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Giest #4 : View To A Kill
by Christopher Crowe (
Copyright All rights reserved.

A well dressed man sitting at a desk looking out over Neon City
Giest is on a building ledge outside the window, across the street

"Sir, There is a Mr. Storm on the line for you" The receptionist buzzed over the phone.

Damien looks at the phone for a moment. Damien has an extremely high IQ, and the uncanny ability to predict seemingly impossible events, find patterns in random bits of data, and plan for every eventuality. Still, Mr. Storm remains an enigma to even Damien. Damien has been unable to get the faintest insight to this mysterious man.

"This is Damien" He answers.

"We are having a meeting" Mr. Storm said, and immediately ends the call.

Damien puts the phone back on the receiver. A meeting indeed, he thinks to himself. It has been quite some time since the Society has had a meeting. It's that time again. To report on projects left unfinished, and business, and up coming projects. Damien knew there was something else, and even with his abilities, he could not imagine what it could be, but he knew for sure it had to do with him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nathan walked outside onto his balcony. He had a good view of Golgotha's inner square from here. It didn't hurt that he owned the building. He called it the Golgotha Tenement. Four towering apartment buildings set in a square. In the center was the courtyard and the club house. Nathan didn't know any of his tenants personally. He didn't have time. And no one really knows that Nathan owns the place. After a little stretching, Nathan turns and walks inside. He picks up the disk Monarch gave him and tosses it up and down as if weighing its contents. He stands there, blankly, pondering what to do next, and just how he might find Monarch. He knew very little about this man. He knew that on some level they were connected. He also knew that Monarch was the leader of Legion. Nathan has had his fair share of run ins with Legion goons.

Giest walks over to his computer, and quickly sends a few e-mails to contacts he has on the street. Smart money says Dial will have the info. While he waits for a reply, Nathan suits up. The secret panel is his closet slides back. Giests new toys are ready for a field test. After the events of late, he had some of his designs made into reality. Giest pulls on his suit, clasps all the harness buckles, and puts his mask beside his computer. He loads up his belt, pouches and backpack with his equipment and extra ammo. As he's holstering his guns, he hears the beep of mail hitting his computer. He takes a couple more seconds to put his trusted allies in their resting places and sits down at the keyboard.

*** Dial, I knew it *** Giest thought.

"Meet me at Crawlspace, I have info that will help you. I'm on my way now" Dail's message reads.

Giest feels confident that Dial has the info he needs. Dial's never let him down before. Dial has an excellent network of street contacts, and he's connected in every possible way. Giest closes his closet and the secret panel closes. He pulls his mask on, and puts his gloves on. *** Now I'm in character *** He thinks as he jumps out of his apartment window. He does it because he can.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Gentleman, I'm glad you could make it on such short notice. This meeting is merely a formality, and provides me the opportunity to introduce you all to our newest member, Armond Dragassi." Mr. Storm Said.

Armond nods his head to the table of obviously powerful men. The meeting room was an incredible testament to these peoples status and power. The meeting table, a technological marvel in it's own right. Built in computer display, Comm system, monitoring stations and information at the touch of a button. This room, sound proofed and tucked away. The twists and turns to get in here through secret rooms, doors and elevators. Yes, these men had money and power. And that is what the Society is all about.

"As you all know, Mr. Dragassi was the leader of Tangent for over 50 years. Under his rule it was one of the most profitable organizations in the Society. He has recently retired and given rule over to his prodigy, Alex Regent. Armond came to me and offered to be the new Liaison from Tangent. I gladly excepted. Mr. Dragassi, I'm sure my associates will agree, you and your people provide an asset to the Society that can be found nowhere else. Your long tenure as Tangent's leader and experience provide us with insight we could not possibly hope to gain on our own. We are honored to have you as council, and as a member of this group" Mr. Storm finished.

"I am equally honored to be here. I hope the experiences and resources I bring to the table prove useful in time. Tangent is at your disposal, as am I." Armond replied.

"Damien, your brother has been very active lately. His actions have impacted our business on several levels. He must be dealt with. I know you see the damage his is doing. We are a family here. This family comes first. We need to deal with your brother." Mr. Storm said, with as much compassion as he could.

So that was it. Damien loved how Nicholas Storm, probably one of the most powerful men in the world, could boil down such a complicated problem into a few sentences and shoot it straight like he does. Direct, to the point, and its always about the bottom line. Money and Power.

"You are absolutely right. I've had one of my people watching him. I concur that he must be dealt with. I have waited long enough, he can not be turned. Cryogen has nearly broken him, yet he remains faithful to his cause. Take whatever measures you feel are required." Damien said firmly.

"Mr. Shiro, I know you've got a gread deal going at the moment. When could you be ready to handle this?" Mr. Storm asked.

"The current situation should resolve a couple of weeks.

"Mr. Shiro, I would be happy to put my people on it. Tangent has people and resources to spare. If you want them, they are yours." Dragassi offered.

"Excellent. Gentlemen, this meeting is over. Mr. Dragassi, the disk with details will be delivered to you in a few hours." Mr. Storm said as he and his body guards left the room.

The rest talked a bit about business and current events and eventually split up and left as well, each returning to their other lives. Only these men know who the Society is, and just how far it reaches.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Nice night to be out eh?" Said Dial.

"It is. And quite a bar. I've never been in here before. No One seems to notice I'm in a costume. Either that or they just don't care" Giest said.

"Probably a little of both, and the fact that its becoming common place to see you super types running around. What with the Government having its own super powered agents." Dial replied.

"Good point. So what have you got for me." Giest asked.

"This is good stuff. Turns out your pal Monarch is the product of one of CryoGen's experiments in Gene Templating. He's the product of a project called "Project 9" which fuses several types of unknown genes onto the human DNA. The goal being the ultimate killing machine. One without remorse and is ten time smarter, stronger and faster than a normal human. But something went wrong. And here you are. Your brother nearly died in the process. You and Monarch are the only ones who maintained a high visibility. Your brother and.. what?" Dial asked.

Nathan shook his head in confusion.

"Did you just say brother. I have a brother?" Nathan asked.

"Damn, you didn't even know that!" Dial exclaimed. "Here's the disc of all the stuff I found. And be careful. I don't think your what they wanted. I wouldn't be surprised if they come after you." Dial Added.

"Thanks" Nathan said, and slid a cred stick over to Dial. "Keep it. You earned it."

Nathan left, and quickly moved to the roof tops. He felt better up there where he could see what was going on. He moved around better up there. He popped the disc into his portable and began reading reviewing the new information. Giest felt that his shadow was back, and as he looked up..

"His name is Damien. You see that tall building over there. The tallest one in the city?" Monarch asked.

"Yeah, Sand's Tower" Nathan replied.

"That's where he is, right now. His office is on the top floor facing us" Monarch said.

"You know him?" Nathan asked.

"We all do" Monarch replied. " Go, See for yourself."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Damien looked out his window. He loved to be able to see the whole city from up here. He was always drawn to this view. He looked out at the city, and it was staring back. Nathan was on the top of the building across from him.

Next time Nathan meets his brother Face to Face. And one of
Giests friends will face death! Don't miss it!
Giest Vol. 1 #4 : View to a Kill
by Christopher Crowe (Crowebiashi)

Chrispian H. Burks
Lit.Org Owner / Founder
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