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In an article authored by John P. Sweeney for the “Heritage Foundation” an argument is put forth to maintain the embargo against the island of Cuba. Before we delve into this twisted piece of “research”, your humble author would like to ensure the reader’s background knowledge is up to par. I am going to assume that the reader has read the Communist manifesto, which I am almost positive 99% have not. However, I can supply a brief synopsis.

Mainly authored by Karl Marx, the Manifesto was co-authored by Fredrich Engels in the midst of the Industrial Revolution in Europe. At the time, there was no child labor laws, the old monarchies were dying or dead already. However, in their place, a new sort of regime came about. Marx termed this class the “Bourgeoisie” (my spelling may suck but it’s pronounced Booshwah or Booshwahsee). They were the old lords and ladies that had survived the revolutions, including ours. The working class, or in our terms the Middle class, was termed the “Proletariat”. Family Guy fans have surely heard Stewie claim “Damn the Proletariat!” This is what he’s talking about. I’m sure most have heard or read the slogan “Workers unite”. Marx and Engels were concerned about the way the working class was being screwed. The basis of Communism is the abolition of the idea of “personal property”. This is also the basis of America’s wealth. Private property owners charge tenants rent, whether they be commercial or residential. As far as “Godless Communists” this is true to a certain extent. The two were also concerned about the word “control”. In Europe’s not too distant history, the church had been the origins of many wars, plagues, genocides, and other repressions. The authors wished to do away with these evils of society. They envisioned a Secular state. Or, a “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” (see the Great Seal on the back of your dollar bill) This is not an entirely bad thing if one considers it from an objective point of view. In fact, a recent study concluded that the secular type states of Europe have far fewer cases of societal ills like Syphilis, abortions, and teen pregnancies. I believe it’s the exclusionary tendencies of “religious” people. Under the influence of the various churches, people’s natural hatred and ignorance is inflamed by the demagogues of the times. Today, we must beware as they are as active as ever. So, the answer is, “Yes”, the Communist seeks to obliterate the control of the imperialist state, whether it is an actual state or a church.

For over forty years we have punished an entire nation because of their choice of government. The fact that the government wants nothing to do with our government is self evident. I would hearken the readers’ mind to the issue of Guatemala in the 1950’s. American corporations, in particular United Fruit, held vast expanses of land in these Latin American nations. We will focus on Guatemala, however. The Democratically elected President Jacobo Arbenz sought to nationalize the mines in his country that were owned by foreign nations namely, ours. This situation could be equated to England owning the Steel industry in Pennsylvania, or the Orange crop in Florida. It’s foolish to think we would allow that. It’s likewise foolish to think other countries would want that. It is their land, period. A case could have actually be made for “imminent domain”, if it existed at the time. However, to subvert this threat to “the American way of life”, the CIA conspired to overthrow Arbenz. The Agency hand-picked Castillo Armas to lead a U.S. backed coup against the democratically elected Arbenz. The operation itself was named “Operation Success”. The rest is history, as they say. This was not the first, nor the last time United States business interests would interfere with and bend world politics.

Let’s go back to Cuba, with all that in mind. The July 26 Movement (Castro’s) wished to overthrow the brutal dictator Battista. In Cuba, as was the case in most Latin American countries, there was a U.S. enforced Caste system. The numerous plantations were headed by land-owning overlords. These were the aristocracy, or the Bourgeoisie. The peasants had worked for generations to merely survive. There were numerous “leaders” of the July 26 Movement, but the two main personalities were Fidel Castro, a young idealistic lawyer with great personal charisma; and Ernesto “Che” Guevera, a doctor with very strong political convictions. In the initial struggles to throw off the chains of tyranny, the Movement could have been extinguished forever.

The Battista regime conducted secret police operations, much like the SS of World War Two Germany, arresting anyone suspected of rebel sympathizing. More often than not, these people were never seen from again. Again, your humble author must urge the reader to maintain an objective point of view. See through the eyes, not of a comfortable American, but through the eyes of an obviously oppressed person. Battista had the backing of the United States, more like the CIA, until he began to use the weapons placed on the island for “Hemispheric Defense”. Again, the rest, as they say, is history.

