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Just a few minutes ago, I heard on the TV that the Vice President had been shot. Then all the TV Stations switched to the scene where it happened.

They showed the Vice President Jon Marbohn coming from a building and waving to the crowd. Then the next second in the background you could hear a gun being fired in the distance. After that the Secret Service could be seen pushing the Vice President into a waiting car and it driving away very fast.

After that the Police and Secret Service are shown putting a young boy to the ground. He appears to be only in his teens. The TV commentators refuse to give the details right away. They put the boy into a Police Unit and drive away.

Then the scene switches to the Hospital where the Vice President was taken. All you could see in the Hospital were Police and Secret Service Agents all milling around waiting for some word about the Vice President.

Thirty minutes later, the stations were still broadcasting. The boy that shot Vice President Marbohn thought that the Vice President put his father in jail along time ago. He talked, “I tried writing letters to the Vice President and the President to have them help me find out where my real dad was. My letters were never answered. So I shot the Vice President to prove that the Government doesn’t really help anybody!”

The Secret Service who went to the City Jail told the boy, “Why don’t you think that your father is your real father?”

“I don’t think that he is because I don’t look like him. I don’t look like any of my brothers or sisters at all. I don’t look like my mother either. I think that my father is the one that is always talked about. His name is Glenn just like mine.”

“That man is not your father. He has no children. He is Catholic and knows quite a few women. He also lives in a retirement center in California. The only reason every one talks about him is for the government to clear his background. All of his friends from grade school and High School are no longer around any more. His High School has been sold and changed its name. If he was your father, you would have received a letter from us and so would’ve he.”

“I guess that I’m in trouble.”

“You sure are. You attempted to assassinate the Vice President of the United States. It is a violation of Federal, State and local law. Here is the officer that will take your fingerprints. You’re just a juvenile and could be tried for the offense as an adult.”

Three or four of the agents came in just as the officer was taking the prints.

The other agents told him, “Agent Russell, the Vice President has just died. That means that Glenn will have to stand trial or go to a State Hospital for a long time. His parents have just called and we have given them the bad news. They’ll be here shortly to see him. Agent Russell you stay with him until he is medicated and is in a private cell. I’ll relieve you for a half hour so that you can get a sandwich and some coffee.”

“Thanks Agent Barnes. I need to get something to eat. I’d also like to get some fresh air. This room stinks. I’ll be back in 30 minutes. I’ll go to the machines here in the station and then I’ll step outside for awhile just to get some air.”

Another Agent phoned Agent Russell on the phone extension. “The smell is just the boy. He maybe defecated in his pants. I’ll have to get someone to clean him up. The boys’ parents are here to see him. We’ll let them in after he is cleaned up.”

“Thanks Agent Williams. I’ll be back there in a few minutes.”

Agent Angela Rosen just arrived with a Matron from the Police Department to clean up Glenn. They took him to another room to bathe and clean him. They also put on some jail clothes.

After he was finished, his parents the Kula’s were allowed to see him. He was allowed see them alone.

“Mom! I’m sorry for what I did.”

“You should be sorry. You’ll have to be tried for Homicide and you could go to jail for a long time. Your father and I will be at your trial and so will your doctor. You haven’t been taking your medicines on a regular basis. How did you get the gun?”

“Mom, I don’t like to take those pills. I’m old enough to determine whether I have to take medicines or not. I bought the gun out of my savings and lied about my age.”

“Glenn, you shouldn’t have done that. A long time ago, I had a firearm and got rid of it. It’s the Police that have to carry a gun.”

“Dad! I’m sorry that I did it because I think that you and mom are not my natural parents. I think that some how I was put on a drug to make me think that you were my parents. I don’t like you or mom.”

“Glenn! We’re your adopted parents. We adopted you when you were six months old. We don’t know where your natural parents are or if they are alive. We’re sorry! You should have been told about that earlier.”

“We’ll be leaving and we’ll see you on the day of the trial.”

“I don’t know the date of the trial.”

His dad answered, “Glenn, the trial will be after the burial of the Vice President.”

“We’ll see you then.”

“By Mom and Dad!”

Agents Russell, Barnes, Williams and Rosen all went to the Station Briefing Room. They all listened to the briefing by the Police Watch Commander.

