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I am not one to rant on about subjects I find foolish and/or over discussed, but may this once be a change in my usual speaking. I understand that people gripe and complain about the state of things about this country, usually the problems being blamed on the government. I think this is where we are making a mistake. Granted, there are some problems to be blamed on the government, but most of that blame can just turn right around and stick itself on us, the common people. Who put who in high places? Who tried to put who in high places? It all really doesnít matter because if the nation wasnít already in a state of disarray things wouldnít be as they are now.

WE are the ones that destroy the planet, not the democratic system. If you are the type to complain about the ozone or to complain on all of the transients in your town, donít use hairspray (or break wind for that matter) and give the poor all the money you have on you. But do not come to me with your complaints when you do nothing to change things and expect me to sympathize, I wonít and donít. Man kind is the root of all evil. Not money, for man made money, gave it worth, and therefore gave it power. WE are the greedy ones, the gluttonous. We are the ones to blame. Really and truly the government has no power without its people. Therefore we have no one else to blame but ourselves. There is no use blaming the system or blaming our ancestors for what is going on now. When things first started they were not as they are now. We are the ones who have made this country bad. I care not whether you are a liberal or a conservative reading this because if youíre sitting there shaking your head saying ďNot meĒ you are sorely mistaken. We all have contributed to the ďsinsĒ of our nation. To the problems which plague us. The democrats, the republicans, the between, all of us, none more than the other. Start taking your part of the blame, start changing yourself to fit what you preach. If you want morals in this world than exercise morals, if you want health for the planet then practice health for yourself first. If you donít want to have to pay so much for gas, hereís an idea, donít buy gas. Get a bike, roller skates, I grant you they will be cheaper.

This is where it has all gone wrong. We have gotten away from the hard work and the hard times. Yes, times are a little rough around the edges now, but we have really no idea how hard life can be. I regret knowing that I donít know what my grandmother went through. She lived on a farm in Oklahoma with 16 brothers and sisters, the family barely having enough money for all of them and the death of her mother when she was young made it even harder on them all. They had to take care of each other, they had to struggle to survive, but the time was rewarding. They knew how to live because life made itself evident. It punched them in the gut and let them know that it was there. Now most of us donít live. We donít feel anything these days. We need hard times without little gifts helping us along in work. We are lazy and therefore we let our country fall, because all we do is complain. We donít work because we never had to work. Yes you may have a job that you hate, but realize back in the better days it was either work in a store or what have you, or work on a field. Hard work was hard all the way around. Now we complain because we donít get paid a lot of money. We barely work and we expect grand sums of pay, when people like my grandmother when she was younger worked to their bones and barely got paid at all.

Realize that nothing good comes without hard work. Our laziness is the lead to our demise. We are not going to go anywhere just complaining. We need people to take a stand for something and yes we need a little bit of a dislike for each other, we need war, we need hard times, we need pain to live. Without these things there is no life. A familiar theme for some, as this may be, destruction is a form of creation. With destroying what ďgoodĒ we have now, will give us better later. You people who live in the moment, thatís all fine and dandy, but what will you do when the moment passes? Where will you be then? Where will your country be then? Technology is not the angel it has in time masqueraded itself to be. It is the very Lucifer of our age and we are Faust. We have made a deal and now we must live with it. But perhaps the ink on the papers can be washed away, or maybe the papers burned. We can still change things. We can still make life worth living again.

And with all that said, I bid you ado until the next time. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.


Faceless surgeons armed with razors
cut out our imaginations.

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The following comments are for "Stop Complaining"
by CinderellaUndercover

Stop Complaining
You wrote this well and I agree with you. There is too much complaining all the time. People need to relax and not get so excited about nothing.

( Posted by: unseenwriterx [Member] On: May 3, 2006 )

rant about complaining
I enjoyed your rant; however, I found it especially ironic that you used most of your nearly 1000 words (899 words by my count) to COMPLAIN and admonish people against complaining too much.

The real problem doesn't seem to be that people complain too much. Instead, it's that they complain about things that don't especially concern or worry you. In addition, these people don't make the grand or radical sacrifices and lifestyle changes that a truly passionate person would make. These people just complain, and do nothing.

It's what we call a RANT. Kinda like the one you're having now.

( Posted by: rajengineer [Member] On: May 3, 2006 )

Stop Complaining
rajengineer already spoke my thoughts

( Posted by: michaeI [Member] On: May 3, 2006 )

It amazes me how no matter what literary site I go to, I always seem to run into the assholes. Yes I realized the irony whilst I was writing it. I put it in the Opinion section because I did not feel as though it merrited a rant. I was not angry nor in anyway upset about the idea, I was simply stateing how I felt on the matter. Clearly no one reads what is said, all they look for is a way to point out your "weak" attributes.

Thank you for your comments, no matter how innane and banal (as a matter of fact) that they are.


( Posted by: CinderellaUndercover [Member] On: May 3, 2006 )

reply to stop complaining comment
Dude -

I read what you said; I just didn't think it was very good.

As a serious opinion essay, it was seriously lacking in clarity and focus. As a rant (which by definition doesn't have to be especially clear or focused) it was ironic.

Overall what is was was silly - and judging by your comments, perhaps it's a good indicator or your character too.

If you don't want to be taken seriously, next post under comedy. That said, if you keep writing comments like the one you just gave, you won't be taken seriously by anybody - no matter what category you post in.

Grow up.

( Posted by: rajengineer [Member] On: May 3, 2006 )

Thank you for your comments, nevertheless. My apologies that you find me and my work silly, that is your opinion and I respect it. However, may I kindly ask with all the respect a person could possibly give, please, if you should further comment on my writing, be more constructive. That is all I ask of anyone.

Thank you again,


( Posted by: CinderellaUndercover [Member] On: May 4, 2006 )

maybe I was too harsh/critical
You're right; in hindsight, it obvious that you were writing a tongue-in-cheek rant/opinion piece, and it was probably meant to be fairly lighthearted. Taken in that context, it's pretty good.

Initially, I didn't read it that way. I thought it was supposed to be some hardhitting opinion piece about our current world condition. Basically, I read to much into it - and that's my fault, not yours.

I didn't INTEND to be an ass, but I was an ass just the same. Next time, I'll be more thoughtful, and more careful in my comments.

MY BAD (sorry)


( Posted by: rajengineer [Member] On: May 5, 2006 )

Stop Complaining Again!
I don't think you're silly. rajengineer apologized now all is good again. I like it when all get along and no one is complaining anymore. Trouble between writers brings everybody down and causes more trouble then all leave and there is no one left to complain to. I wish everyone would stop complaining about everything and just see the positive of whats left before it is too late and there is no place left to go or the only ones left are too few!

( Posted by: unseenwriterx [Member] On: May 5, 2006 )

Thank You..
Again, thank you. Trust me, you weren't the biggest ass I've seen. You hardly compete with me on that. I have my ass moments. You are very sweet to apologise. And I would love to hear more from you.

All is well in the jungle.


( Posted by: CinderellaUndercover [Member] On: May 5, 2006 )

glad we're okay
Cool; Thanks!!!

I'm gonna start posting more stuff myself - and open MYSELF up to some of that critism that I love to DISH out. I can't be cowardly ALL my life...



( Posted by: rajengineer [Member] On: May 5, 2006 )

I can't wait to read it.


( Posted by: CinderellaUndercover [Member] On: May 6, 2006 )

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