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Darker Shadows:

By DanI:

Chapter Three:

IT had been a long month for Corvus with long nights of no sleep. He was not in the mood for the blind date Eversor set him up on until he realized who he’s been set up with. But that was when he actually got to the diner ten minutes late. He was late because he had to argue with Eversor who insisted he get dressed instead of imprisoning himself in his own office. He was dedicated, or desperate for more answers. Maybe find out more about his power, his origin, and Halo. Besides, Phila Grim was paying big and Corvus had never had much of a social life to begin with.

“You’re going, Corvus,” Eversor declared. “Now. Before you hurt Isolde’s feelings…”

“Isolde?” Corvus inquired, looking up at his brother from behind his reading glasses, setting down his folders on the entire Grim family. He pulled up a picture of a tan, young woman with spiky blonde hair and jade green eyes. “Familiar?”

“That’s her!” Eversor said. “Wait. No, Cor, this date was not meant to get you more concentrated on Kathryn.”

“Who said I was worried about Kathryn?” Corvus demanded as he pulled on his black pants and jacket. “I’m worried about me. Us. Maybe Isolde Grim can help me find Halo.”

“Just great,” Eversor murmured as Corvus marched out, grabbing the keys to his self-driving car. The future’s magic as some called it. But they hadn’t seen real magic until the WH came out with their TV show “Caught” where they exposed witches. All they needed were legal rights, something Witch Hunters had been searching for for many, many years. As Eversor saw it, Corvus was only searching for trouble, not unveiling a mystery.

“Coulda asked Mom,” Eversor muttered.

At the diner, Corvus walked in and looked around until he noticed Isolde waiting patiently at a table for two. He was late, but she did not comment on that.

“I know why you’re here,” Isolde declared. “And my power needn’t have told me because that’s not my power. I just knew. I came here because I know what you’re looking for. My sisters have told me as has Grandmother Phila. You’re looking for answers that have nothing to do with Kathryn. You only took an interest in her because of a common talent. I’m not judging you. However, you must be careful. Trust none of my sisters. Don’t even trust my theories. Only Kathryn can give you what you need so look for her instead of searching for your ‘people’.” She smirked as Corvus stared at her dumbfounded. She was good for not having magical aids. “Focus on Kathryn. Your powers should lead you to one another. I will tell you, Halo is real and it’s a safe haven for witches. But we can’t find it. I’m guessing Kathryn knows. So find her fast.”

“Okay,” Corvus said, letting all of her words sink in. “That what you came for?”

Isolde replied, “Yes. But don’t worry, I do think you’re cute.”

Corvus grinned and laughed nervously. Isolde was still grinning when he noticed it slowly fade to a frown as her gaze followed to the window. He looked to see sharply dressed men walk in the diner with one woman, all dressed in dull white clothes with a red WH on the back. Witch Hunters.

“Witch!” shouted the man in front pointing to Isolde. The squad pulled out guns and everyone in the diner ducked. Isolde knocked over the table and she hid behind it with Corvus. People around scooted away from her, looking afraid or glaring angrily. Isolde bravely stood up and threw out her hand, a strong wind blowing may objects against the wall and a few of the Hunters actually crashed threw it. The accuser stood strong, digging his feet into the ground.

“Elemental Witch!” he shouted. “Wind-Caller, I am Hunter Elder and I will defeat you all!”

The wind stopped and Corvus watched as Hunter and Isolde glared daggers at each other. Slowly, he stood on unsteady feet. Hunter turned to him as his gang returned to his side.

“Are you a witch, too?” Hunter demanded, aiming his gun at Corvus as the others advanced on Isolde.

“If he was, wouldn’t he have attacked by now?” Isolde demanded. “Come and get me, Elder, I dare you!”

“Take her and leave!” shouted Hunter.

Isolde smiled and winked at Corvus before she disappeared. She was either invisible or could teleport herself places. Everyone gaped at the sight and began talking. Corvus, too, stared. He was elated, as this was his first time witnessing other powers. He frowned when Hunter grabbed his arm and arrested him.


“Do you know why you are here, Corvus Alexander Wyatt Dyer?” the detective asked. Corvus was freezing in the cold, dark room lit only by a blinding flashlight and it’s only anything was a table. Two intruders, two people were present. Detective Connor and Corvus. Corvus had been here for three days. His boss and Eversor had tried to get him out, but they refused to let him go.

“Talk, Dyer!” the detective snapped, eyes full of a passionate hate. He had a vendetta against warlocks for sure. Most did, but his treatment toward Corvus allowed it to be on a more personal level. He was rough.

“I don’t know,” Corvus declare, voice loud and convincing. He was even less happy with police after days of drinking warm water and refusing the eat the junk served. They had no reason to hold him but they would not let their hostage go until government got into it. They still didn’t have those laws passed.

“Are you a warlock, Mr. Dyer?” the detective asked calmly, walking around Corvus who was handcuffed to his chair at the table in the dark room.

“No,” Corvus lied, making it sound so simple despite everything complicated running through his thoughts as if in a marathon. “I’m a detective, too. I want to find Kathryn Grim!”

“I’m sure you do,” the detective laughed. He banged his fists on the table, making Corvus flinched. The detective laughed coldly. “Your kind make me sick. You know Gideon Karkonus? Is he a magic pal of yours? ‘Cause he killed my wife and two children. None of your kind will ever get away again.”

Corvus stared hard at the detective, feeling sorrow for the man’s family and a desire to finish off the Connors.

“I can’t believe you believe in magic. ‘Caught’ has a lot of cool special effects and now the entire world has become ignorant to trust it’s lies and arrogant to believe they can stop us…I mean warlocks. Magic’s real, but do you seriously think you can stop someone with that much power?”

Victory shone in detective’s eyes. Corvus had admitted something, but how could he prove anything was set without the recorder taking it all. The door opened and a figure covered in dark clothes, even face masked, walked in with Inspector Cyles and Superintendent Langston following.

“Let him go, Connor,” said the inspector, tired.

“What?” the detective shouted. “He just con-”

“Let-him-go,” the superintendent said slowly, giving him a meaningful, threatening look. The detective glared at him and walked off. Inspector Cyles unhand cuffed Corvus and walked him and the dark figure out.

“Be careful, Dyer!” the inspector shouted as Corvus and whoever it was walked down to the street.

“Thanks for getting me out,” Corvus said, curious as to who it was and wondering whether or not to ask for ID.

“Don’t mention it,” said a low, muffled, feminine voice. The veil came off and Corvus gaped at who was before him.

“You know me, detective. I’m Kathryn Grim.”


Dani Luvs Ya Not

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