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Okay people, I'm sure you've all had a really weird date...I'll tell you mine if you'll tell me yours...Come on...Let's have some fun..Here's mine...Kacee

The day started out with me, my sister, and her school friend, walking a few miles to our hometown amusement park. We were looking forward to a great day riding the rides. (ferris wheel, planes, swings, tumble bug , the gorge {roller coaster}, and the ever popular dodge ems {bumper cars})

As I was riding the dodge ems, it seemed someone had it out for me...I was getting bumped all over the place...not by just one but three guys..I was the target from all sides. Becoming quite angry, I etched their faces in my memory...I was gonna get these guys. After the ride...I searched the park...finally found one (the tallest) and I turned all my wrath on him...
I had to stretch to grab the collar of his shirt...but he didn't frighten me. As I pulled his face down to mine...I screamed that If he ever bumped me again...I would kill him. (First road rage)

He and his friends apologized and gave us a ride home. I gave John my phone number (He was the cutest).

Then it got weird...I got a call from John asking if he could come to my house to see me...I was thrilled and said ,"yes."...The other two were together when they called to see if John was there...Soon they would be knocking at the door...we sat around looking at each one moved...Once John came by to take me to the Country Club...I think he was trying to impress me....the other two caught wind of it and were up my house in a flash and all four of us were piled in the car...watching each other...we got to the club , had a soft drink , must admit I was impressed...with the club not the guys...Dad had a fit when I got home because I went out with three guys...little did he know , I was safer with them than I would have been in a carfull of nuns...They each made sure the others would never make a move on me...I never even got a kiss...

Kacee Huggs

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The following comments are for "My Weirdest Date Thread"
by Nitz Kitty

Good Date Story!
Excellent weird date story, Kacee!

I actually haven't had many weird dates, which is really rather odd, given the frequent weirdness of my life.

A girl I was going out with in grade 12 threatened to jump off a bridge during one date, but all it did was piss me off. She was just looking for attention and, man, that ain't no attention I'm willing to give! I stuck with her anyway and it was a series of disasters. Attention-desperate drama queens are no way to go. haha.

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: June 2, 2006 )

werd date
when I was sixteen my father and our neighbor were constantly pushing me to meet, the neighbor' young brother-inlaw./ them thinking I would heal from my broken heart....for lack of reality I called this my blo\ind date ..The
whole day anticipating his arrival, thinking of course this person would atleast resemble his brother............... again leaving out
the importance of genetic make ups.////// and the whole course of the Webster
dictionary........ The young man enter through the kitchen as I shly turn my head toward the sound of the opening door... To my dismay his long greased hair laid in clusters around his face..
His clothing soiled looking as if he had fought
a hard battle with soap and won. Keeping in my
heart the fact that he was another living soul and I had no right to judge by looks alone.. how ever when he opened his mouth to speak the distinct odor of breath that needed relief from chewing tobacco ... I alas faint at
his feet.....
After being revived he gently let me down later when his brother IN LAW ... ask me for another date...... He felt I was to dramatic a person to suite him.... lol..... and I learned to listen to the sounds of every word.. not just chosen few........

( Posted by: CoCo [Member] On: June 2, 2006 )

Weird date thread
Thanks everyone for coming forward with your weird dates...
Viper: I always wanted to tell a jumper to go ahead and jump...because I don't think they would do it...but if they did ...I sure would feel bad.
Eric: That sure was a ego buster....I had that happen to me too...I also had a guy tell me ...I wasn't his type...OOOOOOh, that hurt...
Pen: Aw, he was just angry cause he didn't get to make out
Come on ...tell us another one...
Coco: I know exactly what you next weird date is about dating brothers.
Thanks again for contributing to the thread...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 2, 2006 )

