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About the 'harassment of the christains', just this last week my family and I were basically accosted by a 'christain brother'. Assuming, due to his religious, psychological 'mind set' he had every right to approach(which he did) my fiance, daughter, and I, in public space, where I was perfectly comfortable going about our business until this stranger approached, weird energy in tow, introduced himself asking if he could take a moment of our time.

Due to recent ill experience with those abusing there position of power, my guard is keenly up. My response was to let him know sure, we're KIND OF INTERESTED AS TO WHY YOU APPROACHED US, but not interested in participating in any sort of religious discussion.

UGH. The man was taken aback, asking what my personal religious experience/perspective was. I shortly let him know I was taught race and sex hate, fear, intimidation tactics, manipulation, desensitization and power/control struggle all in the name of christianity; I further let him know that we practice healing/ecologically wise and balanced spirituality, not the evasive, aggressive, ethnocentric, intellectually limited and philosophically irrelevant, weak and paranoid WAY OF LIFE OBSERVED OF THOSE WHO 'FOLLOW' YOUR PATH.

I shared with this man the absense in the language used to teach within my experience of churches today: lack of NAMING THE NEED FOR COMPASSION, GENTLENESS, UNDERSTANDING in order to perpetuate and create a platform for healing. The blatant judging, condemning, rejecting all other possiblity for healing or change is the atmosphere in my experience. Energy wasted upon judgements/assumptions based on labels/catagories...names!...language! Conditioned negative, condemning response...fear response based upon visual experience, someone 'looking weird', pierced, tattooed, vivid hair.

Due to conflicting religious philosophies!!! The destractive tactic used to focus on sexual issues! How perverted! No need for further analysis here, humans didn't need control, or viewing sex in order to be sexually healthy or procreate before video, film, tv, perscription drugs, sex tools! We were healthier then, too in so many ways; interesting how most christians aren't interested in holistic health either, just the ease of saying yes to all fed them by this condensed language/philosophy, resisting nothing from a system supposedly 'sustaining' them, yet only encouraging and conditioning their self-destructive, addictive ways. Resisting here is where the true spiritual battle lies.

The man asked what about love...??? What? How distractive, used in this context, let's get more specific...we are at war. Where does love factor in? Isn't it about hard core waking the &*#% up as to the devastating destruction world wide, perpetuated by this leading society/nation(for the moment) all in the name of religion? How about LANGUAGE MANIPULATION, DESTRACTIVE AND INTIMIDATION TACTICS?! What is love without action validating the emotion/feeling given or taken?

It was so ill...As I asked if his church was participating in the anti-war demonstrations this weekend, his dismissive, defenseive rebuttle supporting this war was, "you feel safe don't you" ???!!! My fiance(who awesomely, silently let me counter this attack) smiled. I could just see his thought racing towards "how many nukes are pointed, right now, at the US?" :) Yeah, I FEEL SAFE. My response was to let this older grandpa of a gentleman know that no, as a female, mother, I DO NOT FEEL PSYCHOLOGICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY, OR PHYSICALLY SAFE, following up with "I'm also uncomfortable with this conversation(which he agreed at that point:)"

His parting gesture was to pat me on the back in a patronizing manner stating "I'll pray for you anyway; godbless". From years of conditioned response NOT TO DEFEND MY SELF OR BECOME ANGRY WHEN MEN TOUCH ME my only response(grateful he was leaving)was to reply "likewise". Afterward my body was shaking, like had been through a sort of battle. We all felt uneasy and more than a little indignant by this encounter with a person who, as it became apparent to all of us, a person who is mentally ill. His intentions were ill, demeanor, energy, all felt, absorbed, assessed by the three of us, who are intelligent creatures; we all, even my nine year old could see right through him into his arrogant, haughty, self-righteous, aggressive presentation of his purpose and intentions. Now, how do they continue to justify this passive-aggressive, invasive, intimidating, manipulative and deflective use of language for what purpose other than destruction(end result) Could it be agenda to destract from REAL LIFE/DEATH ISSUES THAT AFFECT THE MAJORITY OF THIS PLANET, mental conditioning, creating followship, drawing energy from where there is weakness? It is sickening...and I am done being silent.

My instincts tell me now is the time to take close assessment of our personal strengths and weaknessess as individuals. I look around me in our community and see so much illness manifested in the physical state of our fellow citizens. We were not always this comprehensively depleted of physical and spiritual strength. Weak body, weak mind. My heart holds compassion for those TAUGHT TO BE WEAK IN ORDER TO BE SUBMISSIVE, FEARFUL, EASILY MANIPULATED AND CONTROLLED. Reminds me of what I was taught about the spiritual warrior Jesus: "they know not what they do". So gentle detatchment sometimes from another's foolish, weakened position/intention/understanding...our energy is needed elsewhere countering the suppliers/manufacturers of destructive tools used in this agenda of weakening a certain population.

The foolish, petty, irrelevant word play is just brilliant destrative tactics; we must be mindful of this. Understanding brings strength. The real battle is fought often without news coverage or recording of those terrifying moments: you are alone, and that is where the real challenge will be.

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The following comments are for "Christian Harassment"
by satori

...I considered:

Jesus of Nazareth was effectively obliterated from Human history. We will never TRULY know what kind of person He was, what He really wished to teach, what He wrote in the sand. They garbled those scriptures until they got the control mechanism they wanted, and they garbled Him.

I hope He does come back, so He can give us His own notes on what He actually said, meant, taught.

I'm sure He didn't like global deceitfulness, genocidal warfare and insane greed. I'm sure He wouldn't claim capitalism is a religious tenet. I'm sure He wouldn't be racialist or sexist.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: March 22, 2006 )

sure thing
We're supposed to be brothers and sisters, yet we hate each other....
I am a full beleiver in Christianity, but not the kind that many (not all mind you) people who profess Christianity practice....
there's no WORSE reason to belittle, judge, hate, or ostracize someone than because they don't beleive the same as you....
sorry you had the creepy experience and all it entailed...
I think that really, it comes down to the simple thing Jesus said... love one another--its what should be the basis of everything, and if we really practiced it, wouldn't everything else work out?

( Posted by: JewelL [Member] On: March 23, 2006 )

oh one more thing
maybe it should be "pseudo-Christian" harassment... because a TRUE Christian wouldn't be harrassing you. ;-) Just my humble opinion.

( Posted by: JewelL [Member] On: March 23, 2006 )

Here is something that a friend and I wrote for our church:
Sometimes saying sorry isn't easy. It's hard to admit that in spite of good intentions, you have failed the very people you want to love the most. Yet a humble apology is the only way to get things back on track. It is in this spirit that we offer the following apology.

We're sorry for all the times we tried to "sell" you Jesus
We're sorry for all the times we made you feel guilty and unworthy
We're sorry for all the times we politicized the gospel
We're sorry for all the times that we pointed out your faults while ignoring our own
We're sorry for all the times we said one thing while doing another
We're sorry for not always addressing the issues that affect your life
We're sorry for not loving you as you deserve to be loved

We know that we're not alone in our desire to, with humility and God's help, begin to bring healing. We wish to present God's love in new, creative, and culturally relevant ways. We commit to engaging in only those activities that built bridges and restore the church to its original design, whether or not you ever step foot inside our doors.

( Posted by: shortlivedglory [Member] On: March 28, 2006 )

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