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We live in an age desperate for poets, an age that needs constant beauty as all hell breaks loose and the heavens cry black tears of angelic regret. He without sin cast the first stone yet boulders are shoved by those of barbaric origin. Within a world which seems crazed upon a hype which manifests in war and religious blasphemy, Is a miracle to much to ask for?

This thread is aptly named, Miracles. It doesn't matter how you want to express the meaning of this title or its absence in our lives, just express it. Haiku, Senryu, Prose, Ode, Sonnet, Terza Rima, Lyric; whatever floats your boat. May a miracle be part of your life!

Crimson tears stain my walls,
their terrors, their calls,
Wailing as the bullets ricochet,
the deceased phantom cabaret,
becomes a lulling dream,
all fades into the gleam,
Artifacts of the pillage,
murders in our village,

Crimson tears stain my walls,
their horrors, their calls,
Oh a hand upon my chest,
or worse, a bloodied breast,
Not but a whisper, faint sounds,
This hellish war on our grounds
As all fades into the gloom,
All this blood favors my room,

Crimson tears stain my walls,
their terrors, their calls,
Haunting visions of demise,
expanding mushrooms in the skies,
As the rain falls upon our hide,
I realized God lied;
Miracles don't fall astray,
Even Christ is absent today.

(Oh, and to ease the writing process, just call each comment PT: your comment so that we know it's part of the thread.)

All not saved will be lost.

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The following comments are for "Poetry Thread: Miracles"
by Siah

I have given so many tears and so much blood,
but is there any good that my sacrifice has done?
All the things I have done in the past:
Do I deserve something good that lasts?
Most of the good things in life
I have received without strife
I know there are others who need a miracle more-
Curing the pain: that is what miracles are for

I know it could be worse,
that some are forever cursed:
There should be a miracle for everyone on Earth!

-Aubri, a. k. a. "Leopard Lady"

( Posted by: ArsPoet2789ica [Member] On: June 24, 2006 )

Miracle Thread
It's a miracle I'm here at all,
the heights I've climbed only to fall.
I never know just when to quit,
(although the long falls hurt a bit).

My passion leads me to my fate,
in everything I cannot wait.
Whatever there is to be done,
I cannot walk, I have to run.

At work, at home, it always seems,
I race to bring alive my dreams.
And miracles are never done,
unless they're driven by someone.

It's a miracle I'm here at all,
bruised and battered by each fall.
I could decide life's not for me
and drown in total misery.

But the miracle of life is free
and shared by all, including me.
So making miracles come true,
is why I live, and what I do!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: June 25, 2006 )

I have learned the hard way not to trust in man.
Whether miniscule or the so-called nobles of the land.
Instead of redemption, through them I have suffered defeat.
My spirit broken and my mentality made weak.
So now I turn to you My LORD. Fill my heart with the strength of your Word.
Allow me to know that miracles do exist.
Put the atrocities behind me and help me persist.
Reach out your hand and hold me tight, for I am still apprehensive of the Light.
My life has been filled with so much pain.
The sun I cannot see in spite of the rain.
Open my eyes to the glory of You.
Showcase your rainbow to pull me through.
I believe...
I believe...
I believe in miracles from You.

( Posted by: nubianpoetess [Member] On: June 25, 2006 )

The first time you feel
a baby move inside you
that's a miracle...

after he pushes his way
out of your body
you count his fingers and toes ...
look lovingly at his squinty little face
What a miracle...

To be healed of a terrible disease
ugly, oozing, sores
don't just scab up
they disappear completely
miracles are made of this...

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: June 25, 2006 )

Miracles (at midnight)
I have had more miracles than normal moments.
I have survived abuse, betrayal, neglect...
Not miraculous really,
I began with loving parents who taught me how to love, in turn-
what to accept, what to reject, and how to pass it on. No miracle.
But isn't each breathe a miracle of sorts?
Isn't each step taken a foot put on a path that could be poisoned?
Perhaps we look for LARGE miracles, and neglect to notice those so often tiny miracles of everyday that bring the sun and the moon and the stars. (and Ms. Nitz Kitty the hand of a child)
I hope to witness many more miracles today, and expect I will, because of you-

blessings all-

( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: June 25, 2006 )

I used to go to a drive-in movie theater called, The Miracle Mile.

About the only miracle I experience in my life is when I spread some Miracle Whip on a baloney sandwich. Classic-style, with extra-soft white bread.

I have to disagree with the premise that we "live in an age desperate for poets." We live in an age desperate for people with conscience.

