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The estimable historian Howard Zinn has shown that the American Revolution was a masterstroke of manipulation. One segment of a ruling class, somewhat disadvantaged by their position as almost-bluebloods in the scheme of the British Empire, leveraged their social superiors out of power by urging the working class and middle class to revolt in the name of 'Liberty and Justice'. This came after generations of manipulation by attempting to wedge white and black underclasses against each other for fear of continued cooperation in rebellion against the rich. ('A Peoples' History of the United States')

The Founding Fathers won the existing foundation of a new empire away from an old one by sidestepping eventual working-class revolution via manipulation of class struggle. The rebellious energies of working-class Americans was redirected against the British colonizers and their proxies, making Americans feel they had overcome rich imperialists.

To this day, they have never realized they have simply served to raise up, preserve and expand the power of another group of rich imperialists.

The 'new' imperialists now continue to wedge lower classes against each other through racial segmentation and fearmongery. Loyalty to the status quo is maintained by intensive media manipulation. The historic lack of a 'secret police' or 'political officer' control mechanism is due to an astonishing willingness of Americans to exert doctrinal control over each other. The Media has always been a key element in this control but in America, moreso than in the case of any other nation, also maintains this control through authoritarian religious indoctrination, which has been present in American life literally from the very beginning.

It may well be this control mechanism that has made the imperialists' control of popular thought and action most complete, especially since the emergence of broadcast media. Between the broadcast media and the hard-right religious indoctrination, there is little space left in the public discourse for autonomous thought. The manipulation attack on autonomous thought is made complete by the operation of a clearing-house for 'leftist' thought in the form of a front, the Democratic Party, which serves as a distractor and a mere foil for the Republican Party.

Since 'third parties' have been made almost entirely irrelevant by the sheer, juggernaut power of the two dominant parties, this control has been very simple. Since voters with socialistic tendencies are made to believe that the Democratic 'Party' front is their only legitimate mechanism for power, more autonomous leftists are marginalized by being branded as 'radical' and 'fringe'. Thus, the potential players with real desire to effect change are demonized in the common public consciousness as mere troublemakers, outlaws and public enemies. In the case of such entities that manage to gain a significant following and the potential to gain space in the public mind, simple assassination (King, Malcolm X), false imprisonment (Jamal, Peltier) or actual exile (Ramona Africa) are employed to remove their threat. Because of the docile nature of the American People, these actions go largely unchallenged and business goes on as usual.

The imperialists may finally have overreached their ability to control American public thought through fearmongery in the present aftermath of 9-11 and the resultant wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As the deceitfulness of the imperialists has come to light, along with the apparent courage and conviction of the continuing resistance of the Afghan and Iraqi Peoples, the American Public has become highly suspicious of the true motivations of its leaders. With no 'weapons of mass destruction', obscene oil-profiteering here at home by the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Oilmen and mounting losses after the President's declaration of the "end of major combat operations," Americans are finally beginning to realize just how rudely and easily they have been used.

The question is: how deep is the realization? How hard are Americans looking at the depth and scope of the deception? Only with deep historical analyses and an openness to radical concepts and challenges will they learn the terrible truth they truly need to learn in order to finally become a nation of free people.

Mother Jones, the great early 20th Century communist organizer and speaker, told her listeners "Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts." This is what Americans, as a people, desperately need to do, and typically have never done.

The result has shown in many needless wounds which would take volumes to ennumerate. However, if one takes the lessons of Zinn's 'A Peoples' History of the United States' and the emerging truths about the government's handling of various historical events, the cost has shown, for one powerful example, in the loss of every combatant the United States has ever deployed. Every war we have fought, beginning with the Revolutionary War, has been a needless waste, and fought against the wrong foe. (Hitler may seem an exception but in many ways he was a creature of American capitalists and need never have come to power. Many books, most titled 'Helping Hitler' and similar, will bear this out for the curious reader.)

The reason I make such a bold assertion is because America was created by the Founding Fathers as a mechanism to defraud Americans of the truth, their wealth (and that of their neighbors throughout the world) and when necessary, their lives. America has always been a lie. It is a fraud because the intent of its creation was fraud and powermongery. The behavior of today's American imperialists should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who comprehends this.

However, one day this truth will brutally jolt the American People.

The Alienist

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The following comments are for ""Sit Down and Read""
by The Alienist

a desire to read
You have me curious enough to read Zinn's book now. There is one thing that sticks in my craw about the entire premise you presented, however. Many of the wannabe aristocracy you allude to led the battle cries. Like Ben Franklin once said, "We shall hang together or we shall most assuredly hang seperately." While we could argue the purity of their motives, they did risk their lives by their political activism, as many today are doing. Assume we have an overthrow today. Are the risks that those activists take then without merit because they assume the place of authority? It is good to read you and sharpen my dull mind with you as always, alienist.

( Posted by: brickhouse [Member] On: December 11, 2005 )

Sat down, read this(but not that)

I'm much more familiar with recent history (in my life) than what public schools "taught" me. History is made by the powerful few {perhaps the French revolution is the exception but the power of the masses can be even scarier- Mob rule is no rule at all).

"Taxation without representation" sounds to me like a rich man's lament.

I don't believe the current state of affairs was designed by the rich and powerful- but they have the power to extract benefit from any current state and to somewhat influence its evolution far beyond that of the common man, unless mob rule again holds sway. That's a scary thought until a leader emerges- then the cycle repeats, unless maybe you(or fill in the blank) are the worthy leader?

Humanity is tribal in nature, and tribes need leaders. I can only hope we begin to thoughtfully choose more thoughtful ones.

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: December 28, 2005 )

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