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The Pea
The Archbishop General of the Softpaws stood toe to toe with the Archbishop General of the Righties. Each clutching their sacred Peas between pinched fingers. Their troops stood poised behind them. As their leaders argued over the proper way to hold the sacred Pea while praying.
The Archbishop General of the Softpaws with his green Robe with its wide yellow strip running from his shoulder to his feet. The Robe billowing in the wind. He stood there his face contorted in anger. How can he get this heathen to understand that you have to hold your sacred pea in your left hand while you say your prayers to god. Because the left hand was the Heart side of the body. There fore making the pea closer to your heart so you will be closer to God.
The Archbishop General of the Rightie most violently shook his head . “No, No, No,” he shouted. “Blaspheme,” he screamed at the Green and yellow robed man standing in front of him. You are to hold the Sacred Pea in the Right hand. Because Our people are the right hand of God. It shows that we are the truly chosen ones of God. God can identify us because we hold the Pea in our Right hands. That is the way you are suppose to pray.
The Archbishop General of the Rightie’s Yellow and Green striped Robe flapped violent around him. His Hawk like features scowling his contempt for the heathen standing across from him.
The two men stood thus. screaming their beliefs back and forth. Hurling insult upon insult upon each other. Neither Man willing to listen to the other mans beliefs. Each building a religious fervor. Only I am right, first one would scream then the other. They stood eyeing the other. Then raising their sacred Pea in their own proper hand they Marched back to their troops standing in row upon row.
The howling wind carried away each of the voices as they stood before their troops.
Then the two Archbishop Generals simultaneously dropped the hand with the sacred Peas.
The two armies surged forward in religious fervor. The war cries surpassing the fury of the wind about them. Having at each other with Sword, Mace and Lance. The Rattle of Bow and Cannon adding to the fury. Each soldier carrying his Sacred Pea in what he believed was the proper hand.
The sound of death and Dying filled the land as the two factions fell upon each other.
Suddenly an Erie silence crossed the land. Not a creature moved, the ground red, then black from the slaughter. A foulness hung in the air. Winter came still nothing moved upon the land. The seasons changed and still nothing moved across this land.
Then a lone Mother struggled along the deserted road. Trying desperately to help her weakened child to walk. “Mother I am so hungry. Why is there no food,” she would ask?
“Hush child, we must hurry before it gets dark,” the mother would say. “Mother why cann’t we pray for food like we used to,” The little girl would ask? “Hush now little one.”
the mother would say again. Try as she might the mother could not hurry her daughter. She was herself to weak to carry her. So when night fall came upon the desolate land.
The young mother found a shelter of sorts, against some broken down wall along side the road. Laying there next to her daughter she was soon fast asleep.
The little girl slowly crawled out to the edge of the road. then turning over onto her back to look up to the stars. She laid there for the longest time just watching the stars. Wondering why they could no longer pray. Something was missing. She remembered her parents and grand parents talking about it. Hunger pangs twisting her tiny tummy. She almost cried out to her mother.
The little girl rolled over to her stomach, with her eyes tightly squeezed shut. She laid there waiting for the hunger pains to pass. The little girl laid there a few moments longer.
I do not care what is missing. she thought to herself. I am going to pray to God. Surly he will hear one little girl. Closing her eyes tightly, she prayed. God I do not know what is missing. I can not remember anymore. But God I have missed you. God I am worried about my mommy. She is so weak. She is looking for food all the time for us. I know she has given me food instead of eating any for herself. I try to eat only a little bit so mommy can have some to. God can you help my mommy?
The young mother had came awake. She laid there listening to her daughter pray.
A single tear ran down her cheek as she listened
She listened as her daughter continued to pray.
God I sure have missed you. Please help my mommy. Amen. The little girl turned and crawled back to her place next to her mother and fell asleep. The young mother laid there a few moments thinking. Then she whispered, “God I have missed you to.” Then the young mother pulled herself closer to her daughter. Curling herself around her daughter to share warmth and fell back to sleep.
The next morning the sun crested the eastern sky. Slowly lowering its warming rays down the broken wall. As the suns light touched the ground where the two had lain. Pea vines began to sprout and climb up the barren wall. As the light brightened, new life and growth continued across the barren land.

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The following comments are for "The Pea"
by Anowara

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Hi all
Come on let me know if you liked or disliked this peace. Rail on I can take it. If you have something to say. Say IT.
Can you tell. I want honest feed back. The only way I see to get it is Just ask. Of coarse if you liked it I would love to hear that to.
Don't be shy. let er fly. I hope you enjoyed.

( Posted by: Anowara [Member] On: November 21, 2005 )

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