Here's my 2-cents in regards to that:


Hugging a child
is like embracing the world, life, everything.
The child is confused because you don't hug right,
or hug at the wrong time,
or hug with your arms
instead of your heart.
So here we sit, wondering,
"how shall we hug one another?"
I thing we feel bad because the creation,
old as it is,
still does not explain everything.
If poetry could save us
it already would have.
Meanwhile, I sit here & write these poems.

* * *

I think Ms. Maks makes a wise and inciteful observation regarding tiny miracles. I think it's what truely gives us sustenance and the will to keep on keeping on - the enormity of small things we are sometimes too blind to see.

Ivor - that's one kick-ass poem. If you lived in the 20's and 30's and wrote song lyrics, you would have been another Hoagy Carmichael!

Siah - kind of a cliche topic. But sometimes they are the best. One has to dig down into the authenticity of their own innocense - that thing we too soon let go of, like a balloon disappearing into the sky.

Hold on to that balloon.

( Posted by: gomarsoap [Member] On: June 25, 2006 )

PT Prayer
Gomarsoap, thanks for an insightful piece. I will most definetly keep this one close to heart, and Emaks, as always, you keep me thinking. Aubri, Nitz, Ivor, Emaks, Nubian and Gomar, thanks for threading :D


Life; I cannot picture its end, I am still young, and the joy in each moment is vivid to my heart. I cannot picture marriage, nor the feel of a child within me, yet I hope I may take part of these emotions. In each moment alive is a miracle, in the smile of hope and life. To share but a moment within the arms of lover, of a mother or a daughter is a miracle in and of itself. I pray for a miracles small and big, I pray for it all. God thank you for life.

( Posted by: Siah [Member] On: June 26, 2006 )

Decrepit in body
Yet young at heart,
Fresh of mind
A miracle perhaps..

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: June 27, 2006 )

What a miracle!
Today I'm 62...and I get to retire...yeah right...but now I can collect ss...and maybe be a Red Hat Lady...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: June 28, 2006 )

PT Small Miracles
I swam in the ocean today, and I asked myself, what could create such a thing?

( Posted by: Siah [Member] On: June 30, 2006 )

Miracle Thread
Another Miracle today...
the sun arose the normal way.
Rising up from in the east
to warm the souls of man and beast.

A Miracle? I hear you say,
Surely not, it's just that way.
A Miracle is special, see?
not normal things, they're meant to be.

But Miracles are in your mind,
the way you feel in things you find.
For normal things, especially,
are life's true miracles to me!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: July 1, 2006 )

Miracle Thread
Again a Miracle you see
when Eric sups on malt whisky.
he wakes to think he's in his bed,
but seeing stars around hiis head,
he thanks the miracle of booze
that lets him sleep whe'ere he choose!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: July 1, 2006 )

Miracle Season
Warmth and glee,
Drunken stupor,
Run and flee
I agree Ivor,
Each Day is miracle,
all is pinnacle,
As each day is supreme
to fullfill any dream.
So ponder this,
readers of this list,
Is a miracle not a fine thing,
to make one jump and sing?
Is a miracle not the sweetest thought,
that makes water from a drought?
Is a miracle not true,
that it can connect me and you!

( Posted by: Siah [Member] On: July 2, 2006 )

Miracle thread
I donít know why, seemed like a good idea at the time. Sunday thing, most likely. Thinking about it, in my field of sordid experience the greatest- at least most mind-boggling- miracles are those moments that allow the worst of us to feel a touch of something finer, to connect with and be moved by something good, like thirty seconds of redemption in a lifetime of doing and being bad. Moments like this probably donít save or change the world and I donít know what youíd call them exactly or where they come from. Maybe itís not even a good thing, itís a shock to the system, when you think youíre incapable of feeling love, feeling good, then suddenly: Blam! It hurts. Also kind of a mystery, like why would and how could you even be able/ be allowed to feel that way? If that makes any kind sense. So I donít know, if you want to call it Grace or love or God or spirit or whatever, but moments like that are so extraordinary and inexplicable that thereís something miraculous about them I reckon... but then Iím still in awe of instant mash and Iím grappling with forces beyond my comprehension every time I attempt to operate the VCR so my input probably isnít worth squat. AnywayÖ

You bided in light
Lain here for eight amber hours
Closeness kept secret


You arrived in light
Summer under boarded glass
Breaking Sundayís fast


Form composed of light
Disfigured in to beauty
By sixteen colours


And you left in light
Us exalting white marvels
Awed out of our eyes


I was given light
Chased from tones of mortal grey
In to gold respite


For at least eight hours
Beating heart all amber-trapped
Granted second sight


How could this happen?
That twenty-five years too late
I realised God

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: July 3, 2006 )

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