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The dark forest was quiet, golden illuminating light was streamed through the boughs of the great trees which loomed over the forest floor. Bramble and bushes scattered every direction a tribute to natures unguided path of life. Darkness was welcomed here by the creatures both small and large. Every creature on this world would be considered nocturnal if only there was such a thing as daylight. No one knows how the beasts of this world survive without the life giving essence of true sunlight. It is a place that has been undiscovered for eternity, no visitors from the outside, and why would it have. It is so far from the galaxy's core that it barely even gets this dim glow that was illuminating the massive trees he was now looking up into. The lack of light was comforting to him, having no recollection as to how he had gotten there, he didn’t mind at all. For all he knew, what he was looking at was perfectly normal to him. He didn’t know how long he had been laying there, nor did he care.

Blood trickled from the wound in his side flowing across the dirt and leaves until it found a dry patch of earth for it to soak itself into. Reaching out with his mind he discovered that he could still move his right arm, focusing all his energy he pulled it out from beneath his crumpled body sending a searing pain through his entire form. When it was free he reached over to where the source of the pain was and felt blood oozing from a gash in his side, it was numb to touch and he could feel flaps of loose skin moving freely when he pulled on them. There was almost a sickening humor about it to him. He was dying. Slowly, he was bleeding out on this foreign planet that should not have been.

As he reflected on his wound his mind began to fade from him. Visions of a war, people screaming and dying, seeing people torn apart from great explosions. Women and children being murdered in their sleep.The forest jumped back into his veiw only it was a different one, and he was running there were others men dressed like him, in armor all bleeding, hurt in some way being chased by some loud metallic demon. He heard someone scream as the creature claimed him. But he couldn't help him, how could he? Then it was behind him, closing fast. A desire to survive thrust him faster and faster but it was useless, just when he could feel it's hot breath on his neck a blunt object struck his skull, darkness again.

Then... a cell, cold and dark. Walls made from steel too thick to break through, a door hissed open and a man dressed in red robes and carrying a curved weapon of some sort in his hand ordered him out. When he delayed the man dragged him to his feet out into a corridor filled with two kinds of people those who were dressed in red robes such as the man beside him and the others were naked, all men. He felt a stab in his back and he began moving with the line. He didn’t know where the line was going but he could hear screams coming from the end, where a flickering light could be seen ahead. In a matter of moments he entered a vast room filled with the clothed and the naked, torches lined the walls and in the center was a platform and some sort of altar but it was what was behind the altar that made him gasp. An archaic machine of some sort was suspended in the air, Chain and buckles were attached to it underneath a great blood stained blade.

Two robed men were dragging a naked man towards it, as a figure dressed in priest like robes recited an incantation using a strange language. The naked man screamed and thrashed wildly, as the two men began to strap him into the machine, upside down with legs and arms stretched out. Once they had secured him they stood back as the priest walked to a lever and as his incantation came to a climax he thrust down on the handle sending the massive blade straight down upon the mans groin. The blade seemed to have faced no resistance at all as it glided through the man’s body into the floor where it slammed to a stop as the two even portions of the mans body sickeningly fell away from each other. Vomit raced up his throat at the site and he lurched to the floor.

He jolted awake moments later and he was back on the strange planet again, shaking off the weariness, he tried to ignore the dream, uncertain as to whether or not it was real. He hoped not. His mind was losing itself he surmised. He was certain of that. There was something in his mind that was trying to let itself be understood some base instinct that was now starting to come through it was trying to take control of his body, and then he heard it.

It was the first sound that he had ever heard come from this strange world, but it was very familiar. Nothing sends a chill up one's spine quicker and more effectively than when you are in a forest at nighttime and a twig snaps somewhere out in the underlying brush. Whatever thoughts he had about death or dying, were now gone and the instinct that was trying to overcome him, came at him in full force. An unstoppable desire to survive. With almost supernatural strength he used his right arm to grasp the dirt and grass, it was slick with his blood and he lost grip twice before getting a hold of it. Using it as leverage he pulled his broken body up into a half-lying half-sitting position. Something knew that he was nearby, he could hear it rustling in the brush, huffing and grunting. Using his only good appendage he reached out and grasped another handful of grass this time it was dry and easy to pull on.

