read some of your other things. I like your sincerity and your effort but I think you need to write more from the gut and your heart. You need to let yourself go more. Get a little more reckless with your feelings.

( Posted by: gomarsoap [Member] On: July 7, 2006 )

What is in a Cigarette!
Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits - nothing new about that. However, most smokers tend to decrease the number of cigarettes they smoke with time, even if they cannot stop.
Seems to me all you did was advertise for Marlboro's cigs!

( Posted by: Maya [Member] On: July 7, 2006 )

This sounds like a PSA. Ohio has smoking bans in restaurants, and bars; which is stupid.

( Posted by: MsTink [Member] On: July 7, 2006 )

Ah, oral fixations
I was a smoker for about... 6 years. Got up to around 2 packs a day. While it might be physically possible to smoke 6 packs a day, it would be like drinking 29 cups of coffee. You would eventually begin to vibrate in harmonic resonance with the earth's core, go backward in time and converse with demonic bass-guitar players from the Nth dimension.

Second-hand smoke can be, in certain circumstances, more harmful than first-hand. If you smoke a fliltered cigarette, you are getting smoke into your lungs that has been, well... filtered. Depending on what happens to the smoke you blow out, and the smoke from your cigarette butt, the 2nd-hand smoke inhaled by others can be unfiltered. Now... usually, that 2nd-hand smoke is also going to be inhaled by the smoker. So that lucky (strike) bastard gets 1st and 2nd hand. But he/she at least made the choice to smoke for him/herself.

Here's a good link from the American Cancer Society on the effects of 2nd-hand smoke:

I liked smoking until the day I gave it up. It took me three tries to do so. I continued to bum smokes here and there for 10 years after that, until it became clear that even a couple puffs were one of my migraine triggers. I love the feel of a nail in my hand, the smoke in my mouth, throat and lungs. I love the taste of tobacco, the effect of the niccotine, the look of the smoke as it comes out of my mouth or anybody else's (especially Lauren Bacall's). I love the fact that it's something I can do with my mouth that doesn't make me fatter. I love the social-ness of it (Got a light? Can I bum a smoke? Smoke shops, smoking sections, the fraternity of smokers).

I loved everything about smoking. I didn't care that it made my clothes and breath smell; those things can be mitigated with careful hygiene. I didn't care about 2nd-hand smoke at the time, because I never smoked around anyone who minded; I was a very respectful smoker, as both my parents, a couple girlfriends and many friends were non-smokers who politely requested that I not. I do not like to offend with any behavior, especially one that might have ill effects on health or even just local environment (eg, I turn down my music when others are around). It's called politeness, I believe.

I loved it all.

Except for the part about it being a poison.

If you smoke, and something else doesn't kill you first, smoking will kill you. Period. It's not a question of "if," but "when." Smoking kills and injurs more people and incurs more avoidable health related costs than any other issue in this country. Cars, guns, alcohol... they pale compared to My Lady Niccotine's bright swath.

Do people have the right to smoke? Right now, yes. I think that within my son's lifetime, that will go away. Maybe even my lifetime. Because it is simply too expensive. The other indutries effected will eventually gang up and organize and lobby more effectively than the tobacco industry. Right now, the negative health effects are making money for the Hospital/Industrial Complex. Look for that to change if we have any kind of more socialized medicine. Look for it to change, too, if a cheaper way to fight lung cancer is found.

I wish I could smoke again. But I'm a large, non-exercising, meat-eating man who turned 40 today. If I smoke on top of that... I won't hit 50.

Ingesting poison is usually a bad idea. It's more complicated when it's so much fun, but there you go.

And before we start down the road of "alcohol is a poison, too," no... it's not... when consumed in moderation. You can have 1-3 drinks a day, depending on body type and other physical factors, and suffer no ill health effects. You can die from water poisoning too, yes. But smoking is *actively* poisonous. Using cigarettes as they are meant to be used, in a way that is logical and consistent with how they are sold, marketed, socialized and presented... kills ya.

I was good at smoke rings, too. And I miss my Camels. To this day, I miss them.

I guess they're addictive, too.

( Posted by: andyhavens [Member] On: July 8, 2006 )

Brutal Honesty is very cogent...
My grandma just quit smoking three months ago after forty-seven years of heavy smoking. She always knew that smoking was bad for her, and her knowledge finally paid off.
Thanks for posting this, USGlen; I hope that at least one smoker will be influenced to quit after reading this.