A couple more weird dates
I met this guy after I had just broken up with my fiance of 2 1/2 years...and wanting everyone to know I was back in circulation I accepted a date with him...first we went out to eat and he bought me my first lobster...that was good...then we went to a movie...I don't even remember what it was because I spent all my time trying to get away from this guys sweaty hands...he put his arm around me and had his hand on my shoulder...his sweaty ,wet hand was soaking my shoulder...I had to lean forward through the whole movie...then he took me to his house and offered me a drink...he wanted to impress me with his nice house and his father's bar....His parents weren't home so I guess he thought he was going to get lucky...He was lucky he didn't try anything...Now this brother was a short dumpy blond with a crew cut... A Polish fellow that spoke like Lawrence Welk..and another time he wanted to take me for ice cream in the family's vintage car...Model T I think...I made him promise me that he wouldn't touch me... before I went...the darn car broke down ... and I had to sit with the car while he went to get a tow truck...never did get the ice cream...

Now for the other brother...A friend of my sister's asked if I would go out with her boyfriend's friend for New Years...His girl had just broken up with him..we get to the party and he goes off with his friends...I didn't know anyone...he found me again when it was time to get the midnight kiss... but all he got was my hand in his face...Too bad because this brother was tall, dark and handsome with a red sports car...just a little too full of himself...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 2, 2006 )

Dead cats everywhere
Okay, I've had a lot of wierd dates, so it was hard to choose which one would merit a mention here.

My sister "fixed me up" with a friend after my divorce, thinking that she could do a better job of selecting a man than I had.

She knew the perfect man... a nice Christian man who had not dated since his wife passed away.

The date was set, and I waited to be picked up. The man arrived - tall, very handsome and wonderfully chisled. But, it went downhill from there.

I'll skip to the after-dinner part. He was a carpenter and wanted to show me the house he was building and asked if I minded driving by it on the way home. No problem.

In the pitch dark of the winter night, we walked through the upstairs of a huge unfinished garage where he announced my children's bedrooms would be. (YIKES?! - he had met them briefly for the first time that day before we went on our date)

We walked across the field to a small shack he was living in while he worked on his house. Inside, you could touch the kitchen stove, toilot, shower and ladder up to the bedroom without moving an inch.

He asked if I would go up the ladder to see the view. (At this point I'm wondering where he's going to bury me when he's done.)

His mannerisms had become very strange, serious and intense. But, I had no idea how to get home, I was wearing spiked heals and a dress, and it was below freezing. So, I decided to roll with it and hope for the best.

Once upstairs, he pulled me down onto the mattress than filled the entire loft - with the exception of enough space for a TV that sat at the foot of his bed.

He opened the barn-styled doors at the head of the bed and the entire room opened up. Finally some light! The night sky was clear and the stars were magnificent that night, so I had to at least admit that this was intensely beautiful.

Laying beside each other, face down, propped up on our forearms, we stared in silence out over the rolling fields. Just then, he reached his hand between the head of the bed and the wall below the window opening, and pulled out a rifle.

My heart was leaping from my chest as I tried to act like this was all very ordinary as not to excite his emotions if he was unstable, as he played around with weapon as if it any ordinary object. I planned how I would defend myself, anticipating the various approaches he might take,if that was his plan (all the while acting immensely interested in is droning conversation). Could I catch him off guard and push him out the window, so that I could end up with the weapon?

We had had a winter with very little snow, and I commented that it was odd that there were little mounds of snow that hadn't melted, scattered across his field - at least ten of them I could see from my vantage point.

"They are cats," he said, very matter-of-factly.

"Cats?" I asked.

"Yes, dead cats. I had cats and this neighborhood is full of them. I lay here and shoot 'em when they come onto my land." I was horrified, but tried not to react.

"There must be a lot of cats around here if you have shot all these recently..." I attempted to make small talk.

"Nah... this is about 8 months worth." Wow, I thought... he just leaves them here, dotting the beautiful landscape. How bizarre!

Next, he asked if I minded if he put in a movie, asking if I had ever seen, "A thousand faces of death." I hadn't, but was about to get an education. It was a film of people dying; actually dying on film, one after the other, including clips from snuff films.

