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[a]Some language, though battlefield accurate, may be objectionable[/a]

Jimmy looked over the top of the edge of the foxhole. "Jezzus, them bastards sure do blend in out here in the sand don't they?" Boxy spoke up "Hell Jimmy, Them A-rabs sure do know their turf. This is gonna be one fuck of a firefight when it comes down to it. I'm gonna need you to grab your gear and get the fuck out." This concerned Jimmy.

After all, Boxy had been the squad's only remaining Sergeant for weeks now. All the others had been diced to pieces in the last few weeks. Jimmy wasn't about to let the Sarge just get picked off by some sniper rifle. But he was here because he was the only one who could disarm it. Still outside the main compound, Jimmy wasn't sure he was going to be able to make it to the access door on the far end. It was a good 300 yards of sand, guard towers and pissed off Iraqi militants. He had to make it. If he didn't, the whole of the U.S. and British forces landing would die in a fiery blast from hell.

"Think these assholes know what they're sitting on?" Jimmy wondered. "Hell no! Would you tell you entire elite guard they were going to sacrifice themselves by guarding a ticking nuke until the invasion arrives?" Boxy retorted. "No, you aren't." he contiued,"You're going to tell them they're sitting on some sort of national treasure or some other such bullshit. Religion or not, I don't think these guys know what they are dealing with here. If they did, we'd see a steady stream of them trying to get as far away from here as possible." Jimmy agreed with this line of reasoning. It wouldn't make sense that every member of the Iraqi Army or other volenteers are kamikazes. Maybe this was his way in. He just needed to find a way to let them know without getting cut down in mid-sentence.

Jimmy gathered up his gear, put his bullet riddled helmet back on his head, and took a deep breath. In 21 minutes he'd either be a memory, or in for the escape of a lifetime. He took a deep breath, trying to prepare for the odds he was about to face. Just as he started to scramble out the rear entrance to the foxhole, Boxy grabbed him by the collar and yanked him back into the pit. "I didn't say go now. Stay down for a sec, we're being watched" Boxy whispered.

Carried on the wind was the sound of Arabic being spoken in abrupt shouts. Boxy motions to Jimmy that they are coming his way, and to be ready. Jimmy put down his gear, slowly grabbed his rifle and leaned hard against the side of the hole. Over the dull sound of their hearts beating they heard and American voice "Hey, guys, it's Sgt. Taylor, comon out... it's over. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I talked to these Iraqis and they seem pretty reasonable. They're gonna let us walk, free and clear!" Jimmy shot a confused look at Boxy. Boxy was too busy shaking his head and cursing himself out for not fragging that bastard when he had the chance. "Damn that dumbass. He's gonna get us killed, and the rest of the Army as well. Thank God he doesn't know why we're really here" Boxy muttered.

Taylor did know, and Jimmy knew it. He had caught Taylor listening in to the briefing earlier that week, but hadn't said anything as the Sgt. would have denied it and had his butt in the slammer for insubordination. Jimmy reached out and touched Boxy's arm. Boxy looked up, disturbed and semi lost in thought. Jimmy mouthed the only two words that Boxy knew he didn't want to hear. "Taylor knows." The veteran sergeant went numb. Boxy knew that Taylor never could keep his mouth shut about anything. Plus with the added odd behavior recently, he wondered if there was more to it than it appeared. Well, he knew that he had to pick his hills to die on, and if this was it, then so be it. But he wasn't about to let the mission fail, or allow Jimmy to die before he does.

Boxy looked Jimmy in the eye and held his stare for just a moment. In that moment Jimmy knew that Boxy had decided it was time to shit or get off the pot. Boxy grabbed Jimmy's shoulder and pulled him close. "Tell my wife I love her you miserable cur. If you don't, so help me God I'll come back to life and kill you myself. You don't gotta forgiveme for this... I know I'm going to Hell." Before Jimmy could react, Boxy hit him so hard in the stomach that he thought he was going to upchuck his lungs. Down Jimmy went like a wet sandbag.

Boxy leaned over and whispered, by the time you get your breath back, I'll be dead. With luck Taylor and that squad of Iraqi's he has with him will be a memory as well. You stay here until you think it's clear, then you get'er fuckin' done." Astonishment crossed Jimmy's face. He wanted to say something, but he couldn't get enough air in his lungs to produce more than a choked cough. "Looks like you are recovering faster than I gave you credit for." With that Boxy rears back and kicks Jimmy in the groin as hard as he can. Jimmy's eyes roll up in anguish, and Boxy smiles. "Good luck, God speed kid."

Boxy grabbed the helmet of Jimmy and climbed up and over the wall of the foxhole. "Hey Boxy, the kid still alive?" Taylor shouted. "No, sniper got him yesterday. Damn kid stuck his head up and got all the fuckin' rocks replaced with lead." Boxy finally got within speaking distance of the other Sgt. He tosses Jimmy's helmet down at Taylor's feet. With the blood of the rest of the squad all over it and the bullet holes in it, it was believable. Taylor decided that thought this was good enough, he had some unfinished business with Boxy.

"Didn't think you'd just up and give up like that Box" sneered Taylor. "Too bad though. I was lying, these Iraqis aren't reasonable. I never actually said that you'd leave alive, free and clear... just free and clear."

"All computers are garbage. They only contain answers." ~ Pablo Picasso

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