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A massive black out across a large city is happening. No electricity or lights can be seen any where in the city.

In side of a large building is a woman in the shower, with a very confident voice.

“Great, the water is so cold.”

In pitch black, she shuts the water off and gets out of the shower. Her foot hits the floor and she slips, and smashes her head on the towel rack by the shower.


She falls to the floor, lifeless.

Thirteen hours pass, and the sun is beginning to set, the next day, in a large city with mountains off to the side. Back inside of what appears to be a hotel, lays the woman that we first heard. Her deep green eyes open, and she starts to wake up. Stunned, she looks around at her surroundings. She stands up, and reaches for a towel on the hanger beside her. She opens the door beside her, and a large board falls from the ceiling. She jumps back, and calmly collects herself. Trough the hole in the roof she can see the sky, with many clouds. She walks to the window, and looks down. She is at least 95 stories up inside the building. She looks confused. Looking around, nothing is familiar. She hears a noise behind the door in the room she is staying.

“Hello?” Sounding surprised at the sound of her own voice.

A Creaking can still be heard behind the door. She walks closer, until the sound stops.

“Hmmm” she moans curiously.

A large brief case to her left. She walks to it and opens it. All of her clothes are white, and very well starched, except for a bright orange shirt, and a pair of tight black jeans. This is the outfit she selects. She sees a pair of dress boots over by the door, so she puts them on, and also finds a key on a necklace, so she takes it with her.

“What is all this?”

A Creaking noise starts again, followed by footsteps, then silence. She cautiously walks her way over by the door, tucking her shoulder length dark blond hair behind her ear.

She opens the door enough to peer out. She steps out into a dark abandoned hallway. She takes a few steps into the darkness.

“Hello?” She calls into the dark corridor, confused and lost.

“Is someone out here?” She continues to call.

She ventures further into the dark hallway. A strange stone colored mist fills the air. Out of nowhere, a man, all in black, is sneaking up behind her. He grabs her.

“Get off of me, what are doing? She screams, terrified that this man may know her.

He drags her kicking and screaming body into the room where she came from, closing and locking the door.

“Get off” She continues to scream.

The man covers her mouth

“Quiet, you know you can’t be seen.”

She stops screaming and he uncovers her mouth.

“What?” She quietly mumbles

“They’re down stairs, 2 floors below us, he have to go now, since you obviously can’t do you job right.” The man continues to tell her.

“What are you talking about?” she continues to ask inquisitively.

The man moves a chest to the hole in the roof.

“Come on.” He instructs her.

He climbs through the hole onto the roof of the 94-story building. She runs to the chest. And jumps up onto it. A pounding starts on the door.

“Hurry, no time.” The man Quietly screams at her.

A fist goes though the door on the other side of the room. She jumps up through the hole.

“Your favorite part.” The man continues as he gives her a parachute.

“What?” she asks as she puts the chute on.
“Ready, go?” he screams as they jump together. They hold each other’s hands, opposite sides from each other, as they freefall down.

“Open now.” He instructs as he pulls the ripcord, opening his chute only meters from the ground.

“What is happening?” she extrovertly asks him.

They land, and release the chute. She falls to the ground, terrorized.

“You ok? You normally like that part.” He helps her up “Ok, there is not much time before they get down here. See that ware house over there?”

“Which one?” she asks

“The 4 story one.” He answers.

“Yeah” she replies back.

“I will be in that gas station over there.” He tells her, “there is no one left alive, so don’t be afraid, we will get out before they find us.”

“Who, why, wait, what???” she confuses herself more.

He runs down the liter-covered road. She looks at the gray sky until the sound of a sniper rifle forces her to turn toward the building she dove of, to see a man fall from the 8th story and hit the ground dead, with a bullet wound to the chest. Then a window smashes from the 4th story and the metallic sound of a hand grenade hitting the hard road, and rolling toward her. She dives over the dead man, and picks the grenade up with lighting speed, and wings it back to the 3rd story window, shattering it. The grenade explodes collapsing a wall of the building. She looks at the dead man, and notices a handgun in his dead, disfigured hand. She grabs it and sprints to the warehouse, and goes in through a smashed window off to the side. The room is decrepit and bits of light everywhere, create a dim lighting in the large building. She cautiously speed walks around a corner of an old shelf, and collapses to the ground.