I insisted that I had to relieve my babysitter and needed to get going...

I did make it home okay, and alive, but it took about three weeks to get rid of this guy. He kept calling and stopping by with gifts like brownies in the shape of an acorn that he had baked himself, with an accompanying poem he had written for me about oak trees and how our love was strong like the oak tree, but grows slowly.

No part of this made sense to me, and he was determined not to let me go, because he "knew we had both felt that intense love on our first date."

So what do you think? Wierd? Or am I just picky?

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 4, 2006 )

I married my weirdest date

My weirdest date must be my first date with my bride of twenty one years, mostly happy, some twenty six years ago. Unfortunately, after all this time we have distinctly different recollections of this most auspicious occasion. In the interest of continuity of marital bliss, I must decline to share either version. I'm trying to think of a story I might safely share.

The thread I mentioned previously should pop up tomorrow.

I enjoy your fun thread ideas. Thanks.


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: June 4, 2006 )

he "hates" cats
They are cats," he said, very matter-of-factly.

"Cats?" I asked.
This had typos galore, but this one is important - this should have read:

"Yes, dead cats. I hate cats and this neighborhood is full of them. I lay here and shoot 'em when they come onto my land." I was horrified, but tried not to react.

"There must be a lot of cats around here if you have shot all these recently..." I attempted to make small talk.

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 4, 2006 )

Lady M.
Your date certainly wins the the Weirdest Award so far...Nice Christian man? Snuff films...Are you sure this is true?...It's hard to tell now a days...You had your own stalker...good thing it didn't turn ugly with him likin' guns so much...
That reminds me ...I dated this guy a couple of times when he took me home to meet his Mom...They offered me a cup of coffee and asked me if I wanted milk...he pointed to a carton on the table...I usually did take cream and sugar in my coffee but not that day...good thing I looked into the spout of the carton...cause there was a piece of wet bread floating around in the milk...I had my coffee black that night... Not quite as bad as dead cats but gross none the less...Thanks for the contribution to the thread...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 4, 2006 )

Tis true
I have story after story that is my life - many would be hard to believe. I have been thinking of late, that I need to start documenting things with confirmations by those close to the situation. She fixed me up with another good Christian man years later. He also turned out to be a complete hypocrite. I almost married that one before I caught on. He had built a tighter facade. She gave up after that and decided I had done no better than her at selecting men.

My kids tell me that I am flypaper for freaks.

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 4, 2006 )

Lady M.
Hehehe ...flypaper for freaks...that's a good one...I call myself a Goon Magnet ...tell you what...I've found shopping to be a bigger thrill than a weird date so I'll unhook my magnet and you roll in your flypaper and we'll go on a spending spree and do lunch...and talk about writing a book together...I'll bet we could knock a few socks off some prudes...Glad to have you at lit...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: June 4, 2006 )

Freaky Date
Lady M wins hands-down. Yikes.

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: June 4, 2006 )

I laughed reading your comment!So funny - sounds good,just say when.

Thanks for welcoming me to Lit.

Mitulia Louise

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 5, 2006 )

Viper - freaky date
I think I need to start compiling some of these little chapters in my life that I don't think to document... writers do stuff like that, right?

Thanks for reading,

Mitulia Louise

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 5, 2006 )

That is weird...I couldn't live in the same house as my ex spouse...and him having VD is really scary ...and to think that idiot expected you to go out with him after telling you he had a social, sexual disease gross can a person get?
Thanks for your weird addition...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 6, 2006 )

dead cat bounce?

I must in fairness add that my wife also married her weirdest first date, but I think our second date was stranger, involving sin in a church parking lot. Perhaps the abundance of cheap wine explains the dissonance of our fuzzy memories.

Thanks for the fun.


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: June 7, 2006 )

It's just amazing what some people will think is normal!

Mitulia Louise

Soos... that naughy little edge worked out for ya, huh? ;)

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 7, 2006 )

Baptists, Boones Farm, a Bosum...