( Posted by: ArsPoet2789ica [Member] On: July 8, 2006 )

Smokers R STUPID
I see them all around just another stupid group of
people poisionin the atmosphere for others
Smoking is not cool its plain idiotic
Whats the fun in lighting up tobacco leaves and
blowing smoke out of your nose its the weirdest
thing .. with all the flavours and chemicals
used along with the tobacco leaves it could be
leaves of any tree for that matter
I think they look plain STUPID spending money and
ruining health for inhalin chemicals
Plus they do it at the cost of others when
they smoke in public places
Smokers R STUPID just like a lot of other
stupid people they are one of the tops of them
stupid people on earth.

( Posted by: RightingIt [Member] On: July 16, 2006 )

Ah, smoking, everybody's favorite demon. It makes me think of my father's parents, my paternal grandparents. My grandfather was a 2-pack-a-day man for 70 years, and finally met his untimely death at the age of 86, undoubtably from the demon smoke. His poor wife, my grandmother, never smoked in her life, but, surrounded by all the second-hand smoke he generated, had her life, too, cut short, and passed away at a mere 99 years of age. Who can tell how long she might have lived without his pernicious influence!

I myself, a 2-pack-a-day sufferer, after 36 years of inhaling, at the age of 50, was timed by a friend with a stopwatch doing the 100-yard dash in 10.5 seconds. Had I not smoked, I surely should have been able to cut a full second from that time, which would have made me a prime contender for the Olympics in this event. At the age of 50! Will these medical miracles never cease?

I have never understood why the medical profession regressed to homeopathic medicine when it came to their opinions of smoking. They've denounced it bitterly for a century. Homeopathic medicine held that smaller doses of a substance had more effect than larger ones, which led to Mark Twain's famous recipe for a healing broth: bring to a boil the water in a pot over which has been passed the shadow of a pigeon, let it cool, and serve. Suggesting that 'second-hand' smoke, 1/100th the concentration of the smoke that enters and is held in the lungs of a smoker, is somehow more dangerous that the smoke delivered to the smoker, is clearly lunacy.

In this, and in other matters, the medical profession's propaganda has dramatically lessened their credibility for me. As for your parrotted piece, I'm reminded of the statement of Solomon: "A fool believes everything he hears, but a wise man recognizes the need for proof."

Don't forget, this is from the same profession that offers a drug treatment for "Restless Leg Syndrome."

( Posted by: johnlibertus [Member] On: July 16, 2006 )

up in smoke
Whoa- where to start! First, I guess, I am a smoker. Not a little tweeter of a smoker, I've smoked for the past 35 years. I guess I qualify as a "valid" tabacco affectionado.
I see much defensive mechanism in the last comment. I smoke, ugly habit. I contribute to ill health toward those at whom I pour my smoke-
It would be nice to see those who devote their liveliehoods to "saving" people (from degenerate smokers, for one) to actually make cancer dollars work, or other dollars... but the health field would be a sad sanctuary for further plenty if all of the sudden people were being healed-
Smoke away. I think I'll die from someone being overly annoyed with me... (it's okay if you agree)


( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: July 16, 2006 )

Pernicious myths perpetuated...
Smoking is a personal choice: I'm fine with that. People make damn stupid choices right and left. (OK, so I balk a little at paying taxes towards all that lung cancer care... but that's the price of living in a developed social society, same as paying to put addicts in public housing, etc etc. Fair enough.) But if someone else wants to poison me incrementally with cyanide, for example, I think I have right to object. Same goes for second-hand smoke.

Is it dangerous? Yes.

Is it more or less dangerous than first-hand smoke? That depends exactly how many molecules of nicotine, carbon monoxide and other toxins hit my lungs compared to the smoker's lungs. It's really as simple as that. And that's likely to be fewer molecules - unless I get REAL close - but each molecule is still incrementally damaging. I doubt if the argument that 'ah, the occasional molecule of cyanide is just fine' would hold much water.

And has anyone noticed how only smokers hold up those leather-lunged grannies who live to 90 smoking 2 packs a day? The human mind is better designed for human-interest than for boring statistics. The human mind is infinitely delusional. And of course, I have the clear-sighted advantage of not being a smoker myself. (Instead, I hold a PhD in cancer cell biology and I understand the power of statistics. Well, lucky me.)

So make your personal choices. But don't perpetuate these pernicious myths that you aren't harming your fellow men.

( Posted by: MobiusSoul [Member] On: July 17, 2006 )

Brown Phlemg and Lung Chunks

I'm trying to kick it while I still have some remaining lung (or maybe lung and a half) function. I hate it and I love it and I cannot fathom why it attracted me. However, as a teen I committed many other deeds, which shall remain unnamed, that I can give no plausible reason for engaging in (and several as an adult).

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: July 17, 2006 )

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