“What just happened back there?” She wonders to herself, “how did, I mean, what does he mean that was my favorite part?”

She picks herself up, and begins to walk toward an open door behind a bookcase, about 20 feet from where she was standing. She walks trough the door and into the next room. The room is divided in to 3 ways. One way in front of her labeled “Basement” another to her right, labeled “Balcony” and the last one to her left labeled “Boiler room”

“I would like to say this looks familiar, but….” She stumbles toward the balcony staircase “Looks pretty concrete.”
She starts her way up the stairs. They creek and bend under her lightweight.

“Am I really this heavy?” She ostracizes herself for thinking this.

She gets to the top of the stairway, and looks down a long hallway with windows on each side. She cautiously takes a step out on to the weak looking floor. Then a sign in front of her stating “Weak floor, walk with hazard.”

“Hurry, that’s nice.” She sarcastically whispers to herself, walking along the narrow hall.

She reaches the other side, and opens the door. She walks into the room, to notice that no walls, no ceiling, and only a floor stand between her and the hard road under her.

“Balcony, right.” She says to herself afraid.

“Heights, Am I afraid of them? This feeling is just so natural.” she states to herself.

A loud crash from floor below startles her last calm nerve.

“That sounded like it was the third floor, but all I know is I’m on the…fourth!!!”

She steps cautiously back through the hall to the stairs where she came from, the to the divided room.

“Boiler room, or Basement?” she questions to herself.

Knowing the sound came from what now would be above, she chooses the basement.

“Why does he want me here?” she asks “and who was he, and who is THEY?”

A she starts down the short set of stairs to the basement. As soon as she reaches the bottom, and loud high-pitched squealing can be heard. As the sound pierces her ears she continues to walk the dark basement.

“Nothing.” She says to herself.

She walks back up to the divided room.

“Well, here goes.” She states to herself as she opens the door to the boiler room.

She ascends the stairs to the 3rd floor, where the mysterious crash came from. She grips the handgun in her hand as she approaches the top of the stairs, reveling what the sound was. She prepares herself to turn. She jumps around the corner to reveal nothing out of the ordinary, except a large statue of an angel on the floor, shattered.

“Something isn’t right, wait…” she says as she notices a small hole in the floor.
She moves what she can of the fallen angels out of the way, and stares down the hole that is only wide enough for her hand to go through.

“I should know better, but I don’t know if I do know better.” She says as she cautiously as she sticks her hand down the hole to feel a small lever. She pulls it and a wall on the left side of the room pulls up to expose a door with a large lock on it. She takes her hand out of the hole and walks to the door to examine the lock.

“Wait, this lock, my key????” she says grabbing the key around her neck, ripping it off.

“Only one way to find out.”

She puts the key in the lock.

“Perfect fit, but how, what???”

She turns the key, and the lock releases. She turns the door knot to the large door, and cautiously peeks her head to the room within. She looks down what appears to be a long narrow hallway, similar to the balcony hallway, except no weak floors. In fact the floors have a metallic coating.

“How did… I mean, what did I, I mean, me…” she says as she looks dumbfounded.

She walks into the door and it closes behind her. She stops to hear footsteps around the corner.

“What is that?” she asks to herself.

The man in the black suit walks from a door on the other side of the hall.

She raises the gun to him, the lowers upon recognition.

“I thought you forgot what to do.” Says the man in the black, worried.

A brief flash thru her mind, and a bit of knowledge returns to her, but not enough to help any. She now only knows his name?

“Ash, sergeant Ash Sir.” She says, even more confused now than before.

“Yeah, well, come on. They have breeched the building…again.” He says as he looks at her.

“Wait, I’m not moving until I know what is going on.” She demands.

“What, did you fall and hit your head or something, stop playing games!!!” he orders.

“Well, in fact…”

He grabs her hand before she can finish her sentence, and drags her thru the door, closing it behind them. He sits her down.

“Now, tell me, what is going on?” the man demands to know.

“Well, I would to ask the same question, but…” she says.

“So what do you know?” the man asks.

