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In a less than perfect section of greater downtown Edmonton I sat behind my desk surrounded by pale almond-colored walls with various awards and certifications hanging on them. The room was barely furnished. A couple plants, their species names I can’t remember, sat in each corner of the room, a set of stainless steel filing cabinets were sitting behind me to my right along a wall of glass windows, to the left of my office door was a black leather sofa, in the corner next to it was a magazine rack with severely outdated material. On my desk a plaque sat front and center with my name Kye Castlerinn and the initials M.E engraved into it. M.E. stood for Mystical Enforcer, which for lake of a better definition meant adept mystical investigator I guess you could say I did detective work for the more occult issues. It was a lazy summer afternoon and my short spiky brown hair was starting to go flat from the humidity, I had to remember to get the air conditioner fixed. I was wearing a black pinstripe suit with a dark purple dress shirt pouring out the front of it, the purple cut the natural brilliance in my green eyes down a notch or two I hated my eyes. Across from me sat a balding 40-year-old man with salt and pepper hair, and mousy looking hazel eyes. He was wearing a puce tweed jacket thrown over a tanned brown polo shirt and chocolate brown dress pants. The guy looked like an eighth grade science teacher slash recluse, the type of man who only had a relationship with his overbearing mother or possibly an affectionate cat. Truth be told he was a proud owner of five car dealerships in town, married to a beautiful women and had three kids and a dog named Goldie, can you guess what Goldie is? The guys name was Milton Dreischer owner of Driescher auto and he was sitting three feet from me in hopes of convincing me to delay a well-needed two-weeks vacation to Bali.

“Thank you for seeing me with such short notice Mr. Castlerinn” Milton looked about five seconds away from bursting into tears.
“You are more than welcome, but please call me Kye.” I had a sneaking suspicion Milton had a desperate need for my specialties.
“Alright, Kye than, I was informed when it comes to the supernatural you’re the man for the job.” He said with pleading eyes. “Is that true?”
“I can’t deny that I’m good at what I do Milton, but what specifically do you need of me?” I hoped he would come out with it soon I had only a few hours to catch my plane and I had a few last minute loose ends to tie up.
“Well you see, it’s my daughter Jenny she ran away with her boyfriend to some cottage a ways out from smoky lake and we haven’t heard from her since.” His eyes almost bled with grief.
“Your daughter runs away and you need me to find her Mr. Dreischer? I think this is more of a matter for the police, not an Enforcer I deal with demons, witches and all kinds of supernatural screw-ups not hormone driven teenagers. Unless her boyfriend is a warlock I think this discussion is over.” I noticed Milton flinch like I’d slapped him.
“Kye, it’s not as simple as that. Jenny’s boyfriend’s name is Kevin French.” I sat there trying to figure out what the hell that had to do with anything when it stirred something vague, Kevin French I remembered that name oddly, then it hit me Kevin French a twenty year old college student from Grant Macewan was found seriously mutilated in a grove near Mons Lake just last week, the papers had said he was identifiable only by dental records. A family on their way to a favorite picnic spot found Kevin; they were supposedly going to be under psychiatric care for a minimum of two years, even magic couldn’t cure that kind of damage to the psyche.
“Let me get this straight Jenny ran off with Mr. French who is now dearly departed and you haven’t heard from her, once again why me and not the police?” It didn’t make sense for him to be here and I could feel myself getting very irritated with Milton.
“We did but the police can’t find anything they think she might have left before it all happened because of this.” Milton stuffed his thin left hand into his pocket and fished out a crumpled piece of paper he handed it to me “they would have suspected Jenny but the thing that did this wasn’t human and Jenny never showed signs of being special, at least not to her family.” I read the note quickly. Dear Kevin, this may be the hardest thing I have to do but I can’t be away from my family any longer I have to return to them love… Jenny
“Where are you going with this so she hasn’t shown up yet, file a missing persons report.” I couldn’t really get where Milton was going with this.
“But Kye, that’s not Jenny’s writing.” I have to admit when Milton said that I was a little shocked but that was it I didn’t really feel there was any real reason for me to get involved at this point, maybe she was righting quickly or maybe she was pissed how do I know? Oh screw it I knew what happened or at least had an idea; this wasn’t a runaway what ever killed that kid was not natural. Question was, is Jenny still alive, probably not if anything she was probably being partially digested right now, but I knew that even if that was the truth the Dreischer's would be able to sleep better with some closure, I would take his case I mentally checked off the cancellations I would have to make after I drew up Milton’ s paperwork I’d take the assignment, after all I’m a Magical Enforcer we don’t take vacations.
“Mr. Driescher I’m going to need names, numbers and a whole lot of questions answered come back tomorrow afternoon with everything and anything you can find. I have to see some people tonight and rent an off road vehicle for this one.” Milton gave a me a grin like he was five years old and someone told him the candy shop was giving away all the sweet a boy could dream of.
“Let me take care of your transportation Kye I wouldn’t let you get it from anywhere else.” I shrugged what was the difference he would be footing the bill.