...and heel marks in the headliner. Yeah!

I've said too much.


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: June 7, 2006 )

Strange Dates, hmmm!
The dead cats can not be topped - I can only imagine how that felt to be stuck with that guy and wonder how to get out!!!

My strangest date didn't start as a date at all. I had to drive a deaf friend half across the province so he could attend the Canadian Deaf Curling Championships. Since I didn't want to have to sit there all alone I invited a friend of a friend, who also had the day off, to come along and keep me company. He agreed. We sat and drank coffee and chatted for the day in a building where you could have heard a pin drop as everyone else was signing. We could not believe that we could talk non stop for the whole day and got on so well. We got married 6 months later! We still talk non stop!

( Posted by: The demure 1 [Member] On: June 7, 2006 )

weird date turns to love
I'm glad you had the chance to add a date to my weird thread...
Maybe you could speak as loud as you wanted thinking no one could hear you...but the deaf hear with their eyes...maybe some one was listening...If they don't want to listen they cover their eyes...
I took about 10 sign language classes because I wanted to help deaf people in the stores where I worked...haven't been in the work place for many years but still remember some of the signs...I call sign language ...short hand language and that's why I love short poems...say what you have to say with the least amount of words...thanks for your contribution...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz kitty [Member] On: June 7, 2006 )

ah, oh
You're in trouble now.....Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 7, 2006 )

My goodness!!!!! Strange Dates????
lady M sure has a talent for story telling - that was simply a show stopper of a date. I am still shuddering and as an amimal lover am horrified.

I haven't done much dating as my life has been too busy but the only strange one I can think of is ...
I love shooting pool but do not like going into those places alone in one of the cities I used to live in. to ease my discomfort and provide companionship, I used to go with a male friend who provided the appropriate escorted and off limits cover I thought I required! This friend was gay and we enjoyed each other's company totally. I would see a cute guy and remark and he would reply "I saw him first, sugar!" We did make an odd couple but we had so much fun together!

( Posted by: witchy woman [Member] On: June 9, 2006 )

Witchy woman
Thank you for your contribution to the weird date thread...I have to agree...Lady M...wins so far hands down...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 9, 2006 )

strange, cats, ladies M and all
I'm quoting a comment I left elsewhere ( reply to a comment on my own "Doggerel Show- part 10") some time ago because it seems fitting here, and I tend to repeat myself anyway.

"I hope there is a special place in Hell for people who are cruel to animals, and a REALLY special place for cat-hating abusers.

I have heard boastful tales of abuse from cat-haters. I hope their special Hell includes receiving that same abuse in return, administered by cats if possible.

Cat abusers (always men, in my experience) seem to value obedience and submission. They resent feline independence and are driven to destroy what they cannot dominate, incapable of accepting love on any but their own terms. They tend to relate to women in like manner (not to say women are like cats but they are), for which they (cat-abusers) deserve even more special Hell treatment (administered by women if possible)."

Ladies, I advise that you RUN not walk away from any male cat-hater. Such a misogynist will likely hate you if he cannot control you, and maybe hate you even more if he can control you ("stupid b---- dumb f---ing c---!). Ditch the heels (even if Gucci) and ditch the heel.

I don't intend to be the wet blanket on the fun here. The wet blanket?- my cat's fault.


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: June 9, 2006 )

Thanks for the comment...being an animal lover myself...I can't see anyone hurting any living thing...I guess before we date a person we should find out if they like kitties first...Good idea...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 10, 2006 )

beware of cat haters
Soos and all - I agree whole-heartedly about cat-hating people.

Fortunately, this man was very honest about how hateful he was. So, I was able to avoid a difficult future with him. However, ironically as it was, in order to get rid of him once and for all (when he kept coming to my house), on an impulse...

(Well, how can I say this without crafting the longest run-on sentence?)