In brief he said, “The boy Glenn Kula will be removed to the County Jail at 0600 tomorrow morning. He will be placed in the Federal Holding Area. While there he will be administered some medicines that will help him get ready for the trial. A Public Defender will represent him. The Secret Service will turn him over to the Sheriff at 0700 hours tomorrow morning. He will be transported by County Marshall who is coordinating the effort with the Secret Service and the FBI. Also the Vice President’s body will be transported to the West Terminal of the City Airport at 0730 hours tomorrow morning. There Air Force One will bring the body back to Washington, D.C.”

“Agent Russell! Do you have any thing to add?”

“I have something to add. The time for the Vice Presidents body to be moved is not 0730 but 0400 hours. We don’t want any crowds like there usually is when things like this happen. There will also be a Press Briefing at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning by the President Charles Bowtown. The Vice Presidents body will arrive at Andrews Air Force Base at 0800 hours Eastern Time. The event will be covered by all the major TV networks beginning at 0530 Pacific Time.”

“Thanks Agent Russell.”

Approximately at 4 a.m., the mortuary hearse and the escort for the body of the Vice President left the mortuary. The code word for the body’s removal was “Sleeping Giant.” They arrived at the West Terminal at 0430. The casket draped with an American Flag was then brought aboard by six military that would act as pallbearers for the funeral and burial etc.

The jailer awakened Glenn Kula. He sleepily got up and was given a fast breakfast. A few minutes, later he was taken to a transfer cell.

At approximately 6:45, Agents Russell and Williams arrived to get him ready for the transfer to County Jail. Things were running a little bit late. Special clothing was brought in for the prisoner. It consisted of a bulletproof vest and special cuffs that would keep his hands at his waistline.

When he was ready, they told the FBI and the Marshall to bring the van to the ramp at the far side of the building. There was no one there. The prisoner would make the move okay.

Glenn was hurriedly taken to the van and all of the Agents went to their van. There was also a lead van, the Marshall’s van and a van for the Secret Service. It was a twenty-minute drive to the County Jail.

Upon arrival the prisoner was taken to the third floor where he was put into a cell. The cell had no windows, a bed and a toilet. The protective clothing was taken off and he was given County Jail clothing to wear. An officer named James Stephan’s came to see Glenn after he was settled and the transfer was completed.

He introduced himself, “To begin with I am not just a Sheriff. I’m also a psychologist that will be helping you prepare for the trial. I would like for you to think about your motives for shooting the President. Also I want you to think about how and why you bought a gun. Also to help you organize your answers, I’ve brought along two paper tablets and a pen for you to jot down your answers to my questions.”

“I understand your questions. I’ll start writing today. When can I get something to eat?”

“You’ll have to wait. Lunch will be in a hour.”

“I hope that I can wait that long. I’m terribly hungry. Could I get a table or something to write on?”

“I think that it could be arranged for you.”

“Good and Thank You!”

“Officer Stephan’s before leaving told Glenn, “I’ll see you in several days. Just answer the questions and put all your problems on the paper I’ve given you.”

Glenn tried answering the questions but the answers came very slow and it was hard for him to write them. He got through the motive for shooting the Vice President and why he bought a gun. These took up several pages. He thought to himself that I’d have to do better than that because his answers would probably be used in the trial.

It was getting to be lunchtime and the jailer visited Glenn. “Glenn, you’re not allowed to associate or mix with the rest of the prisoners because of your potential charges. Your lunch will be served to you here in your cell. It will be here in fifteen minutes or so.”

“Thanks! What is your name?”

“Glenn! My name is James Salazar and I’ll be working this area until 8:30 this evening. I’ll be talking more with you this afternoon about the routine here at the jail.”

“Thanks Officer Salazar. I’ll be happy to talk with you.”

“Glenn! Here is your lunch. It is potatoes, salad, coffee, green beans and hamburger.”

“Good this lunch looks great and I am hungry.”

He ate the lunch and it made him feel better.
Earlier That Day

It is 8 a.m. and the President is just arriving at the Press Briefing Room at the White House. He begins, “Ladies and Gentlemen as you all know the Vice President was shot and killed by a young man outside where he was speaking the day before yesterday. His body will be arriving at Andrews Air Force Base aboard Air Force One shortly. The funeral is set for Friday after his body lies in state at the Capital Rotunda. Are there any questions?”

