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Note: This was orginaly written on April 19th. Unforntaly me not getting it in before the 19th proves my own point.

Smoke rose from the destroyed building. I never saw anything like it. I was only eight years old and I still understood it wasn’t supposed to be that way. I remembering watching the TV and seeing how the building had no face to it, you could hardly tell it was a building. I remember seeing the people all of them were bleeding the red blood seemed like a distant movie. However the image that will stand out in my mind is the image of a Firefighter looking down at the limp body of a baby. I think when you look at the picture you say to yourself, Its just a movie its ok that baby won’t die, in fact that baby is going to go home with his mother and his father and live a long healthy life. The true fact of the situation is that baby died. The baby didn’t go home that night. That baby didn’t get another chance to live its life. It became another number in the body count. A statistic to terrorism that now has grown to unbelievable amount. The Oklahoma City bombing should go down in history as the day America should’ve woke up. That fateful day by the pictures, looks just like the day that I am experiencing right now, a day full of sunshine and what should be happiness.

April 19, 1995 day should’ve been a blaring siren on what was to come. That America has entered a new age. An age that proved that no longer did oceans prevents the people that wanted to kill from killing. I feel saddened by the fact this day will go by without many people thinking about the 168 people that were killed on this day. They will let the day go by without thinking about that firefighter holding the lifeless body of a child whose life was cut short by senseless terrorism. I am not going to lie, I almost forgot about this day. I would’ve forgotten to if it wasn’t for one person that reminded me. After being reminded I took a trip to Google images. The results brought me back to that day as an older person, a wiser person. I suggest in the coming days you also go onto google images and put in the search Oklahoma City Bombing and relive that day so that you won’t forget what the hate of someone can do. Also put in September 11th 2001 or Twin Towers, Or USS Cole, Or Kenya Embassy bombings or the other attacks on the long list of terrorist attacks that have claimed lives in this country and to Americans all over the globe and remember the pain that was felt. However instead of getting scared and wondering if this will happen again. Take the chance to hold your family closer, take the chance to sit your family down and tell them about what you love about them. Take this time to remember and never forget our fellow countrymen and the pain of the past, because realizing the pain of the past will prevent pain in the future.

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The following comments are for "Remembering The Victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing"
by Mr36

Some people too soon forget. Some would rather blame the victims (Americans deserve it they say!) Thanks for remembering. You need to mention the significance of this first attack. The details seem too often lost in the retelling. This bombing was perpetuated by an American that read the "Turner Diaries" (neonazi literature)as if it was the God's truth and bible. What happened in Oklahoma City wasn't just about what happens when you hate somebody. There is a greater agenda behind this and all the other terrorists attacks. If you forget that then you forget what we're all dealing with and you forget that as Americans we need to stop worrying about being politically correct and start recognizing our enemies.

When I first heard of this bombing my first thought was that it had been perpetuated by a muslim terrorist. Timothy McVeigh wasn't a muslim but as an American survivalist/neonazi associate he might as well have been, I mean given the fact that the neonazis and the muslim terrorists have officially merged as comrades in their common goal of wanting to eradicate the world of the "parasitic" Jew. I'm not making this shit up. Check it out.
Those people in Oklahoma didn't deserve this. That's why it makes me sick when I hear college professors (Ward Churchill) and others make remarks about America as if we all deserve to die for being the ugly Americans! Fuck you Churchill! Fuck Churchill and all others like him! Again, thanks for writing this Mr36.


( Posted by: TINKER [Member] On: April 22, 2006 )

Ya! (good advice)

( Posted by: TINKER [Member] On: April 22, 2006 )

Thank you for reading. The world is a terriable place. Our enemies arn't well defined and the capibility to do mass amount of damage to a large group of people is a danger that looms over America's head like the ax of an executor. I am sure one day we will figure it all out. Thanks again Tinker

( Posted by: Mr36 [Member] On: April 22, 2006 )

Why do they hate us? I don't give a f**K WHY!
You got that right about the axe of the executioner. Iran is capable of doing massive damage with nuclear weapons as they have threatened to do to Israel. I suppose we're (USA)is next. Should we let them blow us up first? Are you willing to let your children die so that the USA doesn't look like a bully to the world?

I recognize Iran as an enemy of the US and the free world. I've got that one figured out. Not hard to figure out.

I've also figured out that muslim terrorists are an enemy of the US. That wasn't hard to figure out either.

You see I don't really give a fuck about the whys behind why this enemy did this or that. All I'm interested in is what they actually did DO, what they are currently DOING, and what they are threatening to DO in the future.
All else (the whys & history) is editorial. Actions speak for me. Actions are what define USA enemies and my enemies.

I have little sympathy for criminals. I could care less if they had a bad childhood. Lots of people have bad childhoods, but not all choose to become criminals. I have little sympathy for muslim terrorists. So what if the USA has offended them or has capitalistically exploited them in some way! Lots of countries exploit each other and lots of cultures offend other cultures, but that doesn't mean they have a right to kill thousands of people as a means of gaining terrorist justice or imposing fanatical political and/or religious justice.

So you see, what it comes down to is that I not only find it easy to recognize my enemies and the enemies of the USA, but I also want my enemies and all USA terrorist enemies put out of action, just as I want common criminals put into jail and taken off the streets. Simple.

Are you having problems figuring out who the enemy is? You know sometimes breaking things down to their simple and most obvious view is the way to go. Sort of like the "Emperor's New Clothes"

A childlike simple view is sometimes all you need to get to the truth. Sometimes intellectualizing can hide the obvious truth to the point of ridiculousness.

Personally, I don't want my friends and family put at risk here in the USA just so some muslim woman doesn't have her civil rights taken away by keeping her face covered in her driver's license photo. Remember that ridiculous story? How convenient that would have been for muslim terrorists within the USA to take advantage of our politically correct afraid to offend culture. Thank God the courts saw it differently. Fuck the ACLU and other idiots who don't see the ridiculousness of their intellectualized views. Fuck that shit.

I'm for stopping enemies of the USA no matter what it takes. Let them die first for a change.

( Posted by: TINKER [Member] On: April 22, 2006 )

I would more than love to talk to you about poltical doings and such like that, however I would really like to keep most poltics off this thread. the post wasn't about why they hate us, who hates us and the whole other laundry list of problems the U.S. has with this and that, but the need for national unity under the realization our time is short and reminding people about a tragic inncident that took the lives of 168 people. If you would like to talk poltics with me about this even further please feel free to Private message me or e-mail me. Thanks

( Posted by: Mr36 [Member] On: April 22, 2006 )

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