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"Interesting." Dr. Morning said to himself as he touched the brown object that kept moving slightly at his touch.
"Come here Edna, I think its alive." was what Edna heard before a loud scream.
She arrived only to see the doctor bent over holding his hand that was bulging green almost ready to explode. She stepped back as the old doctor looked up at her. His bushy eyebrows stood high on his forehead. His eyes were wide open as was his mouth. He tried to talk but the pain was too much for him to bear. The pain kept moving from his hand to his arm and now his entire body throbbed with an unknown substance.
His worse fear had become a reality, he was going to die when he had just discovered new life in the universe. For years he tried to convince the Board of Space travel that a mission to Uranus would be a good idea. The samples that had been collected in the first mission showed unusual chemical reactions. He knew that these reactions could mean the very start of life on another planet besides Earth and Mars. When he was young he had dreamed of being on the first Mars mission. He cried for days when the world found out that the entire mission crew had died. It was not realized then that humanity had discovered another form of life even if it was a deadly bacteria.
The disaster of Mars gave Earth a sour experience in exploring new worlds. It was years before missions to Venus and Mercury were allowed. The mission to Jupiter in 2053 was when everything started to change. The discovery that all the moons of Jupiter contained immense resources that were usable, amazed the world. The doctor was on the last of the Saturn missions when things started to go wrong. Control of the Jupiter resources led to wars on Earth and then to the near destruction of the world. The founding of the first global government, in the year 2078 was the only salvation of the human race. It was years before the Saturn missions got back underway and hope came again only to be trashed with the lack of any new resources. It was decided that future space travel would be strictly prohibited.
A rough band of rouge astronauts then took off for Uranus under the lead of Doctor Morning's late father. Josh Morning, a legend of his times would be sad to see his own son fall trying to put his father's work back on the map. His father was executed for attempting to bring man farther into space. It was outrageous and it was a crime.
He could remember the day they hailed him into the courtroom in chains. The High Archon sat in the center of the court, in his high flowered chair. He was a big man with many chins, shiny head and large obtuse belly, that escaped his wide following robes.
"I call forth the case against Josh Morning, rebel and traitor to the Human League of Communities." The High Archon toned in a voice that was more suited to a twelve year old girl then a judicial lord.
The court silenced its idle chatter, and Josh Morning stood up to face the hideous man with his rift charges.
"How does your client plead, Advocate?" the High Archon addressed the tiny man that had followed his father in.
"I plead for myself!" Morning yelled with a great clear tone.
"Silence fool, you do not speak to me, ever never, no words to me!" squealed the High Archon.
"Your Greatness..." the tiny man was saying before his father pushed him away and he fell to the floor.
"No false monkeys well speak for me." Morning yelled.
"Guards, Guards, Guards, seize him, take him, away , away!" The High Archon toned panicky.
No one moved, a silence fell over the court, the High Archon settled down and coughed lightly. He looked about at the guards accusingly. It was his father's right to be heard, everyone knew that but the right had not been practice for ages.
The High Archon looked down on Josh Morning with absolute and utter contempt and loathing. He sighed and looked down at his papers then looked up and shook his head.
"How to you plead, Joshua bond Morning?" he said as if ready to retch at every syllable.
"I proclaim, not plead, I state that I am guilty for the crimes I am accused of. Howver, I shall not be sentenced, instead I condemn the laws, and I do condemn you." He said in a low and certain voice.
The High Archon eyes grew wide and his mouth hung wide open. He started to giggling a hideous shaking fashion. The rest of the court bursted out with large laughing and screaming jest. Morning's eyes narrowed and he nodded to himself answering some unknown question. Then he started to laugh also, his laughes were loud and triumphant.
It was at this moment that the air turned, and large rumbling noises could he heard from outside. Everyone stopped in silence and the room grew cold and darker. The only sound was his father's laughter and the sounds of bombs dropping upon the Earth from rebel ships.
His father turned to his son, no longer laughing, not even smiling. He looked rather serious.
"Goodbye son." he said as the walls moved and the ceiling started to fall and then was replaced with a giant ball of flame.
His view-chip want dead as everything was vaporized. Alfred Morning sat in his dorm room, tears falling down his face. His android clone was now burning molten metal. His heart felt very much the same.
A dark shadow crashed over him from where he looked out over the domed city of Armstrong, on Mars. He wondered what was happening but never turned his view-chip to the news channel. He knew they would not show anything until they had to.
He later was arrested but then set free as he could not be held for genetic incrimination, as that law had been stopped years ago. He was free to live a life under the watchful eye of the Human League authority. He became a ward without ever knowing. They kept him under close scrutiny. Anyone that got too close without being planted by the authority, would disappear.