James Smyth from the New York Times was first. “Mr. President, what can you tell us about the assassin?”

“Mr. Smyth, the assassin was a young boy who thought things were not the way they were. He thought that his father and mother were not his real father and mother.”

The next person to ask a question was Joan Johnson from the Associated Press. “Mr. President, What and where will the funeral take place?”

“Mrs. Johnson, the funeral will take place this Friday after the body lies in state at the Capital Rotunda. It will be held here at the National Cathedral with all the five of the former Presidents in attendance. A minister of the deceased Vice Presidents faith will perform the service. The rest of the funeral will take place at Arlington National Cemetery. The body after the funeral will be placed on a cortege where five soldiers will escort it to the cemetery from the military. After reaching Arlington National Cemetery the body of the Vice President will be placed in a grave. The particulars about the funeral and the ceremony will be released to the press today by the White House Communications Office.”

“Are there any more questions? If not I’ll close this briefing.”

There were no more questions.
Ten O’clock that Same Day

The Vice Presidents body has just arrived at Andrews Air Force Base and the TV has just come on about it. The commentary was then about the upcoming funeral and the body lying in state at the Capitol. It is Thursday and the funeral will take place tomorrow morning Friday at the National Cathedral. The body was taken off Air Force One by five soldiers from the various branches of the military and placed into a hearse that would take it to the front of the Capitol. Other soldiers would be there to bring the body into the Capitol Rotunda. The drive to the Capitol would take about 25 minutes from Andrews Air Force Base. The body of the Vice President arrived safely at the capitol about thirty minutes later. When it arrived six soldiers from each military branch met the body and escorted it to the rotunda of the Capitol. From 11:30 a.m. until 730 a.m. the following day the people will be allowed to pass by the casket. They would be able to do it even though the casket was closed.
Three P.M. - Thursday

The President has called for another Press Briefing regarding the President’s choice for a Vice President. The White House Press Corps were all assembled as the President walked up to the podium in the Briefing Room.

One of the Press assembled asked the first question. “Mr. President, I understand that you have a candidate to replace the deceased Vice President?”

In reply he answered, “I do and let me tell you about my choice. He is a member of the Senate and is the Senate Majority Leader. He is also in his fifth term in the Senate and is quite capable of serving as Vice-President. His name is James Masine. Are there any questions?”

There were none and the President added that there would be a Senate Hearing on Monday just three days from now to decide if Senator Masine could become Vice President. The President then left the room.
Back at the Jail

Glenn has another conference with the psychologist and they decide that he should be sent to a Psychiatric facility for treatment. His motives in shooting the Vice President were not homicidal nor were they pre-meditated. He proposed a jail facility in the same county. The psychologist told him that he would take care of the transfer. The jailer came to tell the psychologist that he was needed elsewhere. So he left and told Glenn before leaving, “I’ll have the Public Defender make arrangements with the court for you to be transferred to a psychiatric facility this week sometime. That way you won’t have to stand trial for something that you did and weren’t aware of the penalties.”

Glenn was both surprised and astounded by what the psychologist told and did for him. He asked the jailer if he could write a letter to his parents. The jailer replied, “I think that we can allow you to write your Mom and Dad. I’ll bring you a few sheets of stationery and an envelope. When you get it done leave it unopened so that I can read it first.”

He came back a few minutes later with the stationery and an envelope. He told his parents that he could receive letters from them. He also gave them his address so that they would know where he was. Glenn mentioned to his parents that he might not be going to a jail sentence but just to a State Hospital for a while. He also told them that the Secret Service has no say so as to where he goes. It is up to the Public Defender and the courts to decide. He told them that he wasn’t allowed to congregate with the other prisoners because they were adults and he was a juvenile. He finished writing the letter and gave it to the jailer unsealed.
Friday Morning - Washington, D.C.

The people have gathered outside the capitol for the removal of the Vice-Presidents body for the funeral. They will use the funeral cortege for the removal to the grave. For the trip to the church, a regular hearse will be used. Six soldiers escorted the flag draped casket to the hearse from all the branches of the military. It will be a short drive to the former Vice-Presidents church. His family has chosen St. Monica’s Episcopal Church that is located at 1342 Massachusetts Avenue, SE in Washington, D.C. for the funeral.

