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My children (ages 18 and 13) are frightened by the state of the world. They watch the news and wonder if theyíll see adulthood. Theyíve expressed their fear of the biblical end, the apocalypse, and wonder if we arenít now witnessing the beginning of itís unfolding. I write this for them.

Itís true, it is a scary time to live. There are wars, terrorists, famines and genocides. The tsunami and hurricanes and earthquakes of late certainly seem to point to prophetic stories. And now a new fear of a flu pandemic.
Let these not drive you with fear, but with courage, for every age has itís horrors as well as itís achievements.

When I was a child we had air-raid drills in school. We would curl up in a ball next to the wall under the windows when ever the siren would go off, not knowing if this was, indeed, a drill- or were there real bombs hurling through the atmosphere? Living within minutes of Washington, D.C. we had no doubt if Russia were to send her missiles we would be at the top of the list for the strike.

Our young, handsome president was shot and killed. His ideals of what one could do for their country taken down in Dallas; His pretty wife spattered with his blood and brain.
I watched Martin Luther King address the nation from the Lincoln Memorial: ďI have a dream.Ē Another dreamer, trying to herald up humanity to follow through to righteous altruism, murdered for his beliefs.
I witnessed the race-riots of D.C. and Chicago.
I cried to see the multitude of flag draped caskets of young boys sent to a mindless war, every night on television. My brotherís number came up to go to Vietnam the spring he died. I had friends and brothers of friends who came back no longer whole, missing arms and legs and parts of their soul.

My parents had World War II, and Korea. My father fought in Italy, at the age of 22, and returned with pictures of Mussolini hanging upside down and dead in some Italian plaza.
They had many friends who didnít make it home.
They also survived The Great Depression, and the Great Dust Bowl, and waves of polio, which left many of their day debilitated or worse.

My grandparents had WWI, and the Spanish flu out-break. They had famines to deal with when many, many died. They would have lots of children back then, to try to guarantee that some might make it to adulthood.

The previous generation had the Civil War, on this soil, where brother fought brother in a bloody, bloody war.

I donít know the particulars of the natural disasters of each generation, but you can be sure each had its own to deal with. The world was larger then, and so all nations were not privy to the sufferings of others as we are today.

All generations have their tragedies.

Donít let the tragic blind you to the honorable and holy, for I promise every generation has itís share of the bounty there, as well.

It is a frightening time to be alive, I grant you. But that is true for all times. Keep your heart right, and be brave.

There are some who will die in tragedy and others will live to a ripe old age. It is the way of life. Take the bad and find a way to make some good. Be an example of courage and faith and I promise you will accomplish in this lifetime exactly what you were purposed to do. Take heart! Be smart and be compassionate.

Life is valuable!

Elizabeth Maksymiuk

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The following comments are for "Advice In "End Times""
by emaks

Elizabeth/The End...
very well written and it captures, without being
just words...I agree with tinas comment, too.

Elizabeth, that which does'nt kill you, makes you stronger...I question that one sometimes.

So true, keep your heart right and be brave...
Life is valuable...I believe, if you can save one life, in some way, that's when Life truly
is valuable...

nice, well written words of thought...


( Posted by: Robinbird [Member] On: October 15, 2005 )

Tina, Robin-
Thank you so much for your time and thoughtful comments.

I agree completely with you. As you may know from reading other pieces of mine, I am not at all a GWB fan. I watched his bad behavior in Texas and saw what he felt toward children and the environment. I saw who was important to him as well.
I then watched him screw Gore out of the presidency and felt waves of grief when he was reelected through Christian lip-service and rhetoric which, unfortunately, many of the masses fell for. At least his popularity is waning, but he has us so embedded in the land of oil, that the damage that's been done is seemingly irreversible.
I heard a quote on CNN where someone sent in an e-mail stating that once the US occupation is removed, Iraqi citizens will then truly be free to choose there type of government.

The point I was trying to make in the above piece though went more toward quieting restless thoughts. Worry not until you must face a challenge, and then worry not, but bravely do what you must do.

Perhaps we will bravely step up to the plate and take back government to be one that more accurately represents the people- not just the rich people.

Again, thanks to you both.


ps - enjoy that grandbaby!

( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: October 15, 2005 )

emaks/ History of Our Little Planet
Elizabeth- Glad I found this.

Our seventh grade science teacher advised we stand in windows, enjoying nuclear color schemes, during final moments..Hiding under desks wasn't going to save us from atomic bombs.

We had Godless Communists...

Now Fundamentalist Muslims...

Worthy read.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: October 15, 2005 )

Bobby7L, survival
As to your science teacher (who must have had a bit of artist's soul), funny in a demented sort of way, but why not embrace the good even under that scenario?...
I've always thought I'd like to die, like falling- the rush would be great, and if the heart attack didn't get me, (hopefully) the impact would, lol.
I just finished reading 'Alas Babylon', a nuclear war story written in maybe '56 (?). I found it very interesting in the thought provoking survival techniques it made me aware of. We rarely think in terms of long term need, so used to our comfy, electronic world.
As I've stated before, I have plenty of masking tape and plastic sheeting, and truly those are two good things to have. I think "homeland security" should expand the list a bit, but the administration certainly wouldn't want to try to use 'fear' to motive our sad little selves, eh?

thanks for commenting Bobby. It's nice to have a little free time to be here for a while tonight!

( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: October 15, 2005 )

Very well done.
Well chosen, well thought out, well written. I sent it forward to my kids as well. I'm so grateful for all this aggregated wisdom. Seekers like yourself know these things to be true but not all have their knowledge settled into words. Along comes a prophet, philosopher like yourself and suddenly these declarations of yours are as memories to us all of a long lost knowledge of the universe and it's timeless ways. Although they don't feel new, these notions of virtue almost remind us of the self we were before ourselves. Having recalled we are comforted with a familiar sensation and our soul quickly says, "Yes"!

I say yes to these words of yours. And thank you.

( Posted by: Tamir [Member] On: October 16, 2005 )

End Times..
It was really great writing, Elizabeth. Yes, in everything there are two good and one bad..In every Era something good as well as bad happens...One has to take life as it comes..either whether something good happens or bad..Life still goes on..

Your writing is really touching.Many have offered the end of times...or..days..whatever way they feel the world may come to an end. Well, why worry about something that might happen or might not happen ?

Just lead the life to its fullest possible. That's what I feel.



( Posted by: G.S.VASUKUMAR [Member] On: October 16, 2005 )

truer words have scarcely been spoken.


( Posted by: strangedaze [Member] On: October 16, 2005 )

Tamir, GSVK, Andrew- "end times"
You honor me with such words of encouragement and appreciation, High marks duly noted.
Wisdom? I am not yet sage, but especially when it comes to my children my mid-life fruits are ripe and meant for sharing. (It took me long enough to get here!)
Whether your words are really accurate or not matters not to me. I will take your compliments and smile to myself all day for such nice things said about my sagacity!
Thanks for your time to read, and pass along encouragement! Much appreciated!


( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: October 18, 2005 )

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