Anyway, let me start over... one day when he showed up at my door (unannounced as usual) my friend was there borrowing my vacuum cleaner. When the cat-killer wouldn't leave, I pulled my friend close and announced to the cat-killer that the real reason I was not interested in him was that my friend and I had become serious and were not going to see other people. My friend did a great job going along with it without warning. (It worked too, the guy never came back!)

Oddly enough, though, my friend (a warm man who loved animals) and I ended up dating and eventually got married. I had had enough of all the crazy suitors.

However, at the end of our first year of marriage, his facade started to crumble, and I found out that he was not even remotely like the person he portrayed.

He used to lure cats into the barn that was attached to the apartment we lived in with bowls of tuna fish. I learned this one day when I heard a commotion and walked into the barn to find him trying to kill a big yellow cat with a garden hoe as it dodged and shrieked.

I will never lose that vivid memory, although I have tried for many years now. We were together for 13 years, and this animal-hating-thing was a good indicator of what was to come in my years with him.

I should have gotten out then. But new babies have a way of giving you staying power.

I hope this is a wake up call to anyone who needs to hear it!

Italia Louise

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 10, 2006 )

I have a story that turns the other way..when our middle son brought a little kitten home that a neighbor had given him...(without my consent) then husband professed his hate for cats...he never mistreated the kitty. One day I awoke to hear my then husband talking to someone in the cellar while he was shoveling coal into our old furnace...His voice was gentle and caring as he asked."Moo, how are you?" the cat hater was conversing with our big tom...and all our cats found a safe haven on his lap especially our "Stubby" the cat with 3 legs...He just loved my ex...too bad the ex turned out to be a big stinker...

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 10, 2006 )

I like your story better! : )

lady M

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 10, 2006 )

My dad used to hate cats, and he still goes on and on about how much he hates cats and how stupid they are, etc. But he's changed. It's all an act now. Now the guy takes in kittens like buskers take in quarters, and he gives them cute names and takes adoring pictures of them. Faker!

I've known serious cat-hater,s though, and they're usually vile people in general. I had a friend in elementary school who wanted to test that urban legend about cats in microwaves. The cat lived but it seemed perpetually dizzy.

( Posted by: viper9 [Member] On: June 10, 2006 )

Viper - cates
I think you raise a good point. I've known people who go on and on about hating cats, but when they don't know anyone's watching they are as tender as can be. I agree that this is different. This is more of a "proving your masculinity thing."

The microwave thing makes me think of the stories my x and his brothers would tell. One of them still brags about using cats for experiments. Apparently as the story goes, there was a family friend who was a doctor, who used to give chloroform (sp) to my x's brother so he could sedate cats. He would them put in a home-made glass stomach so he could watch digestion. I don't know how many cats he did this to, but it sounded like a lot.

I always thought of what each cat must have endured from the time it woke up until it eventually died. And, I wondered where the cats came from.

There were other stories that brought a good belly laugh to family members as they sat around the table telling these stories. I will spare you those.

Lady M

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 10, 2006 )

cats even
sorry about the typo. Haste makes waste!

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 10, 2006 )

Cat Haters, Cat Lovers
I am a dog person, my husband is a cat person but unfortunatly we're not permitted by our grumpy landlord to have either so we have a baby.
We had, for many years, Siamese cats, and I have never seen such intelligent animals. They are very much one person cats and they were devoted to my husband. We still had them when we brought baby home. The female would sit by the carriage and meow if he as much as stirred. Some friends stopped by to see him and in their eagerness to see the newborn rushed the carriage. The female Siamese prepared to attack. I had to yell "No, Banshee, No!" Thank goodness she responded as she was prepared to shred and defend! Even as a dog person I admired the loyalty and the keen intelligence those cats possessed. How I wish we hadn't had to move and they had to have new homes along with our dog. They are very much missed.

( Posted by: The Demure 1 [Member] On: June 12, 2006 )

Sorry, Ms. Kitty
I didn't intend to turn the direction of your thread. Dogs are like kids- master is God. Cats are indeed like women- independent and difficult to fathom. It's a shame that cat-hating is somehow perceived as masculine.