The President Charles Bowtown has just left the white House for the church and the burial. He is thronged by Secret Service Agents. Following his vehicle are vehicles that the living former Presidents are riding in with their wives. They are also surrounded by Secret Service Agents. Fifteen minutes later, they all arrive at the Church. There is also more Secret Service Agents at the church. In addition to the Secret Service there are Capitol Police there also. The President and First Lady also along with all the former Presidents hurriedly go into the church to their places.

Five minutes later, the Vice Presidents casket arrives at the Church. The Pastor of the church Reverend Michaels stands at the center of the altar to await the casket being brought into the church. The six soldiers carry the casket into the Church very slowly and with much ceremony because of it being the former Vice-Presidents casket.

After the casket reaches the altar, Pastor Michaels reads the first seventeen verses from Psalm 90. Then there is a short prayer and some music. He then continues with some more prayer. He states, “We are gathered here this day to pay our respects to Jon Marbohn. Today for the comfort and hope we need let us turn our thoughts to the love of god. He cares for us even when we do not need to be cared for. For in the midst of each such sorrow we must lean upon God. We must remember that what sorrow is to us, is great reward for Jon. For Jon has graduated from this life with its troubles and pains to a better life eternal with his Lord and God.

At such a time as this we need to trust in the Lord God. He is a God of sympathy and understanding. He knows our hurts and loneliness. He knows how we feel. The Bible tells us that we know our sorrows and records our tears. If He sees the tears, He knows the reason those tears fall from our eyes. We are told that he knows all our thoughts, ways and our words. And that a book of remembrances is written before him for those who fear the Lord and think upon His name.

The words that seem most appropriate today are those of the great Apostle Paul, who said as he came to the end of his life, I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, and I have kept the faith. Paul left this world a better place then when he found it. He had been faithful to his God and now prepared to go for his reward.

These words also describe Jon’s life. Especially the part about keeping the faith. Jon too left this world a better place than when he found it.

Jon kept the faith with his wife Bobbi. When two people enter the marriage bond, they do so in faith. No one knows whether the other will always be true. But they accept each other upon faith, taking their vows, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer. Faith is a lovely thing at the marriage altar, but it is far lovelier after many, many wedding anniversaries have been celebrated at which one can say. Now abideth faith, hope, love, and these three for the greatest is love. Jon and Bobbi were married for 30 years.

Jon kept the faith with his children, Sally and Roy. When parents bring children into this world, that is an adventure of faith. They do not know whether the children will bring honor or shame to the family, they proceed with faith. On the other hand, the children cannot know whether the parents will keep faith with them. They may disappoint them or forsake them. One of God’s greatest blessings is a Godly parent. Children who have such parents should thank God daily.

His children, Roy and Sally enjoyed the privilege of a Christian father and his faith will remain a part of you. Jon kept the faith with his son, Roy and his daughter, Sally and with his grandchildren. And they all kept the faith with him. Theirs was a love and concern that all could see and feel even to the last. This love will remove with you for the rest of your lives. No one can take the memories, they are precious to you.

Most importantly however is the fact that Jon kept the faith with his God. He loved God. There was no doubt about that. It was the realization that a greater power was behind his life that gave him courage and kept a light in his eyes. He never lost sight of the fact that God was holding his life. Jon’s faith is an example to us all. When one gives them to God, God puts some of himself in us. He lends us reasoning powers to think more carefully, by seeing above the present towards a better tomorrow. He puts a love in us so we can love others with a genuine concern and compassion. He puts forgiveness in our spirits so we are not bitter at ourselves, or others, or with Him.

There was something Jon had that we could all see. That something was God. You can have that same God by asking Jesus into your hearts. When we lose a love one and a friend like Jon it leaves an emptiness that is impossible to fill. Jon cannot come back to us, now we would call him back if we could. King David said of the baby lost, He cannot come to me, but I can go to him. And so it is that someday we will have the promise that we will meet again. The void is great to each of us for different reasons. His faith is our example and our hope. God will bring the peace that passes all understanding to each of you as you lean on Him.