I finally got out the office at around nine, all my calls were made and the idea of being in Bali by tomorrow was already faded away like a dream. Darkness was beginning to take over the streets, there was only a handful of people on the streets most were waiting for the last few buses of the day a couple years ago the streets would have been choked with people passing by on their way to clubs or a late night gathering but now a days you could hardly find a soul out past eleven. This was mainly the cause of the recent increase in supernatural beings coming out of hiding. Ever since the Canadian government gave sanction to the mystics, vamps, lycanthropes, and other darkies. They’ve been migrating to small cities. One would think they would move to a big city, unfortunately the bigger the city the higher the crime rate and when you have fangs fur or scales you’re the first on the list for possible suspects. Then there’s the small towns… either they’re just as ignorant or worse, religiously-religious! Just last winter down in Onoway a family of five were-wolves were spiked to the ground with silver stakes and shot through with about two clips of silver a piece, seems some teenagers ended up going off on a roadtrip for a weekend without telling mom and pop, the parents made assumptions and there you have it justifiable genocide. Sick thing was the kids were killed first and the oldest, a thirteen year old girl showed signs of rape. What the fuck was up with that? A couple sick bastards decide werewolves weren’t worthy of living, so molesting a young girl, lycanthrope or not, is okay? It's a sad state of affairs when crap like that happens, but in all honesty so is the reality of human nature what thy fear must be purged.

I stopped and inhaled the cool nighttime air it had been altogether a good day at the office. I was going to get a bit of a change in scenery for the next few days it was no Bali but then again it was no Edmonton either. Only thing I really had left to do before I left tomorrow was go shopping and the stuff I'd need could only be found at one place, A nightclub called the Purple Violin...

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The following comments are for "Splintered Cage(A Kye Castlerinn Tale)"
by Kye

Oohh monsters and detectives..
I like the premise of your story Kye. Stories of a world where "monsters" live side by side with humans are always interesting, lots of themes you can play with. Have you ever read Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series? She's a licensed vampire executioner and works in an office like Kye, by as a necromancer. I'd suggest the title Obsidian Butterfly if you haven't read it already ;)

Anyway, sorry bout that, back to your story. You're off to a strong start and it ended in a good spot. I kinda get a feel for Kye's character and I think the reader will know more about him as the story progresses. Several things that could be improved upon: there are some run-on sentences throughout this piece; some punctuation errors; a couple of typos/mispelled words, just technical stuff.

This paragraph was kind of confusing since it kinda ran on:

"A couple plants, their species names I can’t remember, sat in each corner of the room, a set of stainless steel filing cabinets were sitting behind me to my right along a wall of glass windows, to the left of my office door was a black leather sofa, in the corner next to it was a magazine rack with severely outdated material."

I think it could be broken down into a couple of sentences, but I did enjoy the atmosphere.

If you would like more editing as far as punctuation goes, you could let me know, otherwise I'll stop taking up space lol. G'luck with your story! :)

( Posted by: FurryNippleRing [Member] On: May 3, 2006 )

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