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Chapter 3

It is a light skittering across his face that rouses 1242 from his slumber. Creeped out and confused he tries to stand only to smack his head on the chambers low ceiling. The pain fully rouses him. He looks around, but the only lights in the chamber are the stars he sees from banging his head. He fumbles around in the dark for a moment, searching for the crevice that he entered from. Finally he finds it and begins his assent from darkness. As he climbs he is surprised to find just how fatigued he still is even after a long sleep. Every muscle seems bruised and is painful to stretch. Their complaint is silent if painful, while his stomach groans out itís displeasure at being empty for so long.

After reaching the surface he sees the sun setting in the distance. Realizing that heís been asleep for nearly a full day he is astonished that his luck still holding. He carefully makes his way down to the brook. Taking a moment to drink and then wash, he if careful not to open up his wounds. Once refreshed he redresses and then begins to head up stream. Shortly, he comes upon a small village that is settling in for the night.

Slowly moving from house to house he first acquires a set of soft-soled boots. They wonít stand up to much punishment, but they are better than bare feet. Next a darkened house beckons him closer. There are no lights on in the house, but there are clothes on the line. Not many, but enough to fit him. From the looks of it, probably a farmer with no wife that fell asleep after the days work. Quickly he strips off some pants, a linen tunic and short cotton cloak with a deep hood. Moving quickly to another field he strips off his prison bottoms and dons the stolen clothes. Turning to leave he almost forgets the paper packet hidden in the waistband of the bottoms. Quickly opening to check its contents he is met with the pungent odor of decay and must. The scent conjures up images of swampland and the undead. The packet contains several purple grey leaves and stalks of a plant called Shadethistle. It can be found in small quantities around or near freshly dug graves, especially those nears swampy areas or darkened places. It is quite rare in this part of the country. It can, however, be found in abundance in Colton a small borough in the province of Aranthal. Venturing there can be a feat unto itself due to the fact that the entire area is overrun with undead. To acquire Shadethistle is very very expensive, even more so when youíre a prisoner without access to gold. That is why the packet is very carefully preserved and also why is it so very important.

ďStill good.Ē He thinks wrapping the packet back up and placing it in a small pocket inside the cloak.

Moving slowly through the fields he is careful to avoid the firelights and move within the shadows. A familiar scent catches his nose causing him to stop. It is the smell of meat pie. Moving towards the scent he spies the pie sitting on a windowsill to cool. Slowly, he moves in towards his prey, unable to take his eyes away. Directly under the sill he reaches up and touches the bottom of the pie plate. Quickly he snatches his slightly burnt fingers. Placing them in his mouth he realizes that the pie will be too hot to handle. This, however, may be the only food he has an opportunity to gather and he will need his strength.

Bracing for the sting he reaches up and slides the pie down to his lap. Using the edges of his cloak he finds he can handle the scalding object. To drawn in his revelry he is unaware of a dog that has also followed the scent of the pie. Finding that the object of its desire has fallen into anotherís hands the dog at first growls then starts to bark alerting the family.

Cursing the dog, he bolts onto the back of the property and then over the makeshift fence. Two young men scramble outside, grab farm tools and give pursuit, realizing their dinner is in danger. The men are younger and more agile than he, but they lack the wisdom and experience of being both hunter and hunted. One minute they believe they have him in their grasp. The next, he has disappeared.

Huddled in a mass of black and blending in perfectly with the shadows he listens to the men curse their luck and moan about left over gruel. He waits until he is sure they are out of range before coming out under cover. Gently he guides the hot pie from hand to hand while easing his balance back onto his feet from his resting place. Looking back over his shoulder once more he makes sure he isnít followed. He then makes his way back into the woods.

Once sure he is far enough away from prying eyes he makes a small fire and begins to feast on his stolen pie. Itís cold by now, but he doesnít care. He eats until the pie is gone, but takes no pleasure in it. He tosses the tin aside and curls some leaves under him for a bed. The fire is large enough to provide some warmth and keep the animals at bay, but not much more. On a full stomach heíll sleep for a couple of hours and then make his way past the village and into the city. Itís dangerous, but he has an old friend to visit.

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The following comments are for "Name Forgotten, Grave Unknown - Chapter 3"
by wrath186

Hello Again...
Once again, I enjoyed the continuing of this story; it's such a smooth read. The only sentence I guess I could offer a suggestion to is:

"Finding that the object of its desire has fallen into anotherís hands the dog at first growls then starts to bark alerting the family."

It feels like there should be a comma or 2 in there. Then again I maybe a comma freak.. but take what you will.

I was hoping if I could ask you a question? You seem to write a lot of long stories/serials and it seems you do it with ease (the time in between each installment doesn't seem very long).. I was wondering when you write a story, do you find that you have to know every aspect of the story (ie. beginning, middle, end) before you can write it? I guess another way of rephrasing it is, what are the things you have to know before you're able to write the story? Or does the story line come as you go? I get so bogged down on a detail that I can't finish a story until I know every aspect of it, but then it just gets shelved. I'd love to hear anything you could input on the matter. Thanks again~

( Posted by: FurryNippleRing [Member] On: May 11, 2006 )

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