“All I know is I woke up in a shower, then I came out into the room, and a thick mist covered the air. Then a big hole in the room’s ceiling.” She tells him.

“The mist, was the remnants of tear gas, and the hole in the roof was from me looking for you, I thought they killed you, I mean they are after you, so I jumped out of a helicopter, and to the roof of that hotel, then chopped my way though with an axe. I couldn’t let them get you.” The man tells her.

“Ok, but who am I, and what did I do that, they, are after me, and who is they?” she looks confused.

“Well, you are a detective assassin for the US Army, you stumbled upon a weapons exchange in northern Colorado. When they found out about you they hired 12 assassins of their own to kill you, they’re squad is called ESP, Elite Special Patrol, and they were hired to kill you at any cost necessary. You were ordered to follow them, and find their location, before they found you. But obviously, they found your location, but not you. They caused the black out in the city. I am your sergeant; sergeant Ashtings, and I came looking for you. We had our own squad, but ESP was too strong. We lost and I came in to the hotel for refuge, and found you.” Sergeant Ashtings tells her.

“Ok, still lost, but it helps. Now, what happened here in the city, and the key I just used?” She says understanding, and slowly recovering from amnesia, but not completely.

“ESP decimated the city, and then tore each building apart looking for you, and the key…ok, this is our base. The entire city is linked subversive via underground passages, and the key unlocks the door you just opened.” He tells her.

“And what is my name?” She questions as a bang on the door startles the two.

“No time, we have to go.” He yells, as he grabs her hand yet again and pulls her along with him down the passage until they come to a fork in the road.

“You take left, and I’ve got right.” He yells as they split up without stopping.

She sprints down to the end of the hall to another large door with the same lock.
“Ah, I’ve got this.” She states as she searches franticly for the key. “No, I had to bring it!!!”

A stomping of massive feet can be heard rounding the corner. A man about 6 ½ foot tall, with short hair, and black glasses, and a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun walks down the hall slowly at her.

“ESP!!” She whispers to her self, as another bright flash of light reveals more of her memory to herself.

The tall man raises the gun toward her way. She looks around. No way out, except a small opening in the ceiling. She jumps up through the opening and to the floor above her, the fourth floor; the balcony hallway. She takes off sprinting down the hall, not worried about the floor caving in, but the man jumps through the hole behind her. The man quickly walks behind her, with the floor creaking behind him. He raises the shotgun in her direction, and fires. The bullet grazes her arm, and she lets out a blood-curdling scream, and falls to the floor. As she lies there, close to the door, the man advances toward her, and raises the gun for another shot, when the floor falls from beneath him and he hits the floor below with a bone crunching force. The man lies there seemingly dead. She wakes her self up, and stands to look down at the man. She holds her arm, and jumps down to him. She lands softly as a cat off the coffee table. She grabs his head with her hands, and quickly twisted his neck until it snaps.

“Lets just make sure this doesn’t happen again.” She says as she releases and lets him go.

She walks away and down the hall where she came to the room where the tall man had broken the doors down. She sits and bandages her wound with a piece of her pants that she rips off from the mid section. She walks back to the fork in the hall, and thinks for a minute.

“So the city is linked under ground, then I should be able to get out of the city, so I should take this fork, no, wait, I should go back and get the key and go forward.” She quietly thinks to herself.

She walks back to the broken down doors, thinks a few seconds longer. She retrieves the key from the large door with the keyhole, and goes back to the fork.

“First I should check to see if this key even fits first.” She thinks.

She walks to the hallway with the other door, and where the man lies.

“It fits!!” she exclaims to herself.

A large glass window breaking down the hall with the broken down doors startles her. She takes the key out and turns to see the man is gone.

“This isn’t possible, I killed him…”

Another large break, then another, then silence until big footsteps fill the small ways with the echo. She runs to the fork in the hallway, and stairs toward the broken doors.

“I have to ways to go, what should I do?” she starts to talk to herself.

The tall man walks around the corner at the very end of the massively long hallway by the broken doors. His foots steps increase. His head tilted to one side and limp. His shotgun traded for a sub machine gun. He aims for her with his lifeless head.

She panics “Two doors to take, but witch one…”

-----End of Part 1-----

To Be Continued

Nick Burris


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