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In praise of self-drive gravel-travel ...
by Sercombe (Poetry) on Oct. 20
... to Lynne a son mk.II ...
by Sercombe (Poetry) on Oct. 19
An Ouse Muse ...
by Sercombe (Poetry) on Oct. 18
Terminal Three ...
by Sercombe (Poetry) on Oct. 17
Open mic, Poetry Thursdays, October 17th ...
by aragon38 (Announcements) on Oct. 16
Sleep ...
by fbomber125 (Poetry) on Oct. 12
All Alone ...
by fbomber125 (Poetry) on Oct. 10
Cities and Cultural Energy: Coming and Going ...
by The Alienist (Articles) on Sep. 26
Saying #113 ...
by chapter1 (Haiku) on Sep. 25
A Lyric to a Mythic Muse, Revisited ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Sep. 25

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