His body glided easily across the blood stained grass as he pulled himself away from the direction of the creatures noises, he pulled the reached out grasped more grass and pulled again. He was moving again but it wasn’t enough. The beast was getting closer and closer. It was so close but it wasn’t attacking him it was just trailing behind him as if just waiting for him to stop and die, or maybe it was trying to see if he was capable of defending himself. He could just give up and let the creature take him sooner, it would be easier that way. But instinct took over and he knew one thing and one thing only he wouldn’t let this thing eat him alive without struggle, he would fight the animal off with every last once of his life. Focusing hard he could feel fresh hot blood pour down his face and into his eyes, but his eyes were no longer dead and wandering, they were fierce with a rage and passion that would have sent any man fleeing.

Skin came off of knuckles when he scraped across a massive rock. Struggling for grip on the flat stone surface, he discovered that it was smooth with flowing dips that were hard to hold onto, panic seized him for a brief moment as he lashed around for a handhold. “No not now, there has to be… somewhere.” With a desperate lunge his hand caught on the smallest crevice, the movement peeled one of his fingernails back but he refused to release. Using his slowly exhausting arm to pull him self-forward he found more grass on the other side.

In minutes that seemed like hours he pulled himself into a small clearing, where he discovered with a dreadful reach that he had successfully pulled himself out of the forest and onto a cliff. Turning himself over onto his back he sat up and leaned against a rock, facing the forest. He could see the beasts’ eyes looking at him from the brush. Massive, blue reptilian eyes focused directly on him, his heart nearly stopped when he heard the hissing growl that came from behind them. Reaching for a weapon he grabbed a rock that lay next to him, it was pathetic in size and would not do anything. But he did not care anymore this creature had followed him all this way waiting for him to die, and he was not going to die while waiting for it to attack. “I will die fighting and now way other than that.”

Lifting the rock he let out a piercing scream at the creature and flung the stone at those evil eyes. The Forest exploded outwards as the beast flew from the brush. With a loud thump it landed ten feet in front of him and of what he could see in the dim light, it was massive. It seemed reptilian except it had fur and massive clawed paws that were about to tear him to pieces. A gaping maw of saliva covered teeth was pointed directly at him and those eyes, they had changed color and were glowering at him with a deep auburn red. Staring directly back at those eyes he let out a maniacal scream of rage at the beast throwing another stone at it.

It all happened so fast that he could have blinked and missed it. The beast lunged at him with a savage roar, he lifted his hands to his face ready to die. All he heard was a great tearing sound like massive claws through flesh, he thought that he was dead and was hearing the beast eat his body. But he could still feel the stone. There was a thrashing sound and a new roar split the air. Peering out from behind his arm he could barley make out the shape of two great beasts struggling with each other claws and fur flying. The other creature seemed almost human except for the fur that covered its massive body and the claws that flashed in the darkness. For a moment it seemed that the beast that was there to kill him was about to lose until it managed to get it’s hind feet under the other and kick it out across the clearing and into the tree-line. But the man like creature crashed back through and tackled the reptilian to the ground. But with a deft twist the reptile managed to roll out on top of the mammal pinning it’s arms to the earth with it’s massive clawed feet. The man-like beast roared, as the monstrosity reared back, it’s jaws open and ready for the kill.

When out of nowhere a small lithe form soared from the bush a glint of steel reflected from it as it attached itself to the back of the reptiles neck. Roaring in pain the beast lunged backwards, desperately trying to shake loose the dark figure that was clinging to its neck. However, the mammal that was now free wasted no time and leaped up, grasped the beast's scaly head and using it’s powerful arms twisted until a loud pop resounded from the creature’s neck.

The body slumped to the ground twitching and convulsing with spasms of death. The two forms rose up from the body, with the man beast giving the dead reptile a kick before rearing back and giving a loud victory roar. The two of them acknowledged eahchother as they turned their attention to the man that was leaning against the rock covered in dirt and blood. His arm had fallen to the ground as the battle was taking place and now as the two figures came closer his vision faded hearing only these words coming from the smaller of the two.

“Gitsuna, bona nojitu. Half’ag sek…”

When you dream, make it a good dream.
For dreams never last.

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