Let us pray. We lift our hearts in gratitude for the life of Jon, who has now gone from amongst us, for all he was to those that loved him, and for everything in his life that reflected your goodness and love. We thank you for the privilege of knowing and sharing in his life. Help each of us to lean into you as Jon did. May we remember that those whom we speak of as dead are alive with you for evermore? May Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit bless you and keep you, now and forever more. Amen.”

Pastor Michaels then turned to see if Jon’s family were in the church. He wanted for them to come pay their last respects to Jon. He also wanted to give them Communion and a personal blessing. They were there and they came forward. He blessed them and gave them Communion. After they received Communion, the rest of those who wished to receive Communion could come forth. They all did so. The President received Communion also along with his wife. A few minutes later the ceremony was over and the military pallbearers came forward to take the casket to the Funeral Cortege. There would be a convoy of vehicles and cars behind the cortege carrying the casket of the former Vice President. The pallbearers got the casket outside of the church and loaded on the cortege. They started off and the people followed. There were thirteen cars in all. The route to the cemetery would take them almost thirty to forty minutes to reach the cemetery.

The family picked out the gravesite. It had a simple marker and inscription on the marker. Thirty minutes later the procession arrived at Arlington National Cemetery. All of the people arrived behind the cortege carrying the casket. The military pallbearers carried the casket to the grave with much solemnity. The American Flag draped the casket. This they would later take off of the casket and give it to the deceased Vice Presidents wife. As the casket reached the gravesite off in the distance was a twenty one-gun salute that is customary for a fallen Vice President. Following that Pastor Michaels began the committal service. “Now is the time to release Jon into what we know is his greater good; his fuller expression. Because we love Jon, we are willing to support him with our faith and our growing consciousness of oneness of God. We are willing; no matter how deeply we shall miss his physical presence, to let Jon go into this new unfoldment without trying to hold him back, because we would not dim the joy of his new experience.

Let us do this with all the trust and faith that is expressed in the 23rd Psalm. Let this be our word of faith and love that goes with him now.

‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you, not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, either then let them be afraid. You heard me say to you, “I go away and I will come to you.” If you loved me, you would have rejoiced because I go to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.’

And heeding these words of Jesus, we do not rejoice, knowing that Jon having no further need of his earthly body, has laid it aside willingly, and continues on in a greater and more beautiful life than he has ever known.

Now, may God - the God of Peace- be with us, the God of Love consoles us, and the God of Wisdom causes us to know that there is no death?

And each of us, having released Jon - lovingly to his greater good, now return to the task each of us has pf expressing God at the highest level of our capacity in our daily lives. And so it is. Amen.”

Pastor Michaels then concluded his part of the service and stopped to say a few words to Jon’s wife, Bobbi. She thanked him and he then stepped to one side while the flag was taken off of the casket, folded and presented to his wife, Bobbi by the military officer in charge of the burial. She thanked him and then after holding back her emotions began to sob. It took her a few minutes to regain control of herself walked to the van that would take her and her family back to their home.
Friday Night - Eight P.M.

The President called a press conference for Friday evening to discuss the new Vice President. He has just now entered the Lincoln Room for the press conference. He starts off by saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Senate has just now passed by a majority vote the nomination of James Masine as Vice President. He will be sworn in tomorrow Saturday at twelve o’clock in a private ceremony here in the White House.”

After the announcement, there were a lot of questions on the matter. One of the AP Reporters asked, “Can you tell us more about him?”

The President answered, “Mr. Masine has been a member of the Senate for eight terms. He serves on the Senate Banking Committee, Budget Committee and several oversight committees. He is 59 years old and is married to a lovely woman named Pat. She is not related to the former first lady Pat Nixon. They have two children that are nine and twelve years old. He is a graduate of Harvard University with an MBA and has done extensive reading on Foreign Affairs and International Relations. He has written several papers on these topics and they will be made available to you tomorrow at 9 a.m. You may obtain your copy from the White House Press Office in the morning.”

Another reporter from the Christian Science Monitor asked, “Can you tell us more about his religious beliefs and his faith?”

“I can? He is a Protestant and attends church service here in the Capitol each and every Sunday. He is a fundamentalist and believes in God. He doesn’t believe in the death penalty nor does he believe in abortion.”

The President added, “All of this information can be found in the press release that you will obtain tomorrow morning with his papers.”

