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“Wassup Lee” came a sinister voice from one of the four.
“He’s Lee, I’m Kim you fuck head!” Kim replied with annoyance in his tone.
“Like it fucking matters, you all look the same to me,” the man mocked.

I wanted to somehow tell Kim not to do anything stupid. I had a terrible feeling in the back of my mind, but I knew that any irrational movements right now would jeopardize our lives. Something was going to happen, and my incompetence was making every bone in my body ache with frustration. I’ve never actually been confronted with Section A gang members before. I’ve heard stories about their cruelty, but this was the first time we were face to face. I was frozen in terror, as I couldn’t help myself from staring at one of the members. He wore a leather jacket that was missing a right sleeve. His right arm was completely missing, replaced by an organic metal appendage attached to his shoulder. Tubes and coils connected the metallic arm to the rest of his body. A grappling device that resembled an eagle’s claw was attached to the arm. Three metallic talons, I counted. I knew what he had done to himself. It wasn’t hard to get a body modification in the black market these days. All you needed was some hard cash, and a few connections. Organic modifications were relatively easy to install and operate. All you needed was an underground doctor who was willing to surgically remove your body part and install a new one. The technology was first used for medical purposes for people who lost their limbs from accidents and such. But soon the military discovered it was a good way to efficiently increase the strengths of their soldiers. And now street gangs used it malevolently as they waged war against each other for neighborhood dominance. I didn’t know if I should have considered myself lucky or not. At least he didn’t have a rocket launcher or a sub-machine gun attached to his arm I figured. But then again, some crazy fucks like the thrill of killing their victims slowly while looking them in the eyes. Kim had his hands under the counter, and if there were a God, I would have prayed for him not to do anything foolish and irrational, like pulling out a gun.

“So you know why we’re here don’t you? Empty the cash register and you might live,” the man with the modified arm commanded.
“Go to hell, I’ll call the police,” Kim snapped without fear.

What the hell were you doing Kim? Just give them the damn money so we could both live through this you moron. It seemed pointless to wish for this. I felt Kim’s rage pumping in my veins; he was prepared for the worst. Was I? The four men laughed in satisfaction, as they knew that there was no way Kim would win this fight. The small Korean man reached for the gun under his counter, but as he was about to point it at one of the gang members, a swift bullet pierced into his arm. My ears went numb from the gunshot, and my eyes couldn’t believe what they saw. Kim now knelt on the floor struggling to pick up his gun. But we both knew that it was too late. Blood spurted from his arm as he continued to struggle. Another gunshot rang. More blood. I felt as if I was going to faint. But I knew that if I became unconscious now, it would be the end of me. The metallic arm reached over the counter and picked Kim up by the throat without difficulty. Kim’s blood dripped down on the floor and on to the modified arm. Blood on concrete, blood on metal, blood everywhere. “Please make it stopped,” I cried in my mind. Kim’s efforts to struggle ceased as the talons tightened around his neck and pieced him. He was now afloat and lifeless. I wanted to vomit at the sight of this, but the feeling of nausea wasn’t a top priority of mine right now. Kim was dropped and landed hard with a loud thump, as the members smiled at me and walked over. My heart was beating at a rapid rate, adrenaline pumped through my veins like a pack of wild mustang.

“This is all the money I have,” I said as I showed the wad of cigarette cash to one of them. As pathetic as it was, my eyes were filled with tears. They laughed at me, but I didn’t care. I had always hated the world, but I wasn’t ready to depart from it. The leader of the pack, the man with the altered arm, walked towards me. As we looked at each other face to face, he saw the terror in my eyes. He sadistically looked at me with satisfaction, thinking of how he would mutilate and torture me. His vicious talons reached for my neck, and at that moment, my heart froze with fear. I was certain that my life would end there, but to my amazement, I fought back. In that most desperate moment, an uncontrollable force took over me, giving me a courage and strength that I have never known. I grabbed the metallic claw that came towards my neck, and surprisingly without difficulty; I pushed the leader back about ten feet. He landed back first on the floor where Kim’s body laid. Shocked to see such strength coming from me, he charged maliciously. Not completely aware of what was happening, I allowed this force to take control of me. In my desperation, I was reminded of the flame that the Messiah had conjured on his TV sermon. Instantly a flash broke out in the room, it was too quick for any one to see. But I soon realized what had happened. The metallic arm was melting from an intense heat that I had somehow summoned without any knowledge, and the heat of the metal was burning the skin of its owner. He screamed in agony has the metal continued melting, burning his flesh to the bone. Smoke rose from his skin while he twitched on the floor as if he were a fish deprived from water. I was horrified at this sight, but during this moment, instinct took hold of me. The three other members were in a rampage as they saw what had happened. They all reached for their guns and shot at me mercilessly. However, the bullets never reached me. An invisible wall had somehow been formed in front of me, causing bullets to ricochet off the surface of air. The deadly pieces of metal danced hectically in all directions. Shocked and terrified at what they witnessed, the members began running for the door. They did not get very far however, as a powerful force pulled them at a godly velocity, and slammed them against the walls of the mini-mart. It was all over. Five bodies lay breathless on the floor that night at Kim’s. My knees were weak, and my stomach sick; my sanity seemed to escape me. I crouched down next one of their bodies, felt my stomach losing control, and finally threw up uncontrollably. Everything around me was getting dimmer, my body felt weaker, as I realized that I wasn’t able to stand back up. Finally, after holding on for as long as I could, I collapsed into darkness. The last thing I heard before escaping consciousness was the sound of the police siren.

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