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Monday, November 2, 2009, 7:33 AM, Central Time Zone, GMT
Jack’s house, Anaheim, Saskatchewan

The two men in black snowsuits prised open the aboveground basement half-window with the silent skill of professional killers. The first slid in silently, down into the dark of the basement, and was soon joined by his companion; two black non-shadows that stole through the darkness like avatars of death.

The first cursed silently as he surveyed the boxes overflowing with junk that stood between them and the door; evidently they’d entered a storage room. He gestured curtly at his eyes to warn his partner, who nodded. With that, they began wending their way towards the door, mindful of anything that might snag or catch on their outer clothing.

Jack woke, opened his eyes, stared at the clock, and frowned. Only 7:37? He never woke up before his alarm went off! Not unless something-

He sat up, suddenly wide awake, feeling that something was terribly wrong.

The man in black tried in vain to stifle a cry of pain as the young woman he’d tried to take unawares on the sofa unexpectedly sank her teeth into his hand as hard as she could. It had never happened like this! Always, they were too surprised to react in self-defence-

He roared aloud in rage as she groined him and evaded the device he tried to jab into her neck. At the same instant, his partner lunged for the young man who lay spoon-fashion behind the girl, aiming for the young man’s neck with his tranquillizer device, only to find himself slammed to the floor by a man who erupted out of the dark, swinging a baseball bat.

The man in black flung the girl off, slamming her into the wall, and squared off with the intruder, ready to break the man’s spine with moves learned in covert ops- then felt a chill as he never had before as the man stood prepared and ready for him, unafraid and deadly, silent, poised and watchful.

‘Ghuh-?!’ he had time only for an unintelligible outburst, caught by surprise by the young man who stuck him in the leg with his own tranquillizer device. The world turned fuzzy at the edges, and as it faded to a muzzy grey, he slumped unconscious to the floor.

‘Kiko!’ Jason went to her, reached up and turned on the light. She moaned, holding her arm in pain, but got to her feet, otherwise unhurt.

They flinched as a crash came from upstairs. Something heavy slammed against the floor, followed by the sound of running feet; and then there was a percussive sound, like punches being thrown, some cursing, the sound of a struggle, and another crash as a body slammed onto the floor.

‘Gimme that thing!’ Jack ordered, snatching the device from Jason’s hand. He rammed it into the face of the second man who was regaining consciousness. ‘Lights out, Sunshine!’ Hefting the bat, he ran for the stairs.

He was about to use the bat on the man in the kitchen until he realised that, unlike the others, he wasn’t dressed in black. The man held one hand to his head to stanch the blood that coursed from his temple and into his brown beard; the other he held up to ward Jack off. Carly stood behind him, dressed in her nightgown, looking shaken. She ran to Jack and buried her face against him.

‘Whoa! I’m on your side!’ the man said. On the floor, to his side, lay another man in black, unconscious.

‘Yelina! Where’s Yelina-?’

‘They got her!’ the newcomer said brokenly. ‘They got her and my girlfriend.’

Jack surged forward and grabbed his jacket, unkindly, held the bat upraised in threat. ‘Who got them? Who are these people? And who the hell are you?’

‘My name is Ian Woodbridge. I’m a scientist. My girlfriend and I thought we were working for some division of CSIS, but the bastards lied to us! We tried to get to you in time to warn you- Christ, will you put that thing down? We’ve got to figure out what we’re going to do here! These people are killers!’

‘What do they want with Yelina?’ Jack demanded.

‘They have orders to kill every alien from that ship!’ Ian told him, desperately. ‘We have to stop them!’

Jack gaped in horror. ‘What are you talking about? Why the hell would they do something like that?’

‘They’re after the aliens’ technology,’ Woodbridge told him. ‘These guys are nuts! They’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on it.’

Jack lowered the bat, took a fresh look at the young scientist. ‘Get yourself cleaned up. The bathroom’s there, just down the hall. The first-aid’s hanging on the wall. I’ll get the trucks warmed up. All right?’

Woodbridge nodded, looking none too steady on his feet, and moved off towards the bathroom.

Jack thought a moment. Then, ‘Jason, you’re going to take Kiko and Carly to Mike’s, okay? Tell them to stay there.’

‘I want to come!’ Kiko blurted.

‘I do too!’ Jason seconded. His features were touched with the type of anger that made him look older than his years.

‘I know you do,’ Jack replied softly, putting a hand on the younger man’s shoulder, ‘but Carly’s too young to be involved in this.’

‘I’m not!’ Kiko said, lifting her chin in defiance.

‘You need to be with Jason,’ Jack told her. ‘You have to understand that we might not be coming back.’

She wilted at that, tears welling in her eyes. ‘But I want to help! I want to get Yelina back!’

‘I know you do, Sweetheart,’ he said, taking her in his arms. ‘I know. But this time, you’re going to have to leave it up to us. Okay?’

She began weeping in earnest, and clung to him. ‘I don’t want those men to hurt her!’

‘If I have my way,’ Jack told her, ‘it’s those men who’ll get hurt.’ His heart sank as he said those words, however, and in the pit of his stomach, he wondered if he’d be coming back.

You are the alien.

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The following comments are for "When Worlds Collide- Part 28"
by msg

You're racing ahead faster than I can catch up (but that's ok as long as you don't delete anything).

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: December 9, 2005 )

racing ahead
Things will be slowing down now as work gets busier because of Christmas.

( Posted by: msg [Member] On: December 9, 2005 )

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