The President then walked off and back to his office.

Saturday - 12 Noon

The President and his cabinet have just arrived in the Lincoln Room at the White House for the swearing in of James Masine as Vice-President. Along with the President was his wife and the James Marshall a Justice from the Supreme Court. The Vice Presidential Nominee stepped forward and put his hand on his father’s Bible and raised the other hand. Justice Marshall said the oath and Mr. Masine repeated it as he said it. At the end he said, “So help me God!”

There was some applause and a handshake from President Bowtown. Following the oath, the New Vice President gave a short speech. He stressed his happiness at getting the Office and thanked the President for nominating him. He also elaborated on what his intentions would be as Vice President. After the speech the President and new Vice President had a quiet lunch together.

After the lunch, both men went about their own ways and the business of the government went back to normal.
Glenn’s Court Hearing

Glenn was told on Sunday that he would have to appear in Superior Court for a commitment hearing. He was told that the hearing would take place next Tuesday. Glenn was told that the Public Defender would see him Monday morning at 9 a.m.

It got to be Monday morning and the Public Defender finally arrived. He introduced himself as Robert James. “Glenn, I have made arrangements for you to be transferred to a Psychiatric Facility here in this county. While there you will undergo therapy and be put on a drug. The drug will help your mind. I’ll see you in court tomorrow morning.” He then left the visiting room and ordered the prisoner to be taken back to his cell.

The next morning, the jailer got Glenn up early. They allowed him to shower, shave and get into fresh clothing. At 8:30, he was taken to the jail prison transportation center to go to court. He arrived at the court at 8:45 and was escorted to the courtroom on the fourth floor. Mr. James the Public Defender was there also. His honor, Michael Barros came to the courtroom from his chambers at exactly 9 o’clock. He stated, “This is not a trial but only a commitment hearing for Glenn Kula. Shall we proceed!”

Mr. James began, “Your honor my client is accused of murdering the Vice President of the United States. He did this because he was confused. He wasn’t in the right state of mind. The Secret Service has sent me a copy of the record. They requested commitment to a State Hospital for treatment. I request that the court grant this commitment.”

His honor then spoke, “Mr. James, the court will grant this commitment. The prisoner will be turned over to the State Marshall for transport to the State Hospital for therapy and treatment. He will stay for the maximum term allowed by law.”

Judge Barros then addressed Glenn, “Glenn, I hope that you will recognize that you’re going to a hospital for therapy and treatment. After you serve the term allowed under the law you will be allowed your freedom again with certain conditions.”

Glenn then spoke, “I’m not happy with the terms but I will have to comply with the law.”

“Mr. James, the court will still have jurisdiction over the prisoner. The jurisdiction will last until he has been in therapy for at least six months.”

The bailiff then came to escort the prisoner back to the transportation center for the return trip to the jail. Glenn was picked up and returned to the jail. Thirty minutes later, he was told that he would be picked up at five o’clock for the transport to the hospital.

Promptly at 5 p.m., the State Marshall came. He signed the order and put Glenn in cuffs. It was a short trip of thirty minutes to the Palatino State Hospital. He arrived and was taken to admitting where he was processed into the hospital. Glenn was assigned to a closed ward along with other men that were undergoing therapy and treatment for problems that they have.

After his fifth year, Glenn was released to a Residential Care Facility in the area of the hospital. There he stayed for the next sixteen years. He met a woman and married her. He told her of his problem and she told him she had the same problem. They continued their life together for a long time.
Author’s Note

This story was basically fictitious and may of never happened. It could happen because history sometimes is repeated by different stories.

I have written this on what I know of the law and the story is completely fictitious.

Glen Mayberry-Writer

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The following comments are for "The Vice President Has been Shot"
by USGlen

Cheney kills Quale in Bush?
My own fiction tends toward the surrealistic and/or the unrealistic. Your realism is dead on (hate the pun, love the punster?), but I felt as if this didn't really take me anywhere. You've got a new angle with a teen asassin, and maybe with the idea of killing a vice president (I haven't googled it but I can't think of any VP offhand as a target- Ford was president when Squeaky Fromme, Mansonite, took a shot at him.)

Just one amateurs's thoughts to another. I guess I was hoping that Quayle went Cheney hunting.

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: June 21, 2006 )

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