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Kyoko woke up about high noon and found she was in a cave, high up in the mountain sisters. She was alone, and there was a eerie feel to the cave.
It was huge, about the size of half the forest. Water dripped in it, from the stream up on the ever top of the mountain. The are was cold and stale, making it slightly hard to breath. There were tons of shining rocks and fossils.
Kyoko stood up and walked to the mouth of the cave. She head a splitting head ache, and her back was killing her. She couldn’t remember a lot from yesterday, but she remembered someone…a woman…her blood…the pain. It all came back in sudden flashes. She saw her wolf die from the woman’s blood, and the woman transformation, but nothing else. Her head was hurting and it was hard for her to think. She headed to the mouth of the cave, using the wall to hold her self up. From what she could tell, nothing was broken she just lost some energy.
Kayame flew back and landed in the cave. Her arms were full of meat and fruits. When she noticed that Kyoko was up, she held her ground. Kyoko shot her a glare and went to charge at her. After the first three steps, Kyoko fell to the ground, grasping her chest trying to catch her breath.
“You, who are you? No. What are you”, Kyoko asked in-between gasps. Kayame walked over to Kyoko and shook her head in disapproval. Kyoko looked up at her, with a sorrowful look and Kayame helped her into a sitting position, dropping the food next to them. Kyoko looked down and muttered something like thank you. Kayame smiled and sat next to her, picking up an apple and taking a bite into it.
“My name is Kayame Noir Akira”, she said bitterly, taking another bite out of the apple. Kyoko thought on it, then her eyes widen and she scooted over slightly.
“So that means you father is”.
“Is, Kino Akira. Yes that is correct”, Kayame finished for her once again. Kyoko growled deeply and grabbed Kayame’s neck tightly, pushing her against the wall.
“There is a lot of money out for you right now”, Kyoko sneered, and tightened her grip. Kayame grasped Kyoko’s arm tightly and pulled it away. Her eyes went blood shot red and she glared at her.
“You would be best off not…”, she was stopped by an explosion above the cave. The ground began to shake and rocks fell all around Kayame and Kyoko. Kayame grabbed Kyoko’s risked and dragged her out, despite her pulling, hitting, and kicking. Kayame opend her wings and flapped them strongly sending her into the air with Kyoko dangling bellow her. Kyoko screamed her head off, grasping Kayame tightly kicking her feet around in the air.
“Will you stop”, Kayame snapped at her, and flew up to the top of the mountain. Kyoko stopped and gazed up at the demon that stood before them at the top of the mountain.
The demon head long, pointed horns and a horse like face. His claws where those of a cats and his fangs where like a wolves. It had no ears, but just holes in his head; he was about ten feet tall. Kayame guessed it was a Shinoshu, judging by it’s thick, black, rat like fur and pink bonny tail. It’s nose was a about a foot long, and stopped into a flat, dry, black point, and it’s whiskers were two and a half feet long and maybe 3 inches thick. It’s blood shot, beady eyes fell upon Kayame and Kyoko. It leg out a thunderous roar, making the cave shake like before. “What is that”, Kyoko stuttered pointing at the creature. Kayame rolled her eyes at Kyoko’s ignorance.
“That is a Shinoshu. It’s odd because they live near the ocean. I want to know why is it this far inland”, Kayame said as they got near and near. The Shinoshu swiped at them, causing Kayame to make a sharp turn to the left.
“I have an idea, but you are going to need to be careful”, Kayame said and explained the plan to Kyoko while dodging attack after attack.
Kyoko nodded and Kayame flew straight ahead at the creature. Kayame waited until the first swipe and tossed Kyoko up in the air. The Shinoshu was to distracted by Kayame, to notice Kyoko falling at him with a sword drawn. In seconds Kyoko pushed the sword deeply into the Shinoshu’s skull. Blood went everywhere, soaking Kyoko and the ground in silver blood. The Shinoshu stumbled back then fell to the ground with a grunt. Kayame landed beside it and pulled the sword out, the blood dripping on her hand.
“Kyoko, come over here and tell me what this smells like”, she called back to her, holding the sword up so high the sun made the blood shined. Kyoko grunted and walked over to her. She snatched the sword from her hand and put it up to her nose, leaving only a half inch space in-between the sword and her nose.
“It smells sweet, like flowers, but also a scent of………you. Well not like you, but something that has the same bloodline”, she said lowering the sword and sniffed the air.
“The same kind of scent is in the air. Flowers and death”, she said and growled. Kayame looked around from left to right, as is she was expecting someone.
A shadowy figure slowly walked out from the thick brushes. He had a twisted grin and blood shot eyes. His body was covered by his foot long, black cloak. Her had black shoes as well. The two girls couldn’t tell what creature he was or even if he was of that plain. When he spoke, his voice sent chills down their spines, for it was as cold as ice.
“It’s been a long time hasn’t it”, he stared at Kayame with glee, as her toyed with her. Kayame looked at him in confusion, but Kyoko seemed to know who he was. The next thing that would happen, no one would have expected.

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by Kayame

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