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When I entered the grand meeting hall, every knight in attendance, roughly 500 strong turned their combined attention towards me and the entire hall became ghostly silent. I held my breath as I jetted out my right hand and gave big thumbs up to the silent masses, which erupted into blazing applause. An enormous jumbotron-ish screen revealed itself over the stage across the hall from where I entered and displayed a surveillance camera feed from outside as the reporters were being man-handled by the black and blue police units. I had to step out of the shadow of the anti-grav balcony to get a better view of the screen. The hall erupted into whoops and whistles, followed by a group song of "Na hey goodbye!"

Once the police had properly arrested the reporters and drove away, the screen shut off and disappeared once again. I let out a sigh of relief and search thru the crowd and found my squad mates. Every knight is assigned to a squad, a diverse group that has different special abilities and somehow blends well.

The first to say hi was Samantha Redferd, the sniper. Donít ever get in her crosshairs. Next up is Danny boy Reveir, stealth assassin. If you hear him, then it's too late. Then we have Rebecca Forte, Blade Battler. If it has a blade, then she can kill you with it. And last but not least JJ Everweest, Demolitionist extremist. If it ticks or moves then he has a bomb for it. My squad was looking good, except for JJ, who looked like he spent some time in a volcano. His clothing was burnt in spots and his whole body was covered in black ashes. JJ stared at me and noticing my confused look JJ explained,
" I was apart of the Distraction team that went to get you out, chief."
" those explosions I heard sounded like your handiwork." I exclaimed
" only too right you were chief." JJ answered with a big smile on his face.

Over the chatter, shifting feet and growls of the Animumans.( Animumans are genetically altered humans that chose to be more Animal-ish, some are that way because of there parents others are by choice.Ē My name was being yelled. I looked over the football field sized room and up in the anti-grav balcony, second row, seat 3 was Holly. I waved at her and Holly as well as 5 other women waved back. Well that was embarrassing to say the least. Suddenly over the P.A. system, a loud booming voice echoed over the room,
" Knights, At Attenson, the meeting will commence shortly."

The PA went silent. But so had the room until the jumbo screen reappeared and 500 knights in one solid motion, snapped to attention. A white haired man, looking roughly in his late 20's appears on the screen and bellows,
"Knights of the flame hear me"
All 500 knight reply in unison,
ďHail Lord Infernas, Master of the Inferno!"
Infernas cracks a smile and continues,
" D.A.R.K. is launching another attack upon the weak and helpless. Team A-4 is hereby ordered to intercept and stop this attack by any means necessary, all other knight teams are ordered to remain in the city until this attack is stopped."

The screen blanked and disappeared as my team and I saluted. I looked at my team, who were as stunned as me. We did not say a word until I heard my name being yelled again. Holly as now in the crowd and making her way towards me. JJ broke the teams silence by saying,
ďChief, we better get prepared for the fight ahead. Chief, you go and get the mission specifics from the lord, because your one of the people he trusts to see him in the flesh."

Such a fact that I am not proud of, but is the truth, and for a good reason. Holly came up behind me and gave me a hug, turning around in her arms; I wrap my arms around Holly. And in this embrace, I am happy. At least I was until he spoke up,
" Frisking your support again Jim?!"
Holly and I let go but I grab holly's waist. Surprising her completely, causing her to blush uncontrollably. I turned to the speaker; it was Johnathan Trovian of the lightning Center. Johnathan and I were partners back in basic training. Fire and Lightning was our team-up name. We practically broke every record that the training center had. When we graduated we visit each other often, and even team-up from time to time. I finally let go of Holly and went over to john and gave him a hug'n'pat and say,
" What brings you over today bro?" (let me explain, we are not technically brothers but during our second year, when we first formed as fire and lightning, we made a blood oath and to seal it we became blood brothers. the oath was to be there for each other, no matter what.)
" I heard from Lord Tandius at our meeting that your squad is heading off to face the new D.A.R.K. threat. Good luck brother and have holly contact me if it gets too hairy out there." John reassured me.
" Thanks bro Iím off to get the details..." I turned to holly and continued, "... Holly wait for my call and we can get this mission over with."

Holly saluted and blushed again. I gave john another hug'n'pat as I head up to Infernas' office, but before I got to the elevator, john stopped me and said,
" I know you are just playing around with that half cat Animuman support, Holly Overrist. But heed my Warning brother. Stay away from her, we cannot allow such Filth to stain our Knights Reputation!"

I almost slugged him for speaking badly about Holly, but realizing that hate for all commoners, and sheer love of the knights is just the result of his rich upbringing. I nod and say as the elevator dings and the doors open wide,
" Iíll remember your warning Bro. but don't be too hard on her, it's not her fault that she is a half cat Animuman, or grew up poor."
I got into the elevator and pushed the button to go to the lord's office. While the elevator moved I thought of Holly and my love for her. All the while I was fiddling with a box in my pocket. John would blow up if he knew my real plans for Holly. The elevator reached its destination and opened its doors to reveal a round office high up in the Fire Center. And sitting at his desk was Lord Infernas. I snapped to attention and announced my arrival. Infernas turned around and stared at me and ordered me to be at ease. Infernas wheeled out from behind his desk and handed me the mission briefing. Infernas is paralyzed from the waist down and he is too stubborn to get artificial limbs, or go for spine reformatting and fix the problem. That is also the reason why only a few people are allowed up to his office. The pure shame Infernas feels about being paralyzed. I looked over the mission briefing. D.a.r.k. (Darkness and Ravaging Khaos) is looking to add another Dimension to their evil domain. The Citizens of Dimension 54762 are in grave danger, and Knight Intelligence has uncovered no record of the squad that D.A.R.K. is sending to capture the Dimension. Be on your guard. I could not believe what I was reading. I looked at Infernas in disbelief. Infernas could tell what question I was going to ask so he answered,
"The Report is correct. Try as they could, the intelligence dept. could not find anything on the Squad D.A.R.k. has sent. Prepare for the worse, just to be on the safe side."
I saluted and went down the waiting elevator. I rode the Elevator all the way down into the tunnels under the Center and entered the Armory. There I found my squad gearing up, I yelled at them,
"Put everything back!"
My team jumped and dropped everything they had on them. I got closer to them and said,
" Grab your best gear, we are going in blind. And we need to gear up like we are going to take down Kharant himself!" (Kharant is the name of the Iron-fisted Leader of D.A.R.K. and is rumored to be Invincible)
"Once you get you gear packed, meet me in the Dimensional Rift Room."
My team saluted me and began to grab the best stuff. I looked at the expressions on their faces and I smiled at their enthusiasm. I grabbed my Gear and headed thru more roomy tunnels towards the D.R.R. (Dimensional Rift Room). As I Approached the room I got a bad feeling about the mission. However I pushed it aside as I Zoned for the mission.

if the pen is mighter then the sword then the word processer must be mighter then the missile

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The following comments are for "The Knights of New Necropolis ch 2. The meeting that started it all"
by johntellall

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