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(Warning: this is my first attempt at a short story or a start of one. So it may not be that good, but please give me feed back so that I may know. Oh, and I hope this is the right category.)

The dreamrealms were odd tonight. Eerie blue-violent lightening streaked across a pitch black sky. Then suddenly an inky blackness engulfed the area around him. Leaving the man blind, except for the lightning’s slight illumination. Standing helplessly in a wilderness that he can not even see, the sound starts. It is a tremendous noise, made up of the clashing of swords, cries of agony, and men dying...the sound of death. Throughout the vast wilderness of dreams it could be heard and it was coming toward him and the place he was sworn to protect, Stark River.

With a shudder Brian awoke from his trance. Frightened by his experience in the dreamrealms, his heart beat fiercely as if it was trying to escape his chest and his head rang with the sounds of destruction, causing an ache to spread through his head. Whatever the noise represented it was mean and it was dangerous, but worse of all it seemed to be getting closer. Shaking his head quickly, Brian shivered, the creature that might be coming in the sounds mist was too much for him to handle, too much for perhaps any keeper to handle on their own, and that meant Stark River would be open to attack.

While those dark thoughts ran through his mind Brian realized that not only his head was ringing, but also the phone. In fact, the squat little thing was trilling loudly at him from the far wall. In a half crawling, half slinking crouch Brian made his way to the annoying, yet useful, household appliance. Struggling to his feet he grabbed the offending appliance roughly off it's cradle.

“Brian, I have been trying to reach you! Where have you been? Something big is happening.” A vaguely familiar, rather whiney voice screamed.

“Mmmm-hmmm...,” was the only answer that Brian could muster. Realizing that this might be important Brian pulled his sweat drenched hair out of his eyes. His hair was a dark brown and two golden blonde streaks ran through it from each of his temples, the blonde locks appeared to be shimmering in the low-lighting of his workroom.

“Brian are you all right man, it’s Skeege, I got somthin’ you might be interested in.” The disembodied voice from the phone exclaimed.

Brian’s honey colored eyes shot open upon hearing the name. He knew Skeege and Skeege usually had good information, for a price. Forcibly Brian awoke himself from his daze, “Skeege, what’s going on?” A slight amount of fear crept into his voice. It was around five a.m. Skeege never got up this early, something must be wrong.

“Glad to hear that you are alright,” the nervous little man said in the next moment, “it’s too close to my payday for you not to be.” Skeege forced a laugh. “Ya know, I do a lot of valuable work for you, I take a lot of chances...” Skeege’s words spoke fact, his voice however, suggested he wanted something else than praise for his strife; in his next sentence he proved it. “I have been thinking the service I provide you with may be worth a lot more then what I am getting.”

“That slimy little police rat!” Brian’s mind screamed. “He’s trying to scam me; dammit I do the scamming in this relationship!”

“Well, what do you think? Do I do enough to deserve more of a reward?” The greasy little voice from the phone asked.

With angry thoughts running through his mind Brian forced himself to speak calmly. “Skeege, you are correct in that you provide an invaluable service to me. So I may think of giving you a bonus depending on the information.”

Over the phone Brian could hear Skeege take a drag off of one of his unfiltered Russian cigarettes, foul little things. In his mind’s eye he could see the little weasel of a man, shake nervously as he thought over what Brian had said. With a slight tremble in his voice, a tremble so slight most would not notice it, Brian however, noticed he noticed everything especially when money was on the line. “Come on Bri! This information is hot even got you some crime scene pics.” A slight whine was added at the end of Skeege’s plea.

“Skeege you will get your average rate for the photos and perhaps a bonus for the information depending on its content. If you have a problem with that I could always make an anonymous call to the SRPD and talk to the Chief about a certain little gutter rat and some missing information. I then will go and find someone else to get my information for me and pay them minimum wage to do so, and they will love every minute of it.”

Sputtering slightly Skeege spoke after a long silence, “Now that is not necessary man, I am just making sure that I get my due is all, this is some dangerous stuff here...”

“Cut the shit right now,” Brian’s voice cut sharply through Skeege was going to say and left his skull ringing. “I do not feel well, I have a headache, and I have laundry to do. Usually I am a nice person, but if you keep this up I may be forced to shoot you. So tell me what this information that you found all about is?”

“Don’t lose your cool. I got it right here, Geez!” Slowly Brian counted backward from ten as he waited for Skeege to start speaking and tried to ignore his headache.

“Aight, now it would appear as if this is nothing but just a very nasty murder, and sadly enough it looks like that is what it is going to be filed as. This is really odd since lots of things about this case don’t pan out, almost like those working on this case just want to forget about it.” At this point Skeege’s voice dropped as if he was telling a secret, “plus this case gives me one of those eerie feelings.” he said.

A wide grin spread across Brian’s brain aching face. When he had claimed to be able to go and get another info-rat just as good as Skeege, he had lied. Skeege had a very reliable, if untrained sixth sense so one of his eerie feelings was sure to turn up something important. Skeege of course didn’t know about this little gift of his “would probably scare the shit out of him if he knew,” Brian thought in amusement.

“Sounds like it might be interesting, meet me at the usual place at midnight.” With that parting remark Brian hung up the phone.

After a few moments Brian let the dread enter his mind. “Shit,” he thought, it seems whatever was coming closer to Stark River may already be here.

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.


The following comments are for "Everyday Magic, Part 1"
by Drastine

good description
I think your works pretty good. Your description is probably your strongest trait. I liked your description of Brian. This is a really ambitious work for a first try but good luck.

( Posted by: Seanspacey [Member] On: August 24, 2002 )

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