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The Universe :

The term "universe" has a variety of meanings based on the context in which it is described. I shall be concerned with only 2 definitions :

a) The Materialistic Philosophical Definition :

The universe is the summation of all matter that exists and the space in which all events occur.

b) The Cosmological Definition :

The universe is a finite or infinite space-time continuum in which all matter and energy exist, apperciating that both mass & energy are interchangable.

Taking a glance at the universe origin, 2 possible views may be displayed :

1. The universe is old, with neither a starting point nor an origin :

The assumption, nowadays, is strongly rejected due to Hubble's Law which states that V = H0r where V = recessional velocity, H0= Hubble constant, r = distance (mpc), Mpc = megaparsec = parsec 106
Here, we are assuming that the universe expands uniformly, at a constant rate, and that the recessional velocity (V) is linearly proportional to the distance (r) . Hubble's constant ( H0), is determined by observational data , and remains unchanged by the values of (V) and (r).
It must have been coming from a central point, and that something must have caused that expansion to begin with.
The age of the universe was estimated to be about 13.7 billion ( 13.7 109) years, with a margin of error of about 1 % ( 200 million years), according to NASA's WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe).
I, thus, dont believe universe is old.

2. The universe has been once made :

with 2 more postulates, either a spontenuos creation of the universe took place or a supernatural (God) force selectively created the universe.

Explaining why I believe in God, I theorize why I have rejected the idea of the spontenuos formation of the universe

Here we go ..

Noble's Theory :

"As a physical quantity, time is just as old as universe. By the time the universe initiated, no action could have taken place, including a spontenous creation of the universe owing to the non-existence of the time factor"

Interpretation :

1 - Time & Place :

Time and place are 2 simalteneous alteranative concepts. The former is basically relevant to the latter and vice versa, such that none of them could be possibly considered apart from the other. In a manner of speaking, none of the 2 terms could have been there before the other.
Time, consequently, is not, by any sense of the word, older than place, as the word "place" refers to the materialistic universe.

2 - Time, Universe & Motion :

Time is a universal concept. it, therefore, obtains its being, existence, and duration from those of the universe, whereas the universe, in turn, get its image as well existence as time passes. Let me put into consideration that the word "universe" represents the interaction between the magnitudes of time and place, where their coincidal change is expressed by the word "motion".

3 - Timelessness & Time Having Nil Value :

It's worth mentioning that there should be a difference between time having zero value and a state of timelesness.

a) Timelessness ( t = x / 0 ) :

Physically, motion is explained by terms like "velocity", "frequency", .. etc. If time = distance/velocity ( 1/frequency ), then it's a state of timelessness as long as velocity = 0 ( frequency = 0 ). the phrase "there was no motion"doesn't actually look so accurate. There was not, infact, a chance for any kind of motion as time and place were not even there ( it is all practically impossible ) becaus the universe - the interaction between time and place - simply exists.

b) Time Having Nil Value ( t = 0 ) :

The worth of time between me typing a letter and me typing the same letter equals zero. it'd be pretty much accurate to say "there was no motion" because both time and place were there. they just did not change.
hence, the zero-value time is no more than a timeless state of timelessness.

The diffeence between motion in case 1 and motion in case 2 resembles the one between a baby who was not born because its parents did not have sex, and a baby who was not born because its parents had never met.

Before the formation of the universe, time did not have a nil value as it, indeed, did not even exist ( timelessness ).

4 - The Invalidity Of The Theory Of Spontenous Creation Of The Universe :

One could come to the conclusion that there has been no chance for an acion to take place ( occupy a unit of time and place ) because neither time nor place is older than universe.
It would have taken what was there before the universe ( which is, logically, absolute nothingness ) an interval of time to turn over into a universe. I have been interested in the being essence, rather than the quantity, of time.

Owing to the fact that for an action ( motion ) to take place, there must exist a certain period of time. The spontenous creation of the universe, being an action, would have, logically, occupied some time. which obviously contradicts with what's mentioned above and is a gross violation of the law of conservation of mass, the law of conservation of energy, and Newton's third law.

I have had to quit atheism, that accompanied me for three years, and embrace Islam, the only belief that has made sense to me while coming to grips with mankind's different doctrines and religions. Islam could perfectly correspond with what my mere mind has reached as well as every scientific fact.

The universe with the accuracy and unity of its laws has been created by a God, only one God, who is worth gratitude and apperciation. That is what Islam is all about. the good and the welfare of humanity is the message of Islam through out time and place.

As a muslim, I believe all people are equal. I, therefore, treat everybody the same way. In Islam, there is no room for eugenics, racism or sexism. I have friends of every belief. My best friends are either christians or atheists. Islam has taught me to carry love and apperciation for everybody. and that is what I proudly do.

Islam amazingly set me free.

Islam respects my being, brain, body, thoughts, dreams, and hopes, showing me the real meaning of freedom, peace and love.
Above all, it gives me a reason for being alive.

with all love,
Bertrand Noble

The young Pharaon, Bertrand Noble


The following comments are for "Scientifically, God Exists !"
by Noble

"I have rejected the idea of the spontaneous formation of the universe."

I have rejected the spontaneous creation of God. If God is timeless, I see no reason that the universe cannot be timeless. Who made God? Saying that the universe was created begs the question. And saying that God is timeless just destroys your whole argument.

( Posted by: Lachrym [Member] On: October 1, 2006 )

well, lachrym, no one created God. that's all there is to it. god always has existed, and he always will. god created time, therefore, if he created the universe before time, then it is indeed timeless, and so is he.

( Posted by: Grypho [Member] On: October 12, 2006 )

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