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Kyo was a tall, young, green angel. Three sets of green, almost transparent, wings were on his back, one under the other. He had on a black shirt that was tucked into his jeans. He wasn’t muscle man or anything, but he had enough for show. His hair was dirty blonde and his eyes deep brown. He wielded two, rusty old swords. His shows were plain black tennis shoes, relatively new.
There was a rustle in the bushes, behind Kyo. A scythe poked from the top of the bushes. Kyo spun around and rolled his eyes. A small creature walked out from the bushes, dusting the leaves from his shoulder.
The creature was known as a shadow imp. His whole body was covered by a red, hooded cloak, which dragged across the ground. His eyes were a deep, dark purple and his shoes were simple cloth. He held his scythe in his right hand, leaning it on his shoulder.
“Ah, there you are, Sheko. Come take a look at this”, Kyo said, standing in front of a cracked tree, and a puddle of blood. Sheko stared at the blood and tree, but shook his head and sighed.
“Ever since Kino Akira came to Earth, about a year ago to find Kayame, many wars have broken out. For all I know, this is just a small battle among enemies. There is no sign that Kayame had anything to do with this”, Sheko explained with his arms crossed around his scythe.
Kyo shook his head no, and walked up to a pile of black feathers. Sheko coughed and nodded. Sheko picked a feather up and looked at it closely.
“I was getting to that! This is feather from Kayame’s wing. Most would think it would be nothing more then a raven’s, but the way the wing is bent says it all. Kayame’s wing is bent down, un-like a raven’s, which is straight out”.
By the time Sheko was done explaining about the wings, Kyo was already in the sky, flying around the forest. Sheko growled and ran after Kyo, who saw Kayame land on the mountain. Sheko disappeared in a black ball, a reappeared on Kyo’s back.
“I found Kayame, but two others are with her”, Kyo said and flew faster, making Sheko need to hold onto his shirt. Kyo twisted and spun in the air with joy that her had finally found Kayame. Ever since they were little, Kyo always had a huge crush on her and when she left a few years ago, Kyo couldn’t get over her, so he left to find her. Sheko helped out Kyo, because he needed to find Kayame as well, for his own unknown reasons.
Kyo drew his sword and Sheko raised his staff into attack position. Kyo went into a flew spiral dive, and stopped him self, just before hitting the ground and turned up right so he could land on his feet.
“Kayame, I finally…” Kyo was cut off as he looked over the cloaked man.
“What are you doing here?” Kyo barked at the man, who just stood there with an icey smile. Kayame looked from Kyo, to Kyokotsu, to Sheko, then to the man with a very confused look upon her face.
“OK, WHY IS IT THAT EVERYONE KNOWS WHO HE IS EXECPT FOR ME”, Kayame yelled out pointing to the man.
“Kayame, how can you not know? This is your father”, Sheko said looking up at her. Kayame looked dumbfounded as everyone stared at her. The man, Kayame’s father Kino, walked up closer to her. A devilish smile glimmed across his face.
“So you forgotten me have you, Kayame? How sad, expecaily since I’m then one who you hate the most, but that was many years ago since you last saw me. So, now that I’ve found you, or you found me, what will you do? Will you fight, or will you run away with your tail between you legs again”, Kino laughed coldly as Kayame looked down, tightning her grip on the hilt of her sword.
Everyone gazed at Kino, taking one-step back for every one-step he took forward, but Kayame on the other hand stood her ground, still looking down. Kino took one last step closer to Kayame then froze. Kayame lefted her head, her eyes now blood red. Her hands twitched as they grew claws, and the feathers on her wings went as sharp at daggers.
“How dare you call me a coward! How dare you remind me what I did! And how dare you talk to me as if you know what I’ve been through! It’s your fualt that my mother, your wife, is dead, and now…it’s your fualt that your life with end now”, Kayame thrusted her sword at Kino’s chest. Kino simply moved to the side, allowing Kayame to loose her balance and fall.
“You haven’t been able to control your blood lust and form it into power yet”, Kino said joyfully as Kayame jumped back up. Kyo and the others were hiding behind a tree with either both eyes closed or one eye opened. Kayame muttered something under her breath and her sword split in two. Now, holding a sword in both hands, Kayame smiled coldly as she stared into Kino’s eyes. Kino tilted his head in amusement and a black glow formed around him. White sparks jumped from his body and a black light, formed in his hand in the shape of a sword. Kyo couldn’t watch any more. He was so afraid that Kayame would get hurt that he ran out in front of Kayame with his sword drawn and his body glowing a soft blue. Kyoko, fallowed Kyo in her wolf demon form, getting into attack position.
“So you all want to die as well. I guess I’ll take you out one at a time”, Kino said, his eyes gleaming with joy. Sheko waddled out from behind the tree, shaking his head no.
“Kyo, listen to me carefully. I want you to hit Kayame in the back of the head…NOW”, Sheko barked to Kyo, and then turned to Kino. He raised his scythe high in the air and slashed it down, making a portal. The portal was different shades of purple swirling together.
Kyo turned to Kayame, who seemed to be getting ready to kill everyone around her. Kyoko, was holding Kayame back, who was kicking and growling, trying to get away. Kyo stepped up to Kayame, and, using the hilt of his sword, hit her in the back of the head, knocking her out. She went limp and Kyoko picked her up in her arms.
“What now”, Kyoko growled at Sheko, who was dodging an attack from the black sword Kino used.
“Jump into the portal, all of you”, Sheko yelled at them, and with out waiting, Kyo grabbed Kyoko’s arm, dragged them into the portal, and soon disappeared into the darkness. Sheko jumped back, dodging one last attack from Kino before fallowing them into the portal. The portal closed and Kino faded away with a chuckle.
“We will meet again, and next time you won’t get off so easily”, were Kino’s last words before he faded all the way out of sight.

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by Kayame

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