Maybe if men learned to like cats, first dates wouldn't be so weird. (Effort to turn back to topic.)

On the other hand, almost nothing beats an independent cat choosing to sleep near your head and purr you to sleep.

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: June 12, 2006 )

No problem ...if people want to talk about dogs and kitties...that's okay with me...I love 'em least we aren't tearing at each other's throats... sound off about your pets if you want...Love you guys...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: June 12, 2006 )

weird date
This was a part of my Tidbits a young woman with a small chest I had to look into buying a padded bra ...and here is one experience I had on a date...

I finally found a good padded bra...with removable pads ...heavy duty foam rubber. The bra must have looked realistic because about that time I had a drive-in date with a football player. He was getting a little grabby during a kiss. I was so padded up that I didn't even realize what was going on until I heard him moaning...I opened one eye and noticed him massaging my breast...I couldn't feel a thing and he was getting off on a handful of foam rubber. It took everything I had not to start laughing right in his mouth. That was what I call a cheap thrill for him and a good laugh for me....Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 15, 2006 )

Weird date
Truth or dare to tell. My weirdest date ever was with Bill. I don't have time to tell it just now . Save it for later. Are you going to be doing more of these?

( Posted by: Legs [Member] On: June 15, 2006 )

weird dates
Legs...thanks for reading...and commenting...this thread will always be in the system...when you are ready just do a search for nitz kitty and the thread will be can add at any time...I hope you don't get in trouble with Bill if you tell...When the mood hits me I do put up different types of threads...the one before this was writing poems made up of song titles...It did well...thanks again...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: June 15, 2006 )

date thread
Hi Kacee.
I have weird cat stories (none to rival Lady M's) and weird date stories (again, none to rival Lady M's) but I thought I would share this.
I was about 22, and a waitress at an upscale place. I had a customer who came in daily, an older man who was always by himself but very kind and sweet. He would always ask to sit in my station and would leave me tips of books and silver dollars. He was a very pleasant old guy. His books were always very inspirational. One was "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", another "Hope for the Flowers", about life as lived by caterpillars, crawling over one-another to reach the top of the caterpillar pile, only to find that their need to 'get high' would be naturally found when they went with what came naturally, and became butterflies... Harmless old guy. Even left me an album he had recorded of bible songs.
When he asked me to join him for dinner one night, I felt that I would enjoy a dinner with a grand-fatherly man, interested in conversation with a pretty, young thing. I thought the companionship and conversation was what he was interested in. He was such a sweet old man-
All I can say is, glad I took my car, cause sweet old man turned into the biggest letch I'd ever encountered!
After that evening, he would still come to the restaurant, but the hostess wouldn't seat him at one of my tables, and he would still leave me a tip. I told him, after a few days, that I would be his waitress again, but that he needed to show respect to both myself and himself. He apologized, and we went back to my serving him food and his leaving silver dollars and books. The last time I waited on him he left me a book entitled "The Spoon River Anthology" which is still one of my favorites.
Guess you can't blame a guy for trying-

( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: June 15, 2006 )

date thread
Well, Elizabeth, grandpa was a dirty old man....good thing you did have your mom always told me ...take enough money for a phone call and a cab...but at least you were richer for knowing this man...Silver dollar wise and books...a weird date none the less...thanks for contributing to the thread...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz kitty [Member] On: June 16, 2006 )

Emaks - wierd date
I have learned that it is never strange for a man to approach a woman if she is younger - no matter how much younger. And, it is just now becoming acceptable for older women to approach younger men. Oh, the things equality has brought to us. : )

But this reminded me of another wierd situation of mine that wouldn't qualify as a date...

Lady M

( Posted by: LadyMitulia [Member] On: June 16, 2006 )

Lady M.
Aw...Come on ....spill it...we'd all love to hear about it....Kacee

( Posted by: NItz Kitty [Member] On: June 16, 2006 )

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