In retrospect, the United States made numerous mistakes. Instead of supporting rebellions against tyranny the world over, as was our supposed custom began by our own forefathers. We opposed it, and even supported the oppressor. Why one may ask? The reader must bear in mind that at the time America was involved in Vietnam, and fresh off the heels of the McCarthy “Red Scares” where numerous well known people were accused and subsequently “Excommunicated” American style. Among these was Helen Keller. Then came the Bay of Pigs, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. (All reserved for future entries) If the United States had supported the ideal that our forefathers had laid down for us, perhaps there would never have been a “Red Scare” or the like. It begs the questions: “Who does Capitalism really benefit” & “Are American business interests in foreign countries really worth American sons’ and daughters’ blood”, do the parents of the dead soldiers see profit sharing margins from these foreign investors”?

Capitalism benefits the head. Plain and simple. The one at the head of the corporation, the super-rich, stands to gain from this system. The world, and even the people that work for this person, man, can go to hell, as long as they are profitable. There was a recent uproar, though to the average American scarcely a ripple, of corporations taking insurance policies out on their employees. This could have been construed as corporate “do-gooding”, if the beneficiaries were the employee’s family. However, in true Capitalistic fashion, it was not. The Companies, including Wal-Mart were the sole beneficiaries of this disgusting thing called affectionately “Peasant Insurance”.

The average American concerns him/herself with the daily concerns of scrap-booking, being patriotic, or whether the Patriots are really a dynasty. A shell of protection has been cast over the American people, the most powerful in the world, by corporations, also the most powerful in the world.

Are American business interests really worth American blood? That is a question for the parents of the soldier. I, as a parent, say no. I do not wish for my children to die so anyone’s bottom line can remain undisturbed, whilst my family is shattered by the loss of a promising young man, woman. Is it good and glorious to die for one’s country? In defense of it, I say with a resounding “Yes”. In Imperialistic actions, again a resounding “Hell No!”

All that being said, this again brings us back to the Cuban Trade Embargo, and Mr. Sweeney’s ill fated article. He lays claims that Castro’s hold on the good people of Cuba is slipping. Our President’s grip on the good people of America is slipping, and our big problem is that the price of gas has risen. His people have been without a booming economy, which surely could be booming, for over forty years! I beg the reader to contemplate what that means. Simply put, it means that the vast majorities of people in Cuba believe in Communism, and do not want an imperialistic presence in their country. It means that these people believe in the possibilities of the human being to be a communal creature. Thinking about their fellow man before themselves. If it sounds an awful lot like an ideal Christian state that could be because it is. However, in America the Christians truly believe in Capitalism. The system of personal greed. A system that feeds the most basic of man’s ills.

How can we as Americans fix this situation? I believe in personal liberties. I believe that my neighbor has needs to be met. I absolutely love my fellow man, even though the things they sometimes do are so disgusting it makes me want to leave this place. It truly hurts me to see the things we do to each other. I believe in leading by example. Finally I believe America CAN do the right thing.

Imploring our elected representatives to lift the trade embargo will not be enough, because a significant portion of the electorate does not feel this way. However, given enough voices, the representative will have no choice but to act, because we as tactical citizens must realize their weaknesses, as they have known ours for sometime. They wish to have power, that power can be attained through two methods: Election and business. They go hand in hand, and one feeds the other. Ensure your representative does what they are supposed to do. Represent YOU, my dear reader. If they do not, then it is not only your duty as a citizen, but your obligation to do away with them. Cast your vote in the name of J.J. Rousseau, vote for that Senator in the name of John Locke. The ends we truly seek are not attainable on the Federal level, thanks to the Electoral College (again another entry saved for another time). We must show that the apparatus of fear propaganda no longer works. We must not fear our fellow man, their ideas or their ways. Above all, we must not fear death. This is the most base of human motivations. “Do you want to die?” As the gun is shoved into your nose. We must be able to reply, “Dun’t matter to me.”

We must lift this erroneous embargo on the people of Cuba; after all, the only reason it is still in place is because it just may show that Communism can actually work. Cuban cigars alone is a massive market, waiting to be tapped, and with the largest consumers on the planet living not more than a few hundred miles away the export alone would go through the roof. The greatest danger for American is that when a people presume to know their god’s will, the domination of their fellow man becomes a trivial board game, on a massive scale.
‘On Margate Sands.
I can connect
Nothing with nothing.
The broken fingernails of dirty hands.
My people humble people who expect
T.S. Elliot

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