The Rebel were eventually defeated and the Authority gain absolute control over the solar system. Morning's War had lay many cities to waste in a great nuclear holocaust. Ever Alfred never understood his father's motive. Josh Morning, the first man on Uranus had never been the same since his return. The Human League had banned any more missions but his father had been out of their control.
Josh Morning led six rebel missions to Uranus, bringing with him anyone who wanted to come. When they came back they joined with him on his call for more missions. Josh Morning was arrested shortly after this and put on trial for treason. The Rebel attack came as a surprise to everyone and the human race would never be the same afterwards.
Alfred Morning studied biology and worked for the Authority after a time, he gave any hope of freedom. That was until he discovered a sample from the first Uranus mission. The rock looked simple enough but, Alfred had some notion that something seemed wrong. The rock had a strange feeling to it, something that was odd about. Everyday he would examine the rock looking for any sign of distinction He never found anything that could make it anything more then a rock.
The authority allowed him to keep examining the rock. They knew about it, as they knew everything he did. They sent a man who said he was an expert in rocks and a expert on Uranus. He said that he saw many rocks like this and could supply him with many more samples.
Alfred said he did not care for any other samples of rock. The man nodded and want on his way after inquiring a little more about where he had come about acquiring the rock.
That day he got up and like any other day he sorted through his samples, then he looked over at the rock. He did not move or bulge or anything but he knew something changed when he looked at. Something very to it's composure shifted slightly.
It\s very nature on a atomic level was changing, he knew it just by looking at it. He still kept the same size and shape and look but everything was constantly changing. He took the rock into his hands and he could feel it changing against his skin. He knew what it was, he understood everything now.
The rock disappeared as he held it and he could feel the substance moved within his very nature. His hands bulged and turned green and then everything for a second became bleak. He screamed in absolute fear, for anything, for the nurse, who was an official for the authority.
She came to see turn into a bulging green heap of plasma and melting atoms.
He never heard her scream as I dissolved her body into nothingness. The faint glow of the room with it's energies folded suddenly into perceptions. He could sense the shapes dimly, but they did not linger, dimensions became more then dust on the wind to him. He saw the glow of many indicate energy patterns swirling around. A million more spaces contained in the room then would have seemed possible.
He was no longer human but something all together unknown to everything that he had ever known before. He could see atoms turning over and over all around, he felt heat from electrons and photons bursted as they splashed over his skin of electromagnetic energy. He took a deep breath of matter and black matter that tasted like a hundred deaths all at once.
He could feel the vibrations of other masses in certain distance from himself, but this distance was not in measure to him. He could feel them next to him and here what they were turning into. He understood that their transmutation was their language.
"Our name is infinity, dust and asses of the universe - you know have our body and grace to exist once within our presence. We see you and now you are become yet another us. We that are and always have been. Today we woke and the dust had settled and this race had emerged from the slime of a distant mass of energy." he understood the language as it transformed into what it said and referred to.
It continue its continuing transmutation "We saw you grow and take over our surroundings, burning them as you want about. You called forth fire and before we could react you launched forth from your planet and came within a moment's touch of our homeworld. You slaughtered our colonies around the dense gases you called Jupiter. We tried to move from your grasp as you took our energy and consumed us.
We saw Earth as you have killed all of us there, and now we saw you move towards our home which you named Uranus. We saw this Morning and took him as a vessel for our first strike back at you. We had to act so fast as not to even take a breath. We then saw from your eyes and knew of how you existed so differently from us, so quickly and shortly.
It was at this moment we decided to convert you and all your kind.
He now saw the rest of humanity had been converted and the solar system was now just rock and asses again, and to this all life in the universe was glad. That horrible outbreak of parasites had been cured before it could take over the entire universe.


The following comments are for "Morning of the New Day"
by Savasas

Lots of stuff here
You've got a few different stories rubbing elbows withe each other here. There's the story of Josh Morning and his Rebel Missions (great name for a story there) and the fight that ensues, Josh's trial, and a man trying to live up to the standards set by his father. Finally, you've got the whole "humans are a blight on the universe" trope tucked in the end. Each one of these is cool in itself, and might need more than two thousand words dedicated to all of them.
If the Aliens really want to kill humans, then Josh isn't the hero here, but the man who condemned the entire human race. That alone has lots of potential to explore, as long as the human race is not yet destroyed.
Further point: If Alfred is Josh's son, get his name up front. We don't hear Alfred until after two out of order flashbacks, so we have to guess that Alfred is the son in this relationship. This is counterintuitive to modern names, "Josh" is much more common than "Alfred"

( Posted by: JEnglish [Member] On: February 27, 2006 )

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