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Giest #1 : The Rising Son (1 of 3): Revelation
by Christopher Crowe (
Copyright All rights reserved.

Cover: Giest standing in front of a phone stand, phone in hand. A small pool of blood at his feet, his head looking down.

Giest's apartment was especially cold tonight. As he walked in the door he flicked the lights on, took a quick look around and walked over to the table and tossed the keys down. He found a note on the fridge from Cierra, and she said she had gotten into some trouble. She's got baggage, and her baggage usually comes equipped with guns. Giest knew she had been doing some under cover work for Justice over at the S.H.O. This probably had something to do with that. Giest warned here many times that working for the government always ended badly.

Nathan goes to his closet, pulls it open and grabs a gun harness and a few other items , carfully putting each item in its place. His costume fits him tightly. Mostly black. His arsenal of equipment within easy reach. In battle, seconds count.

Nathan leaves his loft apartment, throws on his black trench coat, climbs on his motor cycle. Barely thinking, he knows the way to her house.

Giest stashes his bike and heads up to the house. As he gets closer, he sees a smashed window. It doesn't take but a few seconds to get into character. Adrenaline kicks in high gear. He checks the grounds as he makes his way up. Nathan kicks in the door, gun pulled. Looking left and right he quickly moves into the house. Nothing so far. The place is dark, and trashed. He makes his way through the lower levels, and heads for upstairs. In a few minutes, he's sure the house is empty, except for the blood near the phone. He hangs his head and pauses. Holstering his gun, he neals down near the window.


Nathan quickly darts out the back. Good thing he parked his bike off road about quater of a mile back. Seems like having an escape plan is becoming more and more necessary.


*Knock Knock Knock*

"Its 4 in the morning, this better be good."

"Dobe, its Nathan, open up."

The door flies open and Giest slides into the hallway like a cold breeze. In full costume, no trench..

"You been out all night or just getting started."

"All night, look, I need your help. You know where the others are?"

"No, but a I can get them pretty quick. What's up?"

"I think Cierra's in some kinda trouble, I don't think she's hurt bad, but there was blood at her place when I checked it out."

"I'll get my shit and pick up the others, you go get Strom. Y ou seem to be the only one who can ever find him."

"Yeah, great minds think alike I guess" Trying to smile.

Elswhere, Later.

"Doberman, Giest seems tense. What's the story?"

"Man Strom, you remember Cierra right?."

"Yeah, I met her a couple of times back when Giest and her were an item."

"Giest thinks she's in trouble, or at least it looks that way. Been to the scene and I still haven't picked up a trail."

"You mean your big ass nose hasn't picked up nothing yet?"

"Nothing but the fact you need a bath, how long since you been outta your suit anyway, Damn"

"Shut the hell up. I thought Cierra was out of the picture."

"Well, they're still friends. She dropped him, remember, not the other way around. "

"Good point. So what now?"

The sliding door opens, Giest seems to glide into the room.

"I've been working with most of you for a while, so you know how things work. I need your help. It's personal. I'm going to see a friend and follow a lead. You guys split up and see what info you can dig up. Use the com system if you find out anything."

"Doberman, your with me. Rest of you split up. We'll meet back up at The Days End later tonight."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


"She alive?"

"Yes. The damage done was minor. Nothing that couldn't be fixed."

"So whats special about this one?"

"Her Genetic tests show strong indications that she would be suitable for templating. Here results are very promising."

"I'm sure the suits will be glad to hear that."

"Indeed they will."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

An ally.

"Go ahead, shoot you lousy freak."

Strom is one of the few people who is as fast as Giest. A super agile theif. His suit also grants him some pretty nice advantages over these dollar goons. Strom makes his way over some crates and jumps atop the dumpster, startled, the gunmen turn to shoot. Strom flips over the top of them. One of them tries to train on Strom as he moves but he's too slow. Strom lands behind him and grabs his rifle , using it as a club, drops the young gunner to the ground. Dropping to one knee, striking the closest in the nuts causing him to fire and hit his partner.

"Damn, I'm GOOD!"

"Not so fast buddy"

Just as he feels the pressure of a gun against his skull.

"Look, you don't want to do this"

In a flash of light Strom is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly the gun goes flying, and the young upstart hits the ground, blood pooring from his nose and mouth. The only one left standing, rather grasping himself, Strom jerks up by the coat.

"Who the hell sent you? Who do you work for?"

"You won't geuuughhhh"

A shot is fired and kills him befor he can finish.

Strom quickly glances around, engaging his suits sensors, he picks up a man making his way into a helicoptor on the roof.

Strom's suit is second nature to him. Without thinking he activates the telescopic lense in the suits camera. He quickly scans the helicopter but finds no markings. That would be too easy. He goes further, scanning what he can see of the passengers and the cockpit. Zip. Nothing. He turns back to these hired goons to check for id. Searching through the pockets he finds nothing of use, until the last guy. A code key. No name on it, no number, nothing. Fortunatly, the circuits inside may tell a different story. Strom gathers up some of the equipment, ammunition and other tools these guys had on them in case they can be traced and heads to the bar.

"Kode, this is Strom, meet me at the bar, I've got something for you to check out"

"Finally, I get to see some action."

"What did you expect? Bring your gear, we may be able to get the jump on them."

"Should I bring the van"

"Might as well, we may end up going for a ride"

"On my way"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Twist, why did you call me here?"

"Well Mr. Keller, I've learned that you've managed to capture Cierra. I trust the information I gave was useful."

"Yes it was, but what's this all about? I know you didn't do it because you care Twist, whats your angle."

"I have an idea you may like. It will give you the ultimate hand to play against Giest if we should need it. As with all clones, you can dictate who they are. You give them their personality and desires. Why not simply duplicate Cierra. Make her totally loyal to you. She will have the memories and thoughts Cierra had, only twisted. A secrete hatred for Giest that you can use to keep tabs on him and his people."

"That is quite an interesting idea. But what do you get out of all this?"

"But once she's returned safely, he'll stop trying to figure out who did this when he kills everyone who's holding her hostage. I've already made certain he'll find here shortly. In the old warehouse. As for the original, what will become of her, Mr. Keller?"

"She's going to be templated, and reprogrammed. She will be part of our team from now on. Talk about irony."

"This just keeps getting better"

Next Issue, Giest and friends find a clue that may lead them to Cierra. But who's the mystery man following Giest? And what does he know about Giests past?
Giest Vol. 1 #1 : The Rising Son ( 1 of 3 ) : Revleation
by Christopher Crowe (Crowebiashi)

Chrispian H. Burks
Lit.Org Owner / Founder
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The following comments are for "Giest #1 : The Rising Son (1 of 3): Revelation"
by Chrispian

Good one, man
This one I like. It looks like something directly out of a novel.

( Posted by: Ken Trema [Member] On: May